Thin latina camgirl pleasing all holes

Thin latina camgirl pleasing all holes
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My Awaking Part2.


Recap: I was raised by my grandma who is an ultra-conservative woman. At this point in life I was still a virgin with little knowledge of sex. Because of a family death my grandma had to leave town and left me in the care of her longtime friend Jennifer who lived with her son Frank. During the evening i had spilled drink all over my self. Because of the rush to leave I failed to pack anything other than my baseball uniform. Thus, I was forced to wear Jennifer's daughter's panties as they were the only thing that would fit.

This lead to me waking up to Frank touching me and then putting his thing in my butt. The next morning to both Frank and my surprise his mom had witnessed the whole thing.

Still in shock over Jennifer's confession that she had watched me and Frank and that she also enjoyed when Franks dad did her in the butt I just sat there staring. Hay she said with a firmness in her voice, go get in the shower our you'll be late for your game.

Snapping back to reality got up and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the water and pulled the t shirt I had been wearing off.

As I put the shirt in the hamper I noticed myself in the mirror again. Looking at myself in nothing but panties I couldn't help but notice how girlish I looked. I have always been small for my age and was thin. I had light brown hair that came almost to my shoulders (the trend at the time).


My height wasn't the only thing that was short about me either. Usually my size would bother me but as I stand there looking at lack of a big bulge in my panties helped with the image.

Though I started to wonder what I would look like without it. I don't know why but I decided to reach in my panties and put my thing between my legs. Wow I really looked like a girl now. All the sudden the door opens and Jennifer walks in. Excuse me mister why aren't you in the shower yet she asked? Sorry I quickly turned around and removed my panties and got in. Jennifer said, I laid a clean pair of panties on the sink for you.

No don't be playing around, get clean and get out. Ok I replied. I washed my hair and then started washing my body as I started to rub the wash cloth across my butt I remembered how good Franks hand felt. I dropped the wash cloth and started to rub my butt with my bare hands mimicking Franks movements. I was starting to really enjoy the feeling when all the sudden the thought what if Jennifer tells my grandma about what Frank and I had done.

Fear ripped through my body. The thought of what she would do to me was enough terrify me. I decided that I needed to try to convince Jennifer not to tell, so I quickly rinsed then dried off. I reached for the panties she had laid there for me and put them on.

These were pink with white Pokka dots. What's happing to me I thought. Why am I enjoying wearing girl panties so much, why did I start to think about being a girl and why did what Frank had done to me feel so good. I sheepishly exit the bathroom and head to Katie's room on the other end of the house. As I pass through the kitchen I see Jenifer and Frank sitting there talking.

You better hurry up little missy only 45 minutes until game time she said. Did I hear her right? Did she just call me little missy? I get to the room and quickly get dressed and go back to the kitchen ready to go. Jennifer I just wanted to Just get in the car she interrupted. We will talk on the way.

The tone in her voice and the look on Franks face told me she wasn't very happy so I headed straight for the car. Jenifer got in the car and we were off. Please don't tell my grandma please, please, please I pleaded. She looked at me and I guess she could see the fear in my eyes. She reached over wiping the tears off my check and said don't worry I'm not goanna tell her sweetie. Just relax I'm not mad at you for what you and Frank did. I'm ok with you being gay. Gay, I said puzzled What does that mean?

You don't know what gay means? No I answered. Well gay is when you are attracted to some one of the same sex she explained, and what you and Frank did is gay sex our anal sex. That's what it's called? Wow, you don't really know much about sex, do you?

I know that sex is when a man and wife want a kid he puts his thing in her and she gets pregnant I said. There is a little more to it than that she said.

Like what I asked? You'll find out soon enough. Why did you call me little missy earlier? She giggled a little then said I hope you didn't get offended. It's just that when I came into the bathroom to give you the panties I saw that you had tucked yourself. I was just teasing. That's ok Do you often pretend to be a girl she asked?

No, its just when I put on those panties yesterday I couldn't help but notice how girly I looked and I just wanted to see what I would look like without my thingy.

She giggled and said you mean your cock. Cock I said puzzled? Yah, you have a lot to learn little lady she said with a grin.

I laughed a little. I kind of like being called a girl but didn't say so. As we arrived at the ball park she said she would be back soon and pulled away. I was kind of sad that she was going to get some of my clothes. I was really starting to enjoy wearing panties and being called a girl. I was usually a good player but as the game started I was worried that something would happen and my pants rip or something and everyone would see my panties.

Luckily not many balls came my way. After a long nine innings, we barely won the game. The score was 11 to 10. What a feeling to know we were going to the division finals. We celebrated by going out for pizza and then on the way back to Jennifer's house she said I got you some clothes. Ok, I said kind of sad. What's wrong sweetie? Nothing I said. Come on what's wrong?

Well it's just that I kind of like wearing panties I said a little embarrassed. Oh, I see she said. As we get back to her house I went and took a shower.

While washing off Jennifer came in and said I laid your clothes on the sink here. Ok, I replied. As I finished and got out I was surprised to see that it wasn't my clothes on the sink. It was girl's clothes. On top, there was a pair of white panties with a mini mouse picture on front. Only these weren't bikini panties the part that covers my but was just a tiny string. AS I slid them up I felt the sting go between my checks. Wow these feel great I thought. I stood there admiring how I looked.

The triangle peace on the front was just big enough to cover my cock. And came up just above the pubic area. My cheeks mostly bear with just a tiny but of cloth going across the top of my butt then down the crack made my butt look even better than before. I pick up the next item and it a matching training bra. After trying to figure out how to get the bra on I called for Jennifer's help. Oh, don't those look cute on you she said when she entered. What do you need? How does this bra work I asked?

With a smile, she undid the hooks and helped me put the bra on. Then she adjusted the straps to make sure it fit right.

There you go sweetie. Do you need anything else she asked? No I replied. As she started to leave I asked where did these come from? Well after our discussion on the way to the game I decided to go buy you some clothes instead she explained.

While I was at the store looking at boy's clothes I decided that instead I would get you girls clothes. Then I thought instead of plain girls clothes I would get you something that both you and Frank would enjoy. It took forever to find a thong that would fit you though. I quickly hugged her saying thank you. Your welcome. She said. Now hurry up and get dressed Frank will be home soon, and I can't wait to see the look on his face. With that she left the room and I went back to getting dressed.

The next thing was a short skirt. It was pink with ruffles. I thought about how many girls I had seen wearing skirts like this and how great they looked and I quickly put it on. It didn't feel like I expected. But still made me feel good as the soft fabric laid on my bare cheeks.

I grabbed the top and it was a black short sleeve shirt that had silver glitter letters that said girls rock. I put the shirt on and noticed how much tighter it was that my normal boy shirts.

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The sleeves were much shorter to just half way down my shoulder. I step back and look in the mirror and WOW. I was instantly aroused. Thinking about what Frank would do when he sees me I imagined him picking me up and carrying me to his room.


Sitting me face down on his bed. Pushing my skirt up and pulling my thong to the side and licking my butt again while saying what a pretty girl I was. I started to rub myself through the skirt when I was interrupted by Jennifer saying if your dressed come to my room. I exit the bathroom and notice how the skirt felt swishing back and forth across my butt as I walked. No wonder women like wearing skirts this feels great I thought as I entered Jennifer's room. Come sit over here sweetie she said leading me to a chair in front of her make up.

Knowing what was coming next I asked why are you doing all this? You just looked so cute when you had your cock tucked and our conversation I just figured that the rest of the time you're here you can be my little girl if you want she said. Smiling I sat down without saying another word as she started to apply make up to me explaining what each item was as she was putting it on. I sat there just enjoying the feeling of her hands on my face and how it was making me feel to be made a girl When she got to the lipstick she asked what color do you want?

As I looked over the variety of colors I finally pointed to a pale pink color. Great choice she said. Now turn and look at yourself in the mirror. Oh WOW, I look just like a girl! You sure do she said now we need to think of a new name for you. You can't be a pretty girl with a boy's name so what do you want to be called. After thinking about it for a little bit I said Sarah since she was the prettiest girl in my school.

Well I think that will work she said now let's go get dinner started Sarah. As we were getting dinner ready Frank came in. I'm ho woooh what the he stammered. What do you think of Sarah Jennifer asked? Doesn't she look great? Wow he said. I can't believe how much you look like a girl. Do you like being dressed like that. Yes, I replied. Since you liked how girly my butt looked and how great you made me feel I wanted to look pretty for you.

After dinner, we all went into the living room to watch tv. Instead of sitting on the floor I decided to sit on Franks lap. I was happy when I felt how hard he was. As we sat there he began rubbing my leg and I started rubbing my butt against his cock. This did not go un noticed by Jennifer. Why don't you kiss her she said? Huh, I never thought about kissing him but the idea was kind of exciting. I turned my head as we leaned toward each other. Then I felt our lips touch. Even with the stubble his lips felt soft and warm.

Then I felt his tong trying to go into my mouth. Instinctively I opened my lips allowing him in. As out tongs started rubbing I noticed how hot I was feeling. I felt just like a real girl making out wither boyfriend. As we sat their making out I felt one of his hands slid up to my chest and the other go down to my butt. As he started rubbing my butt I let out a soft moan. WOW that is hot Jennifer said. We had completely forgot she was in the room and quickly broke our kiss.

How did that feel Sarah she asked? That was incredible I responded. Was that your first kiss she asked. Yes, I replied. I could tell, she said. Why don't you spin around on his lap facing him? This time while your kissing him move your hips back and forth so that your rubbing his cock. I did as instructed and as we continued kissing Jennifer said to frank, put your hand on her butt and help guide her as she grinds on you. He did and the feeling was really good feeling his hard thing underneath me as I rocked my hips.

His hand under my skirt cupping and rubbing my bare butt. After about ten minutes of us making out Jennifer said, do you want to learn some more about how a girl pleases her man.

Exited I said yes. Ok, she instructed, Now I want you to get on your knees in front of him. I was a little confused I didn't want to stop.

But I wanted to be a good girl so I complied. As I got on my knees Frank looked as shocked and confused as me. Know undo his belt and pants she continued. Then pulls his pants off What Frank protested, I can't do this in front of you. Why she asked? I say everything you did last light and you were just dry humping each other. Now hush up and relax. As I reached for his buckle I was trembling with both nervousness and excitement not knowing what was coming next.

But I trusted Jenifer and did just as she said. As I pulled Franks pants down his cock sprang free. AS I get his pants off I stare at it wondering how that thing fit inside me. It looked even bigger today than it did last night. Now I want you to reach up and wrap your hand around his cock and start rubbing it like you do when you play with yourself. Trembling I reach for his cock. Although I had his huge ting in me yesterday I had never touched it.

As my fingers wrap around it I notice how warm and soft if feels. As I start moving my hand up and down Frank lays his head back breathing heavy. This is called s hand job Jennifer explains. Know I want you to put your mouth around his cock and suck it.

What? You want me to put it in my mouth? Do girls really do that I asked? Of course, the do it's called a blow job she explained and all girls do it when they want to make a man really happy. As I move my head closer to his thing I can smell a slightly musky odor but not so bad that it was gross. I paused with the head of his cock just inches from my mouth and just looked at it for a few seconds.

I was unsure about this but I wanted to make Frank happy and Jennifer proud of me. I stuck my tong out and licked the tip a little. I sort of like the way it tasted. It had a slightly salty taste. As I put the head of his cock in my mouth I hear him let out a load moan.

I start to take him farther into my mouth and started to gag. I quickly pulled off. I was coughing, my eyes were watering and I was trying to catch my breath. You must watch how deep you go Jennifer said.

It takes a lot of practice before you can get one that big all the way in your mouth. And make sure you don't let your teeth scrap his cock. I don't know if I can do this I said with a worried tone. Jennifer came and sat beside me and said softly sure you can sweetie it just takes practice. Just like when he put it in your butt he couldn't just slide right in he had to do it slowly.

Here I will show you. A look of terror spread across Franks face as his mom took his cock into her mouth. But it quickly changed to pure pleasure as she started. Only a few seconds in and Frank didn't care she was his mom.

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Then she stopped and said ok you try it again. After seeing the look on franks face and how much he liked it I was eager to try again. I wanted to make him feel that way. I took him back in my mouth and began to mimic his mom's movements as I bobbed my head up and down.

Very good sweetie Jenifer said. Now when you come back up to the tip pause and rub the tip with your tong.

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Looking up at Frank as I done this got me really excited as I say the look on his face. Eyes closed, mouth open and breathing hard.

I noticed a new flavor and figured it must be that clear stuff like what I saw leaking out of me earlier. I continued for several minutes savoring the taste and the feeling of his cock siding in and out of my mouth.

I felt Frank start to rock his hips He's about to cum Jennifer said. Try to keep him in your mouth while he doses than swallow it. Although I found her request strange I did just as she said.

I could fell his cock throbbing in my mouth and then his body went stiff and shoot after shoot hit the back of my throat. I tried to keep it in my mouth but started gaging too much and pulled his cock out of my mouth causing the last two shoots to land on my face.

As I sit there waiting on him to come back down to earth I noticed the taste of his cum. It had a weird taste but wasn't bad. I swallowed what I could keep in my mouth then put his cock head back in my mouth to get the last few drops off the tip. It was then that I noticed there was a hand up my skirt rubbing my butt. It couldn't be Frank so it had to be Jennifer. But why I wondered. The she stopped and took a tissue and wiped the cum off my face.

The she said you did great didn't she frank? Fantastic he replied still breathing kind of heavy. I was so happy I could make him feel good but I wondered if he would be able to stick his thing back in me now. My thoughts were interrupted by Jennifer saying owh you got a little on your skirt.

She stood me up and wiped the cum off my skirt. As she did she felt my erection and started to rub me with her hand. You poor little girl she said your so worked up and Frank won't be able to take care of you for a little while.

With that she lifted my skirt and pulled my cock out from my panties. Then she wrapped her mouth around my cock taking me all the way in her mouth. Gently sucking me I felt her had rub my balls the move between my legs and started rubbing at the base of my butt. She pulled her mouth off my cock and let some of her spit drip on to her fingers than continued sucking me whit her fingers went straight to my hole.

Her fingers went in easier than franks did and I was in heaven. The warmth of her mouth as she sucked me and the feeling of once again having something up my butt.

I was so worked up it didn't take long before my knees started to buckle and I shoot my load into Jennifer's mouth. After letting me calm down Jennifer asked me how I like what happened.

I loved it I replied. So, did I said Frank. As I look at Frank I notice his thing was hard again. I smiled as I leaned to him and kissed him.

We kissed for a little while then Frank laid me back on the couch with him on top of me kissing me while his hips were between my legs. His hand rubbed my chest then down my side then cupping my but as he grinded his cock into me.

Why don't you take Sarah to your room Jennifer suggested? Ok mom Frank said. Just remember to be gentle with her. Frank stood up and picked me up. With my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands holding my butt we continued kissing as he carried me to his room.

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Once in there he sat me on the bed. He pulled off his shirt. I had never really noticed how muscular he was. As I looked at him completely naked for the first time I felt such a strong desire for him that I could hardly contain myself.

His takes my shirt off then crawls above me as I lay back. His hands rubbing all over my body. His hand goes behind my back and unhooks the bra. Then he starts to lick and suck on my nipples. Then he starts kissing his way down my belly to just above my skirt. He slowly pulls my skirt off then starts kissing down my leg to my thighs then he kisses me on my panty just below my ball right where he would if I was a actual woman.

Then he removed my panties and went back to kissing me there. Then he pushed my legs up some more as his tongue started to like my hole. Wow I love that it feels so good having his tongue like and probe my hole. After a few minutes of licking he reached it his night stand and pulled out a bottle of lotion. He put some on his fingers then he started to rub my hole while kissing my lips.

The feeling was so incredible as he started to inserts a finger into me. My hole was already somewhat loosened up from his mom so his finger slid right in. Moaning and so turned on I asked Frank, will you put you thing in me know. Sure, he said.

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He removed his finger from my butt then rubbed some lotion on his cock then leaned back over me. He placed his cock at the entrance on my quivering little butt and started to push in while he resumed kissing me. I don't know if it was the position or just how worked up I was but there was very little pain as I felt his cock sliding deep inside me. Placing a hand on one of my butt checks he started to slow move in and out of my tight hole. Although it felt like he was deeper when he was behind me.

But I liked this way better because I could kiss him and rub my hand across his muscles as my legs wrap around his waist. He began to move faster and every time he would push in he would do a rocking movement with his hips pushing in just a little more. OH yes that feel so good. Unh unh unh harder oh yes god yes that feels so good Lost in the ecstasy of what we were doing.

I tensed up leaning my head back and arching my back I wrap my legs around his but holding him in as deep as possible as my butt spasamed around his cock putting him over the edge he pushed as hard as he could inside me and with a load grown spurt after spurt of his cum went into my butt.

As we come down from our high he leans in and kisses me. Then he says you're a great boy but you make an ever-better girl. As I lay there with him between my legs and his cock and cum deep in my butt and those words ringing in my ear I wished I could stay like this for ever If you like ant want me to continue let me know.