Teen breeding creampie first time dorm party

Teen breeding creampie first time dorm party
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AUNT KELLI & UNCLE JERRY Shortly after my 16 birthday, my mom's younger sister, Kelli, sent me an invitation to spend a few weeks with her and Jerry, Kelli's husband. They were living in the San Diego area, and I saw this as a great opportunity to spend time on the beach, as well as see some of the attractions found in Southern California. I accepted, and the plans were made. I was to fly out the weekend after school recessed for summer break.

Although I hadn't seen Aunt Kelli for about five years, I immediately recognized her upon exiting the plane in San Diego. She, on the other hand, looked right past me.

I think she was looking for that 11 year old kid she'd last seen.! As I walked toward Kelli to reintroduce myself, I was surprised at how pretty and sexy she appeared to me.

"Aunt Kelli", I thought, even at 32 is one sexy lady!" Kelli was wearing a very short, black mini-skirt which revealed most of her long well formed legs. The skirt was topped by a white, close fitting white shirt which accented her full, firm breasts. As I got nearer, I could see her nipples pressing against the material and knew she was bra-less under the shirt. I felt my cock stirring and felt, somewhat, guilty since this was my aunt.

"But, what the fuck", I told myself, "Aunt Kelli is sexy!" "Hi, Aunt Kelli", I said as I touched her arm. "It's me, your nephew, Ray. I guess you're looking for a little kid, huh?" "I certainly wasn't expecting a big guy like you.", Kelli said as she put her arms about me in a tight hug.

She then released me, stepped back and looked me up and down. Her eyes seemed to focus, for a moment, on the bulge in the front of my pants.

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I was embarrassed, but what the hell, it was her fault my cock was hard. "Yes indeed, you are a BIG guy", my aunt said, as she embraced me once again. She looked into my eyes, smiled, then kissed me on the lips. I thought I felt the tip of her tongue for a brief moment, but knew I must have been mistaken.

After all, this was my aunt!

As we headed for the baggage area to pick up my luggage, she explained that Jerry, her husband, was out of town on a business trip and wouldn't return until later in the week. We got the bags, found Kelli's car and left the airport for their house. On the drive, I caught her up on all the news and gossip from home. As she drove and we talked, Kelli short skirt rode up even higher on her thighs until the black panties she wore were in view. I tried not to look, but my eyes kept returning to her pussy mound pushing out the silk in the front of her panties.

At one point, she caught me staring, looked down at her crouch, then up to my face and smiled. Kelli made no attempt to pull the skirt down, and I began to have some thoughts a boy shouldn't have about his aunt! During the next couple of days, there were several instances where Kelli, accidentally I thought, would brush her breasts against my back, or pass a hand lightly across my fly.

Even though I knew these times were unintentional, my cock responded nonetheless! I had been at Kelli's about three days when I found some porno books and magazines on a shelf in the garage. I settled down in an old easy chair Uncle Jerry had near his workbench and started to scan through the books. The pictures and articles were very graphic and explicit, and I was soon horny as hell. I was rubbing my crouch for awhile as I read the articles and looked at the pictures, then I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock free so I could stroke it with my hand.

I was so engrossed in the books and my jerking off that I didn't hear the side door open, but was startled when I heard Kelli's voice. "Oh shit, I'm sorry Honey! I didn't know you were in here." Embarrassed, I dropped the books to the floor and jumped up, stammering, "Uh, I.I was just.uh, just looking at some books." "Yes, I can see", Kelli said, her eyes focused on my still hard and exposed cock.

I quickly stuffed it back inside my pants and stood there, too embarrassed to say anything. Kelli smiled and started to leave, but turned back and said, "Why don't you take the books to your room? It'll be more comfortable and much more private." She didn't mention the incident in the garage that afternoon, which was a relief to me. Later that evening, Kelli and I were in the livingroom watching TV, she stretched out in Jerry's recliner and I on the sofa. I glanced over at my aunt and saw that her skirt had ridden up and I was once again given a view of her panties.

I didn't even try to avoid the sight. I stared! Kelli looked over at me, smiled, then pulled the skirt higher and spread her legs. Continuing to look in my eyes, she lowered a hand to her silk covered pussy and began to lightly rub the mound. She inserted a finger in her mouth, withdrew it , then pulled her panties aside and rubbed the finger up and down in the slit of her cunt.

This went on for several minutes before she stopped, got up and left the room. My disappointment, however, was short lived. She returned, sat back down and raised her skirt. I damn near dropped a load in my jeans. My Aunt Kelli had removed her panties! As I said before, Aunt Kelli had left the room, removed her panties, returned and was now flashing her pussy at me.

She became quite bold as I stopped all pretense of watching TV and focused on her. Kelli raised her skirt higher, lay a hand over the top of her mound before combing her fingers through the black pubic hair covering her cunt.

Looking directly at me, she smiled and asked, "Do you like this as well as the pictures you've been using?" I was speechless, so the best I could do was nod a "yes".

"Come over here closer", my aunt ordered. "Over here on the floor." I got up from the sofa, went over and sat down in front of her where she had motioned. She spread the lips of her pussy and began to use her fingers on the pink, wet flesh.

"Do what you do when you look at the pictures", Kelli ordered. I played dumb and asked what she meant. "Play with it! Let me watch you play with your cock while you watch me." I hesitated for a minute before exposing my cock. "Pull the foreskin back", she said. Let me see the head!" I did everything she told me to do as I watched her work on her cunt.

Very quickly, I shot a load of cum into the air. Kelli laughed and told me to get cleaned up because Jerry would be home soon. I jerked off again later as I lay in bed listening to the moaning, crying out and other sounds of Jerry fucking Kelli in the next room. I hadn't heard them before and later learned they had wanted me to hear that night.

The next morning at breakfast, Jerry mentioned that he'd be working late again that night. I spend the day at the beach, returning late in the afternoon. Kelli fixed us both a sandwich and a glass of iced tea.

As we sat at the table eating she asked if I was upset about what she'd done the night before. I wasn't and said so. She then asked if I would like to do it again. I certainly did and said so. The conversation continued in the same vein until we'd finished eating. I had a hard-on just from the talk! We got up from the table and Aunt Kelli told me to grab a shower then come to her room.

After my shower, I slipped on a pair of jeans and went to Kelli's room. She was laying on the bed nude. "Get the jeans off", she ordered. I striped and joined her on the bed. She began playing with my cock as she told me I was going to learn how to please a woman. She had me suck and scrape my teeth lightly on her nipples.

She showed me how to find and manipulate a woman's clitoris. This went on for quite some time before she pulled me up over her body. Reaching down between our bodies, she guided my cock to the entrance of her cunt.

She was so wet that it slid in easily. God, I couldn't believe how hot her pussy felt! I fucked in and out a few strokes before she had me push her legs up and back, then hold them in that position with my shoulders.

She said this gave more penetration to my cock. This being my first fuck, I knew nothing about control and soon blasted a load into her cunt. Kelli wanted more and had me use my fingers on her clit until she finally moaned with a climax. My Aunt Kelli, Mom's sister, was my first fuck, and I loved it! The next day after dinner, Uncle Jerry and I were watching a ball game on TV when Kelli came in from the kitchen.

She told Jerry she'd bought a new outfit that day and wanted to model it for him. Jerry and I resumed watching the game while Kelli went back to their bedroom to change. It wasn't too long before she returned wearing a robe. I thought she'd decided to wait before showing us the new outfit. I couldn't have been more wrong! Kelli walked over to the TV, pressed the off button, then turned to face us.

"Ready, guys?", she asked. "Both of you close your eyes.

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Good. Now don't open them until I tell you. Okay, open your eyes." I opened my eyes but didn't believe what I was seeing. Aunt Kelli had dropped the robe and was now standing before us with her legs spread and a hand on each hip. "Do you like the outfit?", she asked. The "outfit" consisted of black, very high heels, black hose attached to an equally black garter belt which framed the lust black growth covering her cunt. Her bra--also black--had openings through which her nipples now protruded.

I had an instant hard-on! This scene was making me very nervous and anxious about being in the room with Kelli dressed in that manner. Although I'd seen her body before, Uncle Jerry hadn't been there!

I stood and told them that I'd better go to my room and give the two of them some privacy. "Sit down, Honey", Kelli said. "You've seen it before and Jerry knows.

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He knows everything!" "Jerry, I.I.uh.don't think." "Kelli's right, kid", Jerry said. I know she fucked you.

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In fact, she told before it happened. We have no secrets. The choice is yours to stay or not. Kelli and I enjoy a threesome.


With either another guy or woman. It doesn't matter." "So, Baby, as Jerry said", Kelli cut in. "The choice is yours. You can stay here and join the two of us, or you can go back to your room. If you decide to go, that'll be the end of it.

Stay, have some fun, some new experiences and, maybe, learn a few things. Make your choice." I looked from Jerry to Kelli and made my decision. I sat back down and waited for what was to come.


(No pun intended here!) It was quickly obvious to me that Kelli planned to direct the evenings activities because she, once again, spread her leg, placed a hand on each hip and in a very commanding voice ordered: "Okay, my fucking studs, get those clothes off.NOW! After you've stripped, both of you sit your asses down on the sofa." Jerry and I removed our clothing and sit down as Kelli had directed.

She walked over, stood before Jerry for a moment, then turned, bent over, reached back with both hands and spread the cheeks of her ass. Looking back at Jerry, she said, "You know what I want Jerry. Show our dear, sweet, young fuck of a nephew how it's done." Jerry replaced her hands with his own and, holding Kelli's ass open, leaned forward and inserted his tongue into the waiting hole. Kelli was pinching her nipples as Jerry ate out her ass. He continued for a few minutes until Kelli pulled away and moved over to push her ass toward my face.

"Now it's your turn", she said. I hesitated and Kelli looked back, saying, "Do it! Eat my ass! I want to feel that tongue buried up my asshole." I did as she ordered! When Kelli had tired of this little game, she had Jerry stand as she positioned herself between my legs. She pulled the uncut skin of my cock back until it hurt, then placed her lips on the head and drew it inside her hot mouth.

As she sucked, Kelli motioned for Jerry to join her on the floor. He dropped to his knees and she pulled her mouth off my cock.

Jerry quickly replaced it with his own. I started to push him off, then decided--"Why not?" Jerry's mouth felt different than Kelli, but my cock didn't care! The two of them switched once more and Kelli began to take my entire shaft into her mouth. She went up and down, sometimes scraping her teeth along the sides. It was unbelievable!

"Oh fuck Kelli, that's good!", I moaned. "Your mouth is so hot. Oh shit.shit.shit.I'm going to cum! Oooohhh fuck yes!" My cock filled Kelli's mouth with cum.

She continued to nurse on the head for a time before raising up and leaning over to me. She placed her mouth on mine, opened my lips with her tongue, then pushed my cum into my own mouth! She didn't remove her mouth until I was force to drink it down.

She pulled her mouth away and laughed. "So how was your first taste of cum? Too bad it was your own. But maybe we can change that before the night's over. Right Jerry?" The two of them laughed together as Jerry answered, "I'm sure we can." There was no doubt in my mind about what they meant. They had plans to make me a "cock sucker".


Words such as "Queer" and "Fag" raced through my mind, but again, I told myself, "Why not?" As she had with me, Kelli directed Jerry to sit down on the sofa and she knelt between his legs. She had me get down beside her and watch as she began to use her mouth on Jerry's cock. She stopped and pulled my head in closer. I touched the head of Jerry's cock with my tongue.

That wasn't so bad, so I licked around on the head before placing my lips over it. I had no sooner gotten part of it inside my mouth before Kelli pushed down on the back of my head.

I now had about half of Jerry's dick inside! I worked my mouth up and down on the shaft as Kelli and Jerry had done to mine. It wasn't long before my untrained efforts were rewarded with a load of cum from Jerry's cock. I didn't really want to have it go down my throat, so I let it dribble from the side of my mouth as I continued to suck. Thinking to return what Kelli had done to me, I pulled off, turned to Kelli and placed my mouth on hers.

She knew what I was going to do, opened her lips and sucked the cum inside. At that point, Kelli decided we should all go out back and spend some time in the hot tub. Jerry and I headed out back while Kelli shed the new "outfit" she'd been wearing. Jerry and I were waiting in the hot tub when she walked out and climbed in with us.

My sexual awakening continued through the weeks of that summer I spend with Aunt Kelli and Jerry. Outside of the "whips and chains" type of activities, I experienced most of what two guys and a woman can do together. I had balked at any anal action from Jerry.

I just wasn't ready for that! During my last week with them, that, as well as another dimension, was added. One of Aunt Kelli's friends from her college days was to attend a conference in San Diego. The friend, Sue, was staying at the Hilton, the conference site, and Kelli had visited with her there a couple of times while the conference was in progress. Kelli had invited Sue to remain in town a couple of days and stay with us when the conference ended.

Sue agreed, and on Friday night Kelli was about to leave to pick her up and asked if I wanted to go along since Jerry was again out of town on business. I declined because I had plans to attend a party with some kids I'd met at the beach. Kelli left, and I headed for the party. Although the party was fun, I was feeling tired and left early. when I got to the house, I saw Kelli's car and knew she was back with her friend Sue.

I didn't find them in the kitchen or livingroom and decided they were getting Sue settled into the other spare room across the hall from the one I was using. The door was open and a couple of bags were sitting on the bed--but no ladies. The door to Kelli's bedroom was slightly ajar and light was spilling into the hallway. "Must be in Kelli's room", I thought, as I walked down to meet Sue. Since the door wasn't closed, I didn't knock before pushing it open.

Aunt Kelli was sitting in the over-stuffed chair she had in the corner of the room, her legs draped over the arms, and her head pressed against the back. Her hands were holding the back of a woman's head buried between her legs. The woman, on her knees with her arms over Kelli's legs, was busy on Kelli's pussy! From the position she was in, it was difficult to tell much about the woman's body--other than she appeared to be very petite. My aunt, as she had told me, was bi-sexual; however, she hadn't mentioned that Sue was, also bi.

It had been one of my fantasies to see two women together. Seeing it now--with one being my aunt--was a dream come true! I continued to watch until my aunt opened her eyes and saw me standing there. I asked her silently, by motioning, if I should leave. She shook her head "No", removed one hand from Sue's head and pointed to the bed. I walked over and sat down.

Kelli let me watch while Sue finished her task and my aunt had climaxed with a long moan.


Sue continued to lick as Kelli recovered from the orgasm. Kelli leaned down and say softly, "Sue, Honey, we have a visitor." Sue stopped, rose slowly to her feet and turned toward me. The area around her mouth was glistening with the juices from Kelli's cunt. Sue, however, didn't seem to be the least bit embarrassed. "Hi, you must be Ray, Kelli's nephew.

She's told me all about you.and her I should add. We were hoping you'd get home early. Did you enjoy what you saw. Your aunt said you would." "Yes.yes I did.uh Sue, right?" During this exchange, I'd been looking over Sue's body.

Petite, as I had thought, with small, firm little breasts which needed no support to keep them up and pointed at me. I hadn't noticed before because Kelli hands had been in the way, but her short hair was a deep red. As my eyes went down her body, it was obvious the color was natural. Her pubic hair, not as thick as Kelli's was the same deep red!

"Like what you see, Ray?, Sue asked. From what Kelli has told me, you have something I'd very much LOVE to see. I really believe she's been exaggerating. Has she?" "I don't know. It depends on what she's been telling you", I replied. "Kelli's told me many things about you, including the fact that you've been a very good student. Since I was the one from whom Kelli first learned much of what she knows about sex, maybe we should have a little test.

I could see how well she's taught others. Why don't you get out of those clothes so you can REALLY join us. Kelli's ahead of us on the orgasm count. I think it's my turn. Want the job?" "Hell yes I do!", were my thoughts as I quickly got undressed. Sue had settled herself in the chair Kelli had using when I came in. Sue told me that it was one of her favorite positions for having she cunt eaten.

It gave her satisfaction to have a guy or woman on their knees before her as she looked down on their efforts at her pussy. I wanted some of this tiny lady so badly, I would have done it hanging from a limb--if that was what she wanted. I got to my knees, spread the small outer lips of her tiny cunt and leaned into it. My tongue traced a path up and down the pink gash before I sought and found the clit. I was surprised at the size of Sue's clitoris, having expected to find a tiny little nub.

Not so! It was larger and longer than Kelli's--almost like a small prick! "That's it Ray, suck it in. Suck my little cock! Ohhhh yes.yessss. Kelli said you were good! Kelli told me you've sucked Jerry's cock. Pretend my clit's a cock.suck it like a cock. Mmmmm.yes.yes.that's it.that's it.that's the way baby! More.More.MORE.ALMOST.ALMOST.YESSSSS!" I continued until Sue had experiences two or three smaller orgasms, then she told me it was my turn.

Sue had told Kelli that she wanted me all for herself in the early part of our fucking, so my aunt had been watching from the bed. We moved over next to her where I stretched out on my back.

Sue tiny mouth was immediately on my cock. Her mouth was tight around the portion of the shaft she'd managed to get inside. As she worked my cock over with that hot little mouth, one of her fingers went to my ass.

She worked it inside, then out and tried for two.


She got three fingers in my ass and was fucking them in and out--all this time sucking on my dick. Sue stopped, pulled her mouth off my cock and the fingers from my ass.

"I think he's ready Kelli, she said. "Ready for what?" I asked. "I'm ready to get this thing inside that tight pussy!" "Not yet, Ray", Sue said. There's something I want to see first. I love seeing a guy having his ass fucked by another guy.or a woman! Take a look at Kelli." I looked at Kelli, now standing at the foot of the bed. She had a strap around her waist and others that passed around and between her legs.

Attached to the front was a rubber cock! "If you want me Ray, you take that first! As I said it's a real turn-on for me to see a man's ass fucked. It's even better if it's the first time. So, to fuck me, you first get that virgin ass fucked. Well?" I gave my answer by getting on all fours with my ass over the edge and pointed at Kelli's "cock".

The two women laughed and said in unison "Good boy". Kelli spread KY and the rubber dick and worked some into my asshole before starting. I have to give her credit for being easy on me. She was gentle in working it inside. Thank God, it wasn't any bigger. It damn well hurt! Both ladies said the next time would be better. At the time I thought, "There will be no next time!" But there has been--many times.

During the ass fuck, I begged Sue to use her hands or mouth on my cock, but she refused. She said I might cum and she wanted that inside her cunt. My Aunt Kelli fucked my ass for several minutes before withdrawing. It was now my turn. To get Sue tiny cunt ready, Kelli used her mouth for awhile, then worked some of the KY into the small passage.

I spread a layer over my cock and crawled between Sue's legs. It was difficult but I got the head and a couple of inches inside and was fucking with just that. Kelli moved up, placed a knee on each side of Sue's head, got a hand on each ankle and pulled her legs back, then lowered her cunt to the waiting mouth. "Okay Ray, fuck her!', Kelli ordered. I forced it in and began to fuck. Even though Kelli had been easy on my ass, it had hurt. Since it had been Sue's idea, I wanted her to suffer some.

I fucked that tiny pussy with force. Sue loved it! But it wasn't over. Those two ladies kept me busy the entire weekend. My last few days with Aunt Kelli were filled with as much sex as possible. Kelli never seemed to get enough!

It had been one fine summer vacation. I continued with Kelli and Jerry during the next two summers and some visits they made to our state, then it all ended shortly after my last visit. They were involved in an auto accident and Aunt Kelli died as the result of injuries. I have some great memories though! -=[ THE END ]=-