Newly married young indian wife feeling shy when her hubby recording her naked

Newly married young indian wife feeling shy when her hubby recording her naked
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This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion.

I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag. Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples. Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, except for a small area of hair above her clit.

Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited. I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape.

My best attribute was my cock. I am over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head.

What my wife, and other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when `flaccid', and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes. This story is true, with some alterations like names and dates. I also took some liberty to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on. Everything that she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented. Enjoy: 03 Carole's Training: (M/F, M+/F, Wife, Exhib) I love my wife.

The more time I spent with her, after the wedding, the more she learned. I taught her how she could be herself and why it was okay for her to be herself. The week after our honeymoon was amazing. The sex was outstanding in every way. She was astounded at how long I could keep going.

Even after I came, I could continue to fuck her. She had multiple orgasms each time we had sex. She started to discover how much she enjoyed being dominated. I would 'order' her to do something, maybe even yell at her, and a chill would run down her spine. Sometimes, I could even see some goosebumps rise up all over her body. A couple of times, I tied her hands to the bed posts and fucked her.

She loved it. I took her out a couple times that week and made her show her tits. When we went out, I wouldn't let her wear a bra and make her unbutton her shirt so far down that her tits were so exposed that her areola could be seen. All the men around us couldn't keep their eyes off of her.

She loved all the attention and the whole thing turned her on. She didn't know it but her world was about to change. It was going to be hard on her, but when it was done, she never wanted to go back.

That first Sunday, after the honeymoon, I took her out to dinner and told her we were going to meet someone after. I wouldn't tell her where or with whom, but I had a huge grin on his face. She trusted me, so she just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

It was a beautiful night and the roof was down, so she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the evening. We pulled up into a long driveway that led to a large house. It was a mansion by anyone's definition. "You know this guy?" she asked, surprised by the extravagance of the house and yard. "Just by talking to him on the phone," I admitted. "Well, and by reputation. He is highly recommended." She wasn't sure what that meant, but she let it go.

A large man, the Butler, met us at the door and led us to a large room. "Please, have a seat Sir," he pointed at the two large leather chairs. "The Master will be right in." The Butler didn't even look at Carole before he left the room. We sat down in the chairs. A couple minutes later, the Master came in the room. He was an old man, bent and feeble looking.

He walked with a cane. Slowly he walked over to Carole. "Get out of my chair," he said in a commanding voice. "I'm sorry," she said, getting out of the chair. "I didn't know…" "Don't speak to me without my permission," the Master said angrily.

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She walked over and stood next to me. "Obviously, she needs training," the Master told me. "That's why I'm here," I said with a smile. "I am so happy that you have decided to take her on. I am very appreciative, and understand all the rules." "So you know that she will be here for four weeks and that she will be required to complete every phase of the training?" "Yes," I responded, looking up at her surprised face.

"Wait, what?" She said, with some concern. "What have I told you about talking without permission," the old man yelled. He turned back to me. "This will obviously be a challenge with such a stupid girl, but a deal is a deal." I stood and shook the Master's hand. "Thank you. Will you call me when you are done, or do I call you?" "We will call you when the training is complete." The Master looked over at Carole. "You can take her clothing with you.

She won't be needing them." "Thank you again," I said. He walked over to Carole. She was in a panic. "But…" I held my finger up to her lips.

"Shhh," I hushed her. "Do everything you are told. Don't worry, we have the rest of our lives to enjoy what you will learn here." I held my hand out. "Give me your clothes." Even though she was scared to death, she took off all her clothes and gave them to me. I stepped back and looked Carole up and down. "God, you are so beautiful." Then I took ahold of her and kissed her. When I released her I said, "See you in a couple weeks. Have fun." I turned and left the room.

**The rest is as remembered by Carole** A minute later, the Butler returned and walked over to her. "Come with me, you slut," the Butler said. He turned and walked towards the door. What he called her stung a little, but she followed. He led her down a long hallway, into the kitchen area and down a back staircase. At the bottom of the dark staircase was a big wooden door. The Butler opened it and went in. A huge room opened up in front of her. Along both sides of the room were small cells.

They had bars and a jail door. Inside each was a small bed, a table with a mirror and a chair. At one end of each cell was a toilet. The two cells on the right were empty, but the first one on the left was full. There were naked men everywhere.

As the Butler led me passed the room, I saw what was going on. On the bed was a blonde woman. Her arms were tied to the headboard of the bed.ropes around her wrists tied to each of the top bedposts.

There was a large man on top of her, fucking her. He was pounding into her so hard, the movement made the bed springs squeak and the bedframe bang loudly against the wall. The other men in the cell all watched, obviously waiting their turn. SHE couldn't tell how many men were in there, but the place was full with even more men waiting outside the cell.

The men were of all shapes and sizes. There were tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, fat ones.Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.all kinds were in line. Several of them turned and looked at her, smiling and looking up and down her naked body. Carole stopped for a second as the blonde turned and looked towards her.

The woman's face was laced with dried, and wet, cum. Her expression was void, she had a glazed over look in her eyes. Carole wasn't even sure she saw her. The Butler pushed her into the cell next to the blonde's and closed the door with a metallic clang. The room was stark and barren. The floor was cold on her bare feet. "Make up your bed," the Butler told her. "Someone will be back in the morning to get you to start your training." Carole sat down on the bed.

The sex in the cell next to her continued. The wall next to her was being pounded. The sound reverberated around her cell. Carole could hear the girl moan and the men grunt as they released their seed into or on her.

Carole tried to ignore it as she made her bed and then sat down. She looked around the cell with tears forming in her eyes. She didn't really understand what was happening. How could I leave her here? We had only been married for two weeks and I sent her to this place. For what? What was happening? She started to cry. It was late when she climbed under the covers and tried to sleep. She didn't sleep well. Frequently, she was woken up by the intense banging of the blonde's bed against their shared wall, or the talking and laughing of the men, or just the sounds of continuous sloppy sex.

Finally, however, she drifted off into a fitful sleep. In her dreams Carole saw a man sitting in the cell with her. It startled her awake. Then she discovered it wasn't a dream. When she opened her eyes, she saw a large man was sitting in the chair in her cell, staring at her. Surprised, Carole instinctively grabbed the sheets and pulled them up around her neck. The man frowned and scolded her. "Stop that," he said harshly. "Push the covers back down. Uncover your tits." Slowly, she complied.

"That's right, expose yourself to me. You must learn that your body is not yours. It belongs to your Master and whomever your Master gives it to." He stopped for a second and then continued. "Push them down further. That's right, push them all the way off. Spread your legs, show me your pussy." She followed instructions. "You are very young, beautiful, and sexy. You will be enjoyed." The man stood. "Get out of bed and follow me." Carole followed the man, who she would soon find out was her main Trainer, as he led her out of the dungeon.

In the cell next to hers, the blonde was still tied to her bed with another man on top of her. There weren't as many men in her cell, but there were still a couple waiting for their turn. Carole's Trainer led her up the stairs and into a small gymnasium. "Every morning at six, you will come up here and follow a strict workout regimen. This is your Fitness Instructor," her Trainer said as he pointed at a man sitting on a weight bench. "He will show you what to do." The Fitness Instructor walked over to Carole as her Trainer turned and left the room.

He walked around her, measuring her up. Then he started running his hands all over her naked body. He squeezed her ass and said, "Nice. Young and firm." He lifted her breasts with his hands and commented, "Natural and still firm." After several minutes of fondling, he finally stepped back and said, "Let's begin." For the next hour, he ran her through a rigorous workout, working every part of her body.

For the final set of exercises, he made her lay back on a bench, with her butt at the edge of the bench, and spread her legs. Dropping his sweatpants, he moved up between her legs and got down onto his knees. Carole gasped as he slowly inserted his hard cock into her. He didn't stop until he was all the way inside me, then he said, "Squeeze my dick." She barred down and squeezed her pussy around him.

For the next couple minutes, he made her clamp down on his cock for a second and then release. She quickly got more proficient at it, gaining more control as she practiced. "That's right," he said. "Keep doing it." As she continued, he started to pull himself out of her. When he was almost out, he pushed it back in. She kept it up as he started to fuck her faster.

It wasn't long before he pulled all the way out of her and shot his load onto her stomach. She was concentrating too hard to really enjoy it, but she must have done something right.or so she thought. "You will have to work on that," he said, standing. "You need that to be second nature. Remember, your sole purpose in life is to provide pleasure. Practice it." He turned and left the room. The Butler came in a second later, right on cue. "Follow me," he turned and walked.

She followed. He led her to the shower room. It was a large open shower, like an old gym would have. The entire room was tiled with a central pole with shower heads and temperature handles. "Clean up," he told her. "When you are done with your shower, go through there," he pointed to an adjoining room. "You will find everything you need in there." She turned on one of the showerheads and started cleaning herself up.

All of a sudden, two men burst into the shower room carrying the blonde from the cell next to mine. She looked exhausted. She was walking bow-legged and could barely stand on her own.

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She was covered in dried cum. The two men put her down on the floor and then turned the cold water on her. She yelled out in shock. The men laughed as they left. Feeling sorry for her, Carole reached around and quickly turned off the water.

"You okay?" she asked. She struggled to her feet. "Yeah, I'm okay." She turned the water back on, this time at a reasonable temperature. Carole finished her shower and went into the other room to dry off and fix her hair. The blonde came in a couple minutes later. "You new here?" she asked. "Yes, today is my first day," Carole acknowledged.

"Then take it from me," she said. "Do what they tell you to do. The punishment for not complying is much worse that doing it in the first place." Carole just nodded.

She watched the girl as she dried herself off. She was really pretty. Long blonde hair, all the way down to her ass, pretty face, and nice sized tits, with big thick nipples. Then Carole saw her tattoos. On her left shoulder, on the back, were the words, 'Born to Fuck' and in the small of her back were the words, 'Property of Frankie.' The Butler came in a couple minutes later.

The training was to start immediately, so was the sex. "Come on, bitch, follow me." He turned around and started back up the stairs. Carole followed him back up to the kitchen.

There was another man there, the Cook. He was busy with cleaning and didn't turn around until the Butler spoke. "Here is our new slut trainee," he said. The Cook turned. With a huge smile on his face the Cook said, "Oh, nice." His hand reached out and touched her left breast.

Carole recoiled slightly in surprise. "What the fuck?" The Butler yelled. "You will NEVER deny a man. Ever! Understand?" His yelling shocked and scared her. Carole nodded. "Yes," she mumbled. "You say, 'Yes, Sir,'" the Butler yelled.

"Yes, Sir," Carole repeated. The Cook's hand returned to her breast. He picked it up slightly and squeezed. "You are going to be fun," he said, smiling at her. Carole hadn't noticed, but the Butler had unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He moved up behind her and pushed her shoulders forward, bending her over slightly.

The move made her tits hang, which the Cook appreciated. He started playing with them both. The Butler took hold of her hips and pushed his hard cock up into her from behind. Almost instinctively, her right hand went down to her pussy. Carole started rubbing her clit. "No," the Butler scolded. "Only when you are allowed to," he took her hands and pulled them to the small of her back. He held onto her wrists as he pounded into her.

The Butler was skilled. The sex felt wonderful to her and he brought her oh so close to orgasm, but she just couldn't. He lasted a long time before he finally started to cum. As soon as he started, he pulled his big cock out of her and shot his load up her back. "My turn," the Cook said, his hands finally leaving her tits.

He turned her around, keeping her bent over, and pushed his cock into her wet open pussy. He too grabbed her arms and held them just like the Butler had. The Cook lasted as long as the Butler. This fucking with no relief was starting to make her horny.

Carole was moaning loudly and hoping they would eventually let her cum, but they didn't. Instead, the Cook added his hot cum to the Butler's on her back. Cum ran down her back, pooled in her lower back and then ran down her sides and her ass. They both stood back and looked at her. Carole was flush. Her face was red. Her nipples were hard and swollen. Her pussy tingled, its lips red and distended. God, she wanted to cum. That feeling would only get worse and more intense. "So, what do you think?" The Cook asked the Butler as they both stood there, staring at her naked body.

"Nice body but mediocre performance," the Butler responded. "She'll get better after some training, though." He smiled. "They always do," the Cook smiled back. "Come on, slut," the Butler said. "I need to show you your responsibilities." The Butler told her that after her shower she was supposed to serve the Master his breakfast.

After he was done, s had to clean the dishes off the table. When the table was clean, she could eat her breakfast in the kitchen. Then she had to clean the kitchen. Finally, when the kitchen was cleaned to the Cook's satisfaction, she was to begin her training.

Carole's Trainer came into the kitchen and went with her as she, still naked, carried out the Master's breakfast and poured his coffee.

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He didn't even look at her. It was like she didn't even exist. The Trainer followed her as she worked and corrected her as she went. "You will never address a man, unless the man addresses you first," he told her. "If you speak, you will always add Sir, Ma'am, Master, or Mistress to your response.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir," she answered. After breakfast, Carole cleaned up the table and took the dishes into the kitchen. She ate her breakfast and then started washing all the dishes in the sink.

As she leaned over the sink, the Cook, who had been watching her, came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He started grinding his crotch into her naked ass. She stopped washing, not sure what was expected of her. "What are you doing?" he said. "Get on with it. Wash the fucking dishes." At the same time, she heard him unzip his pants. As soon as Carole started back, he bent her forward slightly and pushed his stiff cock back up inside her.

It was hard to keep washing the dishes as the man fucked her. Carole's body reacted to the sex, while she tried to keep her concentration on her chore. Using her for his pleasure, he came inside her and then left her to finish the dishes. As soon as she was done, she turned to see that the Trainer was sitting on a stool at the other end of the kitchen, watching the whole time.

The Butler was standing next to him and wearing a huge smile. The Trainer looked at him and nodded. It was the Butler's turn. Again, Carole was bent over the kitchen counter. The Butler used her.

Carole was led back down to the shower room and the Trainer told her to clean up. He continued to watch her. By now she was so sexually frustrated that she was shaking and she couldn't even pleasure herself. He was watching.

After Carole was dried off and her hair was fixed, the Trainer took her upstairs and into a room that was set up as a photography studio. "Do what he tells you to do," the Trainer told her and left. For the rest of the afternoon, Carole was taken through a myriad of different positions by the Photographer. It started out pretty calm at first, with her just standing or sitting in a normal pose, but then got more and more lewd. He made her cup her tits in her hands and then pinch and pull on her nipples.

He made her lick each of her nipples. He moved her into different sex positions, making sure that everything was exposed. The session took a couple hours and he took several hundred pictures. When he was finally done, he called the Trainer back to pick her up.


"She cooperate?" the Trainer asked. "Yeah, she did okay," the Photographer responded. "Well, did you thank the man?" the Trainer asked her.

Confused, Carole shook her head. "Then do it," the Trainer said impatiently. Still puzzled, she just looked at him. "God, you are stupid," the Trainer "Get on your knees and suck him off," he yelled.

The Photographer just stood there and smiled. Carole dropped to her knees in front of him as he unzipped his pants. She reached in and pulled out his hard cock. She sucked it until he came in her mouth. Carole swallowed and looked up at him. "Thank you, Sir," she said. Carole didn't know it, but these initial photos were going to be the start of a very large collection by me. After this initial photo session, the Photographer frequently visited and took candid shots of her during her training.

At the end of each week, I would get a delivery of a large collection of photographs. After dinner that night, Carole was given instruction on how to stand in front of a man. She stood there naked, head bowed, looking down at the floor, her back straight, boobs pushed out, presented, wrists crossed behind her in the small of her back, feet shoulder width apart.

He instructed her on the rules of the rules of the house. "You are not allowed to wear any clothing in this house, unless specifically instructed to do so," the Trainer told her. "You will never refuse a man's advances, no matter what the demand. Your body belongs to the Master of this house and he has ordered you to be completely available to everyone. You will follow every rule and every instruction to the letter. You will always be subservient to everyone and do what you are told.

You are just a sex toy, a piece of meat, you are here for the pleasure of others. You will keep yourself clean and fully shaved at all times. All of your holes will be ready for sex at all times. You are not allowed to pleasure yourself at any time without express permission." He paused for a second. "Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir," she responded. "Do you submit completely?" "Yes, Sir." He sent her to bed.

The rest of the week was getting into the rhythm of things. Every morning stated with exercise, which included the cock squeezing exercises. Carole was to increase the speed and intensity as she got better at it. After breakfast and clean up, which always involved the Cook and the Butler bending her over the sink or counter and fucking her, she was taken by the Trainer to a room to learn and practice her slave positions.

The first lessons were on standing positions. A position of attention, a waiting position and a couple of inspection positions. The first two were pretty much just standing there, but the inspection was very open and felt very vulnerable. Carole stood facing him with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. He brought in all the house staff to look at her and comment. The photographer took pictures.

The men put their hands on her and groped her. The Butler ran his fingers back and forth over her pussy. When his fingers parted her lips, she shuddered. "There will be none of that," the Trainer scolded. "You will not cum until I tell you to." Since Carole had arrived, even though she had been fucked many times, she had not been allowed an orgasm. She was getting very frustrated. They were teasing her and they knew it.

The Trainer told her to turn around with the command of, "Wall." Carole turned and faced the wall, legs spread and her hands on the wall. Again, they inspected her and commented. "Nice ass," the Cook said, with his hand firmly on her left cheek. Carole was also taught the proper seated and kneeling positions. Most of her time was on her knees with her hands resting on her thighs, palms facing up towards the ceiling, but sometimes she had her hands behind her head, which was more of a kneeling inspection position.

Resting position was her sitting cross-legged with her hands in her lap. Then Carole was taught a couple of hands and knees positions. The Trainer had her in the Table position for some time as he sat in a chair and put his feet on her back.

She stayed there, on her hands and knees, until he released her. She also spent a lot of time in the Humble position. On her knees with her arms pushed out in front of her on the floor and her face to the floor.

This position raised her butt up into the air and was very exposed feeling. There were several more, mostly variations of the same. Carole practiced them all until she could quickly get into whatever position the Trainer called for.

As she practiced them throughout the week, she became more and more comfortable with them and with the men watching and commenting. The only problem Carole had was that she was not allowed to cum that entire first week. It wasn't until Sunday night that she finally got some satisfaction. Carole was brought into the living room, where the house staff had gathered and she was given a large dildo and told to masturbate. She didn't care that they all watched her, she needed to cum so badly.

They stopped her after she had cum five times in front of them. The second week of training started on Monday. This time, after breakfast, Carole was led to a Master's limo and taken to an Adult Bookstore. Still completely naked, she was not sure what was happening, as she got out of the car.

The Trainer and the Photographer took her in through the back door and told to wait in a movie booth. Carole sat on a stool. At one end of the long room was a screen, to watch porno movies. Along both side walls were several holes at crotch level. The photographer set up a movie camera at the doorway of the room. When he said he was ready, men started pushing their cocks through the holes in the walls. The Trainer gave her instructions.

"Suck them one at a time until you have sucked the all. Take their cum on your tits. Understand?" Carole was a little shocked at the order, but knew better than to disobey.

"Yes, Sir," she said. One at a time, she sucked off each man until they were ready to cum. She pointed the bursting cocks at her chest as she pumped their cocks with her hand. She took each of their loads on her tits. By the time she finished all twelve of them, her mouth and jaw were very sore and her tits were covered with cum. Carole was taken back out of the store and into the waiting car, but this time went out the front door.

The store was full of male customers who all stared as she walked naked through the store. The Trainer paraded her for all to see through the parking lot, around the building and into the car. The Trainer gave her his critique on the way back to the Master's house. "You need to work harder," he told her. "When you suck cock, you will deep-throat each, understand?" "Yes, Sir," she replied. "Good," he said with a smile. "You are going to get plenty of practice, so you will get better.

You are going to do this every day from now until training ends." That shocked her. Carole was going to have to give a dozen blowjobs to complete strangers every morning for the next three weeks.

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The Trainer saw the concern on her face and smiled. "The life of a sex slave," is all he said. After a slave position refresher, Carole was told to go out into the back yard and sun herself. Even though the huge back yard was fenced in, the neighbors all had two story mansions and anyone in the second story of those houses could see her.

She laid down next to the pool and got some sun. Right after lunch, the Trainer put her back in the car and took her to a clothing optional beach. It was not optional for her, however. Nude, she was paraded up and down the beach in front of everyone. "Your body is always available for viewing," the Trainer told her. "Never deny anyone from seeing it. You are here to be exposed. Your body was made to be shown and seen." Several times, he stopped and put sunblock on her, rubbing it all over her body with his hands.

He kept her out there all afternoon. Around dinner time, he took her back to the car and drove her to a beachside bar.

"Here, put these on," he said, handing her a pair of shorts and a shirt. In the car, she put them both on. When she got out, he inspected her. "That will do," he said, looking at her. The shorts were really short and tight and the shirt was a tank top that had been shortened with some scissors. The shirt was barely long enough to cover her boobs.

From the right angle, it was easy to see up the shirt. He took her into the bar. We sat at a center table and ordered some drinks. The Owner of the bar came over and greeted the Trainer. They obviously were old friends. "Your newest trainee?" the Owner asked. The Trainer nodded. "Nice," the Owner said. "Bring her here for the contest?" "Yeah," the Trainer said.

"Think she will do okay," the Trainer reached over and lifted her shirt, exposing her tits. The Owner's eyes lit up and he smiled.


"Yeah, looks like it." When the trainer let go of her shirt it didn't fall back down completely. The right side just stayed up on top of her boob. Her nipple was completely exposed. "Don't you dare move that," the Trainer warned. The men at the tables around them all smiled and watched.

Turned out it didn't matter that it was up because every time she took a drink, the shirt came up with her arm and exposed most of both nipples anyway. After they ate dinner, the Owner returned to our table and handed her a white t-shirt.

"Put that on," the Trainer told her. Carole turned to get up, but he stopped her. "No, right here," he said. She looked around at all the men looking at her. Slowly, she pulled her tank top up and replaced it with the t-shirt. There were smiling men all around her. The Owner said, "Come with me." Carole followed him into a back room, behind the stage, where she was left with several other girls. Each of them was wearing white t-shirts.

The shirts were all very thin, to the point of being almost transparent. A few minutes later, they were all called out onto the stage. One at a time, they were told to stand in a small kiddie pool and water was poured down their chests. The men in the audience all cheered and clapped as the t-shirts became invisible and their tits were completely exposed.

After parading around the stage several times, the audience all voted. Disappointedly, Carole came in second place. After the show, the Trainer took her back home.

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The next morning was the same routine, exercise, kitchen duties, bent over by the staff, taken out to suck a dozen cocks, this time her face was the cum target, and then put on display for the neighbors. After lunch, they went back out to the Adult Store.

Keeping her naked, the Trainer walked her into the store and over to the lingerie isle. As you can imagine, all the men in the place followed them over there. For the next couple hours, the Trainer had her try on lingerie. Carole was never allowed to go into a dressing room.

Instead, she was forced to try on each article in front of everyone in the store. After she took off the last item, the Trainer gave her the ones he wanted to buy and made her follow him up to the counter. On the way through the crowd, several of the men touched her body. She had hands all over her. They groped her ass and her tits.

One guy even followed her up to the counter with his finger up her pussy. When the Trainer turned to look at him, he quickly pulled it out of her.

All the groping and attention at the store made her hot, but Carole was not allowed to pleasure herself that evening. She went to bed frustrated. The next morning and every morning from then on was the same. From then on, Carole was to swallow all the loads of the glory hole men.

After lunch that day, she was given those same shorts and tank top to wear. The Trainer took her out to an afternoon showing at a local porno theater.

When they entered the theater, the movie was already playing. It was dark and they stood at the entrance for a couple minutes until their eyes adjusted. When he could see around the theater, the Trainer gave her instructions. "See those two men," he said, pointing. There were two guys sitting in the middle of the theater, with a single seat between them. "Yes, Sir," she said. "Go sit between them." Following instruction, Carole walked up the aisle.

Carole said, "Excuse me," as she stepped over the first man and then sat down between the two of them. Both of them looked at her and smiled. Then they went back to watching the movie. On the screen was a girl getting fucked doggy-style. The men next to her were trying not to be obvious, but she saw them both taking quick looks at her during the show.

Carole hadn't seen him, but the Trainer had moved into the seat directly behind her. She felt a pair of hands move onto her shoulders. Even though it was a surprise, she didn't respond. The fingers started to stroke her neck and then slowly they both moved down her chest. The two guys next to her saw the hands and looked back at the Trainer behind her. Then they smiled and looked back at her as the Trainer's hands slowly pulled her tank top up exposing her chest.

The two men took full advantage of her uncovered tits. After a second of hesitation, they each grabbed one and started to fondle it. When the Trainer lifted her shirt up over her head, Carole had to lift her arms so he could pull it all the way off.

Topless, she put her arms back down. The Trainer sat back and let the rest happen. The man on her left, leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked and licked it. The man on her right rolled her other nipple with his fingers. He leaned in and kissed her. Carole kissed him back. Then he took her hand and put it on his crotch. She could feel his hard cock through his pants. He let go of her tit and unzipped his pants.

Carole started to stroke his hard cock with her hand. When the other man saw what she was doing, he wanted it too. He unzipped his jeans and made her do the same to him. Then he went back to sucking on her tit. A couple minutes later, the man to her left put his hand behind her head and pulled her face down onto his cock.

Carole took his cock into her mouth and started sucking. When she deep-throated him, he let out a loud moan and shot his load into her throat.

Carole was getting good at distinguishing the different cum tastes and this man tasted great, like he had just eaten some candy or something. It was sweet. After she had sucked all the cum up out of his shaft, she sat back up and smiled at the man.

The other man quickly pulled her down onto him. The act was repeated. Carole sucked the second man dry in a couple minutes. She sat up again. The Trainer leaned forward and said, "Let's go." He stood.

Carole got up, still topless, and stepped over the man next to her. She followed the Trainer out of the theater and into the parking lot. Carole remained topless all the way back to the Master's house, but as soon as we got in the door, she had to drop her shorts and remain naked. Again, Carole went to bed frustrated. All the sucking she was doing during the day made her hot, but she got no relief at all.

After the usual morning, the Trainer took her to a local strip club. Again, the Trainer knew the Owner. The Trainer just handed her over to the man. After the owner looked over her naked body, he told her that she was going to work at the club as a waitress for the afternoon and evening.

He gave her a white bustier with matching panties, garters and belt. When Carole put it on, in front of the men of course, everyone saw that the top of the bustier was too small and the top of her areolas peeked out. "Perfect," the Owner told her and sent her out to train with one of the other girls. A couple hours later, Carole was working by herself. For the rest of the afternoon and that evening, she worked in lingerie in front of dozens of men.

she was constantly gawked at, propositioned, and occasionally groped. By the end of the evening, Carole was totally comfortable dressed that way in front of strange men.

The next afternoon Carole was taken back to the same club, only this time she was given dance instructions. By that evening, Carole was a featured dancer on the center stage. It was a Friday night and the club was packed as she stripped for the crowd. Carole really enjoyed turning on all those men.

She was proud that they all liked her body and looking at her, and she was surprised at the amount of money she made, even though everything she earn went to the Owner. Carole had a great time that night being 'objectified' by all those men. She knew they all wanted to fuck her, to use her, they didn't see her as anything other than a sex object and Carole loved it.

She was so turned on and hot when she got back to the house she could barely stand it. That night Carole couldn't sleep, all she could think about was being in the middle of all those men. Them having their way with her. Being completely under their control. The next morning came early.

After her normal morning routine, Carole was told to stay in the kitchen and help prepare. The Master had a party planned for that evening. Before the first guest arrived, Carole was given instruction on what to wear and what her job was going to be during the gathering.

She prepared herself. She opened the door for the first guest at around seven-thirty. It was a well-dressed couple. They both smiled as they looked her over. Carole was completely naked except for a pair of thong panties. The panties were tiny, barely covering her shaven pussy and with only a string up the crack of her ass.

She stood in the waiting position, looking down at the floor as the couple passed her. The next twenty or so guests were all about the same. They didn't talk to her, she just welcomed them and stood there so they could view her body.

After all the guests had arrived, Carole was taken back into the kitchen and was told to prepare to serve drinks. The Butler put a leather collar around her neck.

He then took her arms and cuffed her wrists behind her back. The Cook brought over a metal tray and pushed it up against her stomach. The back of the tray had a strap that buckled around her torso and then straps up her back that attached to the back of the collar. The front of the tray had chains that attached to the front of her collar.

The end result was a tray that could hold drinks without her holding onto it. Carole's naked tits hovered above the tray as she took different mixed drinks around the crowded house. After a while, the guests started to touch her. As she stood and served a drink to one couple, the man behind her ran his hand down her ass. He cupped the cheek and squeezed. Carole stayed still until he was done, then she moved on with the tray.

As Carole worked her way around the room, the last two drinks she had were served to a distinguished couple. As she turned to go, the man said, "Wait." she turned back towards him. "Yes, Sir?" "You are married," he said. "Yes, Sir," Carole replied. "Good," the man said. "He sent you to training?" "Yes, Sir." "So, he knows what you having done to you here and he doesn't mind?" "He probably likes it," the woman added, with a little grin. "You think that is true?" the man asked.

"You think your husband likes you going through all this training? To learn how to be a slut? To get fucked by all those men? You think he wants that?" "Yes, Sir, I think so," SHE replied. "How old are you?" "Nineteen," SHE replied.

"How long have you been married?" He asked. "About a month." The lady started to laugh. "Girl, how many men have had you?" the man asked. "Uh, I'm not sure, Sir. A lot." "So, you like to fuck?" "Yes, Sir." "That's good," the man said. He turned to the woman with him.

"I am going to call this slut's husband and see if we can use her." The woman just smiled and then waved Carole away. Carole continued serving drinks the rest of the night. She was constantly groped as she did. The next week started the same. Workout, breakfast, bent over, blowjobs at the store, but after lunch it changed. That Monday, Carole was taken into a room with a large bed in it. The Trainer took her over to it and she climbed on. For the next couple hours, the Trainer took her through position after position.

He started with oral, then moved on to vaginal, then ended with anal sex positions. He got up off the bed. "You will master each of these positions and more," he told her. He turned to go, leaving her on the bed. As he left, three naked men entered the room.

For the next hour or so, the men made Carole give them deepthroat blowjobs. The photographer was there to capture the action. The photographs of her neck bulging from cocks were amazing. The movie camera captured her sucking as well. After the last man came in her mouth, Carole faced the camera and said, "I love the taste of cum." The men left, but was replaced by another man.

This man spent his time with her fucking her pussy. Carole, to her relief, was allowed to cum as the man fucked her. He lasted forever, moving her from position to position. He finally finished on her back as she was on her hands and knees. The next man ass-fucked her. He expertly moved her from position to position as the cameras captured everything. By the time he was done, Carole was exhausted, sweaty, and gasping for air. The man left and the Trainer came back in.

Carole looked up at him as he smiled down at her. "I see that you are enjoying this," he said. "That is okay, but you must remember who is the important one here. It is not you. You don't matter. Your job, your sole purpose in life, is to make the others happy. You will do whatever you are told and you will do it with all your energy and enthusiasm. The Trainer climbed onto the bed and straddled her stomach. He moved up and laid his cock between her sweaty tits.

"Push them together," the man told her. She pushed her tits around his cock. He tit-fucked her. "Open your mouth," he said as he reached climax. She looked down at it and opened her mouth just in time to receive his first spurt. He was a great aim. The rest of his load all went into her mouth and she swallowed. For the rest of the week, Carole spent each afternoon on that bed with different men.

The men worked her into every position and fucked her. In the evenings, she would get tit-fucked or give hand-jobs. Her days were filled with sex. She had lost track of the days by the end of the third week. The fourth week came, however, and she saw the change of schedule. Everything she had learned was still drilled. She had to perform everything each day, but after lunch things changed. On Monday, Carole was taken to the bedroom and was given to two men.

The men, whom she had never seen before, fucked her one after the other. When the second was done, the first came back for more.

The men lasted all afternoon. Carole had a great time with them as they used her. Tuesday, two different men showed up in the bedroom. These two didn't wait for each other. Instead, Carole was moved into a doggy position and while one man mounted her from behind, the other pushed his cock into her mouth. The men took their time. They turned her around several times, each of them fucking each orifice several times before they finally came.

Wednesday afternoon, Carole was met with two different men. This time, the men waisted no time. One man pulled her down on top of him and pushed his cock up into her pussy as the other man climbed on top and shoved his cock right up her ass.

They took her hard. Carole worked hard to make sure the two men had the best experience she could give them. By the end of the afternoon, the men were totally satisfied with her performance. Thursday afternoon, Carole was greeted by three men.

The men took her one at a time. Two men relaxed as she was taken by the third. All afternoon, Carole was fucked. After dinner, she gave some hand-jobs and was tit-fucked a couple times.

Friday afternoon, three different men met her in the bedroom. As soon as she climbed onto the bed, the three men were on her. A minute later, she was air tight. The men all moved around her, moving to a different position every couple minutes. They worked her holes over all afternoon.

Finally, Saturday afternoon, when Carole went into the bedroom, she was met with five men. "Present yourself," one of the men yelled. Carole immediately moved into position. The men moved up around her. The ever-present Camera Man moved around and took photos. "This is going to be fun," one of the men said as he moved around behind her. A man grabbed her ass. "Nice and tight," he said.

"Yeah, young and firm," said another as he squeezed her right tit. "I'm so glad your husband has sent you here," one of them said. "He's going to be very happy with the result," another man laughed. "I don't care about that," another said.

"I just want to fuck the bitch." The man grabbed her and pushed her over to the bed. She fell back onto it and the man followed her.

He climbed on top of her. Her legs spread. He rammed his stiff cock into her pussy. She gasped outloud. "Share the slut," another man complained. The man on Carole rolled over, bringing her with him.

Now on top of the man, Carole felt another man move up behind her. The man grabbed her hips and held her still for a second as he pushed his cock deep into her tight ass. Carole let out a little squeal as she was butt-fucked. One of the other men moved around in front of her and pushed his cock into her face.

She opened her mouth and took it in. For the next several hours, the five men used Carole. They were rough and didn't care about her at all. Her face, tits and ass were all slapped. He nipples were bit, twisted, and tugged on. Some time around midnight, Carole was on top of one of the men as the others all watched.

The man sucked on her sore swollen nipple as she moved up and down on his cock. One of the other men said, "Go ahead." "Yeah, do it," said another. Carole, didn't pay any attention to them, instead concentrated on making the man fucking her happy. When she felt a man climb on and move up behind her, she stopped moving, expecting the man to shove his cock up her ass. The man, instead, put his cock down next to the other cock and pushed forward. Carole gasped loudly as the man forced his way into her already occupied pussy.

"Oh, my God," she groaned. The men watching laughed and cheered. "Oh, fuck that's tight," the man behind her gasped. The two men started fucking her together. Carole moaned loudly as they forced her open and spread her wide. "Hold still," the Camera Man said. He moved in quickly and took several snaps of Carole's full pussy.

"Okay," he said, letting them go back to fucking her. A couple minutes later, the two men started to cum. Carole cried out as the two cocks inside her swelled and exploded. Finished, the man behind her pulled out and got up off the bed. The man under her pushed her off him. She fell onto her stomach on the bed. The Camera Man moved up and took several pictures of her wide spread leaking pussy.

"You gotta try that," one of the men said. Two men got on the bed with Carole. She was almost a limp doll as one man pulled her up on top of him.

The man easily pushed his cock into her wet loose pussy. The other man moved up and pushed his cock into her as well. Carole groaned as she was double-penetrated again. The man under her pushed her up and looked at her face. "What the fuck are you doing?" he said. "Fuck us, bitch." The man slapped her face. Carole started to slowly respond. Not fast enough, though, for the man under her. He pulled one of her tits up to his mouth and bit down hard on the nipple.

Carole gasped in pain. She responded by moving up and down on the two cocks inside her. It wasn't long before the cocks exploded inside her. The two men pushed her off of them and got up. Carole just laid on the bed, on her stomach. The last man moved up next to the bed. "Well, I guess you only left me one thing to do," he said with a smile. He climbed onto the bed and on top of Carole. A minute later, he was butt-fucking her hard and fast.

Carole squealed weakly as he finally shot his hot load up into her. The men then moved Carole into the middle of the bed. They took her arms and legs and spread them wide. For the rest of the night, the five of them took turns butt-fucking the spread-eagle girl. Any time it looked like she was not fully awake or participating to their satisfaction, they would slap her on the ass. By morning, Carole was exhausted, covered with cum, and very sore all over. When the Trainer told her to get out of bed, she stumbled and almost fell.

"Go take a shower," the Trainer told her. She stumbled into the shower room. After she was cleaned up, she was taken out to the limo. Not knowing where they were going, Carole just sat back and let it all happen. By now, she was completely submissive. She just gave up control and let whatever was going to happen, happen. She didn't even look out the window when they stopped. Still naked, she got out of the car. It was then that she realized that she was home. She thought about running up to me when she saw me, but she quickly thought better of it.

I stood in the open doorway and waited. The Trainer and I shook hands. "The Master believes she is ready to be returned to you," he told me. He turned and looked at Carole, who was still standing naked behind him on the porch. She stood, head bowed, looking down at the ground, with her hands behind her back. "Please come in," I offered. I turned to the side to allow them in. Carole followed the Trainer into the living room. I sat down in my big leather chair.

The Trainer sat in the other chair and Carole stood to his side. "I have brought several more albums of photographs with me," the Trainer told me. They are still in the car. He turned to Carole. "Go get them," he ordered. Carole immediately turned and left.

"Hope you don't have a problem with your wife walking naked in front of the house," he said, with a big smile. "No, not at all," I replied. "Actually, I really like the idea." "Good," he said. "Do you like your neighbors?" I had an idea of what he was going to do. "This one," I pointed, is a widower, Bob, a really nice guy. He knows about Carole." Carole came into the living room carrying the albums.

She set them down on the coffee table and got back into position to the side of the Trainer. "Slut," the Trainer said without turning, "we are going to talk.

While we chat, you will go to Bob's house and offer your body to the occupants." Carole didn't move fast enough. "GO!" he yelled. "Yes, Sir," she responded. She moved quickly back out the front door. The Trainer gave me the details of the training. He told me that movies were taken and would be provided at a later date. He gave me instructions on how to give orders to her and what to expect.

When I asked about sex training, he said, "You should expect a great deal of difference.

We have honed her skills and she has had a lot of practice. During her training, she gave blowjobs to about three-hundred different men and has been fucked by about twenty-five different men." "Excellent," was all I could say. Our talk had taken about an hour, so after the Trainer had given me all the information, I called Bob. "Hello," he answered, obviously out of breath. "Hey, send my wife back will ya?" I said.

"Sure," Bob replied. "And thanks." "Any time," I said, before hanging up. Carole was back in her position a couple minutes later. I looked her over.


She looked slightly flushed. She had obviously cum with Bob. Her nipples were red and swollen, obviously pulled on. Her pussy lips were red and distended, obviously fucked.

I smiled to myself. "Get over here," I told her. Immediately, she came over to my side and into position. I turned towards her and gave her the house rules. At the end, I asked her, "Do you consent to those rules?" "Yes, Sir," she responded without looking up.

"Good," I said. I stood and shook the Trainer's hand. "Thank you," I said, "and please pass my appreciation to the Master of the House." "I will," the Trainer told me. He turned and left. As soon as the front door closed behind the Trainer, I dropped my pants and sat back down. "Get over here and suck my cock," I ordered.

I pumped a gallon of cum down my slut slave wife's throat. I ordered her into a table position and I put my feet up on her back. I picked up the phone and called Rick. "Do me a favor," I told him on the phone. "Carole is home.

Get ahold of Dave and the two of you come over." An hour later, Carole was in the middle of the bed in the guest bedroom with her legs spread wide and Rick pounding into her. The three of us used her for the rest of the night before we collapsed with exhaustion. The fun had started.