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Sexy chubby teen masturbates on cam again
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The aftermath of everyone finding out about Kyuubi was interesting to say the least. After Naruto had introduced her to everyone questions were asked. Wasn't she supposed to be dead? Why did she only have one tail? Why did she look like a human? Why was she naked and following Naruto? In order to answer their questions, Naruto was forced to tell the truth.

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He told them about how Kyuubi was sealed inside of him and how she had gotten out. The girls took this new information pretty hard. Most of them asked for some time to deal with this new information. The one who had been the most understanding was Temari. She explained that her brother, Gaara, was just like Naruto. Well, except for the part where Naruto was sane. That night, Naruto slept alone for the first time in a while. Kyuubi was in the next room because she said she wanted to be alone for a while.

This was understandable seeing that she had to spend every day with him since he was born. Still, he felt lonely all by himself now. He missed having the warmth of another next to him. He missed hearing the heart beat of a lovely girl as she slept next to him.

Slowly, Naruto closed his eyes and let sleep take him. Naruto awoke the next morning to a big surprise. Sleeping next to him, her body half covering his, was Hinata.

They were both on their sides and Hinata was holding onto him with her arms. Her face was inches away from his. He could smell the scent of the shampoo that she used and felt her breath against his skin. Naruto shifted his weight a bit and woke up the sleeping Hyuuga. "Good morning," she purred. "Ah, good morning," said Naruto. He was a bit shocked that she was there. He had expected for the girls to leave him or something like that.


Hinata seemed to sense this and held onto him tighter. "Naruto-kun, did you really think that I would leave you because of the Kyuubi?" asked Hinata. "I was upset last night because you never told me. We're going to be getting married and you were keeping that a secret. You weren't even going to tell me, were you?" "No, I wasn't," admitted Naruto.

"I was afraid that you would hate me like the others." He then reached over to hold Hinata in his arms. "I didn't want to take a chance and lose what I have now." "I could never hate you," said Hinata. "I've loved you since forever.


Nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. I love the person you are. You are a person who always does his best and gets right back up when you fail. And if Kyuubi is really a part of you then I'm fine with it." Hinata wanted to say more, but before she could Naruto was pressing his lips against hers. Soon she was moaning with passion as their tongues danced in her mouth. It was then that Naruto realized that Hinata was wearing only a black bra and a matching thong.

He had gone to bed in only his boxers that were now feeling a little tight.

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"Naruto-sama," said Kin. Naruto broke his kiss and turned to look at Kin. She was wearing a tight fitting French maid's outfit. On her head she had placed some cat ears and coming out of her back was a tail.

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Kin was blushing as the vibrator in her ass that kept the tail in place was making her feel so good. But it was nothing compared to the way her master made her feel. "I am sorry for my fear last night.

Is there anything I can do to make up for my failure?" "You mean 'we' can do," said Tenten as she entered the room with Haku, Temari, and Ino. Naruto looked at the girls who were clad only in their bathrobes. Naruto grinned as he realized how the girls were going to be saying sorry to him. --- Time skip (sorry) Naruto was now in the Land of Sound with Jiraiya and Sakura.

The three of them were looking for clues about Sasuke. So far they had found nothing. However, Sakura had learned that she should never give Jiraiya any money. Since the chunin exam, Sasuke had been extra cold. Even after Naruto had gotten Tsunade to heal his ungrateful ass, the boy was angry that he wasn't strong enough to kill his brother. To make matters worse, Naruto had been promoted to chunin along with Hinata, Shikamaru, and Temari who was now an official Leaf shinobi.

To make a long story short, he betrayed the village and ran to the gay pedophile to get ass raped and trained. While Naruto was getting Tsunade, the girls were thinking about some changes. First up was they needed a schedule. Basically, it was who would sleep with Naruto on what nights. This would help lessen any fighting or thoughts of favoritism that Naruto might show. Kin was looking into getting real cat ears and a real tail since Naruto had gotten so turned on when he saw her with them.

Also, she thought they looked sexy on her in general. Ino was thinking of getting piercings. And Anko had announced that she was pregnant. Right now, Naruto was waiting for the two people he was traveling with outside of town.

Jiraiya said he was going to get information and Sakura went with him after seeing all the strip clubs and love hotels. Naruto was sitting on a rock with Kyuubi sleeping in his backpack.

She was in her fox form and, due to all the power she lost, had the appearance of a kit. Now she was barely the size of Akamaru. Suddenly, a masked person jumped out of the tree line. Naruto recognized this person as the same one who had attacked him and Sakura earlier. A moment later, three other appeared out from the woods. Looking at them and seeing the injured masked stranger who was on his hands and feet in front of him, Naruto decided who to side with.

He created a bunch of clones to distract the three goons while he escaped with the masked stranger. Naruto took them into the woods and run until he found an abandoned temple.

He took the guy inside and set him down. After that, Naruto began to examine the wound. "Hmm," said Naruto after a moment. "Well, I don't know any medical jutsus so I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Could you please take off your shirt?" As Naruto said this, he went over to his bag and pulled out some cream and bandages.

When he turned around, he saw that the stranger was still wearing the shirt. "Come on, take it off." The stranger shook his head. Naruto growled as he moved over to him. He dropped the cream and bandages so he could better grab the stranger.

The stranger fought him for a bit, but Naruto was finally able to grab the fabric and pulled it off to reveal that the stranger was a girl. She fell to the ground as Naruto continued to stare. Slowly, Naruto reached over and pulled off her mask.

Long orange fell down as he stared at her cute face. "Ah, you could have said you were a girl." After that, Naruto worked in silence as he cleaned her wound and put on the bandages. "All done. I'm Uzumaki Naruto by the way." "Thank you. My name is Sasame," said Sasame with a blush.

She was still excited from earlier. She had always fantasized about being raped and it was her biggest turn on. The space between her legs was dripping wet with excitement. "Nice to meet you Sasame-chan," said Naruto. "So why were those guys chasing you?" "They work for Orochimaru," said Sasame.

"I'm looking for my cousin who was taken to the Hidden Sound Village.

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But when I got close they attack me." "Is that why you attack me and my friends earlier," asked Naruto. "Because you thought we were with those guys?" "Hai," said Sasame. "Well then," said Naruto with a grin. "Let's help each other out. We are both going to the same place. You know the way and I'm traveling with a guy who is stronger than that snake in the grass. If we work together then we can't lose." Sasame smiled at his positive attitude.

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However, she doubted that there were any people like that in the world. Also, she was told if she wanted to see her cousin again she would have to help take them to Orochimaru to gain his favor. Then a thought came to her mind. She was still horny and needed some release. Here was an all too trusting guy who could help her.

Personally, she didn't want to do it with some stranger as her first time, but she really needed this. "Alright," said Sasame. "But could you do something for me first?" "What?" asked Naruto. "Could you rape me?" she asked. "Nani?" yelped Naruto. "I'm giving you permission to rape me," said Sasame. "I want it hard and rough with no mercy. I want you to call be all sorts of things as you do me however you want." "I don't think I can do that," said Naruto. "Fine then," said Sasame as she got up and turned around.

"Then I'm not going to tell you where Orochimaru is." Naruto thought for a moment as he weighed his options. However, the fastest and easiest way to get what he wanted was to do what she wanted.

Sasame felt hands grab her from behind and pulled her arms back. She then felt Naruto use the left over bandages to tie her wrists together tightly.

Sasame was a little scary but at the same time she was excited. More excited than she had ever been in her life. Her panties were now soaked.

Suddenly, she felt cold steel against her skin and a moment later her bra fell to the ground. The next thing she knew was a hand had reached down into her pants and was now rubbing against her panties.

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"What a naughty little slut you are," said Naruto as he got into his role. "Your soaked down there and we haven't even done that much. I guess this is a turn on for dirty little cunts like you." Sasame was about to say something when she was pushed down to the ground. Before she knew what was happening she was flipped around so she was on her back.


Naruto had discarded his pants and moved so he was sitting on her chest with his cock between her nicely shaped breasts. Sasame stared at the member that was placed there, having never seen one in real life.


She had read about them in stories and seen them in porno's, but this was the first time she had ever seen one in real life. Naruto saw the look and smirked. "Like what you see?" he asked teasingly. "Well, let me show you what it can do." He then pressed her flesh mounds together with his cock in the middle and began to thrust back and forth.

Sasame looked at this in amazement as she saw the precum on the tip. After a few minutes of this, a white stream came out of the tip and splashed over her face. Before she could taste it, Naruto had gotten off of her and moved over to her head. He then forced his cock into her mouth and began his thrusting once more.

"I hope you're enjoying this," said Naruto. "Because this is what you wanted you whore. And if you bite then you'll be sorry." Naruto kept up his thrusting for several more minutes.

Something he would hit the back of Sasame's mouth and cause her to gag. But she never bit him. Then, with one final thrust, Naruto came in her mouth. It was so much that Sasame couldn't believe it.

As he pulled out of her cum filled mouth, she began to choke on it. It was just too much. She turned over on her stomach and coughed it out. Then a foot was placed on the back of her head. "Don't you dare waste any of it," said Naruto. When she felt his feet leave her head, Sasame began to lick the cum from the ground like a dog.

She was so turned on from all of this that she didn't feel Naruto pull down her pants. He stared at her soaked panties for a moment before he took his kunai and cut along her slit to reveal her virgin pussy. He then placed his dick against her slit and thrust the full length into her. Sasame screamed in pain. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Tears were coming out of her eyes as Naruto thirsted in and out of her as his cock became soaked in her blood. Then, she began to feel pleasure. It was amazing. Her face was on the floor, covered in cum and dirt, with her arms tied behind her back while a guy she barely knew was fucking her pussy. She never thought that it would feel this good. "Oh fuck," cried Sasame.

"More. Harder. Fuck my dirty little cunt you bastard. Make me a filthy whore. Cum in me! Fill my nasty little hole with your cum!" "I don't take order," said Naruto without stopping. "But I like your idea. I'll fill your tight cunt with my cum." With that, he made one final thrust as he came inside of her. As Sasame felt the hot sperm enter her she came as well, tightening the walls around his cock.

The last thing she remembered after that was screaming for more before she passed out. --- Sasame awoke to find herself completely nude.

She was in a sitting position against the wall. Naruto had an arm draped around her shoulder. Sasame moved a hand to her face to find that it had been washed. She smiled at Naruto for his consideration and wondering if she could let a guy like this go.