Emo twinks gay sex pix first time We are welcoming Justin to Boy

Emo twinks gay sex pix first time We are welcoming Justin to Boy
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Sunny looked at her reflection in the glass door while waiting for the elevator. The 33-year old law student looked good tonight. Her long brown hair hung freely over her shoulders. She is wearing a short black skirt with sheer thigh-high stockings no more than a few inches higher than the hem of her skirt. She preferred wearing garter belts and stockings opposed to pantyhose.

Her sexy slip-on heels did little to increase her 5'2" height. Her white blouse is comfortably snug, and she noticed in her reflection that the thin material of her blouse and bra did little to hide her erect nipples on her perky 34 C breast.

" Damn air-conditioning." She mumbled, feeling the chill air from the vent above her blowing down, causing the 'alert' status of her nipples. Sunny looks from her perky tits to her face in the glass reflection. She is very attractive; Her dark brown, almost black, eyes captured the attention of most men at once.


In fact, she had rejected a handful of invitations to go out with some of the men here during the past several days. It isn't that Sunny wasn't interested; she found many of the men very attractive. But she is a fourth year law student who had been given an opportunity to work as an intern for one of largest law firm's in Texas during this week long legal convention near her home.

So she didn't want to take a chance of messing things up by dating someone here. Plus, she isn't interested in having a one-night stand. Sunny had dated several times but had only had two serious boyfriends. It had been a while since she had slept with someone and she had to admit that the temptation was there, seeing all of the attractive men in the hotel.

With this being the last night of the convention she had decided to stay afterwards to attend one of the many parties going on at either the lobby or second floor levels. But Sunny had forgotten about a brief that she was assigned to take care of. She had left it in the conference room before going downstairs and it absolutely had to be postmarked before midnight or else Sunny would be in serious trouble both at her internship and with her professor.

So after enjoying the evening she had raced back upstairs to find the brief, and is now impatiently waiting for the elevator to take her back downstairs. Sunny had thought about taking the stairs. This elevator had broken down several times during the week and is notoriously slow. But it was a little used glass elevator that provided a full view of the lobby and lounges of the hotel. It matched one on the opposite that went to rooms. This one only went half as high since it covered only that portion of the hotel where the conference and banquet rooms were located.

So at night it is hardly ever used.

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Sunny could take the steps or the other elevator in the back, but this would probably be her last time looking over the splendor of this lobby so she decided to wait and enjoy it. Finally the elevator arrived. Sunny is surprised to find me riding the elevator down. She had thought herself to be the only person on this side of the building.

Sunny recognized me, John Malone founding partner of the law firm, I'm well dressed in blue slacks, shirt and tie. I had well groomed gray hair and glasses, looked to be in my early fifties and stood, Sunny guessed about 6'5". She stepped onto the elevator, seeing me looking her over, stopping long enough to take in the view of her protruding nipples. She ignored my glare and entered beside me.

She can tell at once that I had been drinking, I still held a near empty plastic cup of beer in my hand, but I looked and acted professional enough that she had no concern and greeted me with a friendly smile and a "Hello." I enjoyed the sight of the pretty woman getting on the elevator. I would have been aroused by her even if her nipples weren't on display. But when she spoke, her sexy voice started the blood flowing to my cock right away.

I had spent the week at the convention. I had seen Sunny two or three times and found her very attractive. I never had difficulty getting women. I'm divorced, very wealthy, and word easily got around about my monster cock. But recently I had begun pushing the envelope when it came to sex. I had been drinking and wandering around the hotel just hoping to find someone to satisfy my urge tonight. The elevator begins to move. Sunny looks out over the lobby, seeing the people across the way and in the lobby below.

She smiles to herself thinking of the number of stories she had heard about this very elevator. It had gained a reputation at one time for being a place for people to have daring public sex.

That is one of the reasons the hotel began shutting it down at night, so they wouldn't have to keep monitoring it. But when conventions came to town they left it on to accommodate those using the conference rooms. The elevator jerked to a halt, nearly causing her to stumble into the glass wall.

" Looks like this thing is stuck again." I said.

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Sunny turned to face me, " Not again. I hope it gets working soon, I really have to get to the post office before it closes." " I gotta go? I need to find a restroom soon." I said before finishing my beer.

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I begin unzipping my fly. " You don't mind, do you?" I said to Sunny. Sunny did mind; she had no desire to see me take a piss in front of her. But before she can object my hand begins pulling out the biggest penis she had seen in her life. It is semi-erect and is already over six inches. The few she had experienced before averaged about five. As I begin pissing in the cup before her, she found it impossible to take her eyes away from it.

Not out of arousal, but shock that I would dare to do this in front of her. As she watched the sight before her she failed to notice my other hand throwing the hold switch, securing the elevator in place even if it came back on. " Damn, look how hard your nipples are now." I said, shaking my cock softly as I shook the last of my urine into the cup. Sunny blushed and held the envelope containing the legal brief up in front of her chest.

" You like my big dick?" I asked her. Sunny's jaw dropped.


" You're a sick bastard." She said. She looked out the window to see if there is anyone across the way or down below that she could wave to for help.

But no one was looking this way, and shouting would do no good. The noise from the clubs around the lobby would drown out anything that might make it through the thick glass wall of the elevator. " Let me see what those titties look like." I said. As I sat my cup, half full of piss, by the door. " No, please." Sunny begged as I approached her.

The sight of my growing dick protruding out of my pants filled her with fear. She backed against the glass wall, holding the envelope before her as if it would shield her from my advance. I caught hold of the front of her blouse and with brute strength tore it from her chest. I spun her around and slammed her against the wall. Stunned and scared, she stood there motionless as I pinned her arms above her head. Sunny looked out at the distant people; unable to believe that this is happening with such a crowd of people so nearby to see if they would only look.

Then she thought that, given the reputation of this elevator, would anyone even do more than watch, thinking that this is just another consensual encounter on the now legendary lift. I begin fondling her tits. I toyed with the small black mole near her left areola before leaning forward to take suckle her hardened nipple.

" Please stop!" She begged. But I did not plan to let up now.

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I unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her sexy legs. " Damn." I said as the sight of her in just a white t-string thong with matching garter belt and hose came into view. I quickly grabbed the thong and jerked it down her legs, leaving her dressed in nothing but her garter and hose; her shoes are already off after kicking and struggling.

" John, stop," She cried, tears streaming down her face. " Shut up!" Terrified and not understanding why I was talking to her like that, but more fearful of antagonizing me further, she stood there as I lifted her dress up, and with my foot pushing against her, forcing her to spread her legs apart. Her back was thrust against the wall as both men began sucking her hardened nipples while their hands struggled against each other to caress and poke at her trimmed, black-haired pussy.

She gasped as a finger poked between her lips invading her tight pussy. "Let me go!" She demanded. I shoved my handkerchief in her mouth. I crawled between her legs, sitting beneath her in such a way that I easily bury my face in her pussy. I held her legs tightly and begin licking her pussy. Sunny blushed furiously as she feels her juices begin to flow as my tongue massages her clit.

She tries to ignore the stimulation as I continue licking her. Out of the corner of her eye she can see the people across the way and wondered if any of them were watching her being taken by me. Sunny feels her body betraying her as her pussy begins responding to my tongue. She fought the urge to enjoy what is happening. Sunny has often fantasized about being raped, but now that it is happening she wanted nothing to do with such fantasies.

I shove her face against the glass wall once again.

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I rose to my feet and Sunny wondered when I had removed my pants. She is shocked at the size of my cock.


My 9-inches and my circumference equaled her wrist. I'm roughly stroking my cock until covered in a thin, sticky film. I'm fully erect, I shove my hard, hot cock into her small, tight opening. For a moment, a look of surprise flickered across my face and I stopped.

I looked down questioningly into her wide, terrified eyes and then with a smirk, deliberately tearing through her tightness with a mercilessly thrust into her. I'm driving my pole straight up into Sunny's pussy, lifting her to her tiptoes of her left foot with each and every thrust. In this position, every time he drove inside her caused her clit to rub up against my shaft and crotch over and over again.

Sunny feels the stimulation growing inside her. With each thrust everything around her begins to fade and the unwanted desire growing between her legs is taking over. She found her body responding many times by trying to fuck back against my massive cock. She would make herself stop only to catch herself responding again.

Sunny clenched her teeth trying to fight off the growing climax, but it is no use. She has never experienced a cock this size and I'm giving her one hell of a good fucking whether she likes it or not. Despite her unwillingness, her body is liking it. Then Sunny lost control. She gasps and her body begins jerking on my impaling cock as her orgasm begins.

" Oh yes, she's cuming!" I said, increasing the pace of my thrusting, which only drives Sunny farther over the edge. Her climax is powerful; making it all the more difficult to try to stop herself once it had died down.

Then she hears me grunting and feels my cock swelling inside her. " No, don't cum inside me." She said, but I just snickered before announcing my own climax with a soft moan. As I slammed my cock even harder into her she feels my cum launching deep inside her. I leaned harder against her, ramming her hole until I feel the last drop of my cum release inside her.

I pull out of her cunt, pushing her down onto her knees before me. Sunny is relieved to take the pressure off of her body, then realized what I had in mind.

Being too humiliated to resist any more she opens her mouth and accepts my giant cock into her mouth. She tastes the mixture of her own pussy with the remnants of my own cum as she sucks my cock. As she sucks it begins to stiffen once more. I pull Sunny back to her feet. I stood behind her again and held her.

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Then she cries out in alarm as she feels my cock pressing between her butt cheeks. " No, please, not there." She begs. Sunny had never allowed anyone to fuck her ass. She once let her boyfriend try to stick his finger up there. But after making it to the first knuckle she insisted that he pull out.

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There is no way that she can take my cock up there. I pin her against the glass wall again as I press hard against her tiny puckered hole. She screams out as my cock begins slipping in. The pain became more intense as my cock pressed inside of her ass. Her toes can barely touch the floor as my thick pole held her aloft as I begin fucking her. Sunny's head rolling from side to side as my fucking increases. The pain diminishing, only to be replaced by another growing orgasm.

Sunny jerks about on my cock as her body betrays her a second time. Sunny climaxed as I ravaged her. The fucking continues for several more minutes, and Sunny found herself orgasm again, I'm slamming into her ass for a few minutes more before I came, shooting my load deep into her asshole.

Then I gradually pull out of her. Sunny drops to the floor, her body too tired to do anything else after such a fucking; her three orgasms has exhausted her. She remains silent, watching as I dressed.

Then I threw the switch into the on position and the elevator jerked to life. Sunny quickly grabbed her skirt and blouse and dressed herself, not wasting her time on the thong and bra. As the door opened on the first floor she grabbed her undergarments, along with the envelope that had caused her to be here in the first place.

I grabbed her arm giving her business card with my room number on it, she rushed out of the elevator. She headed for the exit thinking that she still had time to make the post office before it closed, and tried her best to ignore the satisfied tingling afterglow of her orgasms as she left the building.