3 monster black cocks in 1 arse

3 monster black cocks in 1 arse
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"Danny, are you home?!" My Mom called. I had just returned home from work and had taken a quick shower. I was now standing in front of my bedroom mirror, looking at my naked body.

My tanned skin looked pretty good on me, I'm glad I got it. I'm 14 years old, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I get my eyes from my Mom, hair from my Dad. My uncircumcised 2 inch penis caught my eye. Hair was growing all over it.

Felt. weird.


I put on all my clothes and was about to clean my ears when my Mom called me. I entered my parents dark bedroom to see my Mom on her bed, on her back, nude but her big blanket covering was covering her body, like always.

I have always wanted to peek over her blanket, and see her female body. "What's up?" I asked my Mom hoping not to act weird around her. My Mom looked surprised to see me, "Oh, I was just wondering if you were home or still at work." "I'm in your heart." I smiled as I said that.

My Mom smiled also. My Mom was a beautiful woman, I'm not sexually attracted to her or anything. But I do love her, she's a perfect woman in my opinion. Sweet, kind, nice. She was beautiful on the inside, and on the outside. Even though she was in her early 40's, she still looks better than the MILF's from the Internet.

Her light blonde hair, blue eyes made everyone think Dad was lucky to get her. I'm lucky to have her. I wish. well I shouldn't be wishing or thinking wrongly, but I wish I could maybe have her to myself. My Mom was staring at me and I was staring at her in the dark. She was expecting me to leave her room, and I was expecting to do that also, so maybe she could go back to sleep.

But I felt like I wanted to see what will happen. To test the boundaries between mother and son. And so I held my shirt with my hands and took a deep breath. Then I pulled the shirt up past my stomach and over my head until I stood there topless. My Mom continued to stare at me, not saying anything. Could she even see me in the dark?

Before she can say anything or even think, I grabbed my boxers and pulled them down to reveal my penis which started to become erect. There I was standing nude, in front of my mother's eyes. The room was dark luckily so maybe my Mom couldn't see my nude body.

I walked over to my Mom's bed nervously and sat on the bed and crawled my body under her blanket, sleeping on my back right beside my Mom.

I didn't move for a second to feel the excitement, my heart beating loud as possible. What will my Mom think? I turned my head to the left, and realized my Mom was staring at me.

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Then she started laughing and so did I. Mom and son, naked on the bed together. I started to get an erection and I can see it growing under the blanket. My Mom was watching as well as my penis now made a big bulge through the blanket. I don't know what made me, but I put my whole body under our blanket and crawled in between my Mom's feet.

Then I used my hands and held my Mom's feet and raised her knees. Her knees were really strong, soft and felt spongy.

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I couldn't see anything but I knew what I wanted to do and my mom didn't object. I spread her knees from one-another. And there I was, face to face with my Mom's vagina. I couldn't see much because it was really dark in her blanket, but I put my face in between my mothers legs and pushed my face until my nose accidentally hit her pussy. My Mom let out a moan and still she didn't object or say anything so I let out my tongue.


I pushed until my tongue was licking my Mom's hole and started licking all around it. Actually, I was licking her pubic hairs trying to find her pussy.


"Ue,uh," My Mom groaned surprisingly as I finally licked her pussy. I began kissing her cunt and sticking my tongue all around her pussy. Her pubic hairs kept getting in the way however which sucked.

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"Stop for a sec." My Mom said. I didn't want to stop but my Mom said, "for a sec." She moved her body to her side to reach for her cabinet.

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Afterwards, she opened her cabinet and grabbed something. She held her opened hand under the blanket for me to see a small flashlight. I took it from my Mom and turned it on.

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There I could see my Mom's cute pussy with her pubic hairs. I used my hands to move her pubic hairs out of the way, and there I went. Free of pubes, right into my mom's cunt, licking her pussy and kissing it. My Mom started moaning over and over again, my penis got erect again and I didn't want to stop.

Her pussy tasted very nice and smelled like flowers. I didn't like the stickiness but I guess that's how all pussy's are. "Uh, oh, ya, Uh, oh, uh," My Mom kept moaning out loud. I was licking her hole but decided to move up her pussy. I used the flashlight and my hands to spread her pussy until I thought I saw a small ball at the opening of her pussy.

I leaned over and kissed it and licked it really quickly. "Oh, SHIT!" My Mom said all of a sudden. Then I felt a load of watery - liquid escape from my Mom's pussy right onto my face. It tasted like water but it was kind of sticky. I gave my Mom's pussy one final lick until I felt my penis start to tingle, ready to cum but I didn't want to and held back.

I stopped licking my Mom's pussy and started to climb on her body until we were face to face. Our tits were touching one-another. Our privates were rubbing off each-other, our pubic hairs connected us, and our body felt touched and connected us from head to toe.

I kissed my Mom's lips, hoping she wouldn't get disgusted or anything by such an act. She kissed me back. We started with soft kissing and started french kissing soon afterwards.

I pulled my legs up and down, up and down, hoping my erect penis would find her hole. It took a few tries with my penis always hitting her clit making Mom moan. Then finally, my now erect 6 inch penis found her hole and fit perfectly inside it. I slowly but surely pushed my penis until it was all the way inside. Our pubic bones touched, our pubic hairs inter-locked, and I was inside my mother.

The same place I had come out of 14 years ago. "Oh!" We both groaned. I put my hands on my Mom's boobs and squeezed my Moms breasts and continued to french kiss her. Then I started to push my penis in and out of her pussy slowly at first but speeding up in the process.

My Mom was moving her ass as to match my rhythm. I felt my balls tingling and I felt a load of thick slick gooey cum ejaculate from my penis deep into my Mom's pussy. "UHHHHH," was the final thing Mom and I could say during our french kiss as I came in her cunt. I squeezed her breasts so hard, I pushed my penis all the way inside, and I shoved my tongue down my mothers throat during this process.

Time felt like it had stopped, and I didn't want it to change. We were connected perfectly, in each-others arms, and literally inside of each other. I collapsed on Mom's body and she hugged me so tightly as I finished ejaculating and my penis got soft.

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Everything felt so nice with my Mom. She's always taken care of me and never wanted anything in return, this was the best I could give her for being my Mom.

We didn't have to say another word to another, we have shown how much we loved each-other. Everything was quiet until we heard creaking coming from our hallway. The footsteps were coming more and more closer to us. I quickly looked up at the time and realized Dad was home from work also. Mom was in shock, she just stared at me. I pulled myself off my Mom, grabbed my clothes off the floor and threw them under my Mom's bed. Then I crawled under the bed on my stomach and took a deep breath.I watched as the bedroom door opened and I saw my Dad's socks and jeans.

"Honey, I'm home!" My Dad said aloud.

"Hey, hun!" My Mom said back to Dad. "Is Danny home?" Dad asked my Mom. "He came home, and went for a walk in the apartment." Wow, my Mom was a good liar. I really hoped Dad would believe it.

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"Okay, well, You're all sweaty, take a shower after I'm done." My Dad said to my Mom. Dad then went into the washroom and started the shower. I waited until I heard the water hit something other than the tub when I crawled from under the bed.

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I stood up, turned around, and looked at my Mom once again. I went up to her and pecked her on the lips before leaving her room.