Breasty domina ties a fellow and makes him do foot and ass worship

Breasty domina ties a fellow and makes him do foot and ass worship
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I've never had to come this far south before, but when you have the potential of getting that big contract, you do what you have to. It's been hours behind the wheel of this rental, my eyes are getting heavy, and there is just so far to go.

Knowing I need a break, I watch as the interstate signs go by, each one telling me what little cafes and eateries I can choose to take my rest. Pulling off the road, the sign for the city goes by, in my half-awake stupor I remember it being some name to do with a car or something like that. Onto the main road, I roll toward the only signs of civilization, and up to a small diner. With standing, and the restroom on my mind, I hurriedly grab up my phone, wallet, laptop and head inside.

After a visit to the lavatory I quickly find a nice booth with a good sized table looking out at the entirety of the establishment. As soon as I'm set the waitress comes over and takes my order, starting me off with much needed coffee. Soon I am sipping my coffee, and tapping away on my laptop. It couldn't have been more than half an hour, as I worked on my computer, that my attention was drawn away, quickly, very sudden, causing me to type the same letters many times over.

Stunning my ability to think of anything else, a gorgeous woman passed through the doors of the diner, and my eyes followed her directly to the bar seats that lined the main cooking area. She walked with a confidence in her step, and a delight in her demeanor, taking the seat of her choosing in the middle of the empty and available counter. I certainly lost all interest in any work I was doing, and I blatantly stared at this lovely creature that had just walked in.

She was just a bit shorter than me, thin, creamy skin with small freckles, and a fiery red tinge to her long silky hair. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, perhaps I was asleep behind the wheel, and this was the last thing I was thinking before I crashed to my fiery death. If that had been the case, I was more than willing to go, hoping I would forever be caught in this moment. She swung slightly back and forth in the static bar stool, a pleated floral print dress waving back and a forth.

It was like a pin-up girl from the 40's, I was inspired to fly missions in my Rosy the Riveter bomber. I started from the floor, looking at her matching flats, no hosiery to hide her cream white skin, and only a bit of shin showing to the bottom of the rippling pleats. Her dress sprang out, like a loose bell, allowing a little calf to peak out as she crossed her legs in the swivel seat. Long legs hid behind the light, yet shielding fabric, and it seemed to take forever to reach the bend in her covered legs, and again to her splendid waist.

With a straight and proper back she sat there, a perfect line upward, her dress wrapped tightly, but not oppressively around the contours of her body. Bare-arms braced her against the bar, giving her the leverage to swing in the seat, just below, perky breasts, more than a handful, pressed against the flowers, bending and bowing the floral print, curving perfectly in the imaginary hand I slide around them.

More and more I feel a desperate clinging in my slacks. A need to know more about this angel I stare at. Knowing that a moment with her would be worth a thousand lifetimes, a million moments of denial, for moments of lust to be with her. As I dare to look closer, and up to the face that holds time at a stand, she looks back to me, a smile upon her face, more a smirk, knowing she is the object of my attention.

She stares back at me, destiny in her ice blue eyes, and she makes me burn with a want I have not felt since I was a younger man, wanting nothing more than to have a touch I could not have. She turned her head to me more, smirking, turning her body away, taunting me to yearn for her more. Never before have I seen such a beauty, and now she knows I wish to make her mine. Never before have I been so distracted, and as I snap from my lust, the waitress, places my order before me, and I seem like a mental moron as I act as though nothing has happened, when even she knows, this woman is an object I want.

The waitress set my order down on the table, knowing I was staring at the gorgeous woman. Smiling with an evil knowledge, the waitress set about her duty, refilling the coffee cup, and making sure I was satisfied with the meal. I ate the food, unwilling to turn my attention from the goddess the sat not 30 feet from me.

Choosing only the choicest bites as I was more interested in this new lust than satisfying some other hunger. As I did, she took more notice in my interest. She swung toward me more and more, knowing I enjoyed mentally molesting every inch of her voluptuous assets. As I lost all interest in the meal, I wanted more to taste of this sweet fruit at the bar. I was mesmerized as she teased me, and with no one in the diner to see, she slowly, and agonizingly, too slow for comfort, pulled up on her skirt.

Each step she took, each seeming longer than the last, her skirt raised. Each step, revealing more of the creamy skin she hid under her dress. More shin until it reached her knee, each time causing me to wish for a looser cut in my slacks. I pressed against my strained fabric, sending jolts into me, making me thrust forward, making each move harder to contain than the last.

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As the skirt breached the top of her knees, it fell between her legs, unable to stay upright, leaving only the caps revealed, and squashing my hopes for my true aspiration. She could see the disappointment in my eyes, the loss I felt as my wants disappeared, giving her the option to leave me wanting more, and forever killing my ability to do nothing more than lust. She would not tease me so, indicating her want of me as much as I wanted her. She raised the stakes of our game, straightening the fabric of her dress, and unbearably moving it upward.

What I saw would have made an old man pass, and a young man blast. In the narrows of the dress that would have stopped others from knowing what I had seen, there lining the top most portion of her thigh, black lace panties cupped her sweet twat. There on each side of her thighs lie the center of mankind, and as I gasped at the thought of what I would do to such a place, I knew I would have to make the most of such grace and beauty as she teased me with the holy grail of man's greed.

I couldn't help it, but in the time she had made her advances, I too had made advances upon myself. My hand slid to my dick, easing it with extra space, and leaning back, making my intentions more than clear. Her eyes sparkled in the light, and the grin on her face made it more effective, and required that I make way for my expansion.

Though I knew as a man, I wanted her, more than she needed me, I harassed her with my self-love. I stroked against the side of my cock, building my own urges, at this point ready to take care of the issues myself. Though she could see the want on me, and knowing there was little I would not do to be with her, she did not disappoint me. She showed me what I was to expect from such a luscious desire as we shared.

Gradually she too, growing as much as me, slid her hand toward the satin sheen of her panties, and without hesitation, moving from bottom to top, she moved two fingers across them. I died with each inch she offered, and more so when she tasted the tips of those fingers, it was too much. Never in my life had I enjoyed such attraction to a woman, and never before had a woman shown such equal desire.

I could take no more, not even one more second, and with evident bulge I stood from the table. As I walked by her, her eyes never once removed from mine, I glanced against the opening of her dress with my hand, over the small of her visible back.

As my touch moved across her body for the first time, she let out a low groan and winced forward, as though even the single touch had caused her to rile with passion. As a man on the road, no hotel room, no viable place to park a car, I headed to the single stall restroom of the restaurant, hoping that such a place would not end what had been the most lustful moment of my life. Though I didn't know if she would join me in such a disgusting place, I did know that even if she would not, I would be a disgusting ingrate and pleasure myself as a degenerate would.

What seemed like forever, too many seconds and minutes in time, my wants and hopes passing through my mind a hundred times, finally, and with more relief than I thought I could ever feel, the door of the restroom opened, and she moved inside, around the door, placing her back against it.

I didn't know this woman more than the few seconds we had shared some instant connection, but she knew me, and when she entered that place, a horrible, low, unwanted place, we both knew it had to be more, and as the door closed and latched behind her, her hand had already locked it away, and with that I knew I was not alone in the world, but that the world itself did not exist. Her ice blue eyes seared through me, to my soul she could see.

She knew everything she needed to know, and I felt her connection the same. While you would think lust and animal premonition was the only guiding factor here, I could see it was more than this, more than the need to touch and be with her. More than the need to taste, and fulfill my lust for her, I knew there, she and I were meant to be. I didn't understand why, but when I entered the restroom, I closed the lid to the toilet and sat down. I must have needed a second to gather myself, to move from the point of yearning, toward the hope and need that this woman would be mine.

Now, as she had already entered the room, pressed against the door, though locked, she seemed to guard it, as if the waitress wanted anything more than a good tip. I could not move, I don't know if I was more surprised that I had done what I had done up until now, or that she had actually followed, she moved toward me.

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We did not introduce ourselves, there were no pleasantries, and we knew all that we needed to know. She stood before me, a specimen of untold comparisons, and like a dumbfounded idiot, I did nothing. She could tell something was stopping me from touching her.

She knew I would need her to give me a green light, that even this far, I would not violate her without explicit permission, and with that she gave me her permission. Reaching out to me, she embraced each side of my face in her soft, warm hands, and with a heat that I thought would melt me into nothing, she placed her lips to mine. More soft than her hands, and more forgiving than a priest, she granted me the kiss of a lifetime, not squarely, lip to lip, but only slightly kissing the top lip more than the bottom, pulling away, and leaving a small bit of lipstick, so faint you would not know she wore it.

Her eyes met mine again, and it was an eternity and only a second they met before I needed once again to have her lips against mine. Without any idea of where or how, my hands were on her hips, pulling her closer to me as our lips met again, this time taking in the full experience of each other. Lip to lip, bottom, top, small laps of tongue meeting each other for the first, last, and for all time. We kissed for the time a universe exists, passing many lifetimes through our grasp, randomly her hips swaying as they had in the swivel seat, only now in reaction to our longing.

With the motion of her hips, my hands failed to stay up, and lower they moved, searching for the bottom of the dress that was again the shield of my desires. Time and tongues finally allowed my hands to find the ends of the fabric, at this point finding the backs of her knees, a true lady, wearing a dress of appropriate length, but to her dismay, my hand tickling the pits of her knees, simultaneously finding them both, but refreshing my desire as up was now the direction of travel.

She never stopped her slow sway, standing before me like a lively statue of Athena. Yet with a firm light touch I moved up the back of her thigh, finding her tense hamstrings and a slight bend in her leg as her body motioned for me to move to free her. At the place where the bottom of her ass and the tops of her thighs meet, my hands lingered, not in a touch too soft for her, but enough to make give her the chance to say no to my advance.

At this point though she was unwilling to say stop, to tell me no, not with her eyes, her lips, her mouth, or her body. There was no more question that this woman was going to be mine, and as my hands slipped over the precious curves of her ass, the lace, though soft and bumpy, glazed over my hands.

Her motions increased, she slowly danced, never once concerned at the amount of time our lips locked. Her hips swayed, her ass moved across my hands, sometimes catching the sides of the black lace panties, moving them uncomfortably into the crack of her cheeks.

Soon her bare rump was what my hands ravished, sometimes a slight squeeze or random perk against it, each time her body jolting in approval. As I reached the top of the lace, I would take no more.


I could not wait for her gyrations to take them off for me, I slid my thumbs under the bottom of the tops, and gradually I pulled them down until the width of her hips would hold them no more, and they dropped free, at which point I let them from my grasp and they fell to the floor. In a move I had never seen before, without a failure to keep me attached to her, she both stepped out of them, and moved them away as to not get in the way. In the same movement she brought herself closer to me, lower toward me, like a stripper with a pole she balanced in front of me, bended body.

The thought of her open legs made me more excited than I had ever been. She was like nothing I had ever seen, nothing that had ever been told, not in story, picture, or video. I could not resist, and like a boy with no want more than to cum inside whatever would have me, I threw her dress up, having it land over, behind, and around my head.

There in the tinted darkness of her underskirt I saw her shaven slit. A leg to each side, more together now as my intrusion forced her to stand quickly, but her dress riding upward, higher than it would if allowed to hang freely. In my sight, I could see above the V shape of her perfect body, was a tattoo, large enough to be prominent, but off to the side, as not to cause it to be a slutty frontal tramp stamp. I wasn't sure what it meant to her, what significance it must hold, but there was a butterfly as if flying up her side, just to the right of her small pooch belly.

It made me shiver, excitement flew up my spine as I looked upon her body, and I wanted nothing more than to make her mine. My now free lips had an urge to touch against her body, and I started by kissing directly in the middle of her butterfly design. She shuttered. Tensing her body upward, pulling her dress tighter against the back of my head. As she seemed to enjoy the touch of my lips against her, I would not deny her more, and I kissed against her again.

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This time she let out the same small moan like she had when I touched her back in the gallery, but this time, I would not be stopped by the public eye, and I kissed her again, only this time a little lower. Each kiss produced similar results. Small writhing came with each movement, tensing came with each kiss.

My hand again caressing her ass though through the dress this time, but still just a poignant as it had been. Lower I moved my mouth, remembering how she had tasted herself on that stool, and now, only inches from her sweetness myself, I would know what fruit she would lend to my mouth. Lower, slowly, agonizing restraint not to force myself upon her, I kissed and licked.

Her clean shaven slit waited for a never coming touch, and as I could smell her so close, I reached out with my mouth, extended my tongue lower, and as though I had a map of where to touch, it moved into her lips, and straight to her clitoris.

A long, protracted 'OH' came from her, deep from inside her, I could tell her neck was stretched toward the ceiling, and her tension was to the point as though she would break in half. Her enthusiasm enticed me, and I did not hesitate to lap against her again. Repeatedly I tweaked her clit, the sides of her lips, and repeatedly she writhed at each touch.

Over and over I made her body shake, over and over I drank from her wet puss, swallowing her sweetness, and wanting more, as if quenching myself from the desert. I was not cruel, I didn't focus on her clit, though the jitter in her body made it hard not to brush against it. The tangy sweet of her slit stung the buds of my tongue, but she tasted like the ambrosia of the gods. I moved my mouth lower, deeper into her, parting the seas, and up again, lapping onto her clit.

Soon my constant aggression caused her to lose composure, and her hands braced against my shoulders, pushing ever harder into me as my tongue coaxed her body into submission. In what can only be described as volcanic, her ass clenched, legs straightened, she gushed forth on my face.

Her clit hardened under my torture, and as I would not relent she came hard, moaning in rushed breathing, and soaking me from cheek to chin. Writhing in a small up and down jitter, she lost almost all ability to stand, and the pressure on my shoulders became a striking contrast to the pleasure I took in myself.

I licked as much of her from my lips as I could, and in a rush of cooler air, her dress lifted from my head, and she finished cleaning me with animalistic fervor. I did not notice, engrossed in the eyes of the siren, as she kissed me, she moved back the unbuttoned over-shirt from my chest and off my back.

While she worked her mouth around mine, she slid her hands under the next layer of clothing, moving her hands up my chest, passing over my nipples, and then up and over my head. It seemed to change her tone when the shirt required her to break from me to allow it to come over my head. From that point her direction changed, kissing me down the side of my neck.

Like a longing women, I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the touch that was now focused on reciprocation. The kissing became more intense and she softly bit at me with her teeth, but covering each nip at me with a kiss that more than soothed the pain. Lower she worked, down my collar bone, and onto my open chest.

Her hands never stopped caressing my body, slowly massaging as much of me as she could get. I felt like the center of her world, and she wanted nothing more than to bring me pleasure, and I would not disappoint her by keeping it to myself. Lower she went, bending her knees, but balancing in front of me, soon she was at the clasp of my slacks.

Unlike me, she did not require permission to continue, and she would not have asked even if I would have required it. The slender length of her fingers gripped each opposing side of my trousers, and I noticed her red tipped fingers before they turned away from me and disappeared in the dark fabric of my pants.

It took little tension to pop the button, the cloth already strained from lack of room, and the zipper ripped downward in chattering release, she would need to do little more than pull them away from me, and her hands moved to the sides taking both the slacks, and my boxers, as she would not wait, or tease like I did to get what she wanted. Now lower than me, her face perched just above my now fully freed cock, I stood at full attention, and I ached at the base as every part of me stretched to fill, to lengthen, as if she were the sun I needed to grow toward to live.

Slightly leaning back, and working my shoes, pants, and underwear away from me with as little interruption as I could muster, I was naked now, and she stopped a moment to mentally save this moment for herself. She did not look back to me again, she became affixed on this dick that now stretched to her. With each hand placed against the tops of my thighs, a slippery wet met the tip of my penis as her mouth cupped the head of my dick. This time I was the one that moaned a little, absolutely enthralled with her head on mine.

The warmth of her mouth, the fiery red hair shading the sight of her face upon me, I pulsed from the inside, my dick jumping in her mouth, lightly banging against the roof of her mouth. The excitement I showed inside of her must have made her happy for the compliment, and slowly she pushed more of my dick into her mouth, and deeper to what felt like her throat would make me burst.

She began to thrust upon me, up and down, in and out of her mouth, slathering my with her slippery saliva, slurping it back and she broke suction each time she worked me into her. Amazing is the only word I could think, and I watched every move she made, and my mind danced as she used her skill to bring me forth. I pet the top of her head, never forcing her down on me, but enjoying the guided rail as her head flailed on my cock.

She must have felt me burning into her, and with the a slow teasing raise of her head, I could see into the never ending skies of as my image reflected off her eyes, my penis never leaving her orifice for a moment. As she stared into my eyes, telling me stories of her lust for me with every moment, she moved one of her bracing hands to my testicles, cupping my balls in hand, warm and light, brushing my taint as she sucked my cock, and milked my scrotum.

I thought I would cum in her, too early, so little appreciation for such a delectable lust. I could not let her drink of me, I would not waste my love for her by cumming in her mouth, though I wanted nothing more than to release a gagging load upon her tonsils, it simply could not be allowed.

Before she could make me explode, I placed my hand under her chin, lightly moving her toward me, and once again I kissed her. Our tongues entwined, the tastes of her twat and my cock spilled on our lubricated chins. I began to stand, still at full attention, kissing the side of her neck and taking in the fantastic scent of her glossy soft red hair.

As I stood naked, she still in her dress, panties kicked in the corner, I pressed against her. Her ample, firm tits pressed into my chest through her fully clothed body, and I knew more than anything else, she must lose it all. In an aggressive, passionate motion, almost angry, I spun her around, turning her back to me, pulling in more of her feminine scented hair as it slapped against my body. She backed into my erect cock, her pussy perfectly leveled that I could slide into her with little effort, if it were not for the floral chastity between us both.

Placing my hands on her hips, pressing even harder into her, arching her back into me, I move over the area of her beautiful tattoo, causing her dress to raise slightly, but up her body I moved. I moved to the bottom of her breasts, feeling the underwire of her bra, both hating it being there, and hoping it matched the black lacey panties that now lay on the floor. Up and over the wire I pleased, more than my hands could handle, and without any searching I found her erect nipples, facing out as if my cock had given them lessons.

Like the cheeks of her ass, again a caressed her, the mams floating in my hands, perky and firm, but forgiving. She moved her ass back and forth, using whatever part of her body she could to stroke my over engorged dick, though rough on the sensitive skin, it built a fire in me again. I wanted nothing more than to have her join me in all our glory, and free her body from the clothing that made pure sex impossible. I gripped the cloth in my hands, and up and over her head I took her dress off, tossing it in the opposite corner as her panties, on the side toward the door.

When the bulk of her cover was gone, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see, the same black lace that had been used to make her underwear, now held her wonderful tits. Though I may spend more time in other circumstances, I did not wait, and hastily snapped the rear clasp of the bra, allowing it to punish her a bit, while also releasing her from the wrapping burden.

I pressed her back into me once again. I could see over her shoulder at the magnificence of her tits, and again my hands moved up her body, this time onto her freed breasts, warmer than the rest of her body, and she wiggled as I brushed the tips of each, playing with her rippled nipples. As she backed into me, her twat moved above my cock as it worked in between her legs. As it did a cold air came over it as her wet pussy left a trail of moisture. The thought of her dripping for me, readied by the foreplay that would have been enough for me to steal worlds for her, it made me again pulse on the inside, and my dick softly slapped upward as if not needing me to do a thing.

She felt my readiness, and knew it was time for us to come together, and in her knowing she placed her hands on the opposite wall and began to dance with my rod. Slowly I felt her lips part, splitting and gliding down, finally her clit bumping the head of my cock. She shook again with the attention to her bell, but it was exactly what she wanted, and she did it again, this time deliberately as she washed my dick in her sweet cum. What seemed too long, and her joy not unforsaken, I knew she would make me miss again the chance to release inside her.

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As she pulled back again for another slide on the railing, I moved my cock upward. She was not unhappy with the choice to move on, and now she teased herself onto me.

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Slow, easing the process, and allowing for her own expansion, the tip of my dick passed her lips, and now through her hole. I ached to slam it into her, she had teased me so, and there was nothing more I wanted than to bury my cock against her cervix, but I allowed her to continue, knowing no woman would want to be banged when she obviously wanted to be fucked.

The head of my cock was inside her, and her insides both expanded to allow me, but contracted all around me. Deeply and slowly I pushed into her, savoring every inch I could put into her. The heat of her cunt seared me, baking my dick in fantastic juices.

She did not waste a moment of it, and she loudly groaned as I entered her, her vagina seeming to never stop pulsing, cumming on me relentlessly. When I was in as far as I could go, I held myself in place, and she clenched on me, and tensed her body with the mental release she had longed for. I waited until her tensions eased, now more than ready, warmed up for the race she was about to endure.

Her back slid downward, relaxed, her head collapsing lower, preparing. I began to move out of her, slow, but quickly enough to affect her stance, and once again her back began to tense.

Only half of its length now removed, I thrust back into her ensuring she had creamed my rod enough to withstand the friction. Again out I came, and back again, more further out, and more deeply as her breathing increased to a faster pulse than the pumping. With everlasting lust I thrust in and out of her. Each time she writhed, and moved in a new way, tensing different parts of her body, but never coming close to losing my dick from inside her.

I relished every pump, every thrust, slowly and deliberately increasing my pace, soon a light slapping sound echoed in the small room, barely covered by the sounds of her breathing and the groans of her sexual appreciation.

More and more, faster and faster, she never stopped lubricating my cock, and now I was pounding into her as she pushed against the wall, burying me even deeper into her twat.

My balls became cold from the wet she dripped on me and down me. Her skin flushed, almost as red as her hair, flapping and bouncing with each insertion. I could feel her climax coming, faster as she yearned for deeper, harder blows to the back of her cunt. She did not care of the noise, the moans that must have been coming from the door. An invigorating thought that the waitress could be outside the door, listening to me fuck this goddess, making her cum on me.

Though she had pulsed, and quivered the entire time, from mouth to clit, to penis on her g-spot, she began to tighten on me. She stopped her backward thrusts, and as though struck in the head, unable to control herself, she tensed, and her pussy clamped on my cock.

As she came, clenching over and over on my cock, her cervix smashed into my head, banging me over and over, expanded as though the monster would swallow up my dick a second time.

She gushed, slicker than anything I could have imagined, over and over her pussy attempting make me burst inside of her. As she gained more composure, and as if to thank me for the brilliant dick, she began again to push on the wall, and slam her perfect body down upon me. Knowing I had done my job, bringing her a cum she could not forget if she wanted, I knew it would be my turn, I would be required to return the favor of release, and I focused on fucking her.

I timed my thrusts into her with her forces against the wall. Deep enough to drench the base of my dick, and I was glad I shave as well or I would surely have paid for it. Over and over she fucked my dick, still no end to endless quivering, I began to feel the climax coming, my prostate readying a load for deposit. Small moans began to come from me, it was absolute bliss as she rode me. I know she could feel my cock tensing inside her, instantly she knew my cum was ready to explode.

I wasn't sure it she would stop, not wanting me to finish inside of her, but she did not stop, and the thought of her wanting me to burst inside her only made the experience that much more intense.

I too lost control as she did, but she did not rest from pumping her pussy on my dick. Over and over she fucked the cum out of me, as though there was nothing more important in the entire world. Bang, bang, bang, it was flawless timing and swollen tension.


I reached the end, I began to moan, high from the release, and feeling like I would never stop cumming in her pussy, filling what little room was left with what felt like buckets. She never stopped pumping it from me, in and out she banged into me.

Though I had not paid enough attention, as her cunt ballooned with cock and cum, she again burst forth on me. She too excited by the spigot she created, and she gushed. Her twat tightened, her cervix again slamming into the head of my cock, no doubt drenched in my love. We squished at the overabundance of fluid, her cum and mine. Sloshy, sickly sounds of wetness, and as we could neither give more, we relaxed, breathing heavily, my dick pulsing with my heartbeat, but never leaving from inside her.

When enough time had passed for air to return to our system, still standing there reeking of sex, she pulled herself from me, dripping directly on the floor. She turned to me, once again that amazing smile that had enticed me in the eatery. She placed on my lips the sweetest kiss, and without words she thanked me whole heartedly.

I kissed her back with all the passion I have ever felt for someone as well. To my amazement she was not fully done with me, she did not simply put on her clothes and leave me wondering what in the hell had just happened. She fell to bending knees once again, this time sucking the remaining seamen from my cock, licking it clean, with only a thin film of saliva left on both my shaft and balls. I could not be more enticed, and if ever there was something a woman could do to win a man, this entire episode was more than enough.

I was more than crazed, this woman could have anything in the entire world from me at this point, nothing would have sounded odd, or outrageous. She waited for a few moments, bashfully looking to the ground, only peaking up at me, catching my eye, and quickly away again.


Then she began to cloth herself, putting on her bra, then panties, and dress. As she did, I did the same, putting back on my clothes. She turned to me and said, "Ready to go?" I replied with a dry throated voice, "Sure&hellip." She opened the door and walked out, I followed closely behind. "Go get your laptop." She commanded, I didn't hesitate, still mesmerized by the entire situation.

As I passed her, she jingled my keys, and waved my wallet, "You dropped these on the floor too…" With that she opened my wallet, dropped a twenty on the bar to pay for my meal, coffee, and a generous tip. The waitress not being anywhere in sight. She then closed it up and walked out heading directly for my car. My keys in her hand she unlocked the door with the button, opened the passenger door, and delicately sat in the passenger seat.

I really didn't know what to do or say, so I gathered up my belongings and headed for the door. As I approached the car, she slid her hand down the side of the door, pulled her seat belt across, and latched herself into the vehicle.