Milf with big tits probes pussy with dildo

Milf with big tits probes pussy with dildo
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Chapter 1. I was rudely awaken as the obnoxious alarm clock pierced through the silence.

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I hate Mondays. When I managed to force myself out of bed, I took a quick look at myself in the mirror. I had curly, blonde hair that went just past my shoulders and tumbled over my barely developed 14 year old breasts, and my small, puffy nipples.

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I was 5'3", around average height. I had blue eyes, and my friends all say I'm pretty cute. I threw on a t shirt over my tank top and pink bra and put on some tight jeans over my matching panties. "Chloe! Breakfast is ready! You're going to be late for school!" my mom shouted from the kitchen downstairs.

"I'll be down in a minute!" I ran downstairs and quickly wolfed down some pancakes. I grabbed my bags and ran to the bus stop, barely managing to knock on the bus door just as it closes and starts to leave. As I walk in the bus, I spot my friend, Emily, and take a seat next to her. "Ugh. Did you study for the test? I'm so screwed," she complains as I take a seat. Crap. I forgot about that.

Just as I'm about to reply, our bus hit the speed bump and everyone jumps out of their seats. Really. You'd think after 4 months, they'd realize that the speed bump is there and get prepared. As soon as she recovers, Emily says, "Anyways, there was a good reason I didn't study for the test this time." "Oh, and what might that be?" "How about instead of telling you, I show you?" Now I'm getting a little suspicious. "Tell me what it is first." "Trust me, you'll like it.

Just relax." Reluctantly I agree. As I'm relaxing, Emily reaches over and unbuttons my jeans and pulls down the zipper. Instantly, I'm defensive. "Hey!" I say as I recoil. She replies very calmly.

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"Just trust me and relax." Without waiting for my reply, she slowly reaches over again and this time puts her hand in my panties, slowly running her fingers through my peach fuzz. Dang it, I forgot to shave.


She hovers over my clit, rubbing it gently and moves down to my pussy, putting a finger in and slowly moving it in and out. At this point I'm gasping and breathing deeply and we get weird looks from everyone else.

Noticing the odd stares, I slow my breathing down and try to calm myself as my head is exploding with pleasure. I stare deeply into Emily's eyes and as we reach school, she shoves in her whole fist and I climax and breathe out, barely holding in a scream.

As the bus stops, I quickly walk out, avoiding Emily, as it is obvious she wants to say something to me. I quickly get to my first period English class and pull through an hour and an half of boring shit no one cares about anyways. Then in the last 5 minutes of class, the speakers come on. "Everyone, hide. This is not a drill. There is an intruder with a gun in the school.

Do not panic and stay ca-". Suddenly, a gunshot goes off and she is cut off. As I'm running to under the table for cover, a man with a black ski mask and a gun walks in. He points the gun at me, and motions for me to go stand in the corner. He then does the same for Amber, an Asian girl, petite, with no breasts at all, and Roxanne, Emily's cousin, though with straight, extremely long, brown hair, and c cup breasts, they both could be twins.

He then walks over, closes the door, locks it, and tapes over the window on the door. What is he going to do? I wonder in my brain. He then pulls out a silencer and puts it on his gun. He walks over, shoots everyone except for Steven, a short, scrawny kid with glasses and messy, greasy, black hair, Roxanne, Amber, and me.

He looks over at me, points the gun, and tells me, "Take the clothes off. Now.

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Or I'll shoot your friends. The same goes for all of you", as he points the gun at Roxanne, Steven and Amber. Roxanne had even better breasts then I imagined, and Amber, though she has no breasts, as the cutest little nipples ever.

Steven however, has a short, thin 4 inch dick, which seems to be getting harder from looking at three naked girls in front of him.

The man looks at Amber and says, "Give him a lap dance, then suck his dick." Amber takes one look around the room and says, "Hell. No. Never." The man shoots the ceiling once. Amber walks over, grimaces and starts rubbing her petite ass all over his dick. She then kneels down between his knees and slides up his body, rubbing her cute little nipples all over his body.


She slides back down again, rubbing bodies with him one more time, and puts his dick in her mouth. She licks his balls, grimaces again, and swirls her tongue around the head of his penis and she pumps his shaft with her little hands.

Suddenly, Steven cries out and cums in her mouth. Amber gags and spits it out on the floor. The man took one look. Then he points the gun at her and says, "Lick it off." Amber scowls again and licks it off the floor. "Now swallow." She swallows, and gags again. This whole time, Steven had conflicting emotions on his face.

I'm sure he enjoyed it no matter how unethical it was. The man motions at a now crying Amber to sit in the corner and points the gun at me and Roxanne. I sigh in defeat and walk over to Steven.


The man says, "No. My dick. No lap dance.

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Just suck it." I've never given a blow job before. I walk over with Roxanne trailing just behind and I try to imitate Amber.

I swirl my tongue around his head and pump his shaft. Roxanne is just watching. The man laughs and says to her, "There's no getting out.

You're licking my ass hole." She says, "No. I'd rather get shot." He shoots a bullet right past her head. She caves in and comes over, flitting her tongue over his asshole, looking like she's about to vomit.

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We continue like this for five minutes, then she says, "No. Shoot me. I'd literally rather die." He smiles, turns the gun over to me, and shoots me in the chest. As I see my vision go blacker, I hear, "You will do what I tell you or I'll shoot the asian next." Darkness. Red light. Where am I? "Hello." The most silkiest voice I have ever heard comes from behind me. I try to turn around but then I realize I don't even have a body.

"Who are you?" "Just wait and I will explain everything. First, let's give you a body." Slowly I feel my body seeming to just come back into existence. Once I get my body back, I turn around. There I see the most beautiful woman in the world. Completely naked, with perfect hair, body, breasts, legs, and everything else. She notices my wonder and says, "I appear to everyone differently, depending on what their vision of the perfect woman looks like." Who is she?

Almost like she read my mind, she says, "Let me explain who I am. My name is Lilith. Queen of the Demons. I have chosen you to be one of my succubi.

Now before you interrupt, let me explain you what you will do. First of all, I realize you have been killed by John Greene, age 34, after he forced you to perform fellatio. Correct?" I nodded. So that was his name. "Good. Before we start, if you choose to accept my offer, you will be guaranteed revenge. Now let's start. As one of my succubi, you will be seducing men and collecting their semen, whether it be in your mouth, vagina, or any other orifice. This semen will be brought to me.

The reason I need this semen will be taught to you if you accept. And I know you are wondering, 'what if I don't accept?' If you choose not to accept, you will roam the earth as a lost soul until Judgement day or someone gets revenge on John Greene for you.

Now, do you accept my offer?

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Remember, if you do, you will be forced to serve me forever. There is no backing out." Revenge was worth it. I nodded again and said, "What do I have to do?" She smiled, grabbed my hand, and cut it. When 3 drops fell into a cup she had, she drank from the cup. "Now, the reason I need semen is because that is where I get my power from.

As long as I have a steady supply of semen to drink, I will be very powerful. Oh, and to aid you in your seducing, you will be granted a spirit form, and a physical form. You can change these to look any way you want. You may also read your victims minds to see what their sexual fantasies are.

Once you collect a victim's semen, they are your slaves forever. The more slaves you have, the more power you will have. You may do whatever you like with your slaves." "What about my revenge." "That will come after you get 3 men's semen." "Where do I start?"