Wet and Messy Euro Domination

Wet and Messy Euro Domination
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As I sat there on the dresser chair I couldn't help but think what an utter fool my son was. Sure, he had amazed me many times over the years with his incredible stupidity, but today he had won first prize! You see today was his wedding day and, with help from me, he had successfully negotiated all the hurdles of the big day until the very end of the evening reception and dance.

He had sidled up to me with his dumb expression on his face to "ask a favour". It turned out that he and his new bride had slipped upstairs to the hotel room set aside for changing clothes in order to change into travelling clothes so they could head off on their honeymoon, a 2 week cruise paid for by the bank of Dad.

Just then, my asshole son realized he had left the tickets, passports etc back at home and he needed to rush off quickly to fetch them- "Lisa is not happy" he whined, "will you keep her company while I nip away and get the tickets?" he asked, "and for God's sake don't tell the in-laws, they don't think much of me as it is, and this wont help any!" And so I found myself sitting in the hotel room with Lisa, my new daughter in law, as we waited for my son to return.


Fortunately, Lisa and I got on pretty well and after the initial tears we settled down to chat, and drink the bottle of champagne thoughtfully left for the happy couple. As the drinks worked their magic, I got more and more relaxed and I suppose it is this which made me utter those fateful words… "you know Lisa, I don't know if I should be telling you this, but you look really sexy in that wedding dress, and I cant help being just a bit jealous of my son" Lisa sipped her champagne and replied" well thanks Mr Hewitt, but its more usual to tell the bride she looks pretty, rather than sexy, don't you think?" "well yes Lisa, you do look pretty, absolutely beautiful in fact.

But the truth is, you look damn sexy as well" And in my defence, she did. Lisa was tall, slim and had long blond hair. She was a classic athlete shape I suppose, but for her breasts, which seemed unusually large for such a slim woman.

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Not that she flaunted herself at all- quite the reverse. She was usually very demure and dressed to conceal her figure, which I personally thought was a damn shame. It was only in fleeting glimpses as she stretched up to tie her hair back or when some other innocent movement had revealed what lay beneath her usually baggy, shapeless clothes.

Today was different though. After all it was her wedding day and she was dressed to impress! Of course she had the white dress, with all the lace trimmings, but what really was working for me was the tight waistline which flowed down over her slender hips, but curved up over her full breasts, with a slightly daring low cut at the front showing just enough cleavage to catch the eye. Sure, Lisa was pretty, but there was no denying- she also looked truly fuckable. The realization that I wanted to fuck my son's bride was like a jolt to my system, and it was as if someone else took control of my mind as I heard myself saying, "In fact Lisa, I think you are probably the most fuckable woman I have seen in a very long time" "Mr Hewitt" she gasped, "I really don't think you should be saying things like that to me, I've just married your son remember?" "yeah, well my sons a well-known dick" I replied, "whereas I, on the other hand am known not for being a dick, but for the size of my dick" Lisa could hardly believe her ears.

"what do you mean Mr Hewitt?" she said, as she started to blush at my frankness. " well Lisa," I said, as the alcohol induced courage took control, "I have a very, very large cock and, whilst for many years I have been well behaved and faithful to that fat bitch I married, I'm prepared to make an exception for you and fuck your brains out, perhaps I should show you what I'm talking about?" Lisa gasped and started to stand up, but I quickly rose and stood in front of her, preventing her from rising.

I was perfectly positioned, with my rapidly swelling cock at her eye level, and barely 18 inches from her face. As I looked down at her I could see that wonderful cleavage down the front of her dress.


There was a slight edge of lace around the sides which I realized was her white bra underneath the dress- or maybe it was one of those corsets that women only ever wear on their wedding night I wondered. "now Lisa, when I say I have a big cock, I mean big.

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You'll probably never have seen one like this before" I said as I started to unbuckle my belt. Lisa sat trapped in the chair before me, and quickly threw her hands up over her eyes as I started to unbutton my trousers.

Her white silk gloves went all the way up to her elbows, before giving way to her toned and tanned arms. I smiled and unfastened my trousers, and slid them down my legs. I stood before her in my boxer shorts, with a very large bulge in the front and waited for her next move.

After a moment or two, her hands parted slightly and she peeked out from behind their protective guard. "oh my God, Mr Hewitt! What are you doing? Please, put your clothes back on, and we wont say any more about this. It will be just our secret" I smiled and slowly slipped my hands under the waistband of my shorts. As I started to slide them down, Lisa once again retreated behind the protection of her white gloved hands and covered her eyes.

I stood before her with my now very hard cock swaying gently. Again, I waited for her. After a few moments, she parted the fingers of one hand, and peeked out.

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"Oh, My God" she gasped as she saw what I was displaying just 18 inches from her face. 11 inches long, and 3 inches thick, I have a monster cock and he was wide awake and ready to play. I started to stroke my cock with my left hand and after a few long strokes I reached down with my other hand and gently removed her hands from in front of her eyes. She was absolutely transfixed as with my right hand I carefully placed her beautifully gloved hand on my massive dick.

She stared at my cock as I gently guided her hand up and down the shaft, and made encouraging noises. 'Mmmm, Lisa, that feels really good doesn't it?" I asked her, "I bet you have never seen a cock like this before have you?" "No Mr Hewitt" she replied.

I smiled as I took my hand off hers. Without really realising it she continued to slowly jerk me off as I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it aside. "you know Lisa, I think that it would be better if you stopped calling me Mr Hewitt, now that we are getting on so well.

Why don't you call me Daddy?" "I don't think that would be right Mr Hewitt" she replied, as she carried on playing with my massive dick. "oh it's fine " I urged her, "especially after you have had this big cock in your mouth it would seem strange to call me Mr Hewitt.

Don't you think so Lisa? "But I haven't had it in my mouth" she replied, still not taking her eyes off my cock.

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She took a firm grip of my cock with both hands and started to make long slow pulls up and down it's shaft. I leant down and moved the white veil aside. She looked up at me as I whispered softly, " no, but you will" and I put one hand on to her head and gently guided her forwards towards my now throbbing dick. Without conscious thought, her mouth opened slightly and I moved my hips to guide my dick towards those lovely pink lips.

A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip as it touched her lips and she flicked her tongue out without thinking and licked it away.

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Gently I pushed my hips forward and gasped as her mouth opened to receive the tip of my dick. It was so warm and wet and I paused, with just the tip resting inside her pretty mouth. I pushed forward and slowly she started to take more and more of my cock inside her mouth. I knew there was no way she would manage all of it so after the first couple of inches slipped in I paused again, then started to withdraw. Not pulling out all the way, I pushed forwards again and gently but firmly started to fuck her pretty little mouth.

Keeping one hand on her head, I guided her actions as she started to get more and more into it. Just then, there was a vibration on the table beside her as her mobile phone started to ring. She took one hand off my cock, picked up the phone and looked at the display.

Her eyes bulged wide as she recognized the number as being my sons mobile. Eyes wide with shock, and with 11 inches of cock sticking out her mouth, she looked up at me in panic. "well, aren't you going to answer it?" I asked as I pulled my cock out, "best not to mention that you're about to fuck his Dad though" she pulled herself together and hit the answer button. "Hi Honey, how is it going?" she asked in a strange voice. I couldn't hear his reply, but by the sound of it he was ok.

I took the opportunity to step back out of Lisa's face and stepped out of my trousers and shorts, which had bundled around my ankles all through the last few minutes. Unhampered by them, I stepped forward once again. Fully naked and with my monster cock in hand, I placed my dick against her cheek.

Slowly I rubbed my cock over her face as she chatted away to my son. This was awesome and I don't think I have ever been so horny in my life. At one point, it became obvious my son was launching into one of his long lame excuses for why he was such a prat, so I took the opportunity to slip my dick back into her mouth as she held the phone to her ear.

Once again she started to get into the swing, pausing only to occasionally slip my dick out of her mouth as she responded to her husbands questions. After a while, she said to him" yes, he's here, do you want to speak to him?" Listening to the reply, she looked up and passed the phone to me.

"Hi son," I said, as his wife's mouth once again closed around my cock. "hi Dad" I heard, " I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Lisa for me, I think I'll be back in about 10 minutes, perhaps we can have a drink together before we go off for the cruise?" "sure thing" I said, "but take your time and don't have any accidents on the way.

" I hung up and looked down at my daughter in law now vigorously giving me perhaps the best blow job I had ever had. "It looks like I wont be fucking you tonight after all Lisa, because we wont have the time to do it in style like I want." I groaned as her mouth took it's effect. "that's a shame" she gasped as she slipped my cock out her mouth for a moment and drew a deep breath. I could feel the pressure building and knew I was near to coming. I began to pump my hips harder and harder, holding her head as I fucked her face.

She gagged once or twice but managed to keep going as I started to come. Spasms racked through my body as jet after jet of hot cum shot from my cock and flooded down her throat.

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It seemed to last forever, but at the same time was over far too soon as the ecstasy started to subside. "you know Honey, I think I'm going to enjoy having you in my family" I gasped. "Yes Daddy" she replied, and smiled.