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BBW mom having solo sex with a dildo
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Please rate and comment Sarah and Rod were waiting for this get-a-way. This was a chance to enjoy their beloved backwoods Alaska on a snowmobiling adventure with their daughter Bristol. The day was picture perfect with fresh snow as they travelled along the frozen Susitna River just after daybreak. The snow caught the early morning light shooting up from the snowmobiles.

The winter highway passed small settlements and winter lodges. Bristol was really excited as this was her first long distance trip with her own Cat. They had decided to rough it on this trip stopping only at settlements for fuel and to resupply for food. The motors purred and they sped along the well traveled trail. They pulled off along the route to enjoy the spectacular winter scenery sharpened by a fresh snow.


At Gold Camp trail they stopped off at an often used site to start a small fire, fresh brew coffee and eat lunch. The sky was bright blue and the sun had warmed the day to above zero. The site featured a few campfire spots and covered lean-to's with homemade benches.

Sarah took the ax to chop some kindling for the fire while Rod checked out the snowmobiles. Bristol went into the packs to get out lunch.

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Bristol smiled as she moved her Glock-17 to the side to access lunch packs. She remembered how excited she was on her birthday when she got the Glock. Her best times with Mom and Dad are at the range. Sarah prided herself in her camp skills and quickly had fire started while she chopped more wood pieces.

Another pair of snowmobiles pulled off the trail. Sarah quickly motioned for the young couple to join them. "You sure its OK to join you?" "Shore enough." Replied Sarah with her trademark smile and greeting. That's Bristol getting the food out, we have plenty and Rod will be brewing the coffee. Hi I am Angie and this is my husband Brad.

"Y'all sound like you are from back east." Laughed Sarah, yuking up a Western drawl. "We are but Brad got a job out here and we couldn't be happier to get away from that Eastern bullcrap." "Well sit down and enjoy some good old Alaskan hospitality." There was homemade bread and Venison from game Sarah had shot. "Since we got company, Rod is going to make up a little stew." "You don't&hellip. No problem at all, something warm will hit the spot." Everyone exchanged small talk as they ate.

As they packed up Brad talked with Rod while Sarah and Bristol talked with Angie. Sarah, do you carry a gun? "You Betcha!" which got a laugh from Angie. "How about you Angie." "I have a .38, that's all my husband says I can handle." "Now that's old fashion men bullshit. Bristol has a nice Glock and she handles it just fine.

She shoots better than lot of the boys." "Sarah, I don't know." "What's there to know girl, you're a big girl and you need a Big Girl gun." Laughs all around. "Angie the bad guys have big guns, we have to them too." After some more small talk everyone packed up. Brad and Angie headed down the main trail but Rod, Sarah and Bristol headed up gold camp trail. The going was tough.

It was uphill and the trail had not been broken since the last snow. Luckily everyone was very experienced and they reached their cabin before sunset. The day had been very long and after securing their equipment the made a quick supper. They then checked their weapons going over them closely before turning in.

The bedding was secured in lockers to keep any pests away. Sarah found several bearskin blankets in the lockers to make a warm bedding.

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The cabin was still cold so they snuggled together under the bear skin blankets leaving their clothes on. The room glowed from the light of the fire. Bristol felt her parents bodies tight against her.

"MOM, what are you doing?" Bristol felt Sarah's hand on her shoulder as Sarah kissed her on the cheek and then the mouth. Be calm sweetie, go with the flow, the time has come. Sarah kissed her again and at the same time she felt her Dad's hand on her stomach.

STOP, STOP, Bristol cried as her Dad kissed her neck. She continued to protest but there was little she could do as she lay tight between them.

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Her Mom and Dad continued to kiss her, running their hands over her sweet young body. Quickly her protests weakened. The cabin, the warm glow of the fire, the feeling of togetherness in the wilderness, her parents had chosen the perfect place.

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Bristol couldn't believe this was happening. She felt the uncontrollable urges. She kissed her Mom. She kissed her again full on the mouth.

Sarah's hands reached around her teen daughter running over her butt.


Her Dad had his hands on her breasts. Sandwiched between them, their hands were all over her. Mom pulled off her own jeans. Quickly Bristol pulled hers off.

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"OHHHH." Her Dad was naked from the waist down, she could feel his cock against her. The three squirmed around, Rod's hands reached between Bristol's legs. Bristol moaned with the touch of her fathers hand on her privates. Sarah was kissing Bristol as her hand reached between Bristol's legs. Both her mom and dad's hands were between her legs stroking, probing feeling. Bristol's moans became lounder. They all laughed as Mom rolled over the top of Bristol and Dad. Sarah threw back the bear skin blanket exposing Rod.

Bristol laughed as her Dad was hard as a rock.

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The tension was broken. The three felt at ease with the situation. "Wow, Dad, laughed Bristol.

Are you ready or What?" Sarah spit on her hand and took his cock in her hand. Plenty of room for you she chided Bristol.

Rather meekly Bristol spit on her hand and grabbed his cock above Sarah's hand. They both tugged at his cock watching Rod grimace and smile at the same time. Sarah kissed Bristol as they worked Rod's cock. Watching his wife and daughter make out was driving him nuts. Bristol watched her Mom's breasts, so firm for her age. She couldn't resist kissing and taking one in her other hand began to suck on her Mom' nipple. Watching Bristol suck on Sarah's tit was making Rod crazy. Sarah lowered her bosom to Rod and began teasing his dick with her breasts while Bristol ran her hands up and down his leg.

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Bristol massage your Dad's balls, rub just below them. Sarah kept rubbing her breasts against Rod's cock. Rod got up and guided Sarah to lay down. He straddled her chest a began to rub his cock on her breasts. Sarah moaned as he rubbed his dick head against her nipples. Her nips were as hard and erect as Rod's cock.

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Sarah knew exactly what he wanted. She found the baby oil and oiled up her breasts glistening in the warm light of the fire. "Rod fuck these babies, she laughed." Rod began to slide his cock through Sarah's very firm curvaceous Breasts.

He buried his cock between them.


To Be Continued