Big ass and huge tits mature lady play her fat body on cam

Big ass and huge tits mature lady play her fat body on cam
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I woke up to normal warm, wet feeling between my legs. I moved around a little, the diaper squished around under my butt. It was only then that I felt the brown wet substance underneath me.

'mom!' I shouted 'good morning sweetie' she said warmly as she walked into my room, 'How's my prince?' 'I'm good'. My mum walked over to my closet and got a clean diaper out of the drawer. She walked over to me and untapped my diaper. She then lifted my butt and pulled the diaper out from underneath me. She wiped me up a little then proceeded to put a new diaper on me. 'John called' 'Can I go over' My mum looked a bit upset 'we were supposed to go swimming today' 'I'll come back for swimming.

I promise' 'Alright, go on' I got up and got dressed. After breakfast I went over to John's house. Normally my mum would drive me, but I decided to take the train instead, as I was already going against the days plans. I arrived at John's a little over an hour later. I walked up to the front door.

I knocked, Mrs Ackroyd answered the door in a shirt and a diaper. 'Oh hi Mrs Ackroyd' 'Hi Will, sorry, I only just got up, I'm guessing you're here to see John. Come in' I walked through the front door to see John lying on the sofa.

'Hi John' 'Hey Will, I thought you were busy today?' he said puzzled 'I was, but I've postponed it' 'Oh that's cool. Let's go upstairs, I've got a new game.' We rushed upstairs and into his room. Once we sat down we pulled our trousers and shirts off.

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I looked over and saw John wearing a style of diaper I hadn't seen before. 'New diapers?' 'Yeah, I bought them a few weeks ago. So much better than the old brand. Honestly these things seem to just expand and expand, especially in the rear.' We played games for a little while and then as I looked down I saw a growing yellow stain on the front of my nappy. 'Damn' I said 'John, do you mind if I borrow a diaper?

I didn't bring a spare' 'Alright Will' he walked over to a shelf and grabbed one of the diapers lying on it. He then walked over to me, by that time I'd moved to the changing table.


'legs up', John had changed me before. It was nothing new, and neither was the feeling of his tongue on my crotch. He gave me a little suck, before putting on the new diaper.


John knew I was bi, but he also knew I had a girlfriend. John and I had spent many days having gentle sex in his bedroom, but now I was in a relationship, sex was off the table. Before long, the time had come for me to get home.

I get on the train and feel my diaper get full in the rear. I walked along to the changing room.

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One of the attendants came in changed my diaper. I was glad I had brought a spare from John's house. When I got home I opened the front door and called for mum. There was no answer, I walked over to the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge.

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My mum had gone to the swimming pool as it was running late. Damn it, I was late and I'd said I'd be back on time. I ran to the door and to the swimming pool.

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Talking to none other than my girlfriends mother. I looked around quickly and saw her swimming in the pool. Jess had the most beautiful body anyone had ever seen. It was toned, slim and curvy. As I watched her she climbed out of the pool. The water glistened of her moist skin. I started at her neck line and looked down.

Her nipples were hard and her areoles were bright pink. Her slim waist ended in a light pink swim diaper, that had now been stained yellow at the front. I walked over to her from behind and pull her close holding her breast. 'Hello babe' I said 'Will, you made it' she smiled back at me 'need any help changing? Swim diapers can be fiddly' 'Damn it, I was in such a rush I forgot to grab my swimming stuff' 'Oh, well, I'm sure the diaper you have on is fine.

Come on in, the water is amazing' I pull off my shirt and trousers and she grabs my hand and walks with me to the pool stairs. I step into the warm, clear water. I float next to Jess and she pulls me close. We kiss as I stroke her back tenderly. Meanwhile I could feel my diaper getting warm.

I looked down expecting to see yellow. Instead I saw an overly puffy diaper. 'Looks like someone is having a bit of waterproofing trouble' Jess cooed into my ear. We swam for a while until all of the remaining people at the pool had left. Our mums left a little later. We decided to go back to her place and hang for a little while.

As I stepped out of the water, my diaper drooped down in a soggy mess. I'd used the last of my spares and Jess hadn't brought any because she lives not far away. Jess grabbed my clothes as I tried to walk while holding up my drooping diaper. When we got to her place we made our way up the stairs to her bedroom. Once we got up their we fell onto her bed.

I immediately stood up again. 'Sorry, I'm getting your bed wet' 'It's no problem' she grabbed my arm and pulled me onto her.


She rolled me over and then she rolled onto me. She started to rub on my diaper. The squishy thing moved about as she rolled back and forth on top of me. She got off of me and stood up as she stripped off her wet swim diaper. Her tight pussy was glistening with her juices. My erection was now fully feeling the slimy wet insides of my diaper.

She then shoved her hand through the outer layer of my diaper. The gel inside seeped out around her wrist. She held my cock through the inner layer of my diaper and began to jerk me off.

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I was about to cum when she stopped. She pulled her hand out and walked over to her bedside drawer. She pulled out a large pink dildo. I knew what she was planning. She rolled me over and shoved the dildo through both layers of my dildo straight into my waiting hole. I almost screamed in pain and pleasure. She flipped me over again and pulled my cock through the inner layer. Then she climbed on top of me, and on top of my cock. Up, down, up, down she went.

I was about to cum, I screamed and my seed spurted up inside of her. She dropped on top of my chest. Exhausted. I fell asleep below her, my cock inside her and her dildo in me. My diaper started to slide off the bed, dragging us along with it. My first story. Part 2 hopefully coming soon. Constructive criticism please.