Jennifer Luv is a yummy brunette Latina that knows

Jennifer Luv is a yummy brunette Latina that knows
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Hallo! I've been an avid reader of the stories on this site for some time, but this is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. My name is Cynthia and I'm a single lady in my early thirties. I lead what many of my friends consider is a privileged lifestyle, as I'm employed as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of a major corporation. In this role I have been fortunate to have travelled the world, and have enjoyed a career and lifestyle that permits me to pursue my hedonistic interests.

Erotica in various forms has always been one of my interests, and I have finally found the time (and courage) to create a story of my own. While I hope like-minded people of both genders will enjoy, I particularly hope the ladies out there with an interest in erotica will derive blissful pleasure from my little tale.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to post a comment or send a PM if you wish. My story will probably run to around three chapters, though time can be a problem for me so please be patient, I will not keep you waiting unnecessarily!

Please note that this story cannot be reproduced in part or in full without my express permission; see end of story for additional information. *********************************************************************************** Dean was at something of a loose end, as it was Friday night and he had planned a pleasant evening with his wife Katie, until he received an apologetic call advising she had to work late.

"I'm so sorry Dean. But I promise I'll make it up to you when I get home, so please don't go to sleep on me!" She had pleaded over the phone. He wasn't too upset about this late change of plans, as a good marriage relied on understanding and a give-and-take attitude, and they both worked hard at keeping their relationship strong.

They had married young and soon had a growing family, with the birth of their daughter Joanna followed by their son Ray a couple of years later. Raising children had put the normal pressures on their marriage, but they had worked through the inevitable problems and raised two kids that gave them nothing but joy and a sense of pride as they grew into maturity.

Joanna was working interstate now, while Ray was studying law at university, and it had taken some time to get used to being empty-nesters after twenty-plus years of growing kids sharing the house.

They had embraced their new-found independence, savoring the chance to spend time together, and enjoying the freedom of doing whatever they felt like at the time. They had rediscovered the pleasures of unhurried intimacy, and Dean would shake his head when work colleagues confided of an affair or a torrid one night stand, as he felt he had everything he needed at home. Both in their early forties, they knew they would never have teenage bodies again, but still took care of themselves.

Katie's figure was slim and lithe, though her waist and hips were testament to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Her C-cup breasts still held up when she occasionally went braless, with just the slightest hint of sag.

She was a regular at the local fitness club, ensuring she worked out two or three times a week. Dean was blessed with a metabolism that allowed him to eat whatever he wanted without gaining weight, something Katie bemoaned regularly, as she claimed she only had to look at a piece of fried chicken to put on two pounds.

He enjoyed a glass of wine or spirits but had never acquired a taste for beer, so he had avoided the growing waistline that so many of his friends were carrying. When time permitted and the weather was favorable he would go for a run, or throw a leg over his racing bike and cycle for miles.


He had showered and shaved when he arrived home, and took a sip from his drink as he decided to surf the internet and see if he could find a new adult site that would keep him occupied while he waited for Katie. He Googled various searches but came up with the same old sites he visited regularly, none of which piqued his interest this time, so he tried a few different search parameters until he found a site of erotic stories.

Scanning the screen and reading through the plethora of categories available, he realized he'd stumbled across something worth exploring. Dean clicked on exhibitionism, and immersed himself in a well-crafted story of a husband who regularly insisted his young wife dress in revealing clothing, before taking her somewhere public and feeling her up, and then fucking her in places where discovery was a real possibility.

Dean's cock had grown firm and insistent, and he glanced at his watch before realizing this was an exercise in futility, as he had no way of knowing if Katie was just around the corner or still bogged down at the office. He slid his robe from his shoulders and sat naked on the chair, milking the pre-cum from his cock as he stroked slowly but firmly. Unfortunately he reached the end of the story before he was ready for release, and clicked on another, only to quickly find it was nowhere near as well written.

His cock was losing interest when he found another story which provided a graphic mental picture of an attractive divorcee and her teenage daughter, who mercilessly teased their voyeuristic neighbor by sunbathing naked around their pool.

When they became aware he was watching at every opportunity they ramped up the action, indulging in masturbation and the brazen use of adult toys. He was getting very close to pumping a load of cum when he heard the door open, and Katie came rushing in.

"Hey babe! I really wish head office would realize we have a life outside of work, especially on Fridays. Whoa& looks like you're starting without me!" She said with a lascivious smile when she saw her husband with his cock in hand. "What's got you all hot-n-horny?

Can I see?" Dean smiled broadly, and explained how he'd found a new site with a huge array of erotic stories that would satisfy any taste. She leaned over his shoulder and gazed at the screen before smiling at him. "I get the feeling we could spend a lot of time on this site." She whispered, and he nodded in agreement.

"I hate to interrupt, as you looked like you were enjoying yourself. But do you think you could pour me a drink while I have a quick shower and slip into something&hellip.more appropriate? I promise I'll be five minutes tops!" "Take as long as you like Katie." He assured her with a smile. "You've had a long day!" "Thanks for the thought&hellip.but bullshit to that!" She laughed as she skipped off to the bathroom. "I want my hot husband to read me a bed-time story!!!" Dean laughed at his wife's exuberance and went to pour her drink.

She was good to her word and returned in a few minutes, the delights of her firm body barely concealed by the short silk house coat loosely tied around her waist. She reached up to kiss him longingly, before gratefully accepting her glass and sitting on the couch. Her eyes sparkled as she took a sip, before she smiled over at him. "Do you have a story you could read to me?" He had only made it halfway through the story of the mother and daughter, and wanting to know how it finished himself, he went back to the beginning and started reading aloud.

It didn't take long before Katie started squirming, and he glanced over to watch her undo her robe and slide it from her shoulders. She leant back and spread her legs in a lewd pose, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to her husband's wanton gaze.

She slid a slim finger into her mouth and sucked it for a moment, before sliding it up and down her moist labia with languid strokes. "Is is getting hot in here, or is it just me?" She said in a soft, seductive tone.

Dean smiled and resumed stroking his cock slowly; smearing the oozing, clear, pre-cum over the head and down the length of his shaft. When he reached the part where the mother realized the neighbor was watching and she and her daughter started stroking themselves, Katie gasped and slid two fingers into her warm, dripping pussy. The story continued, and the mother went inside and fetched her bag of sex toys, handing her daughter a large dildo before taking an even bigger one for herself.

They lay back on their lounges outside in the sun, both easing the sex toys into their gaping pussies as they glanced discreetly at the neighbor's window, seeing the shadowy figure standing behind the drapes. Katie breathlessly asked Dean to pause for a moment and ran to the bedroom, returning with one of her dildos before following the story as though she was one of the characters.

She slid the silicone toy deep inside, and her face and pert breasts flushed as her level of excitement continued to build. Dean was torn between reading the story, trying to delay his own impending release, and watching his wife pleasure herself in such an uninhibited manner, but he continued to read from the screen. The neighbor had left his room and walked through the gate, receiving welcoming smiles from the mother and daughter.

The mother beckoned him over, and slid his shorts down to reveal his long, hard cock before taking him deep into her moist mouth. When Dean read that the neighbor pumped a huge load of cum deep into the mother's throat Katie squealed, and Dean glanced over to watch her body shudder as her cum squirted past the thick toy and ran down her thighs onto the chair. "Ohhhhh&hellip.fuck!" Katie moaned breathlessly. "I…so…needed…that!" Dean read on, and being a fictional story the neighbor's cock stayed hard as the daughter got on her hands and knees and pleaded for him to fuck her sweet, teenage cunt.

He of course obliged and Dean paused, unable to hold back any longer as his stroking hand squeezed his cock and he started spraying cum all over his chest. "Fuck&hellip.YESSSSS!!!" He groaned, as spurt after spurt of thick white cream covered his chest and his hand, viscous trails oozing down toward his groin.

Katie had been watching and listening intently, and slid the dildo from her gaping pussy before crawling slowly across the floor. When she reached Dean she rotated the chair until she could crawl between his legs, and she gazed up at him lovingly as she licked the cum from his body with long, slow strokes of her tongue.

When he was clean she took his softening cock gently in her hand and lowered her mouth over the cum-coated head. She paused for a moment and looked up at him. "Don't stop on my account babe." She hissed suggestively. "Why don't you read on and we'll see if we can restart this fire?" With that she dropped her head and took his cock deep in her mouth as her tongue went to work.

He gently stroked her face and smiled down at her. "I love you so much Katie, you are one hot, sexy lady!" He said softly, before picking up the story where he had left off.

The neighbor fucked the daughter with long, deep strokes, before pumping a second load of cum deep in her clenching pussy. The author introduced some semblance of reality as they took a break for a swim and some recuperation time, but soon enough they were back in action when the daughter told the neighbor that her mother loved anal sex, and suggested he slide his thick cock into her ass.


The mother got down on her hands and knees as the daughter took his cock in her mouth and bathed it with saliva. When she was satisfied she moved over to her mom, and pulled her butt cheeks apart to expose her tightly clenched rosebud. She helped him force his cock past her mother's tight sphincter, and at this point Dean became aware that his cock was returning to hardness in record time.

Katie was enjoying the feeling as Dean's cock grew in her mouth, groaning appreciatively around his shaft which sent tiny tremors sparking through his body. She paused for a moment and slid free from his cock. "It seems the thought of anal sex is getting you interested again." She said as she maintained a gentle grip on his shaft. "I tell you what; if you can get this big guy just a little harder you can fuck my ass if you want!" His eyes widened, firstly in amazement followed quickly by anticipation.

While they were both quite broad-minded, anal play wasn't one of Katie's favorites, and they only enjoyed this form of sex when she was extremely aroused. "Katie, I'd love to fuck your tight little ass…if you're sure?" She flashed one of her sexiest smiles.

"Then you'd better read on before I change my mind!" She teased, before taking his cock back between her cherry-red lips. Dean focused on the screen with a new-found intensity, trying to concentrate on the small text while Katie had her lips locked around his shaft, her tongue performing a magic dance over his flesh.

He read about the neighbor sliding his hard cock deep into the mother's tight ass as she moaned in erotic delight, and the daughter provided a monologue of lust-filled comments and encouragement. The intensity and primal nature of the taboo penetration grew as he fucked her harder and faster, finally roaring at the clouds as he came and came, pumping his seed deep into her clenching passage.

When he finally went soft and slid free, the daughter amazed him by taking his soiled cock into her mouth and cleaning him with loving attention, and that was where the story concluded.

Dean was actually relieved to reach the end, as he was aroused to the point he could have cum in Katie's loving mouth, and while that was a pleasant prospect it wasn't the place he wanted to release his second load. Katie slid back and sat on her haunches, her lips glistening with the combined moisture from her saliva and Dean's pre-cum as she smiled up at her husband.

"I think you're ready for me now&hellip.and I'm SOOO ready for you!" Her eyes never left his as she moved into the hands and knees position so graphically described in the story, and then went one step further, slowly lowering her head until her shoulders were resting on the floor.

She reached back with her slender arms, gripped her firm butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart in brazen invitation. "You want some of this Dean?" She teased, her hips gyrating in slow, sensual circles. "Do you want to give your hot wife a firm, filthy ass fuck?" "You know it!" He whispered breathlessly as he dropped to his knees behind her, taking his slick cock in his hand and smearing the oozing head around her pink, puckered rosebud.

He rocked forward firmly, watching as she stretched open to accommodate his thick shaft. "Ohhhh&hellip.God!" She moaned as she felt her body expand around him. "It's been so long since I've had you in my tight little ass&hellip.and& feels fucking fantastic!" He eased in slowly, gently rocking to slide a little deeper with every thrust and allow her stretch gradually to accept his drooling cock.

"Oh…FUCK!" Dean groaned as he paused for a moment. "You are so&hellip.fucking&hellip.tight&hellip.Katie!" "Just keep going slow babe!" She whispered. "But when you're all the way in I want it hard and fast. I really need a good fucking until you fill me with your hot cum!" Another series of thrusts had his heavy balls brushing her saturated labia, and then he rocked again until he finally felt them resting firmly against her flesh.

"That's it Dean!" She said as she smiled back at him. "I feel so completely stuffed with cock! Now fuck me like I know you want to!" Dean was perspiring freely and that was all the encouragement he needed, as he started sliding back until his cock-head almost slipped free, before watching her clenching muscle stretch as he thrust back in firmly. He quickly built up to rapid pace, hearing Katie grunt every time his balls pushed her labia apart.

He wished he could take her like this for hours, but a tingling sensation as his balls sucked upward told him that simply wasn't going to happen. "Get ready Katie!" He cried out. "HERE…IT&hellip.COMES!!!" She screamed as she felt the first burst of cum spray deep in her bowels, coating her with hot white cream as rope after rope sprayed from his slit and he continued to thrust deep into her increasingly slippery passage.

She gave herself to him willingly and completely, her muscles squeezing and releasing his shaft as she attempted to milk every last drop from his balls, until she knew she taken everything he had to give. They rested for a while, his softening cock still firmly lodged deep in her ass, until his legs started to tremble and he grudgingly slid free and collapsed onto the floor.

His eyes flickered open and he saw Katie smiling a satisfied smile. "Something tells me you enjoyed yourself!" She laughed. "You think?" He replied with a broad grin. "I hope you enjoyed that at least half as much as I did!" Katie laughed. "And then some!" She assured him. "Now how about we take a nice, long shower together, and then I'll fix some dinner. I know I'm starving and you're probably feeling the same." The last thing on Dean's mind had been food, but he realized Katie was right and slowly stood before helping her up.

They walked unsteadily toward the bathroom, where they lovingly washed each other before drying off and slipping on soft robes. Katie led the way back to the kitchen, and soon had a couple of generous fish pieces sizzling away as she prepared some vegetables. In the meantime Dean set the table and poured two glasses of wine as they chatted about their respective days. With dinner over and their hunger pangs satisfied, Katie sat back in her chair and smiled at Dean. "I really enjoyed tonight when you read me that story, and…I'm not sure why it got me so hot&hellip.but I'm not complaining!" He laughed as he lifted his glass in a silent toast.

"You weren't hot babe, you were smokin!!! That was the best sex we've had in a long, long time!" She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. "It was, wasn't it! It's kinda funny&hellip.I mean&hellip.I enjoy watching adult movies when I'm in the mood&hellip.but some of them can be pretty&hellip.confronting?

And a lot of them really aren't that good anyway…but&hellip.when you were reading to me&hellip.I was visualizing these amazing scenes, and&hellip.they really got my juices flowing!" Dean chuckled as he teased her with a totally superfluous question.

"So, does this mean you'd like to do that again?" Her face took on a thoughtful look. "Hmmm&hellip.maybe. But only on days that end with the letter Y, we don't want to overdo it!" She teased right back at him.

"Looks like round two tomorrow then!" He assured her. "That's a date!" She agreed.

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They slept late on Saturday, enjoying a leisurely breakfast outside by the pool in the clear sunlight. Katie decided to start on her housework, though with some reluctance as she smiled ruefully at Dean and assured him there were other things she'd rather be doing.

She had always preferred to get her housework out of the way early on weekends, so the remaining time could be enjoyed without the prospect of washing, ironing and cleaning hanging over her head, and he had agreed long ago that was a good idea. He dressed in old clothes and went out front to give both cars a wash and vacuum, pausing for a quick bite of lunch before it was time to fire up the mower and tidy the lawns.

Katie came out with a couple of sodas, and he took a welcome break as they sat on the freshly cut grass and sipped their cool drinks. "Are you finished inside?" He enquired, and she nodded. "Then I don't suppose you'd like to grab the weed trimmer and do the edges for me?" She threw her head back and laughed loudly. "Yeah…right. The first I'd trim would be my foot! So you're still going to be a while?" He glanced around ruefully, appreciating the yard was looking better but there was still work to do.


"Probably an hour or so." "In that case&hellip.would you mind if I went back inside and had a look at your story website?" She said with a highly suggestive smile. This was another surprise as, at least as far as he knew, Katie only looked at adult sites when they were together. "Gee, I don't know." He teased. "You might get all excited and start without me; and then I come inside after a hard day's work, looking to spend some quality time with my hot wife, and find I'm fresh out of luck!" She leaned over and took his face in her hands, kissing him deeply and with a surprising amount of passion before whispering in his ear.

"I can't promise I won't start without you, after all, you did last night. But I can promise you won't be out of luck later! Who knows, maybe I'll find a story I want to read to you?" Dean's cock immediately took notice, growing in the space of seconds until there was a prominent bulge in his shorts. Katie was still standing close and felt the increasing pressure against her skin.

"Ooooh, someone thinks that's a good idea!" She laughed. "Ok babe, you win!" He smiled. "Start my laptop, go to Google, it's the first listing on the Favorites drop-down menu." "I think I can find that." She assured him. "So, see you when you're finished?" "You bet!" He replied as he started the mower again and set to work with a renewed sense of purpose, keen to see what Katie was up to sooner rather than later.

In the meantime Katie had decided to pamper herself with a relaxing bath, adding scented oil to the running water as she stripped off her housework clothes. She closed the blinds on the frosted window to dim the light, and slipped naked through the house to pour a glass of wine. With her preparations complete she eased into the warm water, feeling her muscles relax as she lay back.

"We really should do things like this more often." She mused to herself as she sipped from the cool glass. Her mind drifted as the soothing warmth penetrated her body, and she thought about how their lives were still busy with career and social activities despite the children having moved away. She concluded that she would talk to Dean about setting aside time to relax, unwind, and just be together. A lascivious smile spread across her face when she mentally replayed the events of last night, and she giggled as she recalled the look on Dean's face when she told him she wanted his cock in her tight ass.

Her fingers were drawn to her pussy like iron filings to a magnet as she realized how much she had enjoyed indulging in something different, and she started stroking slowly. Despite being immersed in water, her fingers conveyed the slippery sensation as her juices started to flow, and she eased her slick digits inside.

Her mind was providing all the mental stimulation she needed as she considered different forms of sex-play they had never tried before, or only did infrequently. Her flow increased as her fingers slowly brought her ever-closer to trembling release, until she shuddered and moaned through her first climax of the day, ripples spreading across the surface as she shook. Lust overcame her inhibitions as her fingers found their way past her lips and she savored the tangy taste of her own juices.

Totally relaxed from indulgent self-pleasure, she realized time was passing and Dean could come inside at any moment. Not that she'd mind if her found her enjoying herself, but she wanted a little more time to prepare, and stepped from the bath. She toweled dry and quickly ran the dryer through her hair before heading for the bedroom.

She opened her bedside drawer and rummaged through her collection of sex aids, until she found the item she was searching for. Some time ago she had purchased the dildo she had used last night, and it had come with a matching butt-plug. She had wondered how it would feel but had never used it, and after the sensations she had experienced when Dean had lovingly stretched her tight ass with his cock, she was in the mood to experiment.

She uncapped a bottle of lube and carefully coated the silicone toy with the thick liquid. Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, she saw the embodiment of her aroused state clearly displayed with the pink flushes of her breasts and face.

She poured more lube over her fingers, sliding her hand behind her and smearing the liquid back and forth over her clenching sphincter. Her breath was coming in short, ragged gasps as she stood in front of the mirror and watched her own hedonistic actions. Moving of their own accord her legs eased apart, providing more room for her probing fingers as she gradually eased one, then a second, past her resisting muscle.

She closed her eyes as she gave herself over to the sensations coursing through her body, and she focused on smearing the lube around the inner walls of her tight passage. When she felt she was ready she picked up the plug and positioned the greasy tip against her rosebud, rotating it slowly as she increased the pressure. She was surprised when she felt the bulb section slide inside easily, and the muscles of her sphincter partially close around the narrow stem.

Satisfied it wouldn't slide free she walked into the ensuite, loving the exquisite sensations of internal pressure as she washed her hands. She picked out a quarter-cup bra that supported her breasts but placed her firm nipples on prominent display. Matching panties were considered but discarded, as it wouldn't be long before they were removed anyway if things went according to plan, and she completed her preparations with a pair of stay-up stockings and killer spike heels.

Her short robe loosely tied around her slender waist ensured Dean would be pleasantly surprised by the sensual preparations concealed beneath the soft fabric.

She headed back to the den, pausing in the bathroom to retrieve her glass of wine, and sat down at the computer, gasping softly as contact with the chair forced the plug deeper. Dean's instructions had her on the story website in a minute, and she took some time reviewing the long list of categories.

"So many to choose from!" She thought in amazement.

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"My God! Some of these categories have over a thousand stories; it will take years to read them all!" She smiled to herself, shaking her head in wonder. For some reason she kept scrolling up and down the list, uncertain where to start until she finally clicked on "Shaved Pussies." While she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed, she had never been able to bring herself to shave it completely, despite considering it from time to time.

One of her girlfriends had confided that she had done it and would never go back, but Katie still couldn't bring herself to go totally bare. She started reading a couple of stories but found they weren't very well written, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors that made them difficult to enjoy, before finding a story written by a woman of similar age. She found herself leaning forward as she read the story of how Angela's husband had insisted she shave, and when she expressed her reluctance he resolved the issue by doing it for her.

Angela described her increasing arousal as her husband carefully trimmed her thick bush, then shaved her completely bare before massaging her tender flesh with a soothing after-shave balm. Satisfied every tiny hair had been removed, he started kissing and licking her smooth skin, their mutual passion building from his obvious enjoyment of her child-like appearance.

Katie felt her slick juices oozing from her pussy as Angela described her own flow, building to a crescendo of overwhelming orgasms as her husband devoured her bald pussy with an intensity of lust that she had never experienced before. Despite having enjoyed a satisfying orgasm in the bath, Katie was flushed with desire and once again found her fingers stroking her slick labia before sliding deep inside.

She moaned, a stifled, guttural sound that came from deep within her, as she pushed against her flesh to feel to firmness of the plug nestled in her clenching ass. She came easily, a series of tremors racking her body as she felt the spray of her juices bathing her thrusting fingers, but still it wasn't enough.

She couldn't wait a second longer and went to the window looking for Dean. When she couldn't see him in the yard she headed for the garage, her heels clicking loudly on the floor as if to confirm the determination of her movements. She opened the door and found him putting the trimmer and tools away, his skin covered in a sheen or perspiration. His eyes widened when he turned to see her walking toward him, smiling briefly before giving her a curious stare when he saw the purposeful look in her eyes.

She walked over until she was standing in front of him and slid the robe back until it was hanging from her shoulders, uncaring that anyone passing could see her from the street. Dean did a quick double-take and looked outside to make sure nobody was out for a walk, before Katie took his face in her hands and turned his head back to face her.

When she had his undivided attention she took his hands in hers and placed them firmly against her pert breasts. "My nipples feel like they're on fire!" She hissed with her eyes locked on his. "Can you feel how hard they are?" He gulped and nodded, feeling as though two hot bullets were pressing against his sweating palms.

"Squeeze them&hellip.PLEASE!!!" She pleaded, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she felt his fingers lock onto her firm, protruding flesh. Trails of pre-cum were sliding down her moist thighs as she gave herself over to the exquisite sensations emanating from her breasts. "Harder!" She cried as she leant back, increasing the pressure and feeling the intense stretch of her breasts being pulled away from her chest. Her hands moved down toward her steaming pussy, pushing her breasts together as her eyes opened and blazed at Dean.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she felt herself wetter than she'd ever been before. "You're not going to hurt me babe!" She whispered hoarsely.

"Now see if you can tear my nipples off my fucking tits!!! Electric shocks radiated through her body as she felt him squeeze with all his strength, her nipples crushed and stretched as he fed from her state of arousal.

"Oh God! Oh…Yes!! OOOOHHH&hellip. FUCK!!!!" She stifled a scream of pure ecstasy and her legs buckled momentarily as she came with a ferocity that took her by complete surprise, struggling to maintain her balance as cum pumped past her fingers and ran down her legs. Dean had reluctantly released his grip and slid one hand around her waist to support her, not letting go as he was sure she would collapse onto the concrete floor without his assistance. He kissed her tenderly as her ragged breathing slowly subsided.

"Wow Katie!" He whispered. "I don't know where that came from&hellip.but that was&hellip.fucking&hellip.incredible!!" She smiled as she eased her dripping fingers free, before sliding them into his mouth. "Taste me Dean." She breathed in a simple reply as she felt his tongue slide around her slick digits.

"Taste my hot cunt juice! And if you want more then I suggest you have the world's fastest shower and meet me inside." With that she slid her fingers back past his lips and turned to walk back into the house.

Dean stood for a moment in a state of shock, trying to get his thought process around what had just taken place. He shook his head as though trying to clear a mental block, before laughing aloud at Katie's whirlwind attack.

He threw the remaining tools away and slammed the garage door shut with a loud bang, before rushing inside. Still grinning, he slid his shirt over his head as he half-ran to the bathroom, almost tripping over as he tried to step from his shorts on the way.

The shower taps were wrenched on firmly as he stepped under the warm water, rapidly soaping his sweating body as he cleaned off the dirt and dust stirred up from his work outside. He rinsed off and quickly toweled dry, before jogging naked to the den. Katie was waiting expectantly, sitting on a lounge chair with her legs spread lewdly and the laptop resting on the armrest. "You took your sweet time!" She teased, taking a sip from her wine glass before nodding to the glass she had poured for him.

"And you're full of shit." He laughingly replied. "You're going to be pissed when you see the burn marks my feet left on the hall carpet!" "I guess you'll just to make sure I'm in such a good mood I won't worry about them." She responded, giving him a smoldering smile that left no doubt about her intentions. She glanced at the computer. "Sit down lover, I'm going to read you a story, and I think you know how this works by now." "I've got a pretty fair idea!" He reassured her, and Katie started reading the same story that led to her earlier state of extreme arousal.

Dean was really starting to enjoy this new aspect of their sex-play, and sat back expectantly as he sipped his wine and Katie started reading. The story began with a modest introduction, which Dean appreciated more than those which simply rushed straight into the action.

When he realized the topic involved shaved pussies he sat forward attentively, his cock rising to a state of readiness. When she reached the part where Angela's husband starting shaving her, Katie paused and gazed lustfully at Dean. "Everything you need is just over there." She whispered, nodding her head to the collection of items waiting on a side table. He was tempted to ask if she was sure, but realized she wouldn't have gone to so much trouble if she had any doubts.

He stood; acutely aware his cock was on prominent display as if confirming his enjoyment of this new scenario. Katie had ensured nothing was missing, and he picked up the rechargeable trimmer and set to work as Katie softly continued to read. As usual Katie had a thin strip of hair running up from her labia, and in no time Dean had trimmed it back to thin stubble. He slipped into the kitchen and filled the shaving mug with hot water before he dropped the razor in to warm up, and returned to Katie with a hot smile of his own.

His eyes never left hers as he dipped a wash cloth in the warm water and softly moistened her pussy in preparation. He picked up the can of shaving foam and shook it vigorously for a few seconds, before smearing the thick white cream between her legs. She gasped as the cool foam touched her skin, and paused as she watched him pick up the razor.

He moved slowly are carefully, acutely aware the slightest nick would ruin the mood, and he scraped the tiny hairs away. Katie somehow managed to concentrate enough to continue reading, and Dean's cock was leaking copious amounts of pre cum as the storyline moved along. With her strip removed he tidied up the surrounding area, sliding the razor over her labia carefully, until he was satisfied she was as naked as a newborn child.

He dipped the washcloth back in the cooling water and gently removed all traces of foam and hair that remained, before squeezing a blob of after shave balm into his hand and softly massaging her freshly shaved skin. He leaned forward and planted a long, slow kiss on her freshly shaved mons, hearing her gasp as his tongue flicked across her sensitive flesh.

"Ohhhhh……fuucccckkkkk!" She groaned softly, and managed to move the laptop away before she knocked it off the chair. "Oh…Jesus!" She gasped. "I can't believe how good this feels. Eat my pussy babe&hellip.please& my hot little cunt!!!!" He paused for a second to smile up at her.

"Does this mean story time is over for today?" He teased. Her eyes were clenched shut as she fumbled for his head and pulled his face back against her. "Can't&hellip.concentrate&hellip.on&hellip.two&hellip.things& once!" She stammered, and he attacked her pussy enthusiastically. She hadn't released her hold on his head, and he tasted her sweet nectar as she moved his head around slowly, placing his lips and tongue precisely where she wanted them and increasing the pressure by grinding her hips against him.

His tongue slid easily inside her, scooping and swallowing her juices as he probed deeper. He could feel her slick labia spread and nestle against his cheeks, providing free access to her steaming cunt.

Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps but he was still surprised when she came, bathing his face in a torrent of tangy spray as she pulled him even more firmly against her. He managed to use his fingers to slide the hood back and expose her wanton clit, firm and engorged in a state of erotic expectation. His lips took hold and he started sucking her clit like a tiny cock, hearing a stifled gasp every time he flicked his tongue over the tip.

A stifled squeal gave a split-second warning of her next climax, before she screamed and pumped yet another jet of cream into his willing, working mouth. "Stop!" She gasped, trying to push him away but lacking the strength to do so. "Stop&hellip.please! It's…too much! Oh God…FUCKING&hellip.GOD!! That was so fucking good!!!" He rocked back on his haunches and looked up at her; her eyes clenched shut and flushed chest heaving as she struggled to draw air into her spent lungs.

His cock was primed and ready to the extent it was actually twitching, and he wrapped his hand firmly around his shaft and jacked slowly. He knew Katie was totally spent and was happy to have given her such overwhelming pleasure, but he felt she probably couldn't take him now and his need was overwhelming. He started jacking faster and saw her eyelids flicker as she slowly recovered.

She realized what he was doing and gave him a dreamy smile. "Hold it right there mister." She whispered. "There is no way I'm going to let you masturbate after what you did for me!" She pushed herself up and moved unsteadily onto her knees.

She faced him and smiled. "Stand up babe. Stand up and fuck my mouth as hard and fast as you want. Don't stop until you've pumped every last drop of cum deep in my throat!" Dean smiled as he stood, and twisted her hair in his hands to take a firm hold. She looked up expectantly, her lips parted in readiness as he slid forward.

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Her eyes closed as his dribbling cock touched her lips, and he slid easily into her warm, moist mouth. The head of his cock brushed the roof of her mouth, and he felt her hands on his butt cheeks as she took hold and pulled him firmly forward, pushing the head of his shaft deep into her throat. Normally it took Katie some time to stretch far enough to take him, but today there was no need to wait as she took every inch until her chin was brushing against his heavy balls.

He desperately wanted to take it slowly, to savor every sensation for as long as he possibly could, but his body would not be denied and his need was bordering on desperation. He pulled back and plunged in, hard and deep until her lips were wrapped around his root, and he quickly built up to a rapid, thrusting pace.

They were grunting in unison every time she took him, her grunts stifled by a mouthful of rigid, dripping flesh and muscle. Beads of perspiration were popping up all over his body as his balls sucked upward as a warning of impending release, and he tightened his grip on Katie's hair as he thrust hard for final time and unloaded spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum into his wife's loving mouth and throat.

"Oh&hellip.FUCK!!" He cried out. "Suck it babe! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK DRY!!!" Her mouth worked furiously as she swallowed again and again, and still he kept cumming.

Just when he thought he was never going to stop his flow slowed, and a couple of desperate final spurts saw him totally and completely drained. His fingers relinquished their hold on her hair and his cock slid free as he collapsed to the floor, lying on his back with his heart pounding as though trying to break free of his chest.

Katie slid over and lay across his prone body, feeling his racing pulse through his skin as his chest rose and fell. They lay silent for several minutes, each happy to give their bodies time to recover from their erotic exertions, until a semblance of normality returned.

"Are you ok Dean?" She whispered. "That was so&hellip.intense!" His eyes flickered open and he smiled as he stroked her face. "It sure was! I don't ever remember cumming like that&hellip.and I mean ever!" "That makes two of us babe!" She assured him. "I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out!" He chuckled at her enthusiastic comment. "Reading stories has certainly&hellip.expanded our horizons hasn't it?" Katie giggled.

"That's for sure. I find myself wanting to try new things, and I'm not really sure why, but if it means we have sex like that I'm certainly not complaining!" She stood slowly and slipped her robe over her shoulders, smiling down at her naked husband lying on the floor.

"I'm so hungry! I'm going to make a coffee and a snack. Do you think you can make it to the kitchen?" He grinned. "Now that you mention it I've worked up quite an appetite, so I'll be there as soon as I can feel my legs." She blew him a kiss and walked into the kitchen, and soon he could hear her bustling about, so he sat up and finally made it to his feet before heading after her.

She had just poured him a cup of steaming coffee which he sipped thirstily as she made a plate of sandwiches, and they both ate hungrily. Another cup of coffee followed, and she leant forward across the table and smiled at him when they had finished. "Feel better now?" She enquired. He nodded emphatically. "You bet. I didn't realize how hungry I was until you mentioned food!" She looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know, I'm starting to think we were in a bit of a rut Dean." "I'd have to agree, especially after last night and today!" He responded enthusiastically.

Encouraged by his response she pushed on. "I was soaking in the bath earlier, and I was thinking now that the kids have left home, we should make an effort to spend more time quality time together? I mean&hellip.we still have our careers&hellip.and there's always things to do around the house&hellip. but&hellip.we could still make time for other&hellip.more enjoyable activities." She watched closely for his reaction, wondering if she'd managed to convey her feelings in a way that he understood.

It wasn't until he smiled broadly that she relaxed. "I couldn't agree more." He assured her. "With the kids off our hands there's no reason not to enjoy ourselves. I think it's exactly like you said; we've become accustomed to doing same-old, same-old without thinking about how we'd prefer to spend our time. So, you enjoy our story sessions that much? Why do you think that is?" "I really enjoy them and I'm not sure why." She replied.

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"I think it's the way they stimulate my imagination. Adult movies are ok, but I need to be in the mood, and&'s almost a case of when you've seen a few you've seen them all. With the stories it leaves so much more to the imagination, and I think that's where the stimulation comes from. I feel like I'm actually involved rather than watching something on a screen, and& just gets me so hot!" He gave her a lascivious smile.

"I can't argue with that. Last night and today was the best sex we've had in years!" She actually blushed for a second and tried to stifle a giggle.

"It was great wasn't it?" She stood and turned her back to him, bending forward so that he could see the butt plug still nestled snugly in her ass, before looking back at him over her shoulder.

"If I give you a little recovery time, maybe you'd like to play some more?" She whispered with a coquettish smile. His eyes widened as she sat back down. "You're on!" He replied enthusiastically, and he couldn't help but notice her nipples were firm and aroused, creating two prominent points in the soft fabric of her robe.

"You know, the only problem with the stories is that sometimes it takes a while to find a good one." She went on. "Some of them are so bad you wonder how if the author ever went to school. Have you noticed that?" He nodded in agreement. "Some of them are riddled with spelling mistakes and make you wonder if they were written by a six year old. It does make it hard to enjoy until you find a good one. I normally read the first few paragraphs to get a feel for the story, and if I find a lot of errors I go back to the menu and pick another one." "I do that too." She replied.

"But I find it kind of spoils the mood when you have to start several stories before you find one you like. You've shown me submissions and presentations you've done for work, and they're very good, maybe you should write a story?" His expression registered his surprise at her unexpected suggestion.

"I'd never really considered that. What would I write about?" She flashed a sexy smile. "Well, that would be up to you.

Maybe……you have a favorite fantasy? Something you've always wanted to try but&hellip.found there was something that held you back?" He looked thoughtful, ideas flashing through his mind like a DVD on fast forward. "So&hellip.would I post it&hellip.or&hellip.just keep it between us?" It was Katie's turn to look thoughtful for a moment.

"I think& should post it. Wouldn't it be fun to see what kind of comments you get?" He laughed out load. "As long as they didn't say my story sucked! That wouldn't do my confidence any good at all!" Katie laughed back. "I don't think that would happen! Anyway, it's completely anonymous so it doesn't really matter." He was still thinking through her proposal, but the more he considered it the more he felt it could be a fun way to breathe some fresh air into their love-lives.

"Why don't we both write a story?" He proposed. "I could write about my fantasies and you could write about yours. Neither sees the other's story until it's posted, and then if we like it we could act it out. How does that sound?" "Ooooooh!" She giggled. "Now that's an interesting idea. I'm up for it if you are!" He nodded in agreement, and with that settled he smiled at his sexy wife.

"I think I've had enough recovery time." He said as he patted his lap. "Why don't you bring that tight, hot little ass over here?" She smiled and slid her chair back, standing as she undid the tie around her waist, and at precisely that point her cell started ringing. "Talk about bad timing!" She groaned, picking up the phone and looking at the screen. "It's Dad." She said to Dean as she answered the call.

"Hi Dad. Everything ok with you and Mom?" She greeted. Dean wasn't really paying attention, his mind elsewhere and regretting the untimely interruption. That changed rapidly when he heard Katie gasp, and turned to see the color drain from her face as she gripped the table to support herself. "Oh no!!! When?" Her tone conveying her level of concern.

"Katie, what's wrong?" He asked, unable to wait for a break in the call. "Hang on Dad." She spoke into the phone.

"I need to tell Dean about this." She looked at him, fear and worry clearly evident on her sweet face. "Mom's had a heart attack. She's in hospital now having bypass surgery!" "That's terrible Katie! You talk to your Dad and I'll see if we can get you on a flight." Katie bit her lip and tried to smile, resuming her conversation with her father while Dean raced to get his laptop. He ripped the power lead from its socket and hit the startup button as he strode back to the kitchen. Katie was writing some details on a pad, and nodding as she copied the information her father was providing.

When she had everything down she assured her father she'd be there as soon as she could, and completed the call. As soon as she hit the disconnect button she ran over to Dean and collapsed against him, huge sobs racking her body as she dissolved in tears.

"Oh Dean!" She cried. "What am I going to do!!! I never imagined anything like this would happen; Mom and Dad look after themselves, and she's not that old!" Dean had one arm around Katie, holding her close as the fingers of the other flew across the keyboard.

"Katie, I know you are worried and I am too, but a heart attack is not the huge problem it was a few years ago. If she's having surgery she's already been assessed, and she getting the best possible care. Most people who have bypass surgery go on to lead normal lives for years and years.

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Hospital is the best place for her, but what we need to do is get you there&!" They were reasonably close to a regional airport, and he could see there was a flight to LA leaving in two hours. She was gradually regaining control, thankful he had taken charge of the situation. He clicked on seat availability but Economy was full, so he scrolled up until he found a vacant seat in Business Class. "Ok, we can get you on a flight this afternoon but we need to move fast because it's almost full.

I need my credit card, can you please get my wallet from the bedroom?" She flew from the room, moving so fast her feet barely touched the floor, and was back as he finished entering her details. He slid his card from the wallet and keyed in the numbers, confirming her seat as he clicked to print her boarding pass. He tried to give her a reassuring smile. "Your flight leaves in two hours and it's direct into LA. You're supposed to check in thirty minutes before departure and it'll take thirty or forty minutes to drive to the airport, so you'd better start packing.

Is there anything I can do to help?" She managed to give him a wan smile. "Can you find me a suitcase please? God, I don't know what to pack or how much. I don't even know how long I'll be away!" She headed for the bedroom and Dean went to fetch a bag from the garage.

When he walked in Katie had a pile of clothes on the bed, and seemed to be getting her head together as she worked through how much to pack. "I guess I'll be gone for at least a few days." She said in a tone that made it half a question. "No way of knowing yet Katie." He replied. "You should probably take enough for a week or so, if you can fit everything in." She nodded. "You're right. I can always put it away when I get back!" "Do you want me to ring your boss on Monday morning?" He asked, as he started to think beyond the immediate priority of getting Katie on a plane.

She shook her head. "Thanks anyway but I've got Kevin's number. I'll give him a call sometime tomorrow." Dean dressed as Katie finished packing, and then asked her to pause for a moment and think about anything else she needed to take with her.

She had overlooked several items in her haste, and it took a few minutes to collect her phone charger, laptop and some toiletry items, but soon they felt that anything they had missed could be bought locally if needed.

Time was passing so they put Katie's bag in the trunk of the car and headed for the airport. As it was late afternoon the traffic was thankfully light, and they pulled into a parking space with minutes to spare, Dean taking the bag and leading Katie through the doors to the check-in area. "I feel guilty about not being able to come with you." Dean confessed. "But I've got that presentation on Wednesday and I've still got a lot of work to do before it's ready." She gave him a reassuring smile and squeezed his arm.

"That's ok Dean, I understand." She replied. "I'm not sure how much I can do anyway, but I have to be there for them, if only to make sure Dad doesn't starve!" "Call me when you've spoken to the doctors and let me know how your Mom's doing.

If it looks like you'll be there for a while I could probably fly out Thursday or so, ok?" Chimes echoed through the terminal announcing the final boarding call for her flight, so they moved toward the gate. "I promise I'll call as soon as I can, but we probably won't know much for a few days." They kissed and he held her tightly, reluctant to let her go. "Give them both a hug for me and make sure they know I'll be thinking of them." She waved as she went through the gate and disappeared from view, and Dean felt a little lost as he walked slowly back to the car.

He opened the door but stood there for some time, watching Katie's plane roll gently along the taxiway before it turned, pausing as the flight crew applied power and the gleaming jet accelerated down the runway. It quickly built up speed until the wheels lifted free from gravity's embrace and it eased gracefully into the sky, wispy trails of smoke pouring from the engines as the plane banked in a gentle turn and continued climbing until it was a tiny speck in the distance.

There was nothing more he could do, so he slid behind the wheel, started the engine and headed home. The sun had just dropped below the horizon when he arrived, and he made a coffee, cleared the remnants of lunch and looked at this watch for the umpteenth time. He turned on the TV and flicked around, trying to find something that would hold his attention for a while, but knowing it an exercise in futility.

A close basketball game provided some distraction, but he kept checking his watch as he tried to work out if Katie would have arrived by now, or where she was likely to be. Katie's parents had moved to California a few years ago, and Katie had missed them terribly for some time.

They were a great couple who acted much younger than their years, and had welcomed Dean like a son from the first day Katie had brought him home. Dean had joked that he felt more at home with them than he did with his own parents, and he shared Katie's level of concern and hope that her Mom would come through this ok.

The game struggled to hold his attention, despite the teams going point for point in the quest for supremacy. He made another coffee and found his mind wandering as he thought about the events of last night and this morning. A smile crept across his face as he remembered the pleasures he and Katie had shared, and he ruefully cursed the poor timing that had taken her away just when things were getting interesting.

He admonished himself for thinking with his small head rather than his large one, but his thoughts kept drifting back.

Her eyes had displayed a sexy gleam when she had suggested he write his own story, and he struggled to recall exactly what she had said. Something about putting down his private and personal fantasies, and perhaps they could act them out if she found them exciting? He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, oblivious to the full time hooter in the game and the joyful celebrations of the winning team. "Where do I begin?" He mused to himself. "We've been married for so long I can't remember the last time I fantasized about doing something new with Katie." This came of something of a revelation and he realized she must have felt the same way, after all, she had suggested they start making time to be together, her intent so thinly veiled that her meaning was blatantly obvious.

"We really have slipped into a rut, but that's gonna change!" Understanding the need for change was one thing, finding a starting point was an entirely different matter, and his mind drifted off on different tangents as he considered his options. Katie seemed more than willing to experiment with sex toys, which is something she hadn't done for longer than he could recall, so that was one option. Making love to her tight, hot ass had blown him away, quite literally, and she'd worn the butt plug today without even knowing what would happen later, so anal sex appeared to be another.

But what other aspects could they explore that both would find not only acceptable, but stimulating and exciting? There was no question that she was an attractive woman, so some classy lingerie would add a little spice, and her slim legs always looked fantastic in spike heels. Beyond that he wasn't sure, but he realized she was strong enough to say no to a suggestion that made her feel uncomfortable. That allowed him to relax a little, but he was still mindful that he didn't want to push too far, too fast, and decided that an easy build up was the best course.

His curiosity piqued, he picked up his laptop, clicked the start button, and started trolling through various adult websites, and while he was aware of many of the sex aids available, the breadth of choice still surprised him. Time passed quickly and he became immersed in his search, until his cell rang and brought him back to reality with a start.

The screen displayed Katie's picture and he hit the answer button. "Hi Katie, how's your Mom doing? Was your flight ok?" "Hi Dean." She replied. "The flight was smooth and we didn't even have to wait too long to land. I guess that's the advantage of flying on a weekend. I'm here at the hospital with Dad, and we've just spoken to the doctor. She said the operation was successful and there were no complications and Mom's resting now, so we should be able to see her tomorrow.

There's not much more I can tell you at this point, but at least the operation is over and that seems to have gone well. Dad and I are heading back to their place now, so I'll fix dinner and then probably get an early night as I'm pretty tired. We'll come back and see Mom tomorrow, and then I'll call and let you know how she's doing." "That's really good news!" He responded as he breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad things are looking positive. How's your Dad doing?" "A little better now, I think." She replied, and he could hear the positivity in her voice.

"This has been a real shock, but at least the prognosis is favorable so we're both starting to relax a little. Anyway I probably should get going; I spoke to John a while ago and he wants me to ring him back so I'd better give him a call. He has work commitments as well but he's talking about flying in Wednesday or Thursday. I'll ring you tomorrow, ok?" Dean had completely forgotten about Katie's brother who lived in Colorado.

John was a great guy and he'd probably be worried sick right now. "Ok babe. You get some rest and let your Dad know I'm thinking of them both, and ring me tomorrow as soon as you have any news." "That's a promise!

Sleep well, and I'll miss you!" "That goes both ways. Love you!" He assured her as he ended the call. He put the phone down and sat back, breathing another sigh of relief. Katie's Mom still had a long way to go, but at least the initial news was positive, and he was hopeful she was on the road to recovery. Feeling that the situation had taken a positive turn he headed to the kitchen, rustling around until he found a steak and some fresh salad that would make a half-decent dinner.

He put a pan on the stove and started cooking, pouring a glass of wine and savoring a sip as the steak sizzled away. With dinner over and the kitchen tidy he headed back to the den and restarted his computer. His mind was clear now that he'd spoken with Katie, and he was optimistic her Mom would recover and life would go on. He realized this was a rare opportunity as he would have the next few days to himself, so he opened a blank page and started typing his first erotic story.

It took a while to get started which surprised him, as he regularly wrote submissions and presentations that were closely scrutinized by senior business professionals, and these were often the cornerstone for a major contract so there was a lot riding on his ability to present the relevant information.

In this case he didn't want to write a piece that would have Katie wondering if she'd been married to a sex-crazed deviate for all these years, nor did he want a story that was so tame it didn't provide the level of stimulation he hoped to create.

Then there was the question of what kind of comments he would receive once he posted it. He had noticed some of the stories had been read by several hundred thousand people around the world, and while Katie was the person he really wanted to impress, he was honest enough to admit positive comments from strangers wouldn't do his ego any harm. He had come up with what he hoped was the perfect concept to develop their new-found interest in expanding their sexual horizons.

The characters were closely based on he and Katie, but he named them Rob and Carol to protect their anonymity. Carol and Rob had become complacent about sex, but were still very much in love. They had discussed various changes, but found it hard to break free from the ingrained habits that had developed over the passing years, until Rob suggested one of them should become the other's sex-toy for one week, and would have to do whatever the other wanted.

Carol was quite excited about the idea, and asked how they would decide who had control. When Rob appeared unsure she suggested they play three rounds of rock-paper-scissors, which she subsequently won.

Carol wasted little time celebrating her victory, and quickly wrote out a list of sex toys and related items, which she handed to Rob with a sexy smirk. "You have until tomorrow night to buy everything on this list, because that's when the fun starts. From tomorrow night the only time you'll need clothing for the next week is if we go out for any reason, so you'd better hope it stays warm.

Oh, and by the way, I want you to shave your cock and your balls. If I find one pubic hair you'll be in big trouble!" Rob reviewed the list which was surprisingly comprehensive, and glanced at his watch.

He had two hours before the stores closed, and decided to start now in case some of Carol's items proved difficult to find, so he picked up his cell and car keys, kissed her tenderly, and headed out to make a start. By the time he made it back he'd managed to purchase around half the items, but he knew he'd have his work cut out tomorrow to complete the list; nonetheless he was determined to succeed.

His cock had remained uncomfortably erect for the duration of his shopping trip, something that had proved difficult to disguise at times as his mind speculated on what Carol may be planning for the next seven days. Seeing her breeze around the house in a completely normal manner didn't help either, as every glimpse had him fantasizing about sliding his hard cock deep into her slippery pussy. He decided that he wouldn't get any sleep unless he relieved the pressure, and attempted to slip away to the bathroom.

Carol must have read his mind as she tapped him on the shoulder. "Going somewhere?" She enquired in a sweet but sexy voice. He blushed. "Ummm. I just have to go to the bathroom." He replied somewhat lamely.

"Really?" She teased. "Well if you were planning some quality solo time you can think again mister. You'll get all the relief you need tomorrow night, and if you take matters into your own hands between now and then, I'll know!" "Aww.FUCK!" He thought to himself. "I'm busted before I even got started!" The next day Rob was out early, but it took virtually the full day to find all the items Carol required. He pulled into the garage tired but satisfied, and walked inside with both hands full of shopping bags, to find her waiting for him.

She had dressed with serious fucking in mind, or perhaps undressed would be a more accurate description. She was wearing gloss red shoes with impossibly high spike heels, white stockings and suspender belt, and something he guessed was called a bra, but was little more than a strip of elastic and lace that supported her breasts while placing them on prominent display.

Panties were an option she hadn't considered necessary, and her freshly shaved pussy was glistening in the subtle lighting.

She'd done her hair and her makeup oozed smoky sensuality, with diamond drop earrings and a matching chain around her neck as the finishing touches. She was standing patiently, a half-full long stem wine glass in her hand. "How was your day darling? Did you get everything?" She asked.

He nodded emphatically, unsure if he could speak clearly as he was completely spellbound by her blatant sexuality. "Then it's time to get our week of fun and fucking underway. I just want to remind you that, under the terms of our arrangement, you have to do whatever I tell you, whenever I tell you, for the next seven days. Is that understood?" Rob gulped and nodded again, feeling his cock sliding up his chest and leaving a trail of slippery pre cum on his skin as it grew harder by the second.

She walked over and slid her fingers softly across his cheek. "As you've been out all day you'd probably enjoy a shower……and I'd certainly appreciate if you had a shave, above and below the waist.

Don't be too long, otherwise I'll get bored and start without you, and&hellip.if that happens I might just tie you up and make you sit and watch me for the rest of the night!" With that she gave him a patronizing pat on the ass and sent him on his way.

He literally flew to the bathroom, unbuttoning his shirt on the way and quickly discarding the rest of his clothing. The taps were wrenched on too hard in haste, and he backed the spray off a little before slipping under the warm, cascading water.

He could feel the tension washing from his body, and wanted nothing more than to relax under the stream for a while, but the clock was ticking and the last thing he wanted was for Carol to follow through with her threat to make him a spectator for the evening. He'd spent some time carefully shaving his cock and balls the night before, and was now thankful he'd got an early start as that task had taken some time.

As soon as he'd rinsed the soap from his body he stretched over and managed to reach his razor and shaving foam, giving his private parts a quick touch-up before carefully shaving his facial stubble, until he was satisfied he'd pass a close inspection. The taps were turned off and he vigorously toweled dry, before combing his hair and massaging after-shave balm into his face, and as an afterthought, over his smooth cock and balls.

He was halfway through slipping his robe over his shoulders, when he remembered that the only time he was to wear anything for the next week would be if they went out somewhere, so the robe went back on the hook and he strolled away naked to see what Carol in store for him.

Rob walked into the den to find her lying back in a lounge chair, watching an adult porn movie on the TV; it seemed she'd done some shopping of her own as they didn't own any erotic movies!

She had been busy while he was in the shower, as one of the items on her list was cherry-flavored body paint, and her nipples and areolae were now a glistening red color, as were the puffy lips of her labia.

What really took his breath away was her pose, as she was slumped back in the chair, one leg draped loosely over each arm, and was leisurely stroking her spread, glistening slit when he walked in. She flashed a sexy smile when she saw him walk in. "It seems you're just in time." She hissed, nodding at the TV where Rob could see a buxom brunette on her hands and knees, with one muscle-bound stud sliding his huge cock firmly into her pussy, and other trying to choke her with his monster shaft embedded deep in her throat.

"This little slut is insatiable, and the bigger the cock the better she likes it. That monster in her throat must be at least eight inches long and two inches thick, and she can take the whole thing; now that's what I call talent!" Rob watched the action on the screen, his cock growing even harder as he watched the starlet's throat work on the stud's huge cock. Carol tore her eyes from the screen, and then pressed the pause button on the remote before looking back at Rob.

"Lie down on the floor." She instructed in a matter-of-fact tone as she picked up her empty wine glass and the TV remote. He lay down as she walked over to refill her glass, and then she walked back and stood over him, straddling his face and giving him a front row view up her inner thighs.

She gazed down and smiled. "I think I'd enjoy a long, slow, pussy-licking session while I watch some more of my movie." She said simply as she slowly lowered her slick pussy down toward him.

"If you do it well I'll tell you what that hot little cock-slut is up to while you tongue me." Her labia touched his lips and he tasted her as though it was their first time, his tongue moving slowly and carefully along her slit as she lowered her knees to the floor. She pressed play and he could hear the moans and grunts as the on-screen action resumed, while she rocked back and forth to ensure Rob had full access to her streaming pussy.

He couldn't believe how wet she was, and she moaned softly in appreciation of his sensual tongue strokes. "Oh yes!" She hissed. "That's so hot Rob& fucking hot! Be a good boy and tongue my sweet cunt and I'll give you a nice cum bath soon!" Carol had never been overly vocal during sex, and it was almost as though he was making love to a stranger, which only enhanced the stimulation even further.

"It's a shame you can't watch the movie with me, because this little cunt really knows how to fuck!" She hissed down at him, before continuing to grind her pussy across Rob's increasingly wet face. "The camera has moved behind her now, and I can see her pussy stretching as a monster cock slides hard and deep into her.

She's so wet, her pussy is running with juice, and I'll just bet she's going to be even wetter any time now&hellip.but wait. He's slid his cock out and& he's rubbing the head slowly over her ass&hellip.oh& God!

She's never going to able to take a cock that size in her tight little ass!" Rob was becoming increasingly aroused, listening to his wife's sexy commentary while she ground her pussy firmly against his face. He had never experienced anything like this before, but knew this was amazing experience he would remember for years. He plunged his long tongue deep inside, feeling the heat and wetness that radiated from her pussy, and praying the rest of the week would follow on from this moment.

Carol's voice brought him back to reality as she resumed her sexy monologue. "Oh my fucking God! He's managed to slip his cock-head into her ass and…I can't believe how far it's stretching! She's shaking her head and begging him to take it out&hellip.and I don't blame her; that thing is fucking huge! The other stud has shut her up by sliding his cock into her mouth now and&hellip.I can see her throat stretch&hellip.oh fuck&hellip.I can't believe how far down it's going&'s almost as though she has two Adam's apples!

The guy fucking her throat is really giving it to her; he's fucking her face so fast he has to cum soon&hellip.wait&hellip.wait&hellip.oh! He's whipped his cock out and he's jacking it hard!

Here it comes&hellip.Oh Fuck!!!! I've never seen so much cum in my life&hellip.and…he's still going.

Oh Jesus! She's saturated&hellip.absolutely covered in cum. It's in her eyes and running down her face&hellip.and…she's opened her mouth. He's jammed it back and she's going crazy, I can see her cheeks sucking in as she tries to milk the rest of his cum! Oh fuck! Get ready Rod! I'm&hellip.CUUMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!" She screamed, and suddenly Rod was saturated by a burst of thick cum that flew from Carol's burning cunt.

One burst followed another, and another, and he found himself struggling to breathe but kept his tongue working as he tried to draw every drop of sweet nectar from her quivering pussy. She screamed again, placing her hands on his chest to support her body as she trembled and shook, her thighs clamping tightly against his head for support.

He held still, allowing the tremors to subside until she seemed to be regaining some semblance of control, and he softly kissed her puffy labia and heard her moan in acknowledgment. He thought she would have to slide free soon, and probably collapse on the floor, but he felt her straighten up and was surprised when she went back to describing the on-screen action.

"Oh my God, I can't believe what I'm seeing! The guy behind this little slut has almost got his whole cock up her ass! This is unbelievable& looks as though her ass is about to explode…and he's pumping her so hard he's actually pushing her whole body across the ground…FUCK! Now the guy that came on her face is back, and&hellip.he's getting a good grip on her butt cheeks&hellip.and he's pulling them apart.

Sweet Jesus&hellip.the guy fucking her is sliding his cock all the way out& should see how much her little ass is gaping&hellip.and then he's sliding back in again. In&hellip.out&…out&hellip.I think he's getting ready to cum.

Yes! Yes, he's cumming&hellip.FUCK. He's jacking his cock and pumping it all over her butt and…the other guy is still holding her ass open…and now the cum is dribbling down and filling her ass. Oh shit…this is so fucking hot it's amazing!" At that moment Carol screamed and came again, pumping another torrent of tangy juice down Rod's throat.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck&hellip.OHH FUCCKKK!!! Suck my CUNT!!!" She pleaded, and he bathed her running pussy with his tongue, tasting her sweet cream and swallowing as fast as he could. Finally she was sated, and unable to take any more she slid slowly to the side and collapsed gently on floor beside Rod; her eyes clenched shut and her chest heaving as she struggled for breath. Her lips were curled in a dreamy smile, which was the only indication she was still conscious.

Rod waited patiently; painfully aware his balls were screaming for relief but unable to take any action as the terms of their sex-play were clearly defined. His cock was twitching and he felt another bead of pre-cum trail from the head of his cock until the warm string of liquid dropped on his chest.

He knew the slightest touch would probably see him erupt like an uncapped hydrant, so he kept his hands clear as he watched Carol's breathing slowly return to normal. Finally her eyelids flickered open and she gave him a dreamy smile. "You've been such a good boy!" She murmured.

"My cunt has never had such a good workout; that was just&! It must have been difficult to maintain your control for so long&hellip.I think we should take care of that angry looking cock!

Would you like to fuck my mouth babe? But I don't want you to cum in my mouth; I want you to pull out at the last second and cum all over my face, just like the guy in the movie!" To her surprise he shook his head slowly, and she raised a questioning eyebrow as he replied.

"I'm so hot Carol…SO…FUCKING…HOT! I think the second my cock touches your lips I'll be pumping cum everywhere!" "That's a shame, but we've got another six days, so you can kneel over me and jack off, and I want hot, sticky cum facial!" She hissed. He hurried into position, his need all-consuming as he knelt above her chest and she smiled up at him, licking her lips like a kitten about to dip her tongue in a bowl of fresh cream. He closed his eyes and leant back, knowing this would take no time at all, and wrapped his hand firmly around his dripping cock.

Carol had never asked him to do this before; and his mind was spinning with lust and anticipation. He jacked his shaft slowly, spreading his pre cum as he stroked, and feeling sharp tingles in his heavy balls like a series of tiny electric shocks. "Oh Fuck!" He groaned. "I'm so ready babe, this won't take long!" "That's what I'm hoping stud.

Pump that load of fuck-juice all over me, paint me with cum!" One final, firm stroke was all it took, and he roared as his cum flew up his shaft and sprayed from his slit. The first couple of bursts were so strong they flew straight over Carol's head and spattered on the floor, before he lowered his aim and succeeded in hitting the target.

A rope flew and landed on her forehead, small droplets glistening in her hair. The next sprayed a stream across her cheek and started running down the side of her face, and he shifted slightly and placed the next burst on her other cheek. Her lips received two or three sharp pulses, and still he kept jacking and cumming, until a softer spray covered her chin and his final weaker bursts dropped on her heaving breasts.

His hand was covered in thick white cream, matching Carol's decadent appearance, and his chest was heaving as he gulped deep breaths of oxygen. As he watched she carefully scooped the thick cream from her eyelids, and slowly slid her cum-coated fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean as she smiled. "Thank you." She said simply. "I hope this has been an amazing day for you, because it certainly has for me.

Now…I don't think I can stand after that. Can I ask you to carry me to bed please?" He smiled and bent down, taking her easily in his arms as he stood and carried her toward the bedroom. Dean slid the chair back and rubbed his eyes, which were burning as though he'd spent several hours in a smoky back-street bar. His neck muscles were stiff and he glanced at his watch, amazed to find it was two thirty in the morning.

"Shit, no wonder I'm feeling tired!" He said to himself, before clicking the save icon and shutting down his computer. He stopped off at the bathroom and slid between the bed sheets, wishing Katie sweet dreams as he drifted off into a deep and restful sleep.

Understandably, he slept quite late the next day, and it was after ten by the time he'd showered and had breakfast. It was a perfect spring day so he slipped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and wheeled his cycle out of the garage.

He clicked the latch on his helmet, slid his fingerless gloves over his hands, and pedaled down the street. He headed out of town into the hills, which was a route he took regularly as the road was good, the traffic was normally light, and the view was something special, particularly on the return journey when he could free-wheel down the hills and look out over the sweeping countryside.

It took an hour and a half to reach the thirty mile marker, but he knew the return journey would be much faster, and swept into a gentle turn before gathering speed as he shifted gears to take advantage of the downhill gradient. It was just after one when he turned into his street and wheeled the bike into the garage, his body feeling tired but satisfied from the exercise.

He headed inside and had just drained a tall glass of ice water when his cell rang. He picked it up to see Katie's smiling face displayed on the screen, and clicked the answer icon.

"Hi Katie! It's great to hear from you, how's your Mom doing, any news?" "Hey Dean!" She replied. "I miss you so much! Mom's doing much better and we were allowed to slip into her room and see her for a few minutes, but she's really tired so we didn't stay long. Her doctor saw us and she's very happy with Mom's progress, and she feels Mom will make a complete recovery which is great news." "That is good news!" He agreed. "So how's your Dad coping with all of this, is he ok?" "He was really depressed last night, in fact I was quite worried about him as I've never seen him so down." Katie replied.

"But he seems a lot better today, and I'm sure seeing Mom and talking to her doctor has really helped.

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This has been such a shock for all of us, I think because it happened so suddenly. I mean&'s not as though Mom had been in poor health or having any problems." Dean had been thinking along the same lines while he cycled the quiet roads.

"This has been a major shock for all of us babe, but at least the prognosis is positive which is a huge relief. So, do you have any idea how long you'll stay?" He could almost visualize her shaking her head as she replied. "No, not yet. It's too early to tell when Mom will be released, and of course she's worried about Dad so I'd say I'll be here for at least the remainder of this week.

I spoke to John this morning and he's planning on flying in Thursday or Friday for a few days, so provided Mom and Dad are ok I might fly home over the weekend. Will you be ok until then?" "I think I'll survive, but I miss you already!" He chuckled.

"Well&hellip.seeing as I'm not there to distract you, you could always spend some time on that&hellip.project we discussed before I had to drop everything and fly over." Katie said quietly with a hint of laughter in her voice.


Dean gathered her Dad must be within earshot by the cryptic way she referred to their recent discussion as though they were planning home renovations. "Is your Dad close by?" He asked. "Uh huh." She confirmed. "And I gather you're referring to the suggestion that I write an adult story?" He asked, which drew another "Uh huh" from Katie.

"Well, I actually started on that last night." "Did you?" She asked, her tone suggesting she'd love more detail but was unable to ask directly. "Sure did.

In fact I got so involved that I started to feel tired and looked at my watch to find it was after two am!" "Wow!" She breathed. "It sounds as though you've made some real progress! Well, I probably should go, but it'd be great if you get to spend some more time on it. I might give you a call later, ok?" "That'd be great! It's such a great day here I might take the computer outside and sit around the pool for a while." "I'm jealous!" She laughed. "It's overcast and quite cool here.

So you get busy and I'll call you later." "Look forward to it." He replied. "Say hi to your folks for me!" She concluded the call and Dean brewed a coffee with a wry smile on his face. Katie's news was more than welcome, and it appeared that things were looking promising. He was surprised at her interest in his story, until he realized this was probably a welcome distraction from worrying about her Mom's situation, as there was little she could do other than be there to support them.

He took his coffee mug and computer outside, opened the shade umbrella, and sat back enjoying the gentle breeze as he got to work on his story. Rod woke the next morning and stretched lazily, a broad grin creeping across his face as he looked at his sexy wife sleeping gently beside him and he recalled the events of last night. Without question that was the most amazing sex he had ever experienced, and the first time in his life he was thankful he had lost a contest.

Seven full days and six nights awaited him, and he wondered if he'd still be this enthusiastic about their sex-games as the days slid past. Something told him that wouldn't be a concern! She must have sensed his movements, as her eyelids flickered open and her lips curled upward in a dreamy smile.

Her hand slid down and wrapped around his flaccid cock, applying a gentle squeeze as she slowly jacked his shaft. "Good morning lover!" She smiled up at him.

"And thank you for last night; my pussy is still twitching from the five-star tonguing you gave me. I hope you're ready for a lot more fun today!" "I'd love some breakfast first." He chuckled. "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse and come back for seconds; and I'm sure you don't want me running out of gas halfway." Carol giggled. "That wouldn't do at all! Let's have a long, hot shower together and then I'll fix breakfast.

I think we'll both need to keep our strength up!" She slid from under the covers and stood by the bed, stretching slowly which had Rod's cock taking interest as he watched her back arch and her proud breasts push forward. She savored his voyeuristic gaze before taking him by the hand and leading him to the bathroom. They took their time, soaping each other and rinsing clean before toweling dry.

The walked naked to the kitchen and Carol started cooking bacon, eggs and hash browns, while Rod set the table, poured tall glasses of fresh juice and kept and eye on the toast. They didn't eat breakfast, they devoured it, both bordering on ravenous from the night before and aware they would need plenty of energy for whatever Carol had in mind for today.

Full plates were soon emptied and thirsts quenched until they sat back and exchanged satisfied smiles. "My God!" Carol smirked. "I'm going to have to work hard to get rid of the calories I've just shoveled into my stomach. I had no idea I was so hungry!" Rob laughed. "Something tells me that won't be a problem, and we'll probably be just as hungry come lunchtime!" His sexy wife gave him a knowing smile.

"You could be right about that. Now that breakfast is out of the way, I think its play-time! Why don't you go and get the bag of toys I asked you buy from the adult store." He smiled and stood, and returned with the shopping bag of sex toys that Carol had listed. He handed the bag over and she went through the contents carefully, considering some and rejecting them, while others were laid out on the table. "That should do&hellip.for now!" She giggled, looking at the array of different items spread before her.

She stood facing him and beckoned him closer. When he was standing before her she dropped her head, taking his nipple between her lips. She started sucking, slowly and gently at first before becoming increasingly aggressive, gripping his tiny nipple between her teeth and stretching it away from his chest as she bit down firmly.

Rod gasped, throwing his head back and clenching his eyes shut, giving himself over to the sensations radiating from his chest. She paused and picked up a pair of nipple clamps, testing the spring tension between her fingers before attaching the serrated teeth to his rigid nipple.

He hissed as he felt the tiny metal spikes bite into his flesh, but before he could speak her mouth enclosed his other nipple, subjecting to it identical treatment before the second clamp was put in place. "Oh God!" He gasped. "Oh…my…fucking…God, that stings like a bitch!" She stood up and whispered in his ear. "So I've been told!

Now…there's a second pair of clamps on the table, so you can do my nipples now. Just make sure you get them nice and hard before you clip me." He smiled despite the pain, dipped his head to her breast, and mimicked her actions as he used his teeth to grip her nipple and draw it away from her chest, feeling it harden noticeably in his mouth.

She gasped and gripped his head firmly as he sucked and tugged on her flesh until he felt he was holding a tiny cock between his lips. He reluctantly relinquished his hold as he picked up the clamps, opening one and easing the tension until it bit down on her firm nipple.

She gasped and squealed, a look of satisfaction evident in her glazed smile. The second nipple followed, and soon they were both enjoying the sting of serrated teeth and the weight of the connecting chain.

Carole stood back and admired her handiwork, before picking up a small leather harness from the table. "Not bad." She murmured as though to herself. "For a start!" She dropped to her knees in front of Rod and gently folded her fingers around his cock, jacking his shaft slowly as she milked a bead of pre cum from his slit.

Her lips wrapped around the head and she flicked her tongue back and forth across it, feeling it harden quickly in her grip. She took him further into her willing mouth until the head was just resting against the entry to her throat, before she thrust forward firmly, taking him deeper than he'd ever been before.

She bobbed back and forth quickly several times, before sliding free and gazing up at him. "If you know what's good for you, you'd better not cum until I tell you." She said sternly. He groaned deeply, already painfully aware that his tight balls were letting him know that nothing short of an eruption of thick, creamy cum would satisfy him. She rocked back on her heels as though sensing his predicament, and wrapped the leather strap around his balls firmly until a press-stud clicked in place.

A second strap circled the base of his firm shaft, with a joining strip of leather spreading his tight balls apart. He looked down at his red, angry cock as Carol smiled. "That should hold you for a while!" She reassured him, before moving around until she was on her hands and knees looking back over her shoulder. "You were such a good boy last night, and you have a very talented mouth, so what I want you to do is slide that wicked tongue from my pussy to my ass and back again, and keep going until I tell you to stop.

Do you think you can do that stud?" He grinned, a lascivious smile on his face. "Your wish is my command." He assured her, as he crouched down and went to work. She wasn't just wet; she was dripping, beads of tangy pre cum coating his tongue as he followed the path she had directed. Ever so slowly he moved, sliding from the front tip of her labia to her puckered pink rosebud as she spread her legs wider to provide unobstructed access.

She was picture of wanton lust, her face flushed and her breasts hanging down toward the floor with the silver chain dangling from her clipped nipples. Her eyes closed and she hissed as she felt the delights of his moist mouth, until she shuddered through a gentle climax and coated his probing tongue with cum. "Oh&hellip.FUCK!" She hissed. "I could take this all day&hellip.but&hellip.I think it's time to move on.

There's a bottle of lube on table Rod, work some into my ass nice and gentle please. I want to feel all greasy and loose." He kissed each of her butt cheeks and retrieved the bottle, peeling back the anti-tamper strip before squeezing a blob in the crack at the top of her butt-cheeks.

Carol gasped as the cool liquid touched her skin and slowly oozed down toward her tightly clenched muscle. Rob watched it trickle down before dipping a finger in the thick liquid and working it slowly around her rosebud. Ever so carefully he applied gentle pressure, feeling the resistance of her muscle against his finger as he eased it past her point of resistance. He succeeded in sliding inside, moving his fingertip around to spread the thick lubricant as he worked to relax her.

As she felt his probing finger slide deeper she exhaled in a long, satisfied sigh. "Hold it!" She whispered, and he paused expectantly. "Slide you cock into my pussy but just hold it there, then get back to what you're doing!" He smiled and softly stroked her butt cheek before gripping his cock with his free hand.

He moved closer and lined up the head with her dripping pussy, pushing forward in one long, fluid movement until the leather strap around the base of his cock was nestled against her labia. The heat radiating through his shaft from her pussy was intense, and felt as though his cock was nestled in a slick sauna. Carol groaned again. "Oh yes babe, your cock feels so good in my cunt!

Now work that finger into my ass and grease me up!!!" Rod squeezed another blob from the bottle and slid his finger back inside, feeling the ridges on his shaft through the thin membrane that separated her openings. He rubbed down the length of his shaft and almost came from the pressure, just managing to stave off his premature release at the last second.

In the meantime Carol was rocking gently back and forth, trying to take more of his cock in her pussy and slide his probing finger deeper into her ass at the same time. "Try a second finger Rod." She hissed, before moaning as she felt her tight ass being stretched further. "Oh yes! Oh…my&hellip.fucking&hellip.God, YES! My holes are so completely stuffed!" He slid his probing fingers deeper until she came again, and he felt her juices spray over his cock head and dribble down the length of his shaft.

"Ok!" She whispered. "There's a butt plug on the table, can you reach it from here?" He leaned back, stretching as far as he could and just managed to wrap his had around the plug without sliding free. "Got it!" He confirmed. "Grease it up and work it into me babe, but let me stretch for you, ok?" His cock was still deep in her pussy as he squeezed a bead of lube onto the silicone toy, using his fingers to spread the slippery gel.

He nudged the tip against her puckered hole and she gasped, before he applied firm, consistent pressure and he watched her tiny opening stretch. The plug was a medium size, around two inches in diameter, and she was breathing deeply as though working through labor pains in childbirth. Gradually she managed to relax her opening, and the tapered plug slid deeper and deeper, until the bulb slid inside and her clenching sphincter closed around the shaft.

'OH…MY&hellip.FUCKING&hellip.GOD!" She moaned. "That feels amazing! Now fuck me, slowly at first then gradually build up speed." He breathed a sigh of heartfelt relief, as he'd been wondering how much longer he could last, and eased back before driving his cock firmly into Carol's dripping pussy.

After a few thrusts he was sliding deeply inside, his balls making a soft smacking sound every time they pushed her labia apart. "Uh…uh&hellip.UHHHH!" She grunted in time with each thrust of his firm cock. "Come on Rod! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my tight little cunt! Have you got a big load for me babe? Are you going to pump your cum deep in my oozing little fuck-hole?" Beads of sweat were falling from Rod's forehead and dripping on Carol's back as he thrust furiously.

"Babe, I'm going fill you with so much cum it'll still be leaking out tomorrow!" "Oh yeeesssss! Then give it to me&hellip.NOW!!!" She screamed as she came.

Rod couldn't hold back, and roared as his cum fired from his balls and sprayed deep into Carol's clenching pussy. Their juices met in a maelstrom of sexual release, both pumping furiously as though they had been celibate for years and were finally experiencing blessed relief.

Her pussy clenched around his shaft like a liquid fist while her sphincter contracted and released around the invading plug. He was still pumping as he felt their juices ooze past his shaft, drip down on his balls, and coat her inner thighs before dropping on the floor.

She collapsed beneath him and he followed her down, until she was prone beneath him, panting for breath with his weight adding to the difficulty in replenishing her lungs. Finally their breathing slowed and their pulse rates returned to somewhere nearer normal, and his softening cock slid slowly free from her liquid embrace.

He managed to roll free and lay on his back on the cool floor, watching her body rise and fall as breathed deeply. "I could die a happy man right now!" He thought to himself.

"I've been married to this sexy woman for years, and I had no fucking idea she could be like this!!!" She groaned and smiled, managing to roll over until she could carefully release the clamps from his nipples before doing the same to her own.

He rubbed his chest, feeling the tenderness in his nipples now that they were finally free. She kissed him, softly at first and then more passionately. "Where have you been all my life?" She giggled.

"That was simply mind-blowing!" He chuckled. "Believe it or not, I was just thinking the same thing! That was just amazing!" She propped herself up on one elbow, gazing at him as she smiled. "And to think, we've only got six and half days to go before things get back to normal." He laughed loudly. "Who says things have to go back to normal? If I have a vote then I think we should just keep on going!" She raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"Really? So you're enjoying being my fuck-toy?" "No complaints so far, but I'd like a turn at being in charge." He agreed.

She smiled as she pushed his shoulders back until he was lying back on the floor, before she knelt above his head, gazing down at him as she spread her labia to give him a front-row view of her freshly fucked pussy. "We'll have to see about that, but in the meantime you've made a hell of a mess in my hot little cunt.

I'd suggest you clean it up!!!" She hissed as she slowly lowered her pussy down to his waiting lips. Dean slid the laptop over onto the side table and stretched, satisfied with his work so far. He glanced at his watch and was amazed to see two hours had passed. "This really is kind of addictive." He mused as he smiled to himself. "Once you get going, the time seems to fly past!" His cock was firm and oozing pre cum in his shorts, which was no surprise given his current point of focus.

Normally he would go inside, but this time he decided that the privacy of their yard was fine, and slid his shorts down and lay naked on the sun lounge. His hand wrapped around his cock, applying firm pressure as he slid his fingers over the head, smearing the trickling flow of clear lubricant down his shaft.

His movements were slow and deliberate, and pre cum continued to ooze from his slit in anticipation. He closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth and tingling sensations emanating from his tight balls, as he started stroking faster. Images of Katie from Friday night flashed through his mind, with her on hands and knees with his shaft embedded in her tight ass, and he could almost hear her groaning and panting as he fucked her hard and deep.

The mental picture of her throwing her head back and squealing as she came was all it took, and his eyes flashed open as the first rope of cum flew from his slit and spattered across his chest. He jacked faster, squeezing burst after burst of creamy cum from his cock until his chest was covered in glistening beads of white liquid.

He could feel his heart pounding and his pulse racing, as he lay back and allowed his body to recover, wishing she was here with him rather than hundreds of miles away. After a few minutes he realized he felt like a drink, and walked inside to pour a glass of wine, feeling the trails of cum trickle slowly down his chest. He passed his cell and a glance showed he had a missed text message, so he opened it as he walked back outside.

The message was from Katie. "Hi Dean, wanna message me when you have time?" He wondered why she simply hadn't called, but he figured she had her reasons and keyed a quick reply. "Hi Katie. Got your message but wondering why you didn't call?" She must have been waiting for his reply, as she came back in seconds.

"That took a while. Am I interrupting something?" "Outside working on my story. Got distracted and had to take care of a little problem!" Her reply came back…fast! "No fair! I bet it wasn't a LITTLE problem. I wish I was there to help you!" His fingers moved across the letters as he composed his reply. "I'm a little slow at this.

Do you want me to call u?" "No." She replied. "Dad roaming around so hard to have private conversation. Besides, this is kinda fun! How is story going?" "Ok I think. Around 6k words so far." "Already! U getting any sleep?" "Not much last night! Very addictive. Once I start I just wanna keep going." There was a delay of a minute or so before Katie came back, and Dean was just starting to wonder what was happening at her end when her message came up.

"Could I read it? Would you email it to me?" He considered this for a moment before keying a response. "Not finished. Thought we agreed I would post and then you read?" "I know, but can't a girl change her mind?

Things were just getting interesting. Maybe you could email installments; I could read as you write, and when I get back&! PLEASE???" Dean considered Katie's suggestion, wondering whether this would add an element of sexual tension that would build until she returned, or whether it would diminish the effect of reading a completed, posted story. His cell chimed to announce another message. "U still there?" Katie was asking. "Thinking." He responded. Another message came up.

"PLEASE!!!!" Appeared on the screen, followed by another. "I would SO make it worth your while!" "What if it sucks?" He sent back. Her reply was immediate, so fast he wondered how she'd had time to compose it.

"Knowing you, I'm sure it will be awesome. I'm begging here!!! Computer on now." He laughed out loud, unable to resist her pleas any longer, but still experiencing nagging doubts that she may not like his work.

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Finally he capitulated. "Ok you win, sending now." A minute passed and another message appeared. "Got it. THANKS! Will read now and come back to you when finished?" "Ok" He replied, and sat back, surprised at how nervous he felt. His palms were moist as he sipped from his glass, and he waited for his cell to chime, hoping like hell it would have the same effect on his hot, sexy wife as it had on him.

Perhaps he was overstating his concerns, but the feeling this was a watershed moment would not go away. There was nothing more he could do than wait nervously for her reaction. TO BE CONTINUED………………&hellip.

This story cannot be reproduced or copied in part or in full without the express permission of the author. Copyright 2012 and beyond, all rights reserved by Cynthia Wilde. For further information please email [email protected]