Magrinha dando cu pra homem dotado

Magrinha dando cu pra homem dotado
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I couldn't believe my luck. One minute I was in a prison van returning to prison from my appeal hearing.

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Then all of a sudden, the van was lying on its side after a collision with a trailer. Both the guards were dead but I was only slightly bruised. I unlocked my handcuffs with the key from one of the dead guard and quickly ran away from the scene of the accident, taking a tazer from one of the dead cops. It was already dark so no one saw me. I was free! Now the only thing on my mind was to find some hot woman, kill her, have sex with her corpse and then apply make up to her face.

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I also wanted to leave my next victim dressed in something a little special as Christmas was approaching. I broke into store, procured some clothes, money and a Santa costume, complete with a huge red sack which I filled with cardboard and boxes.

I was soon ready to go back to what I do best. I dressed myself up in the Santa costume and started to prowl the streets without looking suspicious. The next day was Christmas Eve. My escape was on all the newspapers and TV channels urging young women to be careful. After walking around for the whole morning and afternoon, spotting lots of potential victims but couldn't find the opportunity to set my plan in motion, I was on the verge of giving up for the day when I spotted her.

She was wearing a sexy black sleeveless top and a red skirt and she looked pretty hot. Most importantly, she was walking alone along an increasingly deserted street on the edge of town. Looks like Victim#9 was all set for me. I followed behind her, ringing my bell and hohoing occasionally. She turned a corner into a narrow alley, probably a short cut and I knew my time has come.

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I took out the tazer and closed the distance between us. Taking a quick glance around to make sure no one else was around, I closed up the last few yards to her. At the last moment, she turned back and looked a me in surprise but it was too late for her. I brought the tazer to her neck and zapped her a long hard one. She gave a few jerks and then slumped limply into my arms as her pretty eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered close.

I quickly stuffed her into my Santa sack, tied up the opening and hoisted her limp and light body over my shoulders. Soon, I was walking merrily along the street once more towards an overpass bridge I scouted out yesterday.

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Along the way, I passed by two cops. I waved merrily at them and laughed at them as I continued past them with my precious cargo. Soon, I was at the dark, uncomfortable but totally deserted area under the overpass. I opened the sack and pulled my unconscious companion out from it, laying her on the ground. I pulled off her shoes and admired her slim and sexy body.

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She started to stir and moan so I put the tazer to her flat belly and gave her another dose of voltage which quietened her instantly. I then took off her belt and rolled down her skirt and black panties, revealing her warm and inviting vagina. After licking and fingering its increasingly moist interior for a while, I took off my pants and thrust into her with vigour kissing and copping feels of her breasts as I did so.


I don't know if she was a virgin but she felt tight. After months in prison, this felt really great.


Very soon, her vagina was dripping with blood and my spent semen. I decided to dress her up in something festive for xmas. I had stolen a cute little Santa's helper dress from the store the day before and I thought it would look good on her. I stripped her of her remaining clothes and held up her limp body, slipping the short, sexy dress over her body.

It fit her perfectly. Then it was time to say goodbye to her. I decided to kill her by bagging which was something I have not tried before on my other victims. I took a plastic bag from my sack and put it over her head, holding the opening tight around her neck. I could see her breathing up the air in the bag as it shrunk until it was wrapped tightly around her head.

Soon, her breathing grew laboured and stopped altogether not long after. I kept the clear bag around her head for a few minutes more just to be sure, all the while admiring her bluing face and lips. I then pulled the bag off and resumed decorating my lovely companion for Christmas.

I slipped on a pair of matching black leather boots onto her feet and put a Santa cap over her head.

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She looked really cute. I could not help it but rolled up her dress and violating her cooling body once again. This time, I pulled out of her body just before I ejaculated and inserted my penis into her mouth before erupting.

The huge load of cum that spurted into her mouth splattered her face and some of it shot into her nose and dribbled out from her nostrils like a stream of grey mucus.

Truly arousing. I wiped off the semen from her face and kissed her gently once more on her lips. Now only the final step of applying makeup remains.

For her, I chose light green eyeshadow and purple mascara together with a dusky pink blusher. A bright red lipstick completed the festive look and I left my sexy dead Santa's helper lyinh beneath the overpass. She would make a lovely present for the cleaners tomorrow.