Innocent girl bound and whipped

Innocent girl bound and whipped
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fucinhigh08: ok so it's my first day i'm walking down the hall in a button down white shirt jeans and white shoes yankees2girl: i'm talking to one of my friends in one of my shortest skirts with those lovely stockings and a low cut tank top showing off my chest and belly fucinhigh08: mmmm fucinhigh08: i walk by staring you up and down as you walk by looking sexy as fuck yankees2girl: i look at you and wink as i continue talking to my friend fucinhigh08: i almost bump into someone as i stare fucinhigh08: as the bell rings i walk into class only to see you sitting there and an empty seat next to you yankees2girl: i stare up at you as i reach down to my bag letting you see clear down my shirt as i lean over fucinhigh08: as i sit i stare down your shirt noticing your tiny tight skimpy bra yankees2girl: i look up "see something you like" i smile as i put on lip gloss fucinhigh08: i look at you sexy right in the eyes."yes i do" as i lean back in my seat looking you up and down yankees2girl: "are you new, i've never seen you before?" i cross my legs and my skirt falls up showing even more leg showing my panties fucinhigh08: my eyes open wide staring at your sexy legs, "yeah today is my first day" i say smirking "you wanna give me the tour" yankees2girl: "id love to" i smile at you and place my hand on my leg sliding it up slightly under my skirt fucinhigh08: i watch your hand slide up your leg "yea you look like you give a good tour" i say moving around a little in my seat yankees2girl: "if that's what you call it from wherever you're from.then yes i do.

i'm erica" i reach out my hand and let you see my fingers glistening with pussy juice fucinhigh08: my eyes pop open. i reach for your hand "i'm jeff, awesome to meet you" i say grabing your hand and feeling your pussy juice then kissing your hand and sneaking in a lick yankees2girl: i giggle as i bring my hand up to my mouth and suck off what's left on my fingers fucinhigh08: i watch as you lick your fingers clean and i smile "i think i'm going to like it here" fucinhigh08: i fuck wit my jeans adjusting my cock yankees2girl: smile as i see what you're doing yankees2girl: class starts and a little into it i raise my hand and go to the bathroom.winking at you as i leave fucinhigh08: i wait a few minuets after you leave and ask if i can go fucinhigh08: as i walk out i see you by the bathrooms leaning against the wall yankees2girl: i smile as i see you and check you out as you walk towards me fucinhigh08: looking you up and down i walk up to you "well nice meeting YOU here.

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you waiting for something?" i say looking around and smiling yankees2girl: i giggle and grab your hand and walk into the guy's bathroom fucinhigh08: i follow your lead into the bathroom watching your ass wiggle as you walk yankees2girl: as we get in, right as the door closes i push you up against the wall and kiss you hard sliding my tongue into your mouth fucinhigh08: i kiss you back hard grabbing your ass and lifting it up as i moan and slide my tongue in your mouth yankees2girl: i grind my hips against the bulge in your jeans i reach down and grab your cock through your pants fucinhigh08: we kiss hard as you grab my cock hard i start to lift your shirt over your head and grab and squeeze your huge tits "damn these things are fucking hot" i say between kisses yankees2girl: i giggle as we kiss and start to unbutton your pants and unzip them "well thank you" fucinhigh08: as you pull my rock hard cock out i moan and squeeze your tits harder with one hand i reach under your skirt and run your soaking wet pussy through your boy shorts yankees2girl: i moan into your mouth and start rubbing your cock, i break the kiss and stare into your eyes and down to your cock and then back up to your eyes smiling fucinhigh08: i grab your pussy hard and squeeze, "you want that in your mouth" i say staring at you as you smile at me yankees2girl: i drop to my knees with your cock still in my hands "no, i want it down my throat" fucinhigh08: "mmmmm" just as you finish saying throat i moan and grab the back of your head and push it to my cock yankees2girl: i open my mouth and my hands rest on your thighs as i feel your cock slide to the back of my throat as i cough lightly on it fucinhigh08: as you cough i slowly slide it all the way in grinding my hips as i push it deep into your throat as you gag yankees2girl: i choke on your cock hard as i feel my nose pushed against your stomach fucinhigh08: mmmmmm fucinhigh08: i hold your head deep rubbing your face on my stomach as you choke fucinhigh08: grabbing a handful of hair i slam your face into my stomach deeper yankees2girl: i cough hard and gag hard as you slam me into you screaming slightly from shock yankees2girl: i start turning red but i can't help but slide a finger under my skirt and start rubbing my pussy fucinhigh08: as you gasp for air i thrust my hips forward making you gag harder and start to drool fucinhigh08: i pull out my cock and walk around and spin you so your back is to the wall and i put your head against the wall and slide my cock back in your throat yankees2girl: i choke hard on your cock as you slam back into me bumping my head against the wall fucinhigh08: i start fucking your throat like it's a pussy slamming hard back and forth as you smack your head on the wall n gag hard yankees2girl: i gag hard turning red as i moan loud.i hear the door open behind you and see its a kid from our class.i look up at you as you fuck my face fucinhigh08: i pull out my cock and slap your face as i look at him "you want a piece of this slut?" i ask him as i shove my cock in your mouth and pull it out over and over yankees2girl: i smile as my spit is getting everywhere.he heads over to pee "i already have" he laughs as he watches yous fucinhigh08: you watch him piss as i fuck your mouth and your drool flies everywhere "you really are a slut huh?" i ask as you stare at his cock yankees2girl: you can see the corners of my mouth curl up as i try to smile while you make me gag, your cock slamming in and out fucinhigh08: "mmmmm" i grind my hips around as its deep in your throat and go back and forth from watching my face to watching his cock trying to peak at it as he pisses yankees2girl: i cough hard as you start grinding against my face i lean back against the wall to keep myself up fucinhigh08: you turn beat red as i thrust hard pushing your head against the wall as i cum hard down your throat yankees2girl: i choke and gag as i feel your cock fill my throat with your cum i close my eyes as spit and cum drools down my chin onto my tits and skirt fucinhigh08: i pull out my cock and watch the cum and spit drip all over you as you gasp for air i shake my cock off hitting you in the eye with cum yankees2girl: i open my eyes as your cum drips down one of them, i fall back so i'm sitting on my feet, i look over at the guy as he makes his way to the door, then back at you smiling with bright red cheeks and cum dripping off of them fucinhigh08: "you want his cock slut" i say still shaking and stoking my cock in and on your face yankees2girl: i smile "no yours is bigger" i wipe off some cum off my face and lick it off my finger fucinhigh08: i look at him and laugh as he walks out embarrassed fucinhigh08: "good girl" i say wiping cum off your chin and putting it in your mouth yankees2girl: i suck on your finger and grin up at you fucinhigh08: "how's my cum taste bitch" i say finally removing my pants and taking off my shirt yankees2girl: " i've ever tasted.and that means a lot coming from me" i laugh knowing it's true fucinhigh08: "why you eat a lot of cum" i say rubbing my cock on your cum covered face yankees2girl: i giggle as i try to tease your cock with my tongue "maybe" fucinhigh08: teasing your tongue with my cock "that's my kinda girl" i say slapping it on your tongue and on your face yankees2girl: i smile as i stand up and slide out of my boy shorts fucinhigh08: i stare at your tight little shaved pussy yankees2girl: i leave my skirt and mid thigh length stockings on fucinhigh08: "damn that's a hot pussy" i say staring down at it yankees2girl: "wanna feel it wrapped around your cock?" i pull you closer to me and guide your cock to my dripping wet pussy fucinhigh08: as you rub the head of my hard cock between your soaking wet pussy lips and your hot swollen clit i grab your tit and squeeze "fuck ya i do" i grab your ass and lift you in the air as you wrap your legs around me yankees2girl: mmm i slide down your cock moaning loud as i feel my pussy close tight around your cock fucinhigh08: as i start sliding my hard cock in and out of your tight wet pussy i start playing with your ass with one of my fingers yankees2girl: my eyes get big as i feel you playing with my ass i stare at you intensely as you start fucking my tight bald teen pussy harder and faster fucinhigh08: ((mmmm fuck ya)) fucinhigh08: i slide two fingers in your ass easily as i slam your tight bald little teen pussy making you scream as your back slams the wall fucinhigh08: ((tight bald teen pussy it's so hot when you say it)) yankees2girl: ((hehe)) fucinhigh08: ((it made me cum)) yankees2girl: ((o yea ?)) yankees2girl: ((how many times have you came?)) fucinhigh08: ((two)) fucinhigh08: (and i'm still wicked horny)) yankees2girl: ((mmm fuck)) fucinhigh08: ((how many times you cum)) yankees2girl: ((three almost four)) -------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.leave comments please and there will be more!