Elegant college girl gets seduced and fucked by senior instructor

Elegant college girl gets seduced and fucked by senior instructor
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Santa's Little Helper ****************************************************************** Proofed and edited by Brootforce ****************************************************************** It was that time of year again; time to get the suit out of mothballs and dry cleaned, Nick thought to his self.

He headed up the rickety stairs toward the attic, pushing the cobwebs out of his way. He reached the door and rattled the doorknob, causing the door eerily creaked open. The room was filled with thick musty air, as he made his way across the room to the light switch. Flicking it on the room illuminated. In the corner of the room, hung the Christmas red Santa suit, in a clear plastic bag.

A smile crept across Nick's face as he made a beeline for the suit. This was Nicks' favorite time of year. He got to bring a little happiness into children's lives as he took a month off of work. He dressed up as Santa and donated the proceeds of his Santa work to Toys for Tots. He grabbed the suit, headed downstairs, and out to his car. Still with a huge grin on his face, he drove off to the drycleaners.

"Hey Nick, is that time of year again?" the drycleaner, Doris, greet him. "Yeah, it seems to be coming quicker and quicker every year Doris." He smiled handing the suit over. "You aren't kidding. I remember when you were going to see Santa with your mom and sister. Now you're playing Santa for the kiddies." Doris laughed. "God Doris, you're making me feel old!" he chuckled. "YOU feel old?! How do you think I feel?" She laughed as she handed him his ticket.

"Thanks, Doris." He smiled and took the ticket. Nick went to the barbers for a trim and shave, before picking the suit back up from Doris, and going home to try his beard and freshly cleaned suit on. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, he straightened his snow white beard and hat with hair. He walked into the bedroom in his CK boxers. Picking up the prosthetic rubber belly from the bed, he strapped it across his toned stomach.

He stood in front of the full length mirror, adjusting it, before pulling a white t-shirt over the belly. He pulled on the red and white trousers, tucking the t-shirt in, and slipping into the red and white coat. Finally he fastened the black leather belt tightly under the belly. "Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas" He called out before chuckling. He made his way downstairs to the front door, where he pulled on a pair of black leather boots trimmed with white fur on top.

Grabbing the huge red velvet sack he made his way to his Audi Q7 and put the sack in the trunk. "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go" he hummed. ****************************************************************** Nick arrived at his local mall, where he would be playing Santa this year.

He was greeted by a woman in her 30's in a grey pants suit with her silver-blonde hair in a high bun. She clasped a clipboard to her breasts with a stern look upon her face. He pulled up next to her and put the passenger window down. "You must be Nick Stein. You are late." She said without wavering.

"Actually I am a day early. Who are you and where is Mitch?" He said annoyed. "I am Miss Gretchen Campbell. I am the NEW manager of the mall." She smiled sarcastically. "Well Miss Campbell, anytime I have played Santa here, I was always given tomorrow as the day to start. It is your mistake for not telling me YOU have changed the contract I have with the mall owner, Mitch." Nick gloated.

"Erm… well… I…" she stammered. "You didn't realize I had a contract, I assume? Well now that we have exchanged our pleasantries how about you let me in to see where I shall be working and with whom." He smiled. "Of course, Mister Stein," She said defeated. "Actually, if you could call me Santa, or Mister Nicolas, that would be better.

That makes it more realistic for the kids and doesn't ruin their belief in Santa." Nick smiled. "Ok… Santa." She cringed. Nick parked his car, took the sack from the trunk, and followed Gretchen in through the back door of the mall to where Santa's Winter Wonderland had been set up.

He looked around taking in all the decorations and saw the elves all huddled around in a corner talking to each other.

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"Elves fall in line, NOW." Gretchen yelled. Five female elves lined up. "Names, NOW, Left to Right!" She yelled like some kind of oppressive leader. "Laura, Michelle, Audrey, Delilah, Holly." The girls called out looking straight ahead. "This is Santa; you shall address him as such, or suffer the ramifications for not following my orders. Is that clear?!" she called hitting her clipboard. "Yes, Miss Campbell," the girls called in unison. "You can leave us now, Miss Campbell, I'm sure the elves will adhere to your rules, if not they'll be on my naughty list.

I Promise." He made a stern face then winked. She drew her eyes closed, making a pissed off face at him, and walked away, her heels clicking away into the distance.

"Okay girls, ignore everything she said. You answer to me. You're MY elves. Only thing I ask is that you call me Santa, so the kids truly believe I am Santa and that they don't think I'm just some random man in a Santa suit." He smiled.

"Yes, Santa," they called out.


"So tell me Elves, who is to be my helper elf?" he looked at the girls. Their silence was deafening. "Well? Don't tell me no one has told you what to do!?" he sighed. "Erm, it is usually Miss Campbell that tells us what to do and when to do it. She's such a bitch." One girl said quietly.

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"YOU, You will be my Helper Elf. What is your name?" he smiled softy. "Me? But I called her a bitch… I'm Holly." She blushed and looked at her feet. "Yes you, you are to be my helper elf.

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You will give the kids their presents, I like your heart." He looked at her fiery hair and piecing green eyes. "You two will be queue handlers, you two will be in charge of taking the money and making sure every child gets the time they require with me.

Okay?" He smiled at the girls. "Yes, Santa," they replied. "Holly, come with me." He put his arm around her slender shoulders. "This sack is special, it has presents I have brought, and it's for those kids I feel need an extra boost.

So when I say 'I wonder what's in my special velvet sack for you, you go into this sack instead of the normal one. Okay?" He smiled as they walked to the large, overbearing, oak, and red velvet chair, surrounded by fake snow and candy canes. "Aw, you are the sweetest Santa I've ever known, and I've been doing this for the past five years. Of course, as you said, we are your elves. We shall do as you say, Santa." She smiled with watery eyes.

"Good, I'm glad you approve. Well, looks like that's everything, we can start soon. Just need to make sure my beard is on straight." He smiled. "It's perfect, Santa." She looked up at him and pushed it slightly. "Good, I'll take my place on my throne, and can you ring the bell?" he smiled. Nick took his place upon Santa's large oak chair, as Holly rang the bell to alert everyone Santa was in the building.

A line of eager children with unhappy parents appeared almost instantly, the first day was pretty quiet, in terms of what Nick had seen before, the next few days got busier and busier. After a week, if you did not get in line as soon as Santa was home, you would be stuck in the queue for up to two hours.

But parents will do anything to keep their children happy, whilst Christmas shopping in a busy mall. Santa's special velvet bag made an appearance at least six times on a quiet day, every time Holly would have tiny tears in her eyes because of Nicks' generosity towards the kids who really needed extra.

For the next few weeks everything ran as clockwork. Open at nine, close at seven, with an hour for lunch, maybe. He was seeing at least a hundred kids in a day making their lives a little brighter, but Nick knew that Christmas would soon be upon them, and all of this would be over until next year. On this particular day, the line was not going down at all, he sent Holly to tell Laura and Michelle to close the line. No more people could join, and they were closed. Also she was to tell Audrey and Delilah to hold the queue for five minutes.

"Holly, I really don't want to send the kids away that have queued so long. Would you mind staying and helping me finish the queue? I can give you a ride home if you need one." He asked. "Of course I will stay, I'm your helper if you're here I'm here." She smiled. "I will put the closed sign at the back of the queue and put out an announcement." "Please, and tell the girls they can go once they've collected all the money. Thank you, Holly." He smiled and kissed her hand.

Holly returned with a hot chocolate for her and Nick. "Tell me when you're ready Santa." "I'm ready…" he took a gulp of his drink. Holly rang the bell and the kids started coming to see Santa again. It was after 10 pm when the last child was making his way to Santa, with his Mom. They exchanged the usual pleasantries. "What would you like for Christmas Son?" Santa asked. "I want my Mom to be at home on Christmas day." "Anything else?" "No, just my mom at home. Thank you" The little boy jumped down from his knee.

"Hold on, I'm sure there is something in my special velvet sack for you!" Holly bent down into the sack, pulled out the last two presents, and handed them to the little boy. Nick was too busy looking down Holly's top to notice.

"Thanks, Santa!!" the little boy smiled. "No, thank you Son, you're such a kind little boy. You deserved two because you didn't ask for any.

Can I speak to your Mom?" He asked. "Of course, Santa," he said as he pushed his Mom towards Santa. "You go get some candy from Holly my elf, ok?" "Sure thing.

Santa." He skipped off with Holly. Nick motioned for the little boys' mother to come closer. "Why can't you spend Christmas with him?" "His father left last year, and I have to work twelve hours a day seven days a week to make ends meet. I can't take any days off." She sighed "I wish I could, but it's impossible." "What if I could give you a better paying job?" "What?" she looked confused.

"This isn't my source of income. This is what I spend my holiday time doing. I donate the money to Toys for Tots. I have a business, I just enjoy bring a little joy to kids at this time of year. Because I can." He smiled. "What can you do?" "I work at a diner, but I'm a really fast learner." "Here's my card, and two hundred bucks.

Take Christmas off and tell them Santa sent you." He smiled and she stuffed it into her pocket as the little boy returned. "Thank you, Santa," she cried. "Mommy, why are you crying? Was Santa bad to you because you have to work?" He asked with a sad look. "No, Santa has been really good. We can spend Christmas together, and I'm getting a new job." She hugged her little boy. "THANK YOU SANTA!" The little boy ran and jumped up hugging Nick. "You're welcome. Go home with your mom.

You never know, you might get a surprise on Christmas morning." He smiled and helped the little boy down. His mother and he walked away, one smiling, one crying and smiling.

They will never forget this trip to the mall. An announcement came across the speakers calling out 'THE MALL IS NOW CLOSED'. "Well, that was an interesting last customer." Nick said as he slouched back in his chair. "Not the Last customer… Santa…" Holly smiled as she went to stand in the queue behind the velvet ropes. "Well, it looks like there is one little girl left.

Why don't you come up and sit on Santa's lap and tell me what your name is." He smiled. Holly walked forward slowly in her red and green elf's outfit, with red and white stripy stockings, knee high leather boots, and little green hat on top of her flaming red hair. "My name is Holly…" she smiled as she walked up the two steps towards him.

"Holly, such a pretty name, for a pretty girl. Why don't you sit on my lap? Tell me what you want for Christmas and if you been a good girl." He was trying to keep a straight face. "Well, Santa I am not sure if I will be on your nice list because I have been a very naughty girl." She whispered in his ear before taking his ear lobe between her teeth.

"Erm… Well let me see…" Nick shifted in the seat, cleared his throat, and opened a book. "I'll sit here while you check." Holly perched across his lap and crossed her legs flashing her panties to him. "Hmm… it seems to be that you are in between lists, you could go either way. It depends on your action between now and Christmas." He placed his hand on her thigh and raised an eyebrow. "Seems like Santa wants me on the naughty list…" She smiled, uncrossed her legs and placed her hand on top of his, sliding his hand up her thigh to her dewy inner thigh.

"Looks like Holly will be on my naughty list." He put his hand under her knees and around her waist, then carried her into Santa's grotto. "Turn around, hands on the table." He commanded. She turned and obeyed. He stood behind her caressing her body. Using his feet, he pushed her legs apart, as he moved her hair to nibble on her neck. Then he thrust her forward onto the table.

Kneeling down, he kissed up her legs slowly, caressing them with butterfly kisses, and nibbling on her inner thigh's satiny flesh. He began massaging her ass with a finger, slowly massaging her anus gently. Nick could hear gasps and moans from his naughty little elf Holly, as he continued his exploration of her body. He pulled her back up by the waist to kiss her neck again as he unfastened her little elf dress.

Letting it fall to the floor, he grabbed her arms, biting on her shoulders. She felt something being wrapped around her wrists, as she stood quivering in front of Santa. "You have been a naughty girl Holly, and you will be my Christmas present, to do with what I want." He snickered.

"What is around my wrists?" "Ribbon, it is only fitting as you are after all my present." He continued to kiss her back before turning her around. He undid the leather belt on his jacket. Then he took the jacket, t-shirt, and belly off.

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He threw them in the corner, out of the way, but kept the belt placing it on the table behind Holly. He took her in his arms kissing her hard. Their tongues were dancing together as one, intertwining. His hands roamed her body as she stood helpless and defenceless in front of him, bound.

He broke their passionate embrace, twirling her around and bending her over onto the table, to expose her juicy ass as it hovered in mid-air. His hands ran across her ass caressing it lovingly before lifting off and spanking her, making her jump with surprise. "Ahha… That hurt." She protested. He ran his hand over the area he had just spanked, soothing the skin, and making it feel better. The warm feeling spreading from her ass stopped her protests.

He spanked her again, this time no protest. Again, and again, he swatted her bottom, until he noticed she was getting very wet from being spanked. He got onto his knees, spreading her cheeks apart. He made a long stroke with his tongue, tasting her for the first time, making her quiver with that single touch of his tongue. With every stroke of his tongue he would spank her a little harder.

Making her sex wetter, her legs weaker, and her body warmer. "Stop!" she cried out. "Please Stop…" She quivered as she tried to reach for his hair with her bound hands. He continued to lick her and spank her, his hand reaching around her thigh to her clit. He flicked her nub, making her legs completely buckle under her, sending shock waves throughout her body. With a moan she came in his mouth.

"Mmm&hellip.Tasty." he laughed. He stood up and took his trousers and boxers off, letting his cock spring free into mid-air. "Well Holly, you have someone's attention anyway." He chucked as he rubbed the head down her slit to her clit getting it wet. Holly let out a gasp as he touched her clit with his cock, making a tiny shockwave ride across her. He bent down on top of her nibbling on her neck and earlobe.

"Ready?" he whispered. She let out a light moan of anticipation as she nodded.

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He positioned himself and thrust into her in one long stroke. Holly let out a groan of pain and pleasure, as her legs got their strength back to push back into Nick.

He grabbed her waist for leverage, and started to slowly withdraw from her before sliding back into her fully, hips colliding, bodies meshing, becoming one. He began to pick up speed thrusting into her. He was holding onto her arms, lifting her off the table, fucking her hard, making her breasts bounce furiously as they fucked on Santa's desk.

He pulled out of her and grabbed the leather belt. Wrapping it around his hand, he caressed her ass before slapping it with the leather belt, Holly let out a yelp before Nick rubbed and caressed it. Then he repeated the swat on the other cheek.

"Get up." He commanded as he pulled her arms. He got onto the desk and lay down. "Ride me, naughty elf." He commanded.

"Yes, Santa," she nodded. He helped her up onto the desk and positioned his cock for her, as her hands were still tied behind her back.

As she sank down onto his rock hard cock, she closed her eyes. Grinding back and forth she rode him as fast as she could. Nick reached around and untied her arms letting her free. She grabbed his hands and laced their fingers together as she held his arms above his head. She leaned down and kissed his neck and along his jaw line before biting his bottom lip gently. "Fuck me, Santa, Fuck me hard." She whispered in his ear.

He began to thrust up into her as she rode him hard, their bodies colliding as the made love. Her breasts were bouncing and swaying in time to the thrusts. He leaned up and nibbled on her nipples that were swaying above his head, making her cry out in ecstasy. They rode together in sync bringing each other to the point of completion. Breathing heavy, sweat glistening in the Christmas lights they came together, in Santa's grotto, on Santa's desk.

Holly collapsed on top of Nicks' chest as they became one complete person. "That was… amazing, Santa." "I guess I got a ride, rather than me giving you one." He laughed. "You're my favorite little elf." "You're my favorite Santa." Holly Chuckled. ****************************************************************** Neither Nick nor Holly knew that there were secret cameras placed inside Santa's grotto by Miss Campbell to spy on everyone.

She was currently watching them make love and fuck on the desk in the Grotto. She sat in her office, with her panties at her knees and her skirt pulled up around her ass, as she slowly rubbed her clit.

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Tweaking her nipples through her starched shirt, she ran her hand across her breasts as she watched them on the cameras from different angles. She slipped her fingers inside her velvety warmth, gently and slowly plunging into herself. Her door swung open revealing Errol the night time security guard, who had been watching Gretchen on camera. He was standing with his large chocolate cock in hand, stroking and watching her squirm.

"Good evening Gretchen. Looks like you need company." He smirked. "Get OUT!!" she cried out as she tried to cover herself. Errol step inside her office and closed the door behind him and locked it with his master key. "No, tonight you will beg. You will beg hard." He said coldly. ****************************************************************** The next week, the two exchanged naughty glances, smiles and a grope when no one was looking.

One of the days, it was extremely quiet. Santa grabbed Holly's ass and was caught when Miss Campbell was walking past. "That is completely unacceptable behavior from a Santa and an elf! My office now!!" Gretchen commanded. They followed her up to her office, laughing. "Sit down!" she yelled. "No, what seems to be the problem?" he asked. "You are playing Santa; you are supposed to be respectable and mythical to the children.

NOT grabbing the elves ass!" she roared. "There was no one around as we were not opened yet. It is not up to you to decide what is and is not respectable behavior, Miss Campbell!" Nick replied. "You two will be given warnings, if this happens again you will be terminated." She told them. "Do you know what Miss Campbell, You are fired.


We own this mall and your services are no longer required. Pack your things and Errol will escort you off of the premises immediately." Holly told her.

"Let's go home, Missus Stein." Nick said to Holly as he took her hand and kissed her. Both of them will be on Santa's naughty list for a while, but Santa always forgives in the end. ******************************************************************