Gay twinks making love health club shower Cole Gartner truly makes a

Gay twinks making love health club shower Cole Gartner truly makes a
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My mom thought it was hilarious how hungover I was. Kim and I woke up about two in the morning. It was nowhere near as awkward as I thought it was going to be. She seemed like a seasoned pro, but she confessed that it was the first time she had cum during sex.

She had gotten herself off and she had been fingered or licked to completion, but never with a dick inside her. We didn't really snuggle. Which I was grateful for. I never really wanted to be the guy who would fuck a girl and then leave her, but I didn't initiate nor did I have the mental capacity to say no. Nor did I want to say no. Even after that, I didn't want to be in a relationship with her and we didn't talk much.

"Here's your panties." "Have you seen my shirt?" That was pretty much all that was said. We got dressed and walked through the human wreckage back out to my car where I managed to drive home and we went our separate ways.

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I woke up again on the couch the next morning to the sound and smell of coffee brewing. My mother couldn't stop laughing as I zombie walked to the kitchen. I showed up to school early Monday morning with my mom. It was the first day and it was weird being at school so early with only the teachers there. After I helped my mom with bring some stuff to her office, I started to wander the building.

I tracked down my locker, each of my classrooms, the lunchroom. After that, I decided to see if I could find the weight room.

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If I made the team, I'd be there a lot I imagined. I walked through the gym and down a flight of stairs to a wide hallway. It was a beat-up stone floor with a beat-up stone ceiling with two beat-up stone walls. It looked more like it was dug out than built and with the humidity coming from the pool area, this practically was a cave.

I slowly made my way through the cave to find the locker rooms and finally the weight room. I swung open the door and was a little surprised to see two people making out. I stood there in shock and social confusion.

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The guy was probably about 6'3 or 6'4 and looked like he could lift me over his head and break me in half. He was so big that his neck seemed to vanish, making his head look like a thumb that jutted out from his shoulders. He was wearing a dress shirt that was tight around his round belly and some slacks, both looked a little uncharacteristic of the man wearing them.

Then there was the woman. First thing I noticed was how she was dressed. She was wearing yoga pants (I know! Yoga pants!) that made her ass look like the greatest ass you'll ever see.

She was also wearing a track jacket that showed off her curves, her slender figure, and the swelling of her large, gravity-defying breasts.

She was leaning over the guy's inflated stomach to kiss him.

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I wasn't sure how this guy landed this woman, but I had to learn what his secret was. After ogling her long enough, I finally cleared my throat. They both jumped and looked over without breaking out of each other's arms.

"Goodness, you scared us." She said with a gentle smile, looking me up and down a moment.

She had a beautiful face with round green eyes and white teeth that seemed to glow when she smiled. Her dark reddish brown hair was put up in a ponytail, but it contrasted nicely with her just slightly sun-kissed skin.

I had never really met a woman who was significantly older than me that I though was insanely hot. I think my mother is gorgeous and I'm sure she has the capability of being sexy and I had an aunt that I thought was hot when I was ten, but this woman standing before me was insanely hot. "Can we help you with something?" He asked through a thick beard.

If you close your eyes and imagine a Viking, you'd probably imagine this guy. He was bald and had thick eyebrows. His nose was a little crooked, but the only thing that I could think of was how fitting a horned helmet would look on him. "Y-yeah, uhh…I'm Clay. Sampson." I said, nervously adjusting the straps of my backpack on my shoulders.

"I was just—" "Oh! Clay!" She looked from me to the guy. "Kim told me about you." I noticed a slight accent in her voice. Something European. "She said that you wanted to play football." "Is that right?" He asked, the two of them finally moving apart.

I nodded. "You looked like you could fit in. You ever play at a high school level, son?" "I was on the junior varsity team my freshman year a couple schools ago, sir." I had played cornerback and I'm pretty sure I was only on the team because I was tall and fast. Now I was less fast, but I was taller and put on plenty of muscle. "I played basketball at my last school." "Good thinking.

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My boys always play something to keep them in shape for next season." He said, putting out his hand finally. I shook it, feeling a little more confident. "I'm Coach Victor Fogelsmeyer. I coach football.

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I'm also one of the econ professors here. This is my wife Raylene." "It's nice to finally meet you. Kim told me how excited she is for you to be here." I shook her hand, laughing a little nervously. "I'm the athletic director here and I coach volleyball." "She takes good care of all of our athletes. Some kind of sports medicine guru." Coach Victor said, moving next to her and slipping an arm around her.

She blushed and playfully swatted his chest. "Well, I've gotta go greet my first class, but I'll see you out on the practice fields after school today." He said, pointing a stubby finger at me. "And I'll see you at lunch." He said, looking at his wife and patting her on the butt. She giggled and swatted him again. "It was nice to meet you, Clay. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the year." She grabbed a bag off the ground and then headed toward the door, me following close behind.

She smiled as I held the door for her and I watched her disappear around a corner of the hallway. I don't know if she paid attention to what she was saying, but that woman somehow knew exactly what to say to make my cock want punch through the front of my jeans.

If I had to guess, she could do that with all the guys here. I headed to my first class which was Precalculus taught by a Mr. Klein. They called him the Tyrannosaurus Teacher. The man spoke in the most monotone voice I've ever heard and it was paired with the fact that he moved with a walker.

I tried to pay attention, but the whole room was screaming at me to fall asleep. Luckily, I sat between Max and Kelsey. They knew each other pretty well and so for the first few minutes of class and after I chuckled at something she said they thankfully involved me. They wondered where I disappeared to during the party and I said that the alcohol had a bit of an adverse effect on me, so I headed home a little early. It took all of my willpower to keep my eyes on her face and not on the cleavage on display.

While Mr. Klein was going through the syllabus, the three of us kept talking. It was kind of nice. They asked a lot about where I came from and about what I was into. I typically don't like talking about myself, but it was nice this time. They seemed like they were genuinely interested.


I waved goodbye to them after class, turning only to bump right into someone "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I asked, looking down at the person. She sighed and grumbled something in Spanish before crouching to pick up her books.

"Deja que te ayude con eso." I say, leaning down to help pick up her stuff.


My last girlfriend was from Spain, so I learned a fair amount of Spanish to ask her out and even more while I was dating her. I wasn't fluent, but I knew enough, I think." I looked down as I handed back her books. She seemed to be even shorter than my mom, probably about 5'1, but she had to be one of the curviest girls I've ever seen.

She had a bit of extra weight and it seemed to go in the perfect places. "Ah, hablas espanol?" She asked, smiling up at me, sorting her books. "Es muy agradable escuchar a alguien hablando espanol. Nadie, except my padre tiende a. Esta ciudad no e smut grande en su poblacion hispana, asi que es agradable escuchar otro orador por lo menos." She smiled a cute smile when she was finished and I stood there blankly.

"Uhh…No soy tan Bueno de un altavoz. Pido disculpas." I said after a moment. She giggled. "It's okay. I speak English, too." She said with a heavy accent. "Thanks for your help. I'm Karla Rojas." She said, reaching a hand out to me.


I shook it. "Clay Sampson." I said with a smile.

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"Where are you headed? Mind if I walk with you? I'm new here." I said, running my fingers through my hair. "I was heading to my locker. And then World Geography with…" "Mrs. Faraday?" I asked. Karla nodded. "I'm in your class then. It won't be weird if I walk with you then." I said with a chuckle.

She giggled again. "Follow me, then." She said, curling a finger in her direction. I don't know what it was, but it would seem that this town made every girl some sort of seductress that knew tiny little things that would drive me crazy.

I followed her, taking a second to watch her thick ass sway back and forth in her jeans as she made her way to her locker. "So, you're new here?" She asked, opening her locker. I leaned on the wall next to her. She had nice sized breasts. Maybe about a B. Compared to Kim and Kelsey they looked small, but I'm definitely not complaining. "Yeah. Moved here in the middle of the summer." I said with a nod. "Basically spent all summer trying to find a job and getting used to this town." "You're still looking for a job?" She asked with a smile, closing her locker and adjusting her bag on her shoulder.

"My dad owns a scrapyard. I'm sure I could talk him into hiring a strong guy like you." "I'd appreciate it. Let me have your number and I can call you." I said with a smile. "And then I can find out about this job your dad might have." She blushed and took my phone from me.

She punched in her number and handed it back before turning to walk toward the room. Of course I followed. Karla and I sat next to each other at first, but we soon got separated by Mrs. Faraday for talking too much. We both called her a bitch in Spanish. Tiny victory. My next class was a study hall. I didn't really know anyone in it and it was kind of useless, considering nothing had been assigned, so we had a free period to talk and hang out.

It was all guys in the class except one which I thought was odd. Michelle was sitting in the back of the room and I didn't notice her until I was leaving. I made a mental note to sit next time I had the class.

I met a couple more guys on the football team and one guy on the basketball team, who heard I played previously. He was already trying to convince me to play in the winter. I told him I'd think about it. My fourth period was an interesting one. I didn't notice until I was walking in, but it was my mom's class.