Colby Chambers Fucks Mickey Knox in their tub

Colby Chambers Fucks Mickey Knox in their tub
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It is interesting to whisper it in dad's ear during breakfast one morning: "I want to give you a BJ, dad. Like the best ever." Luckily mom's back is turned so she does not see his expression and the way he almost fumbles the dishes to the floor.

She only wonders about the strange coughing fit he suddenly gets and comes pat his back helpfully. Terri is humming an innocent melody and tapping her foot. Mom looks at her sternly: "What mischief are you up to now, Terri? I know that smirk of yours." Terri's big shiny eyes are the only thing which stops her from being mistaken for a boy with the short and dark tomboy hair she favors.

But no boy has eyes as big as shiny as hers.


She also has cute freckles on her nose and cheekbones, and she smiles a lot. Mom thinks too much, she is such a bore and always gets in the way of fun.

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"Nothing, mom. I promise. I'm just thinking of a new song," Terri says and smiles again. Dad unfortunately has to go to work soon, but he glances over his shoulder with a strange look on his face when Terri yelps: "Any time, dad!" as he is about to step out of the door. The day is a bore too, as usual, but at least Terri has her new song to think about. When she comes home mom must have been out playing bridge with her boring friends, because she is nowhere to be seen.

Dad arrives soon, though, and Terri hears him climbing the stairs to her room. When dad opens the door, Terri lifts her head from the music mag she is reading and raises herself to a sitting position on the bed.

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She is wearing an oversized loose shirt which is hanging off one shoulder, white tennis socks and her ever present Mp3 player and earplugs. "Terri, I wanted to talk to you.


about." dad starts when Terri takes off the headphones as if she was going to listen, but then he stops in mid-sentence as she raises her arms above her head and pulls the shirt off over her head and there isn't anything underneath it. When Terri goes down on her knees in front of dad, she is only wearing the socks and the Mp3 player over her shoulder. Her breasts are perky and perfect shapes, like only an eighteen year old girl can have.

They have some freckles on them just like her cheekbones do, and the nipples are pointy and erect with excitement. Her dutiful father only rarely lets his gaze delve any lower than that despite how cute the rest of the sights are.

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"Sure you can talk if you want to, dad," Terri says and looks at him with her huge eyes. Then she winks and adds: "But let me get started first". Terri puts the earplugs into her ears and starts pulling dad's zipper down.

"Terri, really, this is." dad starts, but Terri's fingers shuffle the player to her special song: "BJ 4 Daddy Cute Girl's Head Boppin' Mix" by xSUPRAGIRLx. The artist is naturally Terri's own alias, and the volume is loud enough to blur dad's words just enough so she can pretend to not hear them until he starts saying something actually relevant. Dad puts his hand on her shoulder, but he does not immediately push her away, even though that might have been his original intention.

Terri fumbles with dad's underpants, since they seem to get stuck on the throbbing bulge underneath. She is slightly but pleasantly surprised when dad reaches down and helps her.

Terri has never seen an actual penis, so she stares with her eyes wide at dad's semi-hard length as it stands in front of her face. Even though Terri is eighteen, she has always been a tomboy who has lived for her music and hasn't cared much for boys.

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She bites her lip adorably and moves her hand to dad's testicles. They feel warm, heavy and hairy. She gently caresses them with her fingers as a smooth beat plays in her ears. Terri flinches a bit when the genital jerks and hardens to a much stiffer and bigger form and its veiny shaft touches against her cute freckled face.

She glances dad in the eyes and then bends down to kiss it. Then her eyes close as she further kisses the veiny girth all around and lowers herself to do the same to the hairy testicles.

She feels dad lay his hand on her shoulder, but it still doesn't seem like he's stopping her. Then Terri moves her lips to the tip, taking hold of the shaft with her free hand, and blinks her lashes open to look dad in the eyes as she slides her warm mouth on his hard organ.

She feels his hand caress her neck almost encouragingly. Terri starts to suck, slurping with her lips and lapping the glans underneath vigorously with her tongue. As the tempo of the song in her ears builds up, she starts moving her head with it.

Soon Terri's head is bouncing in the rhythm of the energetic dance beat of the song. Her pouty lips are wet with saliva and they make slippery sounds as the joyful bounce makes her warm little mouth move up and down dad's hard veiny shaft.

Dad noticeably sighs deep and Terri feels how his hands are now gently caressing her hair, shoulders and face.

The tension builds alarmingly quickly, but luckily soon an emotional ambient sequence starts in the song, during which Terri can only cuddle and cover daddy's hairy balls all over in sweet little kisses as he strokes her hair. Yet when it nears its end, her nipples are erect with tingling anticipation because she knows the next part will have a hard, pulsating deepthroat beat.

She makes sure dad can feel their pointy shapes against his thighs as she hugs him. When she knows the song is about to build up tension again, Terri's kisses travel up dad's hard penis again until her lips are touching the tip. Then, after a meaningful glance, the beat comes down, and so does her head. Dad groans in surprise of what his little tomboy of a daughter can do.

The dance-beat of Terri's bobbing head grows quicker and her nipples and areolas have become completely taut and, turning her freckled little teeny breasts into conical pyramid shapes. This is caused by the feeling of gagging as dad enters her throat and the hairy weight of his testicles, moist with sweat, jiggling against her chin.

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Because of the harder, deeper rhythm, her saplings of mammaries often touch dad's legs and he likes it even though he would deny it. When the beat slows down again and it's time to chill for a moment, Terri looks up at her father and reassuringly says: "Don't worry, daddy.

I'm still a virgin, I've just been practicing a lot for this." "Good for you, Tiger," dad says softly, his voice full of newfound affection, no doubt meaning it on both accounts. He is all sweaty and breathes hard while Terri's hand keeps stroking the throbbing shaft. Then she licks her lips and bends down again. Terri's tongue is in motion, moving and tickling and feeling the tip and the underside of the penis with every opportunity. Her right hand is pumping the shaft, and it feels thick and rock hard.

The other is holding dad's heavy hairy testicles, her fingertips carefully stroking, fondling and caressing them. She feels them tightening, and dad reaches to stroke her tomboy hair and sighs, softly whispering: "It won't take long now, Terri.

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Remember, you have to swallow it when daddy shoots." "Hm-hm," Terri thankfully acknowledges this fatherly advice, although she is somewhat nervous since her research has included videos of girls making faces and spitting when men ejaculated in their mouths. Dad groans and sighs and lays his hand on Terri's shoulder. His other hand strokes her dark tomboy hair as tenderly as she is stroking his hairy balls.

Terri notices they seem to be tightening in her hand. Terri tries to ask: "Dyd yr yu gonn-Gurlk!", but her eyes widen as just then in the middle of her affirmative query dad's knees buckle and he instinctively grips a fistful of her hair really hard and forces her head down, making her gargle on a weighty spurt of warm goo.

Still, the surprise and power of her father's warm semen forcefully ejaculating into her throat is just a momentary breakdown in the rhythm of Terri's bobbing head. She doesn't want to, but she knows she has to swallow the cheek-bulging mouthful because dad had told her to.

She winces as she feels it go down, but her pouty lips keep on suckling on the tip of dad's throbbing penis. Terri's sensitive fingertips are quickly stroking and caressing the back of her dad's testicles and she feels them tighten every time just before she is unfortunately forced to swallow another juicy eruption.

She pumps the shaft of the penis and she feels it jerk hard in her hand as dad ejaculates. Terri keeps sucking and looking her father in the eyes and she makes little "Mh-h" sounds as she swallows all of his sperm and pretends to like it.

Looking into his little tomboy daughter's big pleading eyes as she suckles for warmth, a father can only give everything he has. Terri's dad's hips are thrusting in unison with his friendly daughter's bouncing head and he can only tightly hold on to her short hair and empty his balls in spurts which come so hard they make his toes curl. Terri is responsive throughout as her dad comes long and hard.

She keeps repeating the instructions in her mind: "Keep eye contact, bop your head, stroke the shaft, caress the testicles, swallow with the rhythm of the beat when the warm spurts strike your throat," until it is finally over and there is nothing left to give. Terri feels dad shoot literally everything he has, his balls tightening in her fingers, and then she slowly closes her eyes and lets dad catch his breath as she bends down to kiss cover dad's testicles in sweet kisses, her perky nipples touching his legs a little.

Dad brushes her hair with his fingers and then caresses her cheek and speaks softly like a very proud father should: "Good girl. You swallowed daddy's balls completely dry." "Was it, like, the best ever?" Terri asks, her big eyes shining bright. "Yes, yes it was. The best ever," dad says and smiles warmly.

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"Nice going, Tiger." "Thanks, dad," Terri says, and a cute smile appears on her adorable freckled face. Mom must be coming home soon, but there is still time for a few more lingering kisses.