Teen t girl bonks with stranger

Teen t girl bonks with stranger
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So Serena is sitting at a bar drinking and chase has been watching her the whole night. She is so sexy, she has long dark hair down to her butt, she has teal eyes, she has double d breast flat stomach athletic body, and a nice butt (a little on the big side), she is 5'7, her skin is mocha (mixed nationality), and wearing a small party dress and an engagement ring.

Chase has been fantasizing about doing her. Chase has this new drug that he synthesized himself. He has it in a dart. She sits there turning away all men who approach her. He is sexy but he is covered and looks scary. He has light brown eyes, shoulder length dark hair, pulled back into a low ponytail, a trench coat, holey jean pant and a tee shirt.

He has some scares. No body hair, he is tall about 6'3, tanned, and muscular body. He leans forward his face slowly coming out of the shadow. His devilish sexy smile only shows and she notices it.

She immediately gets warm and turns away. He sat back calls the waiter to him and buys her a drink. She wants to meet him but thinks it's a bad idea. The waiter brings over the drink and gives it to her. She asks, "Who it's from". The waiter says, "the man in the corner".

She asked, "what the man name was?" he said, "I don't know," she says, "tell him thank you." she looks at the drink. She says, "wait! I'll tell him." she stands and walks over to the booth he was sitting at. She says, "thank you for the drink." in a sweet voice. Her voice is like music to his ears. She sat the drink down. Serena says, "I cannot except this drink." he clenches the table and says nothing his anger rises. Serena starts to walk away. He said, "why?" his voice rings through her body, she becomes wet.

She says with a shaky voice, "I'm getting married tomorrow." he smirks but he says nothing. She's not looking at him. She says, "but thanks you" *again because she dose not know what to say. * He said, "Well you are not married yet." her body shivers. He is developing a hard on. She answers, "What do you mean?

Why did you say that?" she wants to hear his voice more. Being turned on by another man she is feeling really guilty. She said, "bye" and walks slowly back to her seat and sat down. He pays for the drinks and stands. She notices him and starts watching him. She tries not to watch him but can't help herself.

He stays in the shadows as he passes by her and walks out the door. She sighs a little sad but when she realizes that she was she thinking she gets startled think "oh crap, I'm getting married I can't think about some one else. She drinks up the last drink and pays for her drinks. She tries to shake him out of her mind as she walks out. She's walking through the parking lot and she hears footsteps she gets scared and walks fast to her car.

She got her keys out and unlocks the car. She feels a prick on her neck but keeps going. Gets in her car and drives home. She is feeling a little woozy and really hot. She walks up the steps to her home and unlocks the door and walks in. she feeling really horny and wet she accidentally brushes her breast against her purse.

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She let's out a soft moan. She closes the door behind her but it dose not shut because his foot was in the door.

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She doses not notice. She striping in the way to the bathroom. He walks in behind her. And closes and locks the front door. She turns on the water. She is having trouble not touching her self she steps in the water and the water hitting her skin is making her moan. It feels like a bunch of feathers tickling her. He watching her writing down all that he sees fully hard trying to keep from joining her.

She starts to wash her body pay special attention to her sensitive parts. She uses the shower hose and put it on vibrates and vibrates her clit.

Her knees get a little week. She moans hotly. His eyes widen and he drops his note pad. He rubs the out side of his pants watching her. He forgot he was supposed to only watch. She continues to vibrate her clit she starts to finger herself.

She's moaning loudly. Moving her hips close to cumming. She has not lost all her senses but has the urge to cum. she dose not know why it feels so strong. She cums hard, screaming in pleasure, then she pants and falls to her knees. She drops the hose and water and cum pours out of her pussy. She crawls out of the shower still wanting to cum. she's thinking once she gets to the bed she can do it more. He still not noticed by her watching her crawl her unzips his pants and pulls them off.

He's thinking I just got to get me some of that. He comes up behind her. He picks her up. She's startled and she starts screaming. He covers her mouth and pins her to the wall still behind her he presses his body against hers. Her boobs being squished by the wall her ass poking out her juices running down her legs.

She's shaking her head no. But he can tell her body wants him. Because when his dick touched her ass she moaned and rubbed her ass back on his dick. He (with his large hands) covering her mouth grabs her arms with the other and now her arms are on her back crossed being held. He roughly shoves his really big and hard cock in her tight juicy pussy she cums right away he continues shoving it in her she's screaming in pain and pleasure.

He let's go of her mouth she still saying no but moaning also. He rubs her clit as he bangs her hard.

She's aaaahh oh god no don't. Fuck me. Yes. No stop. It feels so good. He starts moaning. She recognizes his voice. She cums again. She begs him to let go of her arms. He moans no. She continues to beg.

Thrusts her ass back trying to feel his entire dick. Some blood runs down her leg. (Her only having been with her future husband). He was pumping in and out. He began grunting and moaning shit you feel so good I'm going to cum! His balls were smacking her ass. She screams yesssssss!

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He grabs her hips and thrusts deep in her the tip of his dick penetrates her womb and he fills it with his cum. he keeps his dick it her and continues to fuck her. She begs him to let her kiss him. He pulls her hair and fucks her harder. She cries wait don't be so rough I won't fight back please. He slows down. He picks her up lifting her off the floor pulls his dick out and throws her on her bed. She lays still. He climbs over her. Lifts her legs and slides his dick in her.

She has a lustful smile on her face. He grins at her. He leans into her. He thrusts in and out. She rubs his chest and pulls his shirt off of him, then plays with his nipples. She leans up and licks and sucks his nipple. He bangs her harder. She wraps her arms around his neck. Her breasts are becoming sore because he was fucking her so hard but she did not care. She moved her body with his. He started grunting again.

She moaning oh yes oh yes fuck me harder please fill me with you are cum. he's turned on by her words, I'm about to cum! She screams ooooommmmmggggggg! As she has a wet cum so much liquid flows out of her it looked like she peed. Her bed now soaked. She begs him again please let me kiss you.

He says if you can make me cum again by riding me? U can kiss me as I cum. she says, any thing, any thing I just want to kiss you. He climbs off her his cum pours out of her looks like a gallon of cum making another mess. He looks at his cum starts thinking. She pushes him over and climbs over him and starts sucking his dick to make it hard again.

He's holding her head moaning. He's getting hard again. She swallows the left over cum that came out and keeps going. She moves her head up and down gauging a little can't take it all in.

it grows in her mouth she gags more. She tries her best. He enjoys what she is doing. He says use you are tongue more. She dose as he says. She starts licking him like a lollipop and sucks on the tip. He lifts her of his dick and tells her to climb on. She swallows the extra liquid in her mouth and climbs on his dick slowly sitting on it and letting it slide in. he holds her hips guiding her down. They both moan. Chase, watching her, gets real hard.

She puts her hands on his abs and starts to ride him slow and easy. Is this ok she asks. He says it's ok. He thinks she has had a lot of experience because of how beautiful she is.

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She continues but goes faster and harder. She asked, "Is this ok?" he moans yes that's good do it like that. She gets more into it. Bouncing hard. His stomach muscle contract each time she lands. She is ignoring the pain. Blood running down his dick cause she tore more. She moans really loud I'm going to cum!!!! He sat up holding her. Close to her face. He said to her kiss me. She kisses him deeply. He forces himself deep in her. She yelps still kissing him. He fills her womb with his cum.

his body twitches. He lets all his cum out in her still spurting overfilling her it pouring out of her pussy down his balls.

She came twice by the time he was done cumming. She continues to kiss him. He lays her down in the only dry spot on the bed. He says sorry to her as he grabs his clothes and walks out. He forgot his note pad it had all of notes and research on it.

She wakes up in the middle of the night if she wasn't so sore she would have thought it was a dream. She gets up can barely walk. She grabs the sheets and blankets and put them in the washing machine. She still a little wobbly. She cleans up the mess. She notices his notebook. She picks it up realizes it's not hers because it has his name one the outside. Chase is his name? Her heart fluttered when she said his name. Serena realizes she she's in trouble.

She gets in the shower and tries to wash herself clean but every time she touched herself she remembered his touch. She tried to ignore it but the feeling was too strong.

She started touching herself again before she even noticed what she was doing she was about to cum. she thinks more about him and screams his name as she cums "chaaaaasssseeee!!!!" chase is at home thinking about her.

I don't even know her name. She said she's getting married today.


why did I do that. Serena is getting ready for the wedding she sat on her couch reading an invitation. Thinking about what was going to happen in a couple of hours. She gets sad thinking about her last convo with her fiancé. And how he's flying in the morning due to work keeping him longer then they were supposed to.

That's why she was drinking alone. She knew she loved him and it's a long distance relationship but it worked for them. She had been faith full for the two years they dated until last night. She cries cause she knows she's in love with chase and did not want to hurt Alex (her fiancé) Serena is by herself doing her make up.


She's done trying not to cry her hair is done and now her make up she grabs her dress and walks out the door and drives to the church. Chase getting mad sitting there thinking. I'm never going to see her again. He thinks never mind she dose not want me it was just the drug.

Looks for his notebook. Oh ya I must have left it behind. He dose not hesitate. He gets up and drives to her house. He got to her house he sits in his car going over and over what he will say to her. He decided to just go in. he knocks on her door. No on answers. He opens the door, "hello?" chase walks in and looks around and see the invitation picks it up reads it and runs out of the house. He crumbled the invitation as he starts to drive. He's going over and over in his head last night then his mind goes blank.

He arrives at the church and walks in sees the wedding had not started so he looks for her. He finds her she's wearing her wedding dress. Chase hugs her from behind and says to her don't do it. What are you doing here how did you find me? Serena said. She was so happy to see him but she dose not show it. He turns her around and lifts her dress he quickly pulls hiss dick out and lifts on of her legs and pushes him into her. mmmmmm he moaned.

She fights back a little her hands on his shoulders. Why are you doing this to me? She asked trying to hold her moans in. her pussy really wet. Chase says, tell me you love me! As he thrusts in and out of her. He was moaning hotly. Serena moans, aahh no uuummm goood I can't, aaahh nnnnnn. Chase thrusts deeply in her. She starts moaning loudly.

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Alex is walking back to look for her. He says say my name call me chase. She moans his name. Now tell me you love me and I will kiss you again.

Serena's tears fall from her eyes as she screams she loves him and cums. Alex hears it and is saddened. Alex peaks through the door and sees them fucking and kissing. Alex closes the door and takes off hi flowers and drops them on the floor. Alex leaves and is not heard of for a couple of days.

Chase cums deep inside her and tell her he loves her for her to marry him not the other guy. Chase cleans her off then pulls her out of the room ready to fight for her. Then he sees a note next to the flowers. That says be good to her, love Alex. Then he pulls her down the isle and they are married on the spot.

The end for now