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Where I grew up the heat kills. Staying inside for the day is usually how people bear the heat, but if you weren't well off enough to have good AC then you were shot out of luck.

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That being said, it wasn't unusual to wear as little clothing as possible if you had the option. On this particular day I, as well as my younger brother, were just wearing boxer shorts. I was about 13 or 14 at the time and my brother was a year and a half my junior. I was fairly lean but nearing a bit chubby with brown hair and eyes. My brother was just shorter than myself with a little more weight and black hair with brown eyes.


As brothers we fought a lot. Sometimes it was the heavy all out war kinda fights but others were more like light wrestling matches. The heat wasn't doing much to dull our tempers and we began to roll around. Being in our underwear you'd think its be awkward but besides various crushes on girls I never really had much time to think about sex or lewdness before so the thought never crossed my mind before then that being nearly naked and covered in sweat while wrestling with another boy could seem a little odd to say the least.

The "match" didnt last long due to the fact that I was the older brother and as many might attest to this, being the oldest sibling means that you eventually win every fight you have with your brothers and sisters. Upon winning however, I did something that I'd never done before. I mounted my brother and began jokingly jumping him.

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I dont really know why I did it, it was something that just popped into my head. My brother didnt seem to think much of it. He just seemed to be annoyed by it by the look of his face. It was kind of exciting to win and them even further assert my dominance in this manner, so that combined with the friction of my pubescent cock rubbing on my brothers chubby backside began to stir my member from its slumber.


Now I've had boners before obviously but before this moment I'd never actually touched myself sexually in anyway. I was as innocent as can be. The feelings I had as I kept thrusting and sliding my barely covered prick along my brothers crack had awakened something in me. I didnt know what i was feeling but it felt good and wanted more of it. After a few more minutes of this dry hunting I came. To say I was surprised was an understatement. As soon as it started I darted away from my brother and fled to the restroom.

I was embarrassed and confused about what happened but my brother was as naive as I was so he didnt notice what had happened. If he had he wouldn't have understood either. All I knew was that I'd never felt so good before in my life, and from that point on it was my mission to feel that pleasure whenever I could. This led to my asserting my dominance a lot more after our fights. Sometimes I'd be so horny though that I wouldnt even wait for a fight to break out with my brother and I'd just catch him playing down and begin to dry hump him with the guise that it was a joke meant to annoy him.

Eventually I caught on to masturbation and I didnt really need to utilize my brother as much hehe. But I never missed a chance to work my cock in my brothers round cheeks. Things changed further when I pulling his and my pants down when asserting myself like that.

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The feel of my bare cockhead sliding up his supple bubble but cheeks until my shaft was nestled in between his cheeks. It was amazing. As amazing as these discoveries were it didnt end there. I was practically dry humping him in this fashion at least every other day at this point months after the first time. My brothers young soft cheeks were lubed with the sweat from yet another fight so my cock was easily sliding in between his cheeks.

I was really horny this time as well and I had adopted a pace much faster than normal. I was practically slamming into him at this point.

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It was this force and speed combined with my brothers sweat and my.precum that led to my next discovery. I began to notice that I got the most feeling from sliding my cockhead along the wrinkly rose bud of my brothers virgin hole so I began focusing my attention there. Just rubbing away at his puckered chute with my cock head.

Unbeknownst to me while I did this the precum and sweat that had sk gloriously made sliding through his cheeks feel so good then began to coat his tight hole. So much so that the second I tried to adjust my position to get more comfortable the angle of my thrust changed and my cockhead slid right in causing my brother to instantly start to squirm and get me out of him.

This was a mistake on his part because by doing this he knocked my.arms that supported me out from under me causing my.body to fall forward.

I crashed fully into him sheathing my entire length of my (then) 6 inch cock into his now deflowered boi hole. Everything seemed to stand still for a moment as experienced new worlds of bliss and my little brothers went hole was the source. I hesitated to move for a while knowing my brother was probably in pain, but eventually the desire to use my cock to explore his bowels took over and I began sliding in and out of his little glory hole.

The warmth and the tightness proved too much and I quickly came inside him coating my little brothers devirginized hole with my seed. I then left him there to go and clean myself up. We never talked.about this or any.of our encounters like this but they always continued.

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I always waited for the day that he said he no longer wanted to be apart of these sessions and I was sure that me actually penetrating him and using his hole to deposited my seed was gonna be the thing to do it but the conversation never came. But my cock came Over and over because that night I got into bed with him. I took his boxers off slowly. I wanted to give him a chance to say no or stop but he didn't.

Not even when I slipped my cock into him again for the second time that day. And from that day for years I used the now willing brothers boi pussy nearly every night. That is until I discovered something better. That however will have to wait till next time.