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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 1 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, no sex yet Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Originally Posted Wed 25th of January 2012 Report No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

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A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal Introduction: This is a conservative beginning of my marriage. From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 1 is very conservative but wait for more Parts as my life turns into a different newer life.

I lived a humdrum life for years after marriage to my husband Paul. Don't get me wrong Paul was and is a good honest hard working man and even after fifteen years of marriage and he is still extremely good looking. He lacked one important thing that was any kind of sex drive. If Paul wasn't in our sound proof basement working out some kind of contracts he was physically working out there in his make shift gym.

When he was out it was at various construction sites where he worked as a construction foreman now. He had begun as a construction worker and had worked himself up until he became the foreman. If he wasn't working he also went to the local gym. So over the years I saw less and less of Paul. I had met Paul after finishing high school and was just nineteen. I had been a virgin. I got a job as a secretary of a construction company where I met Paul.

He asked me out and we were soon an item. During that year of dating I began working out at the same gym Paul went to and was soon in great shape myself and even being only conservatively dressed I got a lot of whistles when Paul wasn't around.

Just a little more than a year of dating Paul asked me to marry him and I accepted. During that first year Paul and I had never gone any further than the odd kiss or hug. He had never attempted to have sex with me. Paul had never tried going any further than that and I was going to be a virgin when I married Paul.

A little about myself.


I was brought up in an orphanage until the age of eight. Living in various foster homes and orphanages. At the age of eight I had been adopted by a very conservative man and woman.

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I had never asked them why they adopted me but I guessed they couldn't have children of their own. I guess they were nice enough but they didn't or couldn't show me any affection of hugging and I never felt I fit in with them. They fed me and clothed me but that was as far as it went with them. So when Paul came along he at least hugged me and showed a little bit of affection I was happy.

I was never told I was attractive by my adopted parents and thought of myself as being plain. They had made me wear very frumpy clothing.

Dresses that went past my knees and up to my neck with sleeves all the way to my wrists. Because the dresses were slightly too large they did nothing for my budding figure. A figure I was told to hide. When I left home and got a job as a secretary across the street and met Paul I still wore the slightly over sized conservative kind of clothing I had worn while living with my adopted parents.

I met Paul who actually payed attention to me asking me out first for just lunches. He progressed to asking me out for dinners then out to the gym he worked out in.

I was very shy about working out at first wearing baggy workout clothes I found at discount stores. It was the first time I actually showed my legs and arms in public even though no one saw my actual figure. I guess what I did show attracted the looks of the guys that worked out at the gym but Paul was always with me when we worked out. Only a few a times I ventured out alone to work out at the gym. Paul had gotten me a yearly pass for the gym so I went alone only because of getting Paul's money worth out of the yearly pass.

I had learned living first at the foster homes and an orphanage then from my adopted parents to watch my spending.


At long last the day of Paul and our marriage day came. My adopted parents and Paul's family attended the wedding.

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Paul came from a large family of five brothers all younger than Paul who was five years older than me. All his brothers were equally as well built as Paul. Paul by the way is just over five foot nine, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His brother Jason was five foot eight and twenty four at the time of our marriage with the same dark hair and hazel eyes. Ted was five foot nine, dark hair, brown eyes and age twenty two. Mark was the tallest of his brothers at six feet tall, with dark hair and brown eyes at twenty one.

His youngest brother Tony was a year younger than me at five foot eight. Yes dark hair and hazel eyes and they all worked out. It was at the same gym as Paul and I did and they all did construction work except Tony the youngest who was beginning at community college. They were all clean cut, short haired clean shaven men. As far as personality it was Paul who was the most conservative of them all. Paul had actually kept me from meeting his brothers and sisters up to a month before our marriage for some reason.

He always said they were busy when I said I would like to meet his brothers and sisters. I was amazed how much his brothers looked like him in looks but they were all opposite in personality. They seemed dominant and aggressive compared to Paul's easy going manner and even on the submissive side. His three sisters took more after Paul.

Sara had short dark hair at twenty seven. She was maybe five five and worked out at a gym also by the looks of her lovely figure she didn't have any trouble showing off for her husband Greg. Tina was twenty nine and looked very much like Sara only older and dressed more conservatively and was married to George.

The oldest in Paul's family was Maggie who was thirty and very attractive with dark hair, brown eyes five six in height and she was married to Jeff. By the way all five brothers and his brother-in-laws were hot looking men. Greg, Sara's husband was six two with dark blond hair, blue eyes muscular body. He wore tight jeans most of the time with muscle shirts and had no trouble showing off his athletic body. Tina's husband George who was Greg's work out friend and was a good six two with a massive muscular body with dark hair and blue eyes and dressed much like Greg.

Then there was Jeff. He was younger than Marie by ten years at age twenty like myself. There was nothing shy about him. He was the most aggressive dominant and arrogant man I had ever met. When I met Jeff I felt goose bumps run through my body.

Our wedding wasn't anything special and Paul took me across the country to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. That first night I have to admit I was on the scarred side, not knowing what to expect from being intimate with Paul for the first time.

It ended up I had nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. I put on my new night gown the sexiest I could find in this dress store I found. I picked out a white night dress showing my virginity it was low cut for me. It went to just above my knees. I had changed in the bathroom. Paul was laying on the bed wearing a pair of plain white boxer shorts. It was the first time I saw him with his bare chest and legs showing.

He had always worn t-shirts when he had worked out and baggy shorts. He had a hard body but wasn't one to show his body off like other men that worked out. Now I saw his smooth hairless muscular chest with large nipples. "Don't be scarred Joan." He had said to me come lay beside me. I had walked over to the large bed kicking off my slippers before getting on the bed and laying beside Paul. He rolled over on his side and I followed suit laying on my side. He ran his large hands through my long dark blond hair and looked into my green eyes.

I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping he would be like in the movies telling me how beautiful I looked in the moon light and all that stuff. But instead he kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back lightly. Then he reached down and pulled my nighty up. I arched my body so he could pull it up. He had it up to my upper body and then pulled it up and over my head.

He was so gentle the entire time I didn't feel scared at all. I was now only wearing my lacy bra and panties.


He wrapped his long muscular arms around me, undid it and for the first time he saw my medium sized breasts. They weren't huge but they were perky. They stood up even when laying on my side. My nipples also were getting hard.

Then without a word Paul reached down and pulled my white lace panties down my long white shaved legs. They weren't overly muscular but curved at the right places and led up to my shapely hips and a slim twenty two inch waist. I didn't know what to expect.

Then he put his large hands on each side of his white boxers and pushed down. I tried not to look down but did. What I saw was amazing. I had never seen a man's penis before not less a hard one. His penis came out hitting his washboard stomach. It had to be just over five inches. Huge as far as I was concerned having nothing else to compare it to. Paul pushed me gently on my back and got on top of me, both of us nude now. He kissed my lips lightly again while massaging my breasts with his large hands.

I could feel my body shiver all over in anticipation as I felt his hard penis pressed against my leg.


Then his cock was in me. Only the head was in my wet pussy. My clit was hard and juicy. His penis pressed against it.

He pushed his penis into me slowly and gently until I knew it was all the way in my pussy. I began to feel excited in my body. My pussy felt it wanted more. I couldn't help pushing my hips up to meet Paul pushing into me. "Lay back dear!" Paul said as he pulled his penis out of my pussy just as slowly and slowly back into me. I was shivering with anticipation hoping he would push his penis back into me harder so I could feel the excitement throughout my body.

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But he proceeded slow and gently. Suddenly after only a few minutes I saw this strained look on his face. "Oh yes that was good." That's all he said and pulled his penis out of me.

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It was shrinking in size as he got off my body and lay beside me. I thought to myself that's what I waited all my life for? That was it? My pussy felt like it was still in need still wanting some kind of satisfaction.

That's when I looked down at it and saw blood. What the heck was the matter. Had Paul ruptured something inside me. Remember no one had explained the facts of life to me. I looked at Paul he looked like he was ready to fall asleep all relaxed. I turned to him and said. "Paul.

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Somethings the matter. Look I'm bleeding maybe we should get a doctor or something." "For heaven sake Joan didn't your mother ever explain to you the first time you have a penis you bleed.

It means you are no longer a virgin. Just go clean yourself up and come back to bed. I'm tired. We had a long day." I got out of bed grabbing my night gown and went in the washroom and instead of just washing my pussy out I took a complete bubble bath. I was hoping with my clean sweaty body Paul would would want to have sex again.

However that didn't happen. When I finished with a shower and got back in bed Paul was on his side with his boxers back on and on his side sound asleep. So that was my first sex session with my new husband Paul. I will be working on Chapter t 2.

I don't have a lot of time for writing but hope to work on it soon. This was re-edited on Nov. 16, 2015