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Amy had a hard time sleeping and her husband whishing her a happy birthday when she turned 35 meant little because this would be the last day of her life.

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She had 3 daughters but these times when there were over 3 women for every man meant women only were allowed to live 35 years when they had entertain an audience with their death. Her 35 year-old husband would now be allowed to have two 18-year-old wives.

Amy had to interview and select the best 18-year-old girls for her husband that he would marry after her death. She would supply parts of her body for them to eat.

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Human protein was now supplied from dead 35-year-old women or the bodies of other women who never married by age of 30. Cemeteries were now full.

This vast surplus of women was the source of these changes in the law. This created a large supply low-cost human protein and laws and attitudes against cannibalism soon changed.

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This had the effect of eliminating old women leaving only those under 35. Amy would be one of 20 executed by hanging today. They draw numbers to determine the order they would die. The fist to die today were Amy followed by Angie, Roxana, Christine, Lyn, Kristy, Nancy, Janice, Kristy, Crystal, Janis, Irene, Bonnie, Jessica, Dee, Alexia, Barbra, Colleen, Patti, and Betty. They were all naked and barefoot to die as they were born.

They stood in caged area so the could be seen by the audience. Amy was still beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes. She was 5'7" tall and slim 120 pounds. This was her 35th birthday. Her husband placed the noose over her neck with his two 18-year-old new wives waiting in the wings. Amy said, "Today I am 35 and I am doing my part to help reduce the vast surplus of women." "I hope all you enjoy watching me suffer and die." "Goodbye everyone." The rope came up slowly finally lifting her from her feet off the floor.

Amy soon would panic and would struggle from not being able to breathe her face turned color to become purple as she thrashed about finally going still.

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A minute later Amy was dead. The rope came down where they could remove the noose. Amy's body was taken to a table where she was butchered.

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He feet and hands were cut off and the meat was stripped off her leg below her knee. Her thigh would be cut in one-inch slices and her breasts were cut off for valuable fat they had as was her butt cheeks. Her spine was lifted out and the meat around that was taken. Her head guts ribs and other parts were cremated. Amy's protein and fat would supply her husband and two wives with much of the meat for the next two months reducing the demand many farm animals.

Roxanna was next and she was in state of panic she was 30 and never married. The husband of Amy put the noose on her. Roxanna was 5'8" and 188 pounds and not very attractive. Roxanna decided to donate her usable meat to the open market.

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Roxanna said, "I am going to suffer and die soon and I hope you will enjoy it." "I want to say I will not enjoy suffering and death." "I am fat and ugly and no man ever wanted me." Now they only want me dead so make me dead. Roxanna was strangling and she thrashed about for 30 seconds and became still one minute later she was lowered and the noose removed. Her dead body was butchered and she had more good tasting fat when it was cooked.

Christine was taken from the cage She was 35 and 6 feet tall and 140 pounds slim. Her husband put the noose on her neck and tightened it behind her head as he was suppose to. Christine was not sobbing but the husband she loved had tears coming down his cheeks Christine said, "I have resigned to die today but my husband is chicken. I really hope you all enjoy my nudity I have worked hard to look so good.

My husband will eat some of my remains with his two new wives. I have enjoyed life but it time for me to die so goodbye folks. I will never be older than 35 so I will never become an old woman. I welcome the effort to reduce the amount of females and my part in this effort happens now. The noose tightened on her neck and she darkened in color.

Christine could not help thrashing but soon went still. Her beautiful body was just hanging there. She shaved her pussy this. She was lowered and the noose was removed and she was carried to the back like so much trash.

Two 18year old wives replaced Christine and he was no longer crying. Trisha was only 5'3" and 95 pounds She was led from the cage to the stand at the noose.

Her husband placed it around her neck tightening the rope behind her neck. Trisha said, "I have been cooking and cleaning for my husband and two daughters who are 10 and 12 years old." "They have only 25 to 23-years or less to live before they will die like their mother now." "I worked hard to make their lives better and for their father." I provide sex for my husband and I still love him even knowing I will live only few more minutes" "At the age of 35 I am only worth the price of the meat I will provide them." 'By killing off all the women at half their normal life." "That will help on the over supply so now I will do my part and let them kill me." "Goodbye everyone it is time for me to die.

Trisha went up with the rope but it took longer for her because she could barley breathe as she was hanging her face coloring did not change much.

She struggled longer before finally going still with her petite body hanging. Trisha would not yield much meat but she tasted good. They brought out Irene She was 30 and unmarried. Irene was attractive looking younger than 30 She was 5'7" and 125-pounds A staff member put the noose on her neck.

Irene said. "I was never married because I was too shy." This means I need to die five years early. My fiancé did not marry me because I would only be around for five more years.

He will now get two younger women with permission to kill one of them with no charges of murder. You all will see me murdered just like the women before. With no woman over 35 there are no old women but only old men. I will never be old because I will die now." "Goodbye nobody will miss me." Irene suffered some but did not struggle much and became completely still. Bonnie was stunningly beautiful as she was led to the noose that was place around her neck.

Bonnie was 5'10" with still high firm breasts and smooth skin and weighed 136-pounds with misfortune of being 35 years old. Hr husband placed the noose on her neck, Bonnie said, "I had two children one girl that will live only 35 years and one boy who will live much longer." "I have not slept for three days and soon I will sleep forever." "When you are close to the day you will die sleep comes hard because I wanted to experience every waking minute." "I am required to hang in couple of minutes." "My husband told me he will miss me and my children did too but they were more believable" "I selected two young girls for my husband that will not be as good as me for raising the children but my time is up." "I stayed out of the sun to not look old too soon and now I will never look old because I am required to hang on my 35th birthday." "Please excuse me for struggling but hanging like this it is hard to die but there will be no choice.

Goodbye kids don't make things too hard for young girls. Bonnie jumped but still suffered for couple of minutes before her beautiful body went still. The beautiful bonnie was dead. She would yield 38 pounds of meat and fat. Jessica was another very petite woman only 5'1" and 87pounds two men led her out of cage to the noose that was placed around her small neck.

"They said I may now talk to all of you now." "I want you all to know how much I do not want to hang now." "I have two sons I love very much somebody took me from them to bring me here to hang so I will not get too old." Criminals who used to hang were dropped from six feet to internally be decapitated and die very fast." I never got parking ticket but I am 35 today and I am not allowed to be 35 years and one day but need to hang here to entertain the audience and be strangled to death at the end of this rope to entertain all of you.

"I sincerely hope enjoy my suffering because you can be assured that I will not enjoy it." "Goodbye Joseph and Jason let the audience be entertained. Jessica felt the noose tighten on her but her face did not darken and she could still pass some air but not enough.

After four minutes of suffering and panic Jessica's husband lifted her feet and tossed her high enough to come down and break her neck and she was still and dead.

Jessica yielded only 18 pounds of meat. Dee was short name but Dee was over 6-foot beauty and was 140 pounds at 35 she had perfectly formed breasts. She had tall face with blond hair and petite nose. Two men led her from the cage to her husband who put the noose on hr neck after tightening the not at the back of her head he embraced her in passionate kiss. Dee could not hug him back with her hands behind her back but this show of love affected everyone.

Dee said, "Thank you for the kiss honey" "This is my 35th birthday and my husband refused the two young things I brought him." "He did not feel right about having two young girls I love him still and I was unable to have children.

They took me away from the man I married 7 years ago and still love deeply. I will be dead in few minutes and I think this is totally wrong to kill all these women just because they are 35" I have arrived at the fact that I must die and am not afraid to die but goodbye Andy I miss you from having stand here with this rope around my neck so let's get this over now.

Dee felt the noose tighten on her and the pain but unable to breath and her face got blue as she struggled for air.


After Dee was dead Andy closed her eyes and kissed her dead lips holding arms around her body still hanging. When he backed away it was clear he was crying and sobbing.

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Dee yielded 68 pounds and Andy took them home and burred them in the back yard. Alexia was led from the cage to noose the knot was behind head and He embraced her in kiss. Alexia was 5'7" and 125 pounds the audience had filed out and the place was nearly empty. Alexia had the noose on her and she spoke to an empty theater. "I am here to hang today because I am 35." "I will soon die of breast cancer and hanging here is less painful than cancer." "I have 2 wonderful girls at home and Neil please accept the girls I selected for you." "You will grow to love them and they will grow to love you." "Goodbye Neil" As the noose tightened Alexia took the pain as less than she would have but she could not help but struggle from the panic of death that came to her a minute later.

Barb was taken to the noose that was placed around her neck. She was 5'8 and 135 pounds. Barb said, "Think of me never getting old David and remember me as I am now." We don't have much choice because I must hang because I am 35.


That is some sort of capital crime now if you are a woman. Death for me will not come quick but I know I will die in few minutes and not suffer forever. The sooner I hang the sooner I die Goodbye David. Barb felt the noose tighten and she took a deep breath but soon wished she did not she strangled to death in 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Colleen was redhead that look good for being 35 Colleen knew she would hang when she was 35 There were only few people in the theater and Colleen wanted to entertain as many people as possible she was proud of her nude body and was willing to hang for their enjoyment.

After the noose was around her neck she could see only a few in the front row. Colleen was 5'4" "Bob I will be doing this just for you." Enjoy the two girls I got for you." "Anyone still here come close to watch me die. "Goodbye Bob" as Colleen was hanging there he said, "Goodbye Colleen" Some people said, "Good bye Colleen" Colleen heard them all but she began to feel the blood not circulate in her head and died a minute later.

Bob took the 48 pounds of edible Colleen and the two girls she selected for him. Patti was grateful to draw high number and not have hang early she was proud of he body and wanted to show it off. She was 30 and unmarried. But this was her chance to as many as possible. She was depressed about needing to die almost alone. Betty was alone in the cage. Patti could count the people in the front row and nobody behind them.


Patti was 5'6" and only 126 pounds with jet-black hair. With the noose on her she bent her knees to feel the tight noose and stood and said, "Do it to me now." The noose really tightened on her now and she now knew she would soon die. She struggled for air that would never be there. She was looking at the people in the front row when she went unconscious and soon died. Betty was petite woman 5'2"and 95 pounds who spent two hours in this cage waiting to be hanged.

Betty was hoping they would forget her and go home when the two men went in and took her out. She felt panic when her husband tightened the noose on her neck. She knew it would be much worse when she hanged. "Joe be sure to take car of the girls" "I won't be there to help." "I am sure you will like fucking the two girls I got for you but I don't know if they know anything about child care." "They will leave you and others to eat from me I don't want to hang now but I have little choice in that." "It is not a happy birthday for me." "Please watch me closely as I hang, I will be strangling to death on this rope" "Goodbye Joe I have to go now." Betty began to panic from the noose being so tight on her making it impossible for blood to flow or air to come to her Joe was in her vision as she began to struggle for 2 minutes and 30 seconds later Betty was thankful to be finally dead.

Joe was given 42 pounds of Betty to take home for food