Santa has a huge and long vagina

Santa has a huge and long vagina
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Case Study 301: So your family wants to become nudists and swingers! Chapter 14 Thank you for returning to another exciting chapter in the ongoing saga of Kristen Foster and her plight. I want to warn those who have sensibilities about incest between grown men and younger women. This is your warning to leave NOW and choose another option as this chapter will contain such subject matter. Even though our protagonist is now in her early twenties she reveals certain things during her therapy sessions that just happened to occur to her when she was a younger preteen girl.

This session that is already in progress and it reveals what took place with her best friend's fathers while under hypnosis in her therapy session. So, if this type of story is not for you then check back later as every chapter will not be like this one. So, you've decided to stick it out aye?

Well, for those of you who like this type of story I think you're in for a real treat. If you noticed this is chapter 14. So, if you stumbled onto the story late I would recommend starting at the beginning to get the full effect however I will give you a small overview. Our protagonist Kristen Foster was found in a hotel bathtub naked covered in semen and blood.

She just witnessed a quadruple homicide and her brain sorta frazzled and she slipped into what Psychiatrists call a Catatonic state. She's sorta like in a coma but awake and unable to communicate in any way unless she's hypnotized. She was flown by the FBI to a secret clinic in New Mexico known as Camelot by Special Agent in charge Tom Murphy to hide her from the NY mafia crime family known as the Moretti's. We will be picking up Kristen's therapy session already in progress with Dr.

Spencer. One of the four men killed in the hotel room that night was a 'Made Man' in the Moretti crime family named Salvatore Palandolpho. Agent Murphy hopes that the psychiatrist Dr. Miles Spencer of Camelot will snap her out of her Catatonic state and she will be able to tell them what happened that evening.

Meanwhile the background story deals with the FBI and the LA Police department who are looking for the person or persons behind the multiple homicides. One of the other survivors of that evening is a one Farah Johansson and she has just been taken into protective custody as a precautionary measure to protect her well being.

We pick up her interview also already in progress as well with Agent in charge, Special Agent Tom Murphy. So, there you go that should give you some help as well as some background. I understand that this chapter will be about ten pages longer than other chapters but I wanted to bring this portion of the story to a head.

So without any further adieu…&hellip. Meanwhile back in New Mexico at the secret clinic named Camelot: We return to Kristen Foster's therapy session already in progress with her therapist Dr. Miles Spencer. She and her therapist have just finished re-enacting what happened to her some eight years previous. You see, Kristen allowed one of her best friend's fathers, Mr. Bowen, to stand over her in his bathtub and urinate all over her during one of her many sleepovers.

She allowed this to happen as it was all part of Kristen's plan, as well as her two best friends Nicole and Rebecca, to try and snare Rebecca Bowen's father Sam into having sex with them; but most importantly having him engage in an incestuous affair with his preteen daughter Rebecca. That would also allow Mr. Bowen an opportunity to molest not only Kristen but also to engage in sexual congress with their preteen friend Nicole Galloway. Back to the present: Doctor Miles Spencer was standing over top of his Kristen just as Sam Bowen did some eight years previous.

She was sitting on his toilet in his private bathroom of his office covered in his urine. Miles himself just emptied his entire bladder all over Kristen's face, in her mouth and then he knelt between her soft thighs and pushed the tip of his penis inside of her co-ed vagina and blasted several large streams of urine inside of her just like Sam Bowen did eight years previously. Once Miles was satisfied that he had humiliated his young co-ed patient like Sam Bowen did he backed his limp cock away from her face.

He reached for a wash towel from the cupboard. He wet it and he got the soap and he lathered her body and cleaned her face, torso and her tiny pink vagina from his yellow urine. Then they stepped into the shower together and Kristen rinsed away his urine and the soapy suds from her skin. Miles couldn't but help notice how she totally trusted him to do whatever he wished to her while she was hypnotized.

Then she stood and took some mouthwash cleansing her piss stained palate. They both redressed and then moved back out to the office area where their therapy sessions normally take place. Once they were both comfortable again Miles continued on with Kristen and their therapy session. Miles wanted her to continue on with her tale of the day's events at the Bowen's residence and said, "Thank you Kristen for sharing such a special moment that you had with Mr.

Bowen but I have to ask; when Mr. Bowen finished peeing inside of your vagina what if anything happened after that?" Kristen said, "Well, I thought I had everything planned out but Mr. Bowen or should I say Sam took over. I guess once he realized that all three of us were serious about being with him ~ you know ~ sexually and all ~ he just seemed to be okay with what was going on with all three of us.

He then grabbed my hair by the back of my head and then he told me to, 'suck his cock clean of his pee.' I have to tell you the truth Dr. Spencer ~ even though he asked me to clean his penis with my mouth ~ his asking me to suck his penis ~ made me ~ like ~ so happy Doctor Spencer. I mean ~ this is what I had been waiting for ~ you know ~ planning for ~ for like ~ over the last year or so. I couldn't believe how lucky I was at that very moment ~ he was actually ordering me to ~ like ~ suck on his ~ beautiful ~ sleek ~ glistening looking penis.

How great was that? My mouth actually watered wanting it to slip into my mouth and I spit on the long part of his thingy.

I began to move my hand up and down on his long hard shaft. Then I opened my mouth and I wanted to show Mr. Bowen that I was much more mature than Nicole and Rebecca were because I had so many more years of actual sexual experience and all ~ you know what I mean? I was just much more experienced with sex than his daughter and Nicole put together and I wanted to show him that I could do anything he wanted me to do. It took me a few bobs of my head up and down on his love torpedo then I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat then swallowed all six thick inches of him right down to here.

(Kristen then pointed to the lower part of her throat.) He went all the way down here Doctor Spencer. It me made so excited the way his penis just slid in and then down my throat. It started to make my body sorta tingle all over. I kept looking right into his beautiful brown eyes as he pumped it in and out of my mouth and when Mr.

Bowen smiled at me he said, 'honey you're amazing ~ how in the world are you able to do that? My wife can't even take me down her throat like that?' When he pulled his winky from mouth he grabbed me by my hair again really hard pulling me up off of my knees in the bathtub then he kissed me on the lips.

When he had enough of me sucking on his penis he told me to clean his pee off of my body. Then he snapped his fingers at his daughter Rebecca and told her to, 'sit on the edge of the tub and spread your legs princess because I am going to shave your little hoo-ha nice and clean.' Rebecca was still on her knees on the bathroom floor as she watched her father fuck my mouth.

She began to bounce up and down clapping her hands like one of those monkey dolls with cymbals. She was smiling and moved over to us and sat on the edge of the bathtub and said to her father, 'yes daddy anything you want me to do ~ I want you to make my vagina real smooth ~ okay?' I then stood behind her as I watched them with the shower running and when the razor needed to be cleaned ~ Sam would hand it to me and I would clean the shaving cream from the razor.

Nicole wanted in on the action so she rolled over on her back and slipped under Sam's butt and she started to lick on his hairless balls and suck on his cock again. Sam moved down onto his knees straddling her chest and then he began to push his penis in and out of her mouth trying to get her to swallow it just like I did.

Nicole couldn't take it all the way down her throat like the way I could. Nicole gagged a lot but I think she did a pretty good job. I was really proud of her because it took me a lot longer to learn how to swallow a man's penis and she was doing it in less than a month.

When I finished cleaning myself I turned and began to play with Rebecca's tiny and new breasts and she looked up at me and without any warning I don't know why I did it but it just felt right.

I kissed her on the lips." Miles said, "That is some scene Kristen are you sure that it actually happened that way?" Miles was pushing her to see if her story was a fantasy of hers or actual recall from her subconscious. Kristen said, "Do you think that I'm telling a lie Doctor Spencer?" Miles wanted the confrontation of her story to be hard on her as he was looking for actual truth not a fantasy of hers and asked, "Well, you have to admit Kristen there was three of you.

I mean all of you weren't even teenagers at the time. I mean all of you planned on Rebecca's father would just do whatever you wanted him to do? I mean you admitted it yourself, that you watched a lot of pornographic movies on the internet just before all this happened. I just want to make sure that it happened this way or are you just embellishing some of the facts from a movie you watched?" Kristen said, "Well, if you don't believe me then there is no reason for me to tell you what happened next then ~ is there?

What else would you like to talk about? You want to talk about the weather today or should I just go back to my room until my mother and father come and get me?" Miles realized that he really hit a nerve with her especially since she was in a hypnotized and in a regressed state of mind. "I'm sorry Kristen.

I believe that your father and mother would have had sex with you from what you've told me about your family history and all but getting your two girlfriends and their father's to do whatever you wanted them to do ~ well ~ I'm sorry but that seems to be a little far-fetched to me." Kristen said, "All you have to do is bring them here or just call all of them on the phone.

They'll tell you the truth. Do you want to know about my story or not? Let me know now Doctor Spencer you're the one trying to help me with my memories ~ remember?" Miles acquiesced, "I'm sorry I just want to know the truth ~ that's all I am looking for here Kristen.

Go ahead with your story, I just want to make sure that you're just not embellishing things just to try and entertain me." Kristen said, "I just sat on the toilet not more than a couple of minutes ago and showed you exactly what Mr.

Bowen did to me that afternoon." "Okay ~ Okay I believe you." Then Miles asked, "So, did Mr. Bowen really shave his daughter's vagina?" Kristen clapped her hands together in glee and smiled that Miles wanted to hear the remainder of her story. She then moved to the end of the couch as she continued on with the story and said, "He sure did! Then when Sam finished carefully shaving Rebecca's pussy as Nicole was still sucking his cock the whole time while I played with her new boobs.

When Sam finished shaving Rebecca he pulled out of Nicole's mouth and he kissed Rebecca and he lifted her from the tub onto the toilet seat.

Sam spread his daughter's legs as her heels came to rest on the edge of the toilet and the backs of her knees rested on her shoulders. Then Sam looked into Rebecca's eyes and softly said to her, 'are you sure you want this to happen princess? Because ~ once I put my penis inside of you ~ we can never undo what we did ~ we can never take it back, okay?' Nicole and I let out this little moan like 'ooh' because of how sweet Mr.

Bowen was being with his daughter Rebecca. Miles looked at her, "I take it that Mr. Bowen or Sam had sex with his daughter Rebecca?" Kristen said, "It was wonderful watching them ~ it was soooo beautiful Doctor Spencer. Rebecca was still a virgin even though she didn't have her hymen anymore because she used her mother's vibrator all the time. Sam being the good father that he was ~ was like ~ so worried about her ~ that he was going to hurt her or something.

I mean when he went to line up the head of his thingy ~ it was like so much wider than her little hoo-ha was. It took him a really long while for him to like put it all the way up inside of her. She put her arms around her daddy's neck and held him really tight. Then finally he pushed and then Rebecca squirmed uncomfortably for a little bit as you could see her little cooch being stretched wide open and she yelped like a puppy dog for a little while.

Sam kissed her full on the lips and said, 'I love you princess ~ thank you for sharing your first time with me.' Then Rebecca had some tears in her eyes from the pain of her father Sam pushing all the way up inside of her and she said, 'it hurts only a little bit daddy ~ but it also feels so wonderful at the same time ~ just don't stop doing what you're doing to me daddy.

It feels like I have butterflies in my stomach or something. I can't believe how full you're making me feel down there.'" Miles said, "So, he was really worried about Rebecca? What happened next?" Kristen said, "Yeah he was really worried that he didn't want to hurt her. Sam then moved her slowly and carefully onto the floor of the bathroom with him.

Sam was on his back now and then he told Rebecca to climb back on top of his man stick again. Then for some strange reason Nicole ran out of the room.

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I thought that she was a little upset that Rebecca was getting all the attention ~ I mean Nicole can get really jealous and all. Rebecca was just about to put it back inside of her naughty spot again when Nicole rushed back into the bathroom with a camera and started taking all kinds of pictures of both of them.

Nicole said, 'you should have pictures of your first time Rebecca. I mean I wish I had pictures of my first time.' Rebecca was very inexperienced as she was having all kinds of trouble putting the head of her father's big winky back inside of her ~ so I moved down to help her.

I couldn't help myself as Sam was on his back he looked so damn sexy and hot. I just wanted to throw Rebecca off of her daddy and take her place. I moved down and I kissed Sam full on the lips. Then he grabbed the back of my head and I felt his tongue slip between my lips and into my mouth.

He made my head feel all dizzy and when he stopped kissing me I whispered in his ear, 'when you are done playing with the kids let me know because I want you to get on top of me and take advantage of me too.' I then moved Rebecca back for a moment and spit on her father's penis that smelled like Rebecca's tiny little slit. I took him in my mouth again and when his whole thingy was wet again I helped Rebecca push his fat head into her slick and very thin opening again.

It didn't take her father all that long about another minute or so later and then he asked Rebecca where she wanted to him to shoot his white stuff you know? Rebecca said, 'I want to feel you finish inside of me just like you did when you peed inside of Kristen's special naughty spot daddy.' Rebecca was just starting to get used to the size of her father being inside of her and she started moving faster all the way down and all the way to the top of Mr.

Bowen's privates. She looked so sexy Doctor Spencer. She was on the balls of her feet as her hips were moving in circular motions with her father's dick inside of her as her hands played with her new breasts with her eyes were closed. I just wanted to move to her and kiss her all over her body. Sam was so quiet then out of nowhere he just ~ like ~ roared like a lion ~ 'Oh my god honey don't stop daddy is getting ready to finish!' Mr.

Bowen grabbed her hips and he started pushing up inside of her really fast and hard and then he yelled again, 'holy fucking shit baby your cunt is so fucking hot an tight ~ here it comes baby ~ you wanted to know what it was like to be a big girl?

Well ~ HOLY SHIT!!!!!!" Miles said, "So, I guess now you had Mr. Bowen right where you wanted him ~ right?" Kristen said, "Well, now that we had pictures because of Nicole's brilliant idea ~ yeah! Nicole had become a viable accomplice and we all knew at that point that we had Mr. Bowen for good.

Nicole sat next to the two of them and when Rebecca finally lifted off of her father's cock that had his sperm on it along with Rebecca's sperm ~ Nicole looked at Mr.

Bowen and asked, 'Can I taste your cock Mr. Bowen?' Mr. Bowen looked at her and said, 'why don't you share it with my daughter while Kristen takes pictures of you two snacking on my trouser snake.' So the two girls started licking and sucking his penis clean as I took pictures of them. I have to admit it looked really hot watching both of their tiny tongues licking his wet torpedo.

Then out of nowhere I saw Sam's sperm begin to drip out of his daughter's privates. I remembered what happened in this one porn video I watched a little while before. I wanted to try it and see what it would be like. So, I gave the camera to Sam and moved over to Rebecca. I spread her legs and pulled her ass on top of my face. As Rebecca straddled my face Sam started taking snapshots as I pushed my tongue between his daughter's tiny pussy lips and he told me to, 'suck on her pussy as hard as you can and clean her pussy of all my cum.' After a minute or so I had a small mouthful of Mr.

Bowens salty cum in my mouth too. It tasted ~ so way much better than I ever thought it would have. Then Mr.


Bowen got up with the camera and told all three of us to kiss each other and to like push his sperm that was in our mouths into the mouths of each other's mouths. I had to admit it was really hot sitting there making out with my girlfriends that had Mr. Bowen's white pee inside of our mouths. I also have to admit sitting there on the bathroom floor making out with my two girlfriends made me feel tingly all over but knowing that I had Mr.

Bowen's sperm in my mouth was making me feel like I needed to jump on top of him right then." Miles said, "So, Rebecca didn't have a problem with you two girls playing with her daddy the way you did that day?" Kristen said, "No she was actually kinda cool about it. There were a lot of first times for Rebecca in that bathroom that day. It was the first time that she showed her daddy her naughty place since she was a little girl and she let him shave it.

It was the first time she ever had a real penis inside of her and had her father finishing inside of her was another first for her. It was also the first time that she ever had a girl touch her boobies and had someone lick and suck her father's cum out of her naughty area……" Meanwhile back at the FBI offices in Albuquerque the interrogation of Farah Johansson continues: Farah Johansson was taken into protective custody as a precautionary action as she was at the Vanguard Hotel along with Kristen Foster the night of the quadruple homicides.

She was the other girl that night but somehow slipped out of the hotel without anybody noticing her. Agent Murphy was curious as to whether or not she witnessed the murders as well. At this moment she is giving some background information of how she knew some of the men murdered that night Salvatore Palandolpho and his partner Adam McCormick. Farah is in the midst of describing the unfortunate situation that she found herself in several months before the murders took place.

She is describing how her car was stolen at a highway rest stop in California. Not only was her car stolen but Sal Palandolpho's money that was in the car was taken as well. That wouldn't have be so bad but Sal being a 'made man' in the Moretti crime family sorta created a very bad problem for Farah. Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI asked, "I'm just a little curious Farah ~ why didn't Adam McCormick try and protect you from Sal?

I mean if he was supposed to be so in love with you? Then why not protect the girl he was in love with?" Farah said, "Because Sal is the boss. Adam is just one of many small time ~ the call themselves partners of Sal's but they really just work for Sal. I guess it's just a polite way of saying they were partners because they sorta run the day to day operations for his many legal businesses.

Just like Alicia my boss at Corporate Partners, you know the dating club, and so many other people. I want you to know that I paid Sal back over a hundred grand of his money in the last year alone. I told Sal I no longer wanted to be with him sexually anymore and I also told him that I would pay back all of his money but he was going to have to wait another six months for all of it. Sal didn't take the news that well ~ you know about me not having sex with him anymore and also waiting for his money.

He told me that he was going to take me to Prague in the Czech Republic for an extended vacation ~" Tom interrupted her as he noticed a strange looking face that she just made, "That doesn't sound so bad ~ I mean Prague is supposed to be so beautiful and all ~" Then he noticed Farah's reaction to what he just said and shook his head and said, "Or is it?" Farah thought that she may know something that the FBI may not know and said, "That's bad ~ real bad Special Agent Murphy.

See, Sal didn't know that I knew he brokered deals to sell younger girls on the black market to his so called customers. Did you know that Special Agent in Charge Murphy?" Tom just chuckled at her, "Of course I do.

He's been moving women for half a decade or so." Farah shrugged her shoulders and continued, "First off you should know they're not all grown women Agent Murphy ~ some of them are ~ like ~ they're little girls all the way up to my age. My age puts me right on the borderline of girls that he kidnaps and sells on the black market. Well, I know that he and Alicia were in business together and that they had their own international kidnapping ring that included girls of all ages from like six up to twenty-five years old.

They had no problem buying and snatching girls from like Asian countries like India, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Japan and from like all the countries that broke away from Russia and all. The girls come from really poor families and sometimes the families would just sell the girls to Alicia or she would just snatch them away from the family. Funny thing is outside of the United States no one ever reports the girls missing. Sad isn't it? See it was Alicia's job to find girls to meet the needs of Sal's clients or should I say douche scumbags!

Sal and Alicia were the ones who moved girls around the world for big clients or sold them on the black market. They would also find young impressionable girls and put them to work in brothels all over the world and that also includes Prague. You see the laws are much more lenient there in the Czech Republic and the other countries that broke away from Russia. Not to mention they own the police and politicians there as well. From what I understand Sal and his buddies move preteen boys and girls to Prague and other cities there because they can make so much more money off of them.

I went to Adam and begged him to help me but he told me that, 'there wasn't anything that he could do for me anymore.' He told me that, 'it was too late for him to try and save me.' He let it slip out to me that Sal had brokered a deal to sell me to some huge financier dude or something like that to make up for the money I still owed him.

The guy was from Denmark or Finland or something ~ he supposed to have ~ like ~ this huge estate on the golden coast in Australia and that's where I was supposed to go." Tom sat there in awe of this young co-ed girl. It had been two long years of investigating Sal and he could never put anything directly on him, it seemed like Sal was just like oil and vinegar.

You could see what he was doing but somehow nothing seemed to blend together then he asked, "So, in around about way the man who you say, wanted you the most sexually, that being Sal, was about to sell you into either in a life of prostitution or slavery ~ interesting.

So, how did this Kristen Foster girl come to play in all of this that night?" Farah began to cry again, "Oh God I am so sorry. I am so sorry Agent Murphy. I had no choice it was either I was sold into prostitution, slavery or find a replacement for my sorry ass. I knew if I found someone to take my place to settle my debt with that son-of-a-bitch he just may let me go once and for all. I know that she's been kidnapped and is gone but the deal was with the man in Australia ~ couldn't you just go after her in Australia and bring her back?" Tom thought to himself, 'she has no idea about the murders that took place that night.

Interesting, now, she is revealing intimate business dealings that could put people away for a really long time. He knew now that he needs her to make his case and he said, "Follow a theory I have here for a second, okay!

You told us that you joined Adam and Sal and went to Vegas. While you're in Vegas Adam allows you to play off of one of his markers that he has at the Mirage Casino, right?" Farah shook her head, "Yeah I lost a little over six grand." Tom continued, "You lose the money but then Adam allows you to pay him back but only on his terms?" Farah said, "Well, yeah, I was in sorta of a dry spell at Corporate Partners.

I hadn't worked in a while so he came up with a way for me to work it off, so, what?" Tom said, "So, Adam's idea is to make you take several trips back and forth from Los Angeles to Bakersfield moving Sal's drugs and money for him. But then mysteriously on the last run ~ the very run that was going to get you out of debt once and for all ~ someone just happens to steal your BMW? Then the only thing taken from your car was the money itself?" Farah said, "Yeah that was unfortunate because there was a lot of money in that satchel." Tom continued, "The car was never taken it to a chop shop it was just found on the side of the interstate a few hours later?" Farah said, "Yeah, so what?

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The guys must have found the money figured that it was so much and just ditched the car to protect themselves or something. I mean that's what I would have done." Tom began to chuckle at her, "Doesn't that seem sorta odd to you Kristen?" Farah said, "No, why? I mean someone steals my car and notices the satchel on the floor behind the passenger seat.

Pulls over opens it and sees that there's like over a hundred grand in there. He leaves the car and jumps into probably the car that was following him. They were probably on their way to the chop shop but this was easy money why bother with car when you have cash in hand and all." Tom said, "Did you ever sit back and think that you were set up by either Adam or Sal?

That night do think that you were being tailed or followed? Do you really think that Adam or Sal wanted to really let you go?" Farah was shocked by Tom's theory and said, "I never thought that Adam could be so cold and calculating like that.

Sal on the other hand is a lying, backstabbing son-of-a-bitch!" Tom said, "Well, that's just a theory ~ something to think about. Sal stole his own money back from himself and is collecting money from you that you don't even owe him.

Perhaps these guys weren't so much in love with you after all." Then Tom jumped back into the kidnapping theory and asked, "So, how do you know if Kristen was actually kidnapped that night or not?" Farah looked nervously now at Tom not trusting her relationship with Sal and Adam and said, "I like to think that I know Adam like the back of my hand.

He would never want me to leave but for some strange reason he thought he actually loved me. I mean he was actually more of like a sugar daddy to me. Like I told you before if my father was going to force me to fuck his poker buddies ~ to like ~ punish some for no longer being a virgin and all ~ then I should have every right to blackmail all of them. You see Agent Murphy after that infamous 'poke her' night where I was raped by my father's friends ~ I suddenly grew a backbone and I began to blackmail all four of them and made them all sugar daddies to give me whatever I wanted.

I mean ~ I was willing to trade my young pussy at that time for their shame and money. You see, for them to buy me expensive clothes and take me on nice little trips with them was very easy as they're all so rich. As for their wives if their lame husbands supplied them with steady flow of money for them to go shopping and have multiple plastic surgeries they allow their husbands to do whatever they wanted to do?

Then why shouldn't I take advantage of them too? I mean it made things a whole lot easier for me because my father's friends were all horrible lovers anyway. I mean they only lasted only a few short minutes in bed.

So, I figure for a few minutes on my back they would give me pretty much anything I wanted. Actually, they just wanted to be seen with me in front of their business buddies at like different functions and all. It sorta boosted their middle aged egos or something like that.

The only thing was Adam took our alone time for more than what it really was. The first time we were ever alone together he told me that he loved me. I mean how sad is that? I was only sixteen at the time for gosh sakes Agent Murphy." Tom said, "Sixteen? Well, we'll have to look into that in greater detail later. Okay, let me try this in a different way, so, why was Sal in Los Angeles on that fateful night?" Farah thought about it for a while and remembered something that Adam had said, "He was already in earlier that month……… but then Adam told me that Sal was buying a private jet for himself or something like that." Tom asked, "Why would Sal need a private jet for?" Farah said, "Adam told me that Sal's name was on some TSA watch list at all the airports." Tom shook his head and thought, 'damn how in the world did he know that?

I've got a leak somewhere in my department Sal must have had cronies all over the fucking place.' Farah continued, "I don't know what government agency that is ~ you know the TSA one ~ or what the fuck they do ~ but Sal told Adam that, 'he needed to keep his anonymity from the Feds.' Or should I say ~ from guys just like you. Adam is friends with this movie producer guy who wanted to buy a new jet and wanted to sell his old one so he could use the money as a down payment. Adam brokered a deal for Sal to buy if from him.

Then Sal was going to take me to Tahiti with him for some ~ super duper big secret meeting or something like that with all of his international partners. Then I was supposed to go either to Prague or with the dude from Denmark that was supposed to take me to his estate in Australia after the meeting." Tom looked at her and said, "Tahiti seems such a strange and very out of the way place to be doing business like this." Farah said, "Well, I did overhear Sal tell Adam a while back that he wanted him in on the Tahiti project and they needed to hide their money a lot better and turn it in to more legitimate assets.

I also heard him say that if they built this place they could have all the privacy in the world for their ~ you know ~ special auctions and all ~ without any government entanglements. He told Adam that no one would ever think twice about a bunch of millionaires being in one location at one time if they were vacationing at a private, member's only five-star-resort. If you think about it Agent Murphy, if there were say six or seven millionaires on one island and were like all there and supposed to be on vacation and all ~ at a private five star resort ~ you would never think twice that they were all there to buy, sell and trade young girls now would you?

Not only that but the young attractive women that would accompany them ~ what did you say earlier? Eye candy I think it was ~ well think about it ~ some of these guys are short, fat, older men that would never be able to get a woman that look like models. Then the girls who were teenagers or younger you would just think that they were his kids and all. Not that these girls were there to be bought or traded between all of them." Tom thought that her scenario was actually plausible and said, "Have you ever seen one of these auctions with all these different aged girls or boys?" Farah said, "Never been to one of the actual auctions.

That is something that is very secret Sal doesn't trust anybody with that info except him and the other men who are going to participate in the auctions. I do remember this one time I was at Adam's house once and I noticed all these guys showed up with who I thought were their daughters.

Now that I think about it I never saw any wives or sons or other boys with these guys just girls. They all showed up with younger girls and teenagers but then when they all left each man left with different little girls or other older like teenage or co-ed girls that they didn't originally show up with. Damn, I never really caught on to what they did that day until just right now." Tom asked her, "So why were you there that day?" Farah said, "Adam and his wife invited my family over for a barbeque.

When we got there that day we noticed a lot of cars on his street. The party was a lot larger than we were expecting. It turned out to be one of his swinger parties.

I just thought that it was a regular barbeque everyone was dressed in like swimsuits and shorts, tank tops nothing fancy. The guys who brought the girls and all ~ I thought they were bringing them to make sure there were enough females at the party because sometimes there are like way too many guys there and we girls tend to really get pounded if you know what I mean?" Tom said, "You said a few seconds ago that there were younger girls like they should have been the daughters of these guys, right?" Farah said, "Yeah but that happens all the time though.

The thing about being nudists or swingers is you have a very liberal idea of sex. I mean my father brought me to swinging parties where the other parents brought their kids too. When you're younger you just do the same things that your parents are doing. So us kids tried to do the same things ~ you know we tried to have sex with each other all time. As kids sometimes when we were having sex together ~ there were a lot of times when the mommies and daddies would join in and have sex with us too.

Nobody ever had a problem with it. So, when these guys brought these young girls with them no one thought it was strange or something. The only odd thing was no one brought any younger boys with them.

So, they must have had an auction with like ten or so guys or they just traded off the girls between them. The girls would have gotten new masters. That's what the men are called, Masters and as girl you have to do whatever they tell you to do. I never thought about the trading thing until just now because all the girls were having sex just like me with all the other guys and all. I mean it felt just like a typical swinger's party that I went to with my parents all the time.

It wasn't until right now I remembered that the guys left with completely different girls. When I say girls I mean like preteen girls that would be like their kids and all. I wonder how close I was to being traded by my son-of-bitch of a father?" Tom realized that Farah had the inside track on truly building a strong case against these men once he caught all of them.

Now she was admitting that she had first-hand knowledge that these men were about to build a secret local to sell and trade off young kidnapped children from all over the world and he asked, "So, did Sal and Adam actually have a site in mind for this private resort?

That is if you know?" Farah said, "The one stupid thing that you men all have in common is, you haven't learned that you think that you are all smarter than us women. You talk about things right out in the open especially when you think the women are stupid like Adam and Sal thought about me.

Yeah, Sal said that the Hilton Hotel company was pulling out of a location on one of the smaller islands of Tahiti and that would be the perfect place for them." Tom said, "He is doing business with Hilton Hotels?" Farah said, "No, no, no!

You see, it was because the Hilton Company got a better location to build on a much larger private island that could handle larger commercial aircraft. Think about it for a second Agent Murphy, small private jets, a very small private island that has a nice private five star resort with an all inclusive private setting.

You have the whole island to yourself to do whatever you wish with no police authority to hinder any of your actions. Think about it Agent Murphy, your one of these guys. You have very private business to take care of that you don't want anyone to know about and you're surrounded by your own private security to protect you.

There are no authorities to stop you from doing anything you want to do. Imagine small jets landing on some small insignificant privately owned island in the middle of the ocean with no customs checks. You and your partners have paid off the authorities for your privacy, remember this isn't the USA this is a third world country we're talking about.

You land and your plane and you have a bunch of kidnapped young girls inside of your plane. The last thing you need around is the police. These guys have their own villas on the island that they've paid for so that you can have privacy to handle all of your sick little business in private and to throw all their sick little sex parties as well. In other words this place was a safe haven for all of these sick bastards.

Some would land for just several hours hold an auction and then leave with new girls. Who's watching you? Nobody that's who! It's perfect for what Sal and his partners want to do. You see the criminals are always five steps ahead of the police but Sal ~ well he's about fifteen steps ahead." Tom kinda chuckled, "You know Farah the reason we are behind is because someone has to break the law first.

Buying an island and building a resort isn't illegal. But then we do catch up to them and then in the end the good guys always win. So, tell me Farah how did you meet (he pointed to the front desk photograph of everyone that fateful evening) Kristen Foster?" Farah said, "I was trolling on Craig's List as I usually do ~ you see I like to see the people who put their ads up for potential girls for Adam's VIP girls for his nightclub.

I noticed Kristen's ad but she was using an alias at the time, Loving Laura. She was offering herself up for 200 roses for an hour for the girlfriend experience. I met her about a month and a half before any of this happened. One of my regulars at Corporate Partners asked me to reduce my price otherwise he was going to go with Loving Laura.

I'll tell ya Agent Murphy that kinda surprised me. A multi-millionaire who wanted a high class woman would lower himself to save a little bit of money to fuck a girl off of Craig's List. This pissed me off so I started talking to her by email to find out who she was. We traded twitter Id's then Facebook accounts and we fast became friends once she knew that I was doing the same things she was. Then I arranged a meeting between the two of us." Tom said, "So what happened at this meeting?" Farah said, "Well, it was kinda cool actually.

We both seemed to come from very similar backgrounds other than she was a run away. She told me she had a system of actually drugging her John's and then video-taping them pretending to have sex with her so she could blackmail them later. It was kinda ingenious you know Agent Murphy. It was much better than the way I was blackmailing my sugar daddies that's for sure.

I mean she wasn't actually having sex with them, I really liked that idea. She had a partner who was in on it with her too. She never mentioned his name but he was one of the private detectives who lived back on the east coast that her father sent after her to try and find her after she ran away to try to bring her back home.

She would send him the video action between them then he would break the video apart and send the nasty pictures to these guys at their places of work or at home. The private detective would do background checks on these guys and set a price they could afford every month.

Then Kristen and this guy would split the blackmail money 50/50." Tom said, "You two seemed like two pees in a pod." Farah said, "Yeah we were ~ now that you mention it. I told her about how I worked for Corporate Partners.

We sat and talked for hours about ~ how we could do the same things that she was doing ~ you known scamming money from these guys but we could make like ten times the amount of money because the guys were like multi-millionaires." Tom then asked, "So it seems like you two became instant friends. How did she end up at the Vanguard with you several weekends ago?" Farah said, "Well, first you need to know that Adam was trying to protect me the best he could that night even though I was supposed to be sold already.

So like ~ that night ~ Adam had the youngest looking VIP girls working the room ~ you know ~ to try and distract Sal from me ~ because Sal likes very, very, very young ~ I mean very, very, very young looking girls and all." Tom looked at her and said, "You know if I didn't know any better or knew anything about you I would say that you could pass for fifteen or maybe sixteen Farah." Farah looked at him and said, "Well, looking young like I do ~ it's a blessing and a curse.

It's a blessing that runs on my mother's side of the family. We girls always look much younger than we really are. But it's also a curse when you've got a guy like Sal who wants only to fuck girls that look like they are in high school or younger. It also doesn't help that he owned my ass because of all the money I owed him. On that night I had no idea that it was Adam had called Alicia and asked her if she had anyone that was very young looking for the party at his nightclub ~ you know ~ someone that looked like she was younger than eighteen to meet with Sal.

Adam told Alicia that he was asking her to meet Sal's special needs. Alicia being Sal's partner knew exactly the kind of girls Sal liked. The only problem was she had no idea about Sal's and mine relationship. Otherwise I think she probably would have tried to find another girl to go in my place. Alicia called me and said she had some work for me at Adams nightclub that night but she never mentioned that I was to meet specifically with Sal. She never gave me the guy's name just that I was to meet with Adam first in the VIP lounge.

She just said that Adam would tell me who I was supposed to be ~ you know ~ I was supposed to be nice to. Alicia told me to invite Kristen to come along with me. Alicia wanted to know if she could handle herself at the party and all. It would be important for the guys to really like her and that would determine if Kristen could work with Alicia at Corporate Partners.

I mean if you noticed in the picture there, Kristen, looks like she's only about fourteen years old. Once we got there I noticed that Sal was at the party. So, I pulled Kristen to the side. I mentioned that Sal likes really young girls but he was in the mob and that we should both stay away from him.

Adam told me that night that Sal was looking for me so he could to take me Tahiti in a couple of days and that I should try and shy away from him. So, Kristen and I came up with a plan where she was supposed to help me push one of the other VIP girls towards Sal to try and convince him to take one of them to Tahiti instead of me." In Tom's mind he had a mini-flashback as he knew exactly how beautiful and young looking Kristen is.

He spent all that alone time with her at the hospital right after the murders. When she was covered in blood and semen and he spent about forty-five minutes alone with her cleaning her up and then actually molesting her in the bathroom at the hospital while she was in her Catatonic State.

Then later that night on the airplane while they were on their way to the secret FBI Camelot Clinic he couldn't help himself and he ended up fucking her again for an hour or so on the plane before she was admitted.

Tom shook his head as he was reminded himself how he molested the young co-ed. He tried to keep his focus on the task at hand and asked, "So tell me what happened that night." Farah sat for a second and collected her thoughts for a moment, "First we were picked up by one of Sal's bodyguards Kirby Smith.

We arrived after the party was already in full swing. We did that on purpose because when we finally arrived there the VIP girls that Adam had hand-picked for the party was already busy at work.

They were already giving blowjobs, hand jobs, double teams. Like I said before Adam's VIP rooms are littered with B and C class movie stars ~ wanna be rock stars and just rich business dudes all trying to make some sort of business deal and the girls were just a distraction. When we walked in it looked like it was almost a full blown orgy going on in that room. That's when I noticed Sal sitting with Adam and several other guys off in the corner by themselves talking to each other.

They were fully dressed drinking by themselves probably talking business when we got there. Adam and Sal both preferred to do their fucking off premises unlike the other guys that were there that night. But once Sal saw Kristen he put all of his focus on her. She is so much younger looking than anyone else at the party that evening. She never had a chance to help me convince Sal to take one of the other VIP girls.

After having several drinks with Sal and Adam and the others at the table, Sal said 'he wanted to go back to his hotel room for some privacy' and that 'Kristen and I should join him.' Now, when Sal says something like that, it is not a question or a request it's pretty much a demand." Tom asked, "So once you were at the hotel why the two rooms if Sal wanted both of you? Also if Sal wanted you so badly every time he comes to LA why did he pick Kristen over you?" Farah shrugged her shoulders and said, "I really don't know and really don't care.

The only thing I can think of is ~ I guess because he had me so many times and Kristen was new and is a hot young piece of ass. He probably figured that he wanted to try something new that night. Adam was the one who paid for two rooms not Sal. I think that was his idea not Sal's.

I mean it was Adams idea to go to that hotel Sal wanted to go back to his hotel the Howard Johnson's. Once, we finally got upstairs to the suites Sal took Kristen by herself into his suite.

Adam and I went to the other suite that was right across from theirs. When Adam and I closed the door to our suite there was a surprise waiting for us. Already in the room was a strange Latino man. He was well dressed and had slicked back black hair he was actually kinda cute ~ he had this hint of being dangerous if you know what I mean ~ I thought by the looks of him I thought he was there to kill me or something." Tom said, "What would make you think he was there to kill you?" Farah said, "Well, I still owed Sal a lot of money.

If I wasn't going to go to Tahiti with him willingly so that he could sell me to that man ~ then I guess I would be useless to him.

Besides the Latino man was sitting on the bed with a gun in his hand and there was one of those silencer things on the end of it like you see in the movies.

I figured that Sal had enough of me and wanted me dead once and for all. The only thing I could think about was trying to get past Adam who was blocking the door from behind me and just run away once and for all." Tom thought to himself, 'damn she actually met the killer that night.' And he said, "Well, you are still here so I guess they had other plans for you.

Who was the Latino man in the room?" Farah said, "I really don't know his English was really bad. His Spanish wasn't any better either. Adam put his hand on my shoulder and held me tight. I thought my life was over but then Adam told me that he owed this man a lot of money and that he would forgive me all of my debts if I would have sex with him and the man would forget about the money Adam owed him too." Tom said, "So did you have sex with him?" Farah said, "Of course I did!

I had no choice but to have sex with both of them. I was in no position to say no. When we finished I told Adam that I wanted to leave before Sal asked for me. I told him that I was on my way to go and hide once and for all. Adam asked me, 'what can I do for you?' and I told him that, 'he could kill that rotten bastard once and for all so I wouldn't have to be a sex slave or be sold to a brothel in Prague for the rest of my fucking life.'" Tom thought it was interesting that she asked Adam to kill Sal.

As there was a Latino man in the hotel room with a pistol that just happened to be a hit man. Then later that night Sal and his two bodyguards and the hit man were all killed in the other suite during their shoot out. Tom thought perhaps Adam was so in love with her that he actually asked the Latino man to kill Sal that night. He kept his cool and asked, "What happened next?" Farah said, "I showered by myself and got dressed.

Then Adam walked me out of the hotel. I guess it was going to be okay because one of Sal's bodyguards Tony was out in the hallway and he winked at us and nodded his head like it was okay for me to leave. Once we got downstairs I couldn't get out of the hotel fast enough.

Adam gave me a couple thousand dollars to hold me over for a while and told me that 'I should get lost for a while.' Then I told him that, 'he shouldn't try to contact me anymore and that I was thru with this lifestyle once and for all.'" Tom said, "Okay what happened next?" Farah said, "I snuck back to my house in Sherman Oaks.

I slipped into my room and got my passport and some pictures of me and my family. I packed a small gym bag of clothes then I called one of my regulars from Corporate Partners and told him I needed a ride." Tom said, "What is the man's name?" Farah said, "Does it really matter? All he did was give me a ride nothing else besides he's a nice guy with a loving wife that ~ well she doesn't do some of the things I'm willing to do for him.

He has two great kids, please don't involve him in all of this, he loves his family so much and all he did was give a friend a ride. Anyway this guy gave me a ride to San Diego and I boarded a flight with a fake ID and made it to Santa Fe and then I took a bus to Taos and stayed low until you guys figured out where I was. You were lucky I was waiting for Alicia to send me the rest of the money she owed me otherwise I would have been on a plane to Canada then on to France to my parents place with no extradition back to the States." It had just occurred to Tom that she keeps referring to everyone that was killed that night in the present tense instead of the past tense and he asked himself if she really knew or not about everybody being killed that night, "Do you know what happened that evening after you and Adam left the hotel?" Farah said, "Yeah my new friend Kristen was kidnapped and sold to some douche bag on the gold coast of Australia.

I really don't know his name or where he lives that is the best I can do for you." Tom said, "So you don't know the whole story of what happened that night then? Or the real reason you are sitting across from me right now?" Farah said, "Yeah Sal ended up kidnapping Kristen and that's why you called me on her phone." Tom thought for a moment that if she roped Kristen into being kidnapped she could be a part of the kidnapping ring as well and he asked, "Farah did you ever go out and recruit young girls that are later taken and sold?" Farah said, "I told you before that I troll Craig's list for girls all the time but I only give those names to Alicia of the girls that have no family in Los Angeles.

I find young girls that have come out here to be actresses or singers or even runaways. Do I need my lawyer now unless you are willing to make a deal with me? I am willing to give up the whole operation if you want me to but I want a deal with no jail time and a new name and life just like you said earlier." Tom realized that she had a lot more to offer and what she has revealed thus far was only the tip of the iceberg, "I can offer to put you into WIT-SEC." Tom turned to the two-way mirror and motioned for someone to enter the room.

A young female agent came in and sat next to Tom and he said, "Farah this is Marshal Kelly Peterson with the US Marshal Service." Tom turned to Kelly and asked, "So after everything that you just heard, do you think she could be a candidate for relocation?" Kelly put her hand on Tom's shoulder looking at Farah and said, "Yes. But it is going to be up to you to tell us how you do it in complete detail?" Farah said, "It's easy I'll say it again.

There are so many young girls who come out here to LA to be movie stars and end up on the streets or doing porn or working in strip clubs. I pick out the hottest girls with medium size breast firm and supple ass' and a gorgeous face. I ask them if they want to make a couple thousand for an hour or so worth of work.

If she says yes we set her up on a date. If the guy approves we send her out a few more times and if things aren't working out then Alicia calls Sal and asks what he needs and Alicia fills Sal's orders for hot young women. Most of the girls are underage though, they are usually in the early teens to early twenties." Kelly asked, "Where are these girls kept?" Farah said, "We have a deal right?

If I tell you I can't get into trouble no matter what, right?" Kelly said, "Yes, but you need to co-operate." Farah said, "Alicia has about ten condos in Huntington Beach. She keeps the girls there and she then puts them out to work. Each girl has her own bodyguard to protect her when she is working and to make sure she doesn't run away. They are younger girls because that's what these dirt bags want. I just think that these guys are like pedophiles in my book. The younger the girls look or the younger the girl is the higher the price the men pay.

Alicia uses these girls a couple of times and makes large profits from them. Then like I said she calls Sal and Sal tells her the requests that have been made from men all over the world. Alicia does her best to fill that list and then the rest of the girls are just auctioned off or put into brothels all over the world." Tom remembered reading the interview notes done by two LA police detectives Karen Morgan and Matt Holladay that they had with Alicia Fischer where she revealed that Corporate Partners had some forty offices worldwide.

Tom thought, 'Damn Matt's theory was right! They move these girls around the world under the guise of Corporate Partners being a legitimate dating service and all they're really doing is supplying all of their brothels with new women.' Kelly turned to Tom, "I think we can work with this one. When you're done we will take her into custody and start her paperwork.

Young lady, do you wish to testify in court against these people?" Farah said, "Yes as long as it keeps me out of jail." Tom said, "Oh it will.

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There is something that you do need to know though. I think you are under the wrong impression. Farah ~ Kristen was never kidnapped ~ that man that Adam made you have sex with……" Farah had a sigh of relief and said, Wheeewh ~ Yeah what about him?" Tom asked, "This is really important so tell me the truth.

Did you know that he was a Columbian Cartel hit man? Be very careful with your answer here." Farah mind went crazy as she just learned that the Latino dude was a hit man and said, "I had no idea ~ REALLY!!!!

I thought he was some local scumbag drug dealer that I needed to fuck to get Adam out of trouble." Tom said, "The real reason we were calling you from Kristen's phone that night was because everyone in the other suite was killed after you left the hotel including the Latino man, his name was Alejandro Ruiz, he was the man you had sex with." Farah's face was filled with shock and awe of what Tom was telling her and she said, "That's impossible I talked with Adam earlier this week.

He's alive you're lying." Tom said, "I wish I were but that is not the case young lady." Then Tom pulled out the actual crime scene photographs that showed in clear HD color that they were all shot and dead." Farah looked over the photos and began to visibly shake and said, "Hey, I don't see Kristen is she alive?" Tom lied to her, "She made it out of the hotel but she died later that night at the hospital." Farah began to shake and cry uncontrollably but managed to say, "Agent Murphy and Marshal Peterson I swear to God I had nothing to do with any of this ~ I swear to God.

When I left I walked out with Adam and that other guy Alejandro ~ I had no idea who he was ~ I swear to God." Tom said, "You just admitted that you wanted Sal dead." Farah couldn't stop shaking as she was visibly shook up by the many photographs of bodies that were ripped apart by bullets and she said, "I was just talking I didn't really want him dead. I meant like if someone cuts you off on the freeway and your first thought is that you want to kill them and all ~ but you don't ~ it is the same thing Agent Murphy." Tom said, "There were two phone calls made to you from Kristen's phone that night but you didn't talk to her why?" Farah face was now covered in tears and her hands were shaking like she had Parkinson's disease and she said, "I was a little busy trying to disappear remember and besides it could have been Sal looking for me.

Besides I was tired and worn out. I just got hammered by two guys remember!!!! When I am alone with these guys it's never romantic Agent Murphy. It is hard rough sex, these men are living out fantasies about fucking their daughters, cousins, nieces, grand-daughters and school girls that they all see from afar.

Trust me Agent Murphy my ass was sore, my pussy was sore my throat was sore and all I wanted to do was to leave that life behind me once and for all and sleep it for a couple of days.

I just wanted to run away and hide can't you understand that?" Tom said, "Sure I do. You also have to look at from our perspective as well. You just had sex with two men and one of those men was found on his back dead in the other hotel suite later that night. As a matter of fact Kristen had the Latino mans bloody hand print on her upper arm so she witnessed everything.

Did Adam ever tell you the real reason why that the Latino man was in the room? Farah was memorized by the blood and gore of the pictures as she couldn't take her eyes off of the massacre that night and said, "All I know is when I got there he was sitting on the bed in the room looking all ominous and all.

He was playing with his pistol and Adam spoke to him in some kind of broken Spanish. He spoke the same way too I thought it was like some little code thing they had between each other or something. I mean when I walked into that room I thought I was going to be killed. I would have done anything to get out of that room that night." Tom said, "Do you think that they could have been speaking in Portuguese?

I mean that is very close to the Spanish language. Maybe this man wasn't from Columbia but was from Brazil?" Farah just stared at the photograph of Alejandro Ruiz the hit man as he was on his back on the hotel room floor with four major holes torn thru his sternum and she said, "I don't know.

Like I said I met him just the one time and I was forced to have sex with him. I didn't sit down and have a heart to heart with this dude. I mean I knew the score fuck him or die.

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I just took my clothes off and let the two of them do whatever they wanted to me. I fucked them like my life depended on it and to tell you the truth after looking at these pictures I think that it really was." Tom asked, "Well, after you owed all this money to Sal and to Adam did this sort of thing happen all the time? I mean did you like show up at a certain places at a certain times with either of them and then you had to have sex with whoever was there?" Farah picked up a photograph of Sal sitting upright against the headboard of the bed with six rather large bullets to his chest and head and his body was covered in his blood.

Her fingers caressed his image and a small smirk crossed her face and she put the photograph down then put her finger to her nose and said, "See now you're getting it Agent Murphy. Now you understand why I wanted to run away.

Now you understand why I wanted to switch places with anyone and if that meant Kristen then so be it. I never wanted anything like bad to happen to her honestly. I never expected her to be killed that night she was only supposed to fuck Sal and then go home.

I was just CYA, you know cover your ass, and I had a plan to get the hell out of the United States. I figured that Adam probably knew about the place in Taos because Adam had been there several times before with my parents; but like nobody knew about my parents little hideaway that they had on the left bank in Paris.

As a matter of fact the only way I knew about it was because some of the paperwork that came to the house that needed to be signed. I sorta like opened the package and all and that's how I knew about that place.

I figured that I could move to Paris because I can speak fluent French. I could just blend in and become like an escort over there on my own terms instead of being owned by someone.

I also know that there is no extradition back to the States for anything that I might have done so it was perfect for me." Tom was shaking his head as he was looking at all the pictures on the table between them and he said, "Such a waist of life. It is just a shame that you got hooked up with all the wrong people.

Now, can you tell me who was at the VIP room that night?" Farah said, "Well, there was a Chinese dude and apparently he had a great deal of money and power because he was the one sitting at the opposite end of the table across from Sal. That was the first time that I had ever seen Sal kinda being like the second in command. There were like four other guys that were from different places. Now that you mention it there was a guy from Brazil there his name was Roberto ~ oh I can't remember his last name.

The only reason he stuck out was because I thought that he might have a lot of money but his Spanish and his English sucked too.

There was another guy there Noel Gonzalez I knew him because he was like pretty high up the food chain in the Mexican drug cartel. I was forced to have sex with him once and he offered me a place down in Mexico if I wanted it.

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Then there was a strange Arab guy there his name was Muhammad and he was from Dubai. I really didn't know him all that well. I had only seen him around Alicia never around Sal before. He was like the main contact for the middle-east guys to buy like American and Canadian woman as we are very prized possessions over there. I guess it's because of our blue and green eyes and blonde or like brown or even red hair that gets these guys off.

The last guy was from Tokyo. He was very young like in his mid-twenties or something like that. He kept real quiet and didn't speak too much as he was actually representing someone else who couldn't show up at the meeting that night. All of them kept talking about this small island in Tahiti. They wanted to buy like the whole island and develop it just for themselves and all their like rich cronies and all." Tom said, "Well, this is some good stuff here. Do you remember any real specifics?" Farah said, "Well, not really other than what I've already told you.

All I knew was that Sal was supposed to pick up that new jet the next day and then they were all going to fly to this island to check it out. I was supposed to be on that flight. Then somewhere along the way I was to be handed off to that dude from Denmark and fly back to the gold coast on his private jet or shipped off to the Czech Republic." Her head was looking down at the table and she blurted out, "Now, that I think about it, it would have been pretty cool to have been set up for the remainder of my life.

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I would have had to only fuck that one guy and make him happy and then find a way to get away from him or pay off my debt and move on." Tom looked at her and said, "Well, there are going to be many more extensive meetings that are going to be done in much greater detail than this one. I think we have what we need for now. I am going to put you in to the trusted hands of the Marshall's Service for right now. You are going to be moved to a secret local and you are going to remain there until we need you or the Government needs you to finally testify at trial.

You will not be allowed to contact any of your friends or relatives from this point on. Sorry but as for now your parents ~ they have to be considered dead to you from this point forward." Tom stood and was ready to leave the room when Farah stood in a panic as her heart was torn knowing that she could no longer see her flesh and blood again and said, "You mean that's it?

I can't talk to anyone that I know ever again?" Tom looked back at her before he was ready to shut the door behind him and said, "That's the price you pay for keeping yourself alive. I think that if we were to turn you loose that someone is going to come along and end your life.

Be happy young lady you get to live and you get to reinvent yourself all over again." With that Tom shut the door and ended the interview as Farah ran to the door to try and stop Tom from leaving but it was too late and the person known as Farah Johansson no longer existed. Meanwhile back at Camelot Clinic New Mexico: Kristen continues on with her story of how she and her two girlfriends Nicole and Rebecca seduce Rebecca's father Sam Bowen.

Miles asked, "Well, it seemed like your plan was definitely working. Did you have sex with Mr. Bowen in the bathroom that day?" Kristen's head dropped a little, "I was trying to show Mr. Bowen that I was a grown up girl and could do anything he wanted me to do. I mean I did let his penis go down my throat and all ~ I mean the other two couldn't do that.

The problem was we were all dirty with Mr. Bowen's sperm and when Sam got done taking pictures of us kissing each other with his sperm.

He also decided to take pictures of us spreading our legs and our pussies for him. When we finished playing preteen slut models he held out his hand to Rebecca and said, 'okay girls Rebecca and I are going to get cleaned up in my bathroom.

Why don't the two of you get cleaned up in here and then I'll fire up the grill and make some hamburgers and hotdogs for us for lunch.'" Miles said, "You must have been very disappointed that you couldn't have sex with him right away." Kristen said, "Well, not really ~ I didn't want to spoil anything for Rebecca.

I mean her and her daddy just shared one of the greatest things that a daddy and daughter could ever share together. I didn't want to ruin that for them. The truth is that it's more important to me that Rebecca and her father be together than me and him. I just want him to know that I will do anything with him whenever he wants to. Nicole and I decided to take our showers together.

We began playing with each other when the water started coming out slower as we heard the other shower turn on from the other side of the wall.

Then Nicole put her ear to the wall and said, 'Kristen come here I can hear them talking.' I asked her, 'what are they saying?' Nicole said, 'Shhh so I can hear them. Mr. Bowen is telling her 'how proud he was of her and he wants to know if she hurts?' She told him, 'no, that she wanted to try it again in private without anybody else in the room.' Mr.

Bowen asked her, 'is it okay if they can play like this from now on?' and she said 'sure no problem daddy.' I couldn't believe it, so, I put my ear to the wall and I could hear Rebecca beginning to moan like she did a few minutes ago. Nicole and I had our ears pasted to the wall and then like a minute later Mr. Bowen told Rebecca to get down on her knees and then he roared out loud again and he said, 'that's it honey open your mouth and let it all go inside your mouth.' Then about ten seconds later he said, 'now I want you to be a real grown up girl and I want you to swallow it all.' Rebecca said 'I don't want to do that?' and Mr.

Bowen said, 'just swallow everything that's inside of your mouth sweetie.' The one thing I noticed Doctor Spencer is that Mr. Bowen doesn't last very long it only like takes him like a minute or two to finish.

He isn't like my daddy or Mr. Galloway they take like ten or fifteen minutes to finish. Then I heard Rebecca say, 'daddy do you love me?' and he said, 'yeah of course I do don't be silly honey.' Then she said, 'is my pussy better than mommy's?' and he said, 'never tell your mother this honey but ~ you bet your damn ass it is.' Then she said, 'do you want to fuck my girl friends today?' He was silent for a while and then said, 'only if you let me.

You don't have to share me with anybody princess.' Then Rebecca said, 'well, it is okay if you want to have sex with them because I want to have sex with Mr. Galloway and Mr. Foster if that's okay with you, daddy?' He said, 'that's okay as long as your girlfriends and their father's say it is okay.' I was so happy that Rebecca held up her end of the deal and would let us have sex with her father." Miles was curious, "So I guess that was it for the weekend?" Kristen's face went bright red, "Well, not exactly.

After we showered we all put on Nicole's mother's string bikinis and went down to the pool. We were swimming and working on our tans and Mr. Bowen started working on lunch for all of us. After we ate lunch Mr. Bowen pulled out his camera again and asked us, 'so are you girls up for some more pictures? I mean nobody is ever going to believe me that my daughter and her friends look so damn hot in those tiny strings wrapped around your sexy little bodies?' Nicole was first to jump up and said, 'you can do anything you want with us Mr.

Bowen.'" Miles was a little perplexed, "Kristen, I thought the idea was to get Mr. Bowen to have sex with all three of you like he did up in the bathroom in the morning time?

I thought the real goal was to get Mr. Bowen to have sex just with you isn't that what you told me when we started today?" Kristen said, "The real plan is for them to come to me Doctor Spencer just like my daddy came to me. My father knew that my Pap-pap, my cousin Timmy, my uncle Donald and Pop-pop were all having sex with me. My daddy came to me when he was ready and I was willing to wait for Mr. Bowen just like I did with my daddy; besides I knew I could have Mr. Galloway anytime I wanted to.

While we were eating Mr. Bowen was really interested in our bathing suits and once we finished we went into the pool house. Then Mr. Bowen started taking all kinds of pictures of all three of us. Then after we played preteen models for him we then played naked preteen models. He dared us to take off our suits and let him take all kinds pictures of our private parts in like a hundred different posses again and us kissing each other and playing with each other's privates with Mrs.

Bowen's vibrators. We were having so much fun with each other. Mr. Bowen was shocked as he watched his daughter drop to her knees and then kissed Nicole's privates. We had a lot of fun for a couple of hours. Then we went out and played in the pool the rest of the afternoon. Then later that night Mr.

Bowen went out and got us pizza for dinner. We stayed in that night and we watched movies while Mr. Bowen went to his office and did some work. He finally came out around eleven and told us that it was time for bed and that's when Rebecca said, 'well I am going to sleep in my daddy's room and Nicole you can take my room and Kristen you can take my little sister Bailey's room.' We said goodnight and then we all went off to sleep." Miles said, "It sounds like you had a good weekend did you go home the next day or did you stay the whole weekend?" Kristen said, "No, my daddy did pick me up the next afternoon.

I was really beat when he came and got me. I mean, I slept the whole way home and then when I got home I slept until the next morning." Miles asked, "What happened, why in the world were you so tired? You couldn't sleep at all that night?" Kirsten said, "Well about an hour after I fell asleep I heard Mr. Bowen's bed banging really hard against the wall.

I could hear Rebecca almost like ~ she was screaming things like, 'oh god ~ daddy ~ don't stop and holy crap you feel so like AMAZING inside of me.' Then Nicole came running into Bailey's room where I was and said, 'can you hear that?

Sam is like ~ oops I mean Mr. Bowen and Rebecca is doing it again.' I rolled over giggling at Nicole and said, 'well you told me this past week you couldn't keep your hands off of your own daddy little Missy. They're having fun together that's why we did all of this remember? It's so we all could have fun with our own daddies and then like play around with each other's daddies whenever we wanted to.

Just be patient Nicole eventually you'll get your chance to have sex with Rebecca's father.'" Miles said, "I guess you turned Nicole into a little nymphet?" Kristen said, "Nymphet I have no idea what that means Doctor Spencer?" Miles said, "You took a perfectly good innocent girl and made her want to have sex all the time." Kristen said "Well, I guess that is true. I made her into me." Miles said, "So, Did Mr. Bowen and Rebecca have sex all night long and was that the reason you couldn't fall asleep." Kristen said, "Well, no not exactly.

Mr. Bowen seemed to last a little longer than he did in the morning time. Nicole said, 'well, I'm going back to my room and play with myself and pretend that Mr. Bowen is having sex with me.' I lay there on the bed and listened to Mr. Bowen smack Rebecca's butt and heard her practically screaming out, 'I'm a bad girl daddy and I need to be punished by your big hard cock ~ I'm a bad girl daddy smack my ass daddy.' It went on like that for about five or ten minutes and then I heard that lion's roar again and Mr.

Bowen said, 'take my load baby ~ here it comes.' After that it got real quiet again and I was able to fall back to sleep after I heard them showering. Then I was woken up again but this time the noises weren't coming from Mr. Bowen's bedroom. I could hear noises coming from the other side of my wall in Rebecca's bedroom where Nicole was sleeping. The bed started to pound up against my wall and the bed was squeaking really loud.

Then I heard Nicole say, 'oh my ~ Mr. Bowen what a big cock you have ~ oh my ~ Mr. Bowen where are you going to put that big thing now?' Then Mr.

Bowen said, 'you can call me Sam sweetie or daddy if it makes you more comfortable ~ but I would like it if you would just call me ~ daddy ~ I like that much better.' Then I could hear Nicole she was just moaning and the only thing I could think about was how good Mr. Bowen was making her feel. Then I could hear Mr. Bowen beginning to moan really loud too. He was telling how tight her young pussy was and then there came a small silence and then there came a sharp loud scream and Nicole said, 'EASY!

~ put it in ~ but easy ~ Sam please don't hurt me!' and he said, 'are you okay honey? I don't want it to hurt you.' Nicole said, 'you're cock is so big and fat for me daddy just put in nice and slow ~ yeah ~ yeah ~ yeah that's it daddy I can feel you stretching it so wide open. Do it to me just like that Sam. Oh my god daddy you feel so big inside my butthole.' It was about a minute or so later then once again I heard Mr.

Bowen, 'damn you girls are so young and tight and you feel so god damn ~ fucking ~ good ~ I can't hold back my load honey where do you want me to cum?' Then I heard Nicole she was breathing really heavy and it sounded like she could barely breathe and finally she said, 'inside of me ~ I want to feel you finish inside and fill my butthole please.' It was a minute or so later then I heard, 'I love you girls so fucking much, take my load honey.

God I love fucking you girls so much. Take it ~ take it ~ take it all ~ ooh yeah.' Then a little later I heard Mr. Bowen, 'Jesus Christ Nicole you're fucking insatiable ~ oh god your mouth feels insane.' I couldn't hear what Nicole said but I heard Mr. Bowen say, 'Yes honey you can clean my cock honey with your mouth ~ thank you so much.' Miles sat back in his chair and asked, "It sounds to me that Mr.

Bowen has had some of his own fantasies about his daughter and the two of you. Were you able to get back to sleep that night?" Kristen said, "Well, it took about a half an hour. Then I heard the shower go on and that was the last thing that I remembered. Then a little later that night I felt the sheets being pulled down and away from my body.

I just blurted out, 'Nicole, I'm too tired to fool around right now.' Then I felt the weight of the bed behind me go way down a lot further than it should've if it was Nicole.

Then I felt this large arm wrap around the side of my body and a big hand pressing against my chest. This large hand was pulling me across the bed inching me ever closer until I realized that the only person with that strength and size was Mr. Bowen. He pulled me tight to his naked body. My back and ass came to rest on his chest and I could feel his limp man meat pressing up against my tiny little round ass over my nightie. I rolled my body so that I was facing him ~ my fantasy ~ my very own Mr.

Bowen. The tiny nightlight that was plugged into the wall in the hallway gave just enough light that I could make out Mr. Bowen's face in the darkness of the room. I tried to look as deep as I could into his big eyes. The palms of my hands were all sweaty and my heart was pounding like a mile a minute I could actually hear it and I thought that it was going to jump out right thru my chest. Then I saw him smile at me and he moved his lips over to my ear and he whispered, 'I saved the best for last.' I asked him, 'the best for last?

I don't understand Mr. Bowen.' He just kept smiling at me and he ran that big hand thru my hair and he said, 'you are my special prize Kristen. I knew I had to take care of the other's first so that I could take my time and really enjoy our time together Kristen. Besides I know that you were the one that is behind all of this ~ that you were the one that schemed and cajoled everyone to do what you wanted them to do.' I looked at him as innocently as I could because I knew that the he figured out my plan and I asked, "I am behind what?

I don't understand what you're talking about Mr. Bowen?' He began to giggle at me and said, 'you don't need to hide anything from me Kristen. My daughter and Nicole gave you up that the three of you hatched this hair brained idea together. That you had this crazy idea to see if you could have sex with each other's fathers. I can't figure out who was the one who suggested it first but my hunch is that is must be you Kristen.

I mean over the past couple of years now you have been flashing me your tiny little pink cooch down there. Mike and I ~ I mean Mr. Galloway and I have always enjoyed whenever you come over to our homes or when you are sunbathing out by our pools during our barbeques and birthday parties and you flash us.' I asked him, 'you really noticed that? I wasn't really sure if you knew or not.' Mr. Bowen laughed, 'are you kidding me? Mike and I talk about it all the time.

We would joke with each other about how we would get hard just thinking about your tight little body. I mean I can feel the blood starting to push inside of my cock right now just thinking about your tiny little cooch down there.' I was laughing because I was so nervous just being completely alone with Mr.

Bowen. I mean he was the most handsome out of all my girlfriend's fathers and I said, 'I had no idea if what I was doing was working. Why didn't you or Mike I mean Mr. Galloway try something with me or at least let me know you liked what I was doing for you two? I was willing to do so much more for both of you.' Then Mr. Bowen began to laugh out loud, 'Man you really want us huh? Well, Mike and I talked about how we couldn't wait until you were at least eighteen for us to finally make our move on you.

We actually got into an argument as to who would get try and have sex with you first.' I reached down and began to stroke his limp privates as I looked in his eyes and said, 'well you don't have to wait not even before my next birthday. I have a confession Mr. Bowen. Promise me you won't laugh at me.' Mr. Bowen was giggling at me and said, 'laugh at you about what?' I said, 'Just promise me that you won't laugh at what I'm going to tell you.

I think you're really ~ like ~ I think that you're really hot and all Mr. Bowen.

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I just want to do all kinds of dirty, nasty things to you.' Mr. Bowen didn't laugh at me he just looked back into my eyes and said, 'I think the same thing about you honey ~ you know ~ about doing all kinds of dirty nasty things to you.' Then he pulled my face close to his and he kissed me full on the lips as his large hand went between my legs.

As his hand came up the backside of my thighs he pulled my nightie up over my naked butt and he started to squeeze my butt all hard and nice and all. Then he said, 'you never answered my question Kristen. Whose idea was it to have the father's have sex with their daughters? I mean before today I never thought of Rebecca in a sexual way.' I looked at him in shock and said, 'you never ever looked at Rebecca that way?' Mr.

Bowen said, 'No absolutely not. It wasn't until today when I walked into the bathroom and saw my preteen daughter sitting on the back of the tub with her legs spread open. Then her two girlfriend's practically naked wearing nothing but those g-string bathing suits that only consisted of three triangle patches to cover their most intimate parts and small string connecting them. I never thought about you girls like that until this morning.' I laughed at him as I continued playing with his cock and I gave it a gentle squeeze and asked, 'you mean you never ever thought of me that way?' Mr.

Bowen moaned just a little and said, 'well, you were different I mean you were the one that kept flashing me you're tiny little cooch down there.' I couldn't help myself I was so nervous my heart felt like it was about to tear thru my chest and I moved my lips to his and kissed him the best I could and said, 'I have to admit this was all my idea. I really wanted to have sex with you and Mike ~ I mean Mr. Galloway. You are both so darn hot ~ I mean you're both the hottest dads in like the whole town all the girls our age want to see you naked then do nasty things with you and Mr.

Galloway. I mean for a bunch of old guys that are in like your mid-thirties and all you're both still so ~ like ~ smoking hot.


I like play with myself at night just thinking about both of you. I just want to know what it would feel like to have you both inside of me ~ you know you and Mr.

Galloway at the same time.' Mr. Bowen moved his finger between the crack of my butt and he started to tease the outsides of my two holes down there and he said, 'you are mighty ambitious for a young lady.

I think that you are a little greedy too if you think you can seduce both me and Mike into having sex with you at the same time. From now on when we are alone you don't have to keep calling me Mr. Bowen. You can call me Sam, Uncle Sammy or even daddy if you want to.' I then looked him in the eye as he pushed his hand between my legs now and asked, 'did you enjoy what you did to Rebecca and Nicole today?' Mr. Bowen just nodded his head, 'yeah I had a great time with them.

Why?' I was really scared to tell him the truth about my family but I knew if I had any shot of the Bowen's and the Galloway's of actually becoming special families like mine then I was going to have to take a chance and tell him about my families secret. So I said, 'Sam can I tell you something about my family. We are a special family Sam.' He interrupted me and said, 'yeah both sides of your family are really important to the town of Latrobe everyone knows that.' I just smiled at him and said, 'well that is true but we are a special family in a whole different way too.' Mr.

Bowen interrupted me again and said, 'well I have heard rumors about your mother and all.' I asked 'what rumors?' he said, 'well like when your father goes away on his business trips your mother has some male companions come over to the house and well stuff happens if you know what I mean?' I knew I really had him but I wanted to make sure before I let out our big secret to him and asked, 'Sam did you have fun today with us girls?

Did you have fun in the bathroom this morning shaving Rebecca's young pussy? Or how about when Nicole crawled under you and then you pushed your man stick in and out of her mouth like it was her vagina, did you like that too?' Mr. Bowen answered and said, 'that little Nicole is insatiable she never wants to stop she always wants more.' I told him, 'just think that just one week ago she was a virgin.

The weekend before her own father took her virginity just like you did with your own daughter Rebecca today. Mr. Bowen asked me, 'so you're telling me that Mike took Nicole's virginity? When was that? I told him, 'it was last weekend on my parent's property. Nicole and I went out horseback riding and my father brought Mike out to find us. When they showed up Nicole and I were naked on the blanket and playing with my vibrator. We were having our own private little picnic together. When Mike saw his daughter on her back with a pink six inch vibrator sticking out of her naughty spot something happened to him.

Mr. Galloway and my father joined our little picnic with Nicole and me. They took off their clothes and we spent several hours out there just getting to know one another, if you know what I mean Sam?' Mr. Bowen said, 'wow that is some story.

Tell me more about this special family thing that you mentioned before.' I asked him, 'so let me ask you this Sam did you enjoy yourself today? I mean today you got to play with three preteen girls and got them to do whatever you wanted them to do and we were willing to do whatever you said.' Mr.

Bowen smiled and said, 'it was actually kinda of nice being able to play with the three of you and what you and I are going to do tonight in this bed.' Then I figured that he was ready for my family's secret and said, 'like I told you before my family are a special family.' Sam said, 'yeah you mentioned that before so you're family is special in what way; other than being rich?' I said, 'what if I told you that my whole family is nudists?' Mr.

Bowen said, 'well I've always noticed that the women of your family tend to wear very revealing outfits. I don't complain it makes the fantasies of the women in your family that much hotter that's for sure.' I then said, 'what if I told you that my whole family is also swingers? I just don't mean my mother and father ~ I am talking about my grandparents and all my aunts and uncles and they throw all kinda special parties.

Sex parties, so if you liked doing what you did today you can almost do that every weekend if you wanted to.' Mr.

Bowen looked at me shocked and said, 'I am not really sure what you're talking about?' I said, 'Well what if I told you that there were like tons of families like mine and we get together for what seems to be like innocent parties.

Just like the same parties that you have been coming to over at my home or the Galloway's for years now or some of the other families in town that we hang around with.

The only difference is with the special families everyone gets naked and anyone who is at the party you can have sex with them. You can sex with as many girls my age, younger or older if you want to. You can have sex with boys too that is if you like that sort of thing.' Then Sam said, 'what you are telling me is that there are other girls your age out there ~ just like you and Nicole that come to these parties and men my age have the freedom to do whatever they want to with them?

I mean I can have sex with them and their mother's all at the same time?' I kissed him on the mouth and said, 'yeah that's exactly what I am talking about. Wouldn't it be neat that when our families get together from now on that if you want to have sex with someone or they want to have sex with you that you can and never get into trouble for it? I mean when I flash you my cooch you can come over and just fuck me if you want to.' Then he asked me, 'so how many families are there?' I told him well there are at least a hundred or so that I know about that live right here in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia.' Then he said, 'boy I really like that that there are so many different families.' I told him, 'yeah they are all different colors, races but the one thing that you have to promise is that you must share everyone in your family.

So, like for you and Rebecca you can't get jealous or anything ~ and like if someone wants to have sex with your wife or one of your daughters you can't get upset about it. That is the price of admittance into our very selective club. If everyone else is going to share then you need to share too. Just like we all shared all of ourselves in the bathroom this morning.' He just smiled at me and said, 'I don't think that the price is too high I think it would be a good idea to join your little soirees.' Mr.

Bowen started blowing in my ear and his fingers continued moving very slowly inside and out of my pussy it was making me crazy, dizzy and excited all at the same time as my fantasy of Mr.

Bowen was finally coming true. 'Well this was my idea all along to have you fuck me but it was Nicole who brought the swimsuits. Then when we saw the hair over Rebecca's pussy we knew we had the perfect scheme to try and get you to ~ you know ~ like play with all of us.

How did you figure out that I was going to be your prize?' I could feel Mr. Bowen open my legs as I rolled on my back and he said, 'The way you took my cock down your throat this morning.

How many preteen girls your age can take a cock down their throats or even half way into their mouths for that matter? I know that my cock isn't the biggest it's just about six inches but when your lips touched the base of my cock I knew that you had a lot more experience than my daughter and Nicole put together.' I turned my head and kissed him the French way and said, 'I was so jealous today.

I just wanted to taste you and feel you moving inside of me.' Mr. Bowen was so hot Doctor Spencer and he was finally right next to me naked with nobody around to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to me. His belly is flat and smooth just like my daddy's and he had these nice chest muscles I just wanted to take my finger and touch them. Then I felt him take his middle finger out of my pussy and then he spread my pussy juice around the outside of my bum hole.

Then he put his middle finger in my bum hole and his thumb went back into my pussy. He looked in my eyes as we were making out and then he said, 'I just want to thank you Kristen this was the best day of my life.

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I want you to promise me just one thing ~ please just make sure that your dad and Mr. Galloway don't hurt my precious little Rebecca.' I looked back into his eyes and my hand moved down and found his hard penis and began to stroke it again and I asked him, 'you cleaned this right?' and he laughed and said, 'yes.' Then I said, 'well I need help from you too.' Mr.

Bowen was laughing for some strange reason and said, 'I can tell you right now that you have your hand on my cock ~ I can tell you can do anything you want to do.' I shook my head back and forth and said, 'No ~ no ~ no Uncle Sammy I know what we are going to do right now but I have a question to ask you.' He then climbed between my legs and opened them really wide and then he kissed me again.

He then gave me little kisses on my tiny little nipples and then he used his tongue and licked me gently down to my belly button. No one had ever done this before he made my whole body tingle.

Then he put his middle finger back inside my butthole and then his thumb began to play with my vagina again, then in almost a whisper he said, 'what do you need help with?' The words just left his mouth as I felt him kiss my naughty parts. First it was my vagina and then he put his tongue inside of my butthole and he asked, 'do you like that?' I said, 'yeah it feels wonderful you're giving me like chills all the way up and down my back.' And he said, 'well that's what it's supposed to do.' He stopped for a second and he looked up at me and said, 'this morning when you told me that you wanted me to piss in your mouth and then I could piss inside of your pussy all I wanted to do was fuck your little preteen brains out right there.

Tell me was that story true about you and your daddy on the airplane?' I said, 'yes.' Then he said, 'Kristen I just wanted to be alone with you today. I know that you have had way more sex than my daughter and Nicole am I right?' I shook my head up and down and he said, 'I thought so.

Each time I fucked Rebecca today all I could think about was you. I just thought that I was fucking you over and over and over again.


I saved you for last because I hadn't had sex in like three months with my wife. I mean the first couple of times today I only lasted like a couple of minutes.

I almost shot my load in Nicole's mouth when she first started to suck me. Oh, my, gosh I am so sorry honey you wanted to ask me something and here I am just rambling on and on.

I am just so excited to finally be with you right now. So what did you want to ask me?'" Miles said, "Boy that was a great compliment that each time he had sex with his daughter and Nicole he was thinking about you Kristen.

How did that make you feel?" Kristen said, "Well, I believed him only a little bit. Then he dropped his head down between my legs and he said, 'I love your smooth tiny pussy honey I am going to eat you until I make you cum. So, what was your question honey?' I took a deep breath because this was part of the plan that I couldn't do on my own and that was creating special families like mine so that they could come over and get naked with the whole family and have fun like my mommy and daddy do at their nudist parties.'" Miles said, "Interesting Kristen so you were going to need help to make the Galloway's and the Bowens special families like yours?" Kristen said, "Yeah I mean Nicole and Rebecca are my like my best friends.

We kiss each other and play with each other and it would be cool if they could do everything that I get to do at my parents special parties.

I mean we were just starting out with our fathers but it's a lot more fun when the whole family plays together.

So, as Mr. Bowen licking and sucking on my vagina I pulled his hair and said, 'Mr. Bowen, for this to work we need your wife to accept being part of the group.' Mr. Bowen said, 'so I could have sex with both of my daughters and my wife anytime I want to? I could come over and have sex with your mom and any of the other girls that are at the party?' I said, 'yes that is exactly right Sam.

What I need from you and Rebecca is to try and convince your wife to be willing to do the same thing as you. Then you guys can come to our special parties and your whole family could have fun together.' Then he got up on his knees and I grabbed his cock and I helped him inside of my privates. He wasn't as big as Mr. Galloway or my father but he did make me feel so good. He was real quiet as he moved in and out of me as it seemed like he was thinking and he said, 'I could lose my wife if I did this.' And I kissed him on the lips and said, 'you already have that chance every time you and Rebecca have sex and now that you are having sex with her you are going to want to have sex with your other daughter Bailey too.

I mean you could ease into it by coming over to my house and just like switch partners at first.' Then he was getting upset that he might be in trouble and he started to really push fast and hard inside of me and I said, 'oh Mr. Bowen that feels wonderful keep pushing fast and hard it feels like I'm going to pee.' He kept pushing hard and fast and then it was like my whole body was shocked with electricity.' I curled up in a ball and Sam just smiled and said, 'you like the way I fucked you honey?' I said, 'yeah you are awesome.' We just stayed very still for a while and he said, 'I'm going to help you with your plan.

I think it would be fun to be a special family and play around with the other special families. I like your father and your mother and I always wondered what it would be like to have sex with other women. I guess I'll talk to your father and maybe we can convince my wife.' I just smiled and I hugged him and said, 'That would mean you and me wouldn't have to sneak around we could just have sex anytime we wanted and you could do anything you wanted to me.' He smiled and said, 'I could do anything I want to you?' I smiled and said, 'yes you can do anything you want to me too.' He rolled me over on my stomach and he said, 'pull your ass cheeks apart.' I did as he told me and then he said, 'I want to be your back door man honey.' I shook my head and said, 'I don't understand, what do you mean by, back door man?' I felt the tip of privates start to push inside of my butthole then I smiled and said, 'oh you want to put in there.

Okay go ahead just put it in nice and slow. You have to be gentle at first okay Sam?' He laughed and he said, 'your girlfriend Nicole said the same exact thing.' I could hear him spitting on my ass and moving it around my butthole and then pushed it inside of me making it easier for him to move in and out of me. I was so small and he was so big that when we looked in the mirror on top of the bureau all you could see was my arm and my leg as he was pushing in and out of me.

It felt amazing but I couldn't say anything because I was having trouble breathing because he was so heavy. Then I felt him reach down between my legs and then he put his finger inside of my cunt again and he said, 'I can feel my cock in your tiny asshole honey ~ god this is so fucking hot.' He rolled over on his back and he told me, 'ride my cock my little anal whore.' I was pushing up and down on him then he began to pump inside of me then he said, 'you are going to make me cum honey.' Then I leaned back and kissed him on the mouth and then I told him, 'pump my asshole and I want you to cum in my mouth.' I then pulled up and let his cock slip out and then got on my back and said, 'Sam ~ Mr.

Bowen I want you to sit on my chest and push your penis in and out of my mouth and cum.' He didn't even say no he just got on my chest and I could smell my butthole on his cock and I opened my mouth and he began to pump my mouth. I could taste my pussy juice and my butthole as he pumped my mouth and then he said, 'let's see you take it all like you did this morning.' He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it all the way down my throat.

He did that a couple more times and he just grunted and then I felt his penis push his cum into my mouth and down my throat. When he pulled out his eyes were closed and his mouth was open and he fell off of me onto the bed and said, 'damn if the girls are half of what you are honey then I am in ~ all in ~ I want to join your little group.' I swallowed the rest of his cum and then went into the bathroom and took a shower and he went back to bed with Rebecca.

It wasn't until about ten in the morning when I woke up hearing Rebecca screaming, 'yeah fuck my asshole daddy ~ don't stop ~ fuck me hard and deep you can do anything you want to me, daddy.' I just put my hands behind my head as I lay on the bed by myself satisfied that I had a really good chance to make the Bowen's a special family." Miles looked down at his watch and realized that Kristen was regressed for a little over two hours and he said, "Why don't we stop right here and we can pick this up later okay!" Then Miles brought her out of her hypnosis and Kristen's face went right back to her stone like Catatonic state.

Then Miles called for the orderlies and sent her back to her room. End of Chapter 14 Once again thank you very much for taking the time to read my sick and demented story.

Please if you have a comment then please leave one that is constructive. I am always striving to become a better writer and bring you bigger and better stories. Please stick around as we just crossed over the half way point in this epic story. There are many more adventures that start to take us around the world and there are exciting new adventures in store for all of the characters so stick around as I am editing the next chapter as we speak.