Husky jock being throatfucked by stud

Husky jock being throatfucked by stud
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This site is my favourite for reading of sex stories so I thought I would share my story with my fellow readers. It may seem to take a while to get into the story but I hope you enjoy it in the end I have spell checked and proof read as best can but please forgive any mistakes for my first story? This story is about a 16 year old teenage girl and a middle aged man, who due to a slight mishap, found himself in an unplanned situation with the moral dilemma, should he or shouldn't he?

First off a little about myself, my name is John and I am retired and live in the south of England. I live in a detached house in a better part of the town and have done so for the past 30 years. 15 years ago my wife Carole and I were on holiday in Spain with our young daughter Sue, when a waiter at our hotel called Juan said I should buy a ticket for their national lottery called El Gordo, in Spanish, this means the big one as the jackpot was the equivalent about £100 million, and I was fortunate to win a share of this totalling some £20 million.

After sharing my good fortune with family, friends, various charities, and of course some money for Juan the waiter, I was left with about £12 million My wife and I decided because we loved where we lived and our daughter was very happy in her school, that we would not move to a larger house but decided to extend our present house, so I had a couple of extensions built, one of which contained a snooker and games room with a bar, the other was an indoor swimming pool complex complete with a Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym and shower room, and of course I decided that it was early retirement for me.


About 3 years after our good fortune a woman called Amy moved into the property next door with her 4 year old daughter, Kim, my wife and I became very friendly with them, and my daughter Sue an only child, sort of adopted Kim as a little sister and likewise with Kim looking upon Sue as a big sister.

Amy was divorced from her husband who had run off with his young secretary, but her divorce settlement enabled her to buy the house next door to us, even though she still had to work to support her and Kim, who was placed in a local day nursery.

When Kim started in the Infant school which was part of Sue's school, it was decided by Sue that she would pick up her 'little sister' after school and play with and look after her until Amy returned home from work, which we more than happy about. As time went by Kim was spending more and more time with us as her mother progressed in her career, so much so that even when Kim's birthdays came around in July, Sue insisted that the parties were held at our much larger house and we were happy to oblige as my wife and I loved having Kim and her little friends around.

When Kim was 10, my daughter Sue went off to University and somehow it just happened, that my wife and I assumed Sue's role in looking after Kim, which we were more than happy to do as my wife and I were devoted to her and Kim had always called us Aunt and Uncle from an early age. 2 years later my daughter Sue met and married Tom who was 12 years older than her, but they had to move the north of England because of Tom's job and they are very happy together, but because of this we didn't see so much of her and Kim became like another daughter to us.

Then 2 years later my wife died suddenly as a result of a stroke and I was left alone. Shortly after the funeral Kim came round after school one day and gave me a big hug and said that she was very sad too, and really missed her Aunty Carole, but she still had her Uncle John and was I still going to help look after her?

"Of course I am sweetheart, you know you are just like another daughter to me, and I love you and I will always be here for you" So life went on, and before we knew it the next 2 years flew by and it was Kim's 16th birthday, her mother Amy and I organised the party, at my house of course, Kim said, having just broke up with her boyfriend she just wanted a girls only BBQ and pool party with about 15 of her closest friends.

So Amy and I organised everything with me doing the BBQ and I booked a disco for the event, and the party was a great success. The highlight for me however was the sight of all the young teenage girls running in and out of the pool house in their swimming costume, most of which were very skimpy bikini's, which after no sex for 2 years my cock was in a constant state of erection at the sight of so much flesh, which thankfully was hidden by my chef's apron.


Even so when Linda, Kim's best friend who is rather well endowed in the breast department was jumping up and down on our trampoline her large boobs somehow escaped from the confines of her bikini top, much to all her friend's laughter, but to mine and the DJ's pleasure. After this incident my cock was so hard it was painful, and I had to slip away to my room to relieve myself . The following week Amy came to see me and said, "John I need to ask a really big favour of you" "Sure" I said, "what can I do for you?" "Well I have been offered a huge promotion but it means I have to go on this 4 week management course in Manchester in a couple weeks time, and I really don't like the idea of leaving Kim in the house alone, even though she is 16, especially since she broke up with her boyfriend Jason, as I think he might start pestering her if he finds out I'm not around, and I don't like him or trust him, and so I was wondering if she could come and stay with you whilst I'm away?" "That's fine by me, and he won't dare show his face around here, as I once made it very clear to him, that I didn't like him and that if he ever hurt Kim in any way he would be eating hospital food for a few weeks", I said, "assuming of course that Kim is happy to stay at my house?" "Well actually it was her idea, you know how much she adores you?

To her, you're the father she's never had" So a couple of weeks Kim later came to stay, and I put her in Sue's old room knowing she would be comfortable there having slept over many times in the past with Sue. It was the last week of term before the summer holidays and Kim was looking forward to it as I had promised to take her and her best friend Linda for days out, including a theme park, a West End show and if Linda's mum was happy with the idea, a trip to Disneyland Paris for a couple of days.

On the last day of term being a hot day I was relaxing in the garden when Kim arrived back from school. Giving me her usual hug and peck on the lips a thing she has done from an early age she said,"Hi! Uncle that's school over for the next 6 weeks, have you had a good day?" "Just chilling out with a book and a glass or 2 of wine" I said. "Well" she said, "I'm going up to get changed out of my uniform and shoot a few baskets to relax myself" When she came down I saw that she was wearing a crop top that showed of her toned midriff and the short skirt that she wears for playing netball in, instead of the shorts that she normally wore when shooting baskets.

After about 10 minutes of her shooting baskets she suddenly shouted "Oh! Sugar" as being a good girl she never swore, at least not in my presence. "What's up sweetheart?" "My ball has ended up in the tree that's what's up." "Do you want me to fetch a ladder from the shed?" "No it's ok! I'll climb up and get it" "Well if you're sure, but be careful we don't want to end up with a trip to casualty" "Uncle I've been climbing this tree since I was 9 years old so it's no problem." I went back to my book whilst she started climbing the tree, after a few minutes I looked up and saw that she had reached the ball and threw it down to the ground and started to climb down.

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A moment or two later I heard a loud crack and Kim cried out loudly "Uncle John help me please?" Dropping my book I ran towards the tree, "What's happened?" i said. "The branch I normally step on has snapped and I can't reach the next branch, can you get the step ladders and help me please?" "Ok!

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Just stay where you are and hold tight. I'll only be a couple of minutes" When I got back with the step ladders I set them up under the tree and looked up to where she was. I was certainly not prepared for the sight that I saw; as her short skirt was flared out, and at the first glance, it looked as though she was not wearing any panties. I climbed to the top of the steps in order to reach her.

Stretching my arms up I said, "Ok! Sweetheart lower yourself down I'm ready to support you down to the next branch" As she lowered herself down her legs parted and I saw that she was wearing a silky white thong with the rear strap barely visible between the cheeks of her bum. "Excuse my hands sweetheart?" as she lowered her bum cheeks onto my waiting palms.

"Oh! Don't worry about that, please don't drop me?" "Don't worry I've got you" I said gripping each bum cheek firmly.

As she got closer I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips as it formed a camel toe, and the area around her pussy lips looked a little damp as if a little pee had leaked out and there were quite a few black hair protruding from the sides of the thong.

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Now I have never, ever, had any sexual thoughts whatsoever about Kim, I have had a few thoughts about a couple of her friends maybe?

Especially Linda with her big boobs, but never Kim, but the view that I was being treated to gave me in instant hard on. After she had managed to gain a foothold on another branch she said she was ok! So I very reluctantly removed my hands from her luscious firm bum cheeks and descended the steps and moved them away. When she got down she ran over and gave me a big hug and a bigger peck on the lips than normal, thanking me for saving her.

I pulled away from her quickly as I was worried she might feel my erection and I did not want to freak her out.


"I'll just go and put these steps away, can you pour me another glass of wine please sweetheart?" When I got in the shed the image of what I had seen was still vivid in my mind and my cock was as hard as ever and I knew I just had to take care of it, so I dropped my shorts and began stroking my cock to the memory of the sight I had just witnessed, after only a few strokes I was gushing my cum all over the shed floor.

By the time I had cleaned up the mess I had made, my cock had returned to normal, so I returned to the patio where Kim was sitting.

"Are you ok now?" I said, "I hope you were not too embarrassed by how I had to help you down, but perhaps you had better wear shorts next time you decide to climb a tree?" "Yes I probably will, as you know I usually do wear shorts but as it's so hot today I thought a short skirt and a thong would be cooler" "Cooler for you maybe, but not for an unsuspecting old man like me I might have had a heart attack at the shock of seeing you like that, and I hope you don't wear anything like them to school?" "Of course I don't, I only wear sensible knickers to school besides its instant detention for any girl caught wearing a thong, and by the way you're not an old man, I think you are very well preserved for your age" "Oh!

Very well preserved am I?" I laughed, "Just like a pickled onion I suppose?" "No I'm serious, a few of my friends at my pool party thought you were quite fit, especially Linda who has a huge crush on you by the way, and also that was no accident when she exposed her boobs to you, it was done quite deliberately." "Well that's very flattering to me, but next time you see her, tell her that even though she might look older than she is, that she's far too young for me and to stick to boys her own age" "There's not much chance of that, Kim said, "she's got a thing about older men, why she even got a week's detention once for flirting with Mr James the History teacher and he is even older than you, but it seems that you are the object of her affections, so if she is allowed to come to Disneyland Paris with us, you had better make sure you're door is locked or you may get a visitor in the night?" laughed Kim "I'll bear that in mind, now to change the subject, as it's now the start of your holidays how about going out to dinner tonight?

If you want we can go to Luigi's as a special treat?" Luigi's is an exclusive Italian restaurant, that my late wife and I used to go to quite regularly, but since her passing I couldn't bring myself to go there alone. Kim had been there once, on the occasion of Sue and Tom's wedding when I booked the entire restaurant for the reception and she loved it, because of the special occasion, even though she was only 12 at the time, she was allowed her first glass of Champagne to toast her big sisters marriage, and it made her feel quite grown up.

"Oh! Yes please uncle and as it is Luigi's I can wear the new evening dress mum bought me for my birthday I've not worn it yet." After chatting for a while about the things we were going to do during the holidays I said to her, "Well sweetheart, knowing how long women take to get ready, you had better make a start whilst I phone Luigi and book a table, then I'll have my shower after you." "Did the man not come and fix your shower today?" The shower head in my en-suite bathroom broke a couple of days ago, so I had to use the family bathroom.

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"Yes, he did come but he was unable to fix it and because it is such an exclusive shower head he won't be able get a replacement until next week so I will have to use your bathroom until mine's fixed." I made the restaurant booking and settled down to read my book whilst waiting for Kim to get ready.

After a good hour her voice shouted down "Bathrooms free" "About time" I shouted back, "I thought you had fell asleep up there" I went up to my room and undressed and slipped on a bathrobe and went into the family bathroom, as I hung my robe up I could not help noticing on top of the laundry hamper was the silky white thong that Kim had been wearing earlier, and I just could not resist picking them up and I felt that the crotch was quite damp, and I just could not help myself, lifting the thong to my nose to sniff them, all at once, having always being an avid pussy licker the scent that reached my nostrils was not one of pee, but one of pussy juice which made me realise that something had turned Kim on enough to make her to cum a little in her thong, I then started to lick the gusset of Kim's thong, the taste of which made my cock get very hard, very quickly, and for the second time that day I relieved myself, this time all over the bathroom floor.

After I had cleaned up my cum for the second time that day, I took my shower, then got dressed and went downstairs to wait for Kim. When she came into the lounge, I was gobsmacked, gone was the sweet and very pretty teenager and in her place was a gorgeous young woman, she was wearing a stunning low cut strapless blue dress that accentuated her small, but beautiful firm breasts and the dress finished about 5 inches above her knees, which showed off her very shapely and firm toned legs.

"You look gorgeous Kim." I said. "Quite grown up and sophisticated, you could easily pass for an 18 or 19 year old." "Thank you uncle, does that mean I can drink some vodka with my meal tonight?" she said cheekily.

"No it doesn't young lady but if you're a good girl, you may have some wine with your meal and maybe a glass of Champagne to start with" "Oh! Uncle I'll be a very, very good girl for you tonight if you want me to?" she said seductively, fluttering her eyelashes.

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"That's enough of that young lady, behave yourself, and by the way if you are wearing another thong under that beautiful dress be sure you don't expose it to anyone at the restaurant as I'm sure any women there would not be too happy about you flashing at their men folk, and you might really give some old man heart palpitations," I said laughing" "Don't worry uncle, I'm wearing more sensible knickers tonight, look?" she said, lifting up her short dress to her waist exposing a pair of very brief panties the same colour as her dress, and I saw they were very tight around the prominent bulge of her pussy, forming a slight camel toe, which caused a stirring of my cock "Besides," she continued dropping her dress down, "even though I will be very careful and ladylike, should I accidentally expose myself, because of the matching colour, nobody would be certain that they saw anything." The night was a great success, from the moment we walked into the restaurant, and because it had been so long since my last visit, Luigi himself made a fuss of us and Kim was revelling in all the attention, and admiring glances she was getting from most of the men there.

The meal was fantastic and I permitted Kim a glass of Champagne and 2 glasses of wine, on the understanding that she didn't let on to her mother.

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When we reached home Kim was very happy and gave me a big hug and kiss to thank me for a wonderful night and said that because of the wine she was a little tipsy and very sleepy and was going straight to bed, but promised to be up early in the morning to bring me a cup of tea in bed and then cook breakfast for us.

The next morning I was awoken by a knocking on my door, "Are you awake uncle I've brought you a cup of tea?" As I've always slept naked I looked down and saw that I had kicked my covers off during the heat of the night, so I quickly covered myself up and said, "I'm awake sweetheart, come on in." Kim walked in carrying my cup of tea, she was wearing a very short nightie that barely covered her bum, she placed the tea on my bedside table and leaned down to give me a good morning kiss, and as she did so my eyes were drawn to the sagging top of her low cut nightie and I was a0warded the luscious sight of her firm, braless young breasts, which started to cause a reaction in my groin area.

"What's up with me?" I thought, "Being turned on by a girl almost young enough to be my granddaughter." After her morning kiss she said cheekily, "Breakfast in 20 minutes so drink your tea and get your butt out of bed." As she spun round to leave, her nightie flared up and I had a quick flash of her bum cheeks, and thought, "Shit, it seems that despite our conversation of yesterday she's wearing a thong again." After I had drunk my tea I headed off to take my shower determined to put out of my mind what I had just seen, but when I had hung up my robe, my resolve to do this crumbled when I saw what was on the top of the laundry hamper.

It was not a thong this time, but the silky pair of blue briefs that that she had worn last night. I just could not resist myself in picking these briefs up, but they were not just damp like the thong, they were sopping wet to the touch, and my first thought was that she must have peed herself after having too much to drink the night before, but when I examined the crotch it didn't look like pee to me, and bringing them to my nose and inhaling the delicious aroma, I realised that the wetness was caused by a fairly large orgasm, she must have masturbated herself whilst still wearing them.

The thought of her doing this brought my morning half woody to its full size and once again whilst drinking in the scent and taste of her pussy on my tongue, I began to jerk myself off until I spewed another load of my cum on the bathroom floor.

After cleaning up again, I took my shower and went down to the kitchen where Kim, still in her nightie, was dishing up breakfast. "Perfect timing, sit down and start, I won't be a moment I've just got to pop upstairs and get my mobile as I'm expecting a text from Linda." "When she came down we chatted about nothing in particular whilst eating our breakfast. When we had finished she poured me another cup of coffee and said "Uncle" and paused. I said "Yes what is it? "Uncle" she began again, "can I ask you a very personal question?" "Well I suppose so, it depends how personal it is." "Well" she began and hesitated, "will you promise not to be angry with me?" "Of course I won't be angry, I promise." After a few moments of hesitation she blurted out.

"How big is your thing when it gets hard?" I was speechless for a moment, and then I thought I may have misheard her so I said. "My thing?" "Yes, you know? your thing down there," pointing to my crotch. Because I did not know what to say and trying to buy time to think I said, "Kim you're 16 years old and you still call it a thing?" "Well ok then, excuse me, but how big is your cock when it gets hard?" Now I really was speechless as I expected her to say penis.

After a long pause I said, "What on earth has brought this subject up?" "Well it started yesterday after you rescued me from the tree, when your 2 hands grasped my bum cheeks it gave me a tingling sensation in my pussy and when I gave you a hug I felt your hard cock pressing against my stomach which made my pussy start leaking juices into my thong, and it got me wondering about your cock having only ever seeing Jason's my ex boyfriends" "Well I'm very sorry about that Kim, it was not intentional I assure you, as you know I've never ever before acted inappropriately around you, but it's a guy thing, when he sees a sexy sight like I did, and I won't deny I think you have a very sexy bum, his cock takes over his brain and sometimes produces a hard on, even when it's not wanted, please forgive me?" "There's nothing to forgive uncle, as you say it was just natural reaction, why even us girls sometime get wet between our legs for no apparent reason." "That's true enough I'm sure" I said, "but that doesn't explain why you want to know how big it gets when it's hard." "Well, this morning before I went downstairs to make your cuppa I opened your door quietly to see if you were awake and saw that you were laying on the bed naked, and I could not help notice that even though your cock was soft it was much longer and fatter than my ex boyfriend Jason's was when it was fully hard, and so only ever having seen Jason's' I began to wonder how big it would get when it was hard, so will you please tell me just to satisfy my curiosity?" "Well ok!

so as long as you promise never to reveal this conversation to your mother, as she is a very good friend and I would not like to lose her friendship plus she would probably stop you from coming round here again and that would upset me so much?" "I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, so please tell me?" OK!

Well usually when hard it's 8 and a half inches long and has a circumference of about 6 inches but for some reason when it gets hard in the mornings it is half an inch longer bringing it up to 9 inches, it must be something to do with the blood flow or something else, because a person is slightly taller when they wake up in the morning but when they've been walking around a bit their spine compresses." "Awesome, Jason's was only 4 inches long when hard and quite skinny with it." "I hope you were practicing safe sex whilst you were with Jason, I wouldn't like to think you were taking the risk of getting pregnant?" Oh!

No! uncle, we never went all the way, I'm still a virgin, I just used to jerk him off and sometimes give him a BJ and he would just finger me and suck my boobs, but that's all because I had promised mum that I would not have sex until I was 16 and legal, besides even if I had gone all the way with him, I couldn't have got pregnant as mum got me on birth control straight away after coming home early one day, and catching us half naked together." "That's a relief then" I said getting up to put the dishes in the dishwasher .

"Uncle John, Can I ask you another question?" "Sure what do you want to ask?" "Can you show me your cock when it's hard?" Well now I had a dilemma, after my episode with her soaking wet panties earlier, part of me wanted to show her my cock, but reason won out and I said, "It just wouldn't be right breaking the trust that your mother has in me, besides at the moment it's not much different to what you saw this morning, as guys don't always walk round with a hard on you know, something or someone has to stimulate them first." "I promise that mum will never get to know, and as for stimulation perhaps this will help?" With that she reached down and grasped the hem of her nightie and pulled it off in one swift movement and stood there stark naked before me.

What a fantastic sight was stood there for my eyes to devour, this sexy 5 foot 3 inch teenager, her jet black hair halfway down her back, and her tits although only of a size between an orange and a grapefruit, stood very firm with no need of any sort of support, and she had the most amazing nipples that were very hard and were at least 3 quarters of an inch long, and looking down I saw her protruding pussy lips surrounded by short curly black hairs, and I could see that her pussy was exuding some moisture and it was obvious that Kim was getting turned on by the events.

Meanwhile, whilst I was taking in this glorious sight, despite my only relieving myself only an hour earlier, my cock had already made its mind up and was pushing my shorts out like a tent pole. "Well" said Kim looking down at my erection, "I think your cock is stimulated enough, don't you?" Before I could do or say anything she knelt down before me and yanked my shorts and underpants down in one swift movement, and as my cock was released, it was just like an elevated canon waiting to be fired, Kim's mouth dropped open in amazement, as I'm sure it was a lot bigger than she had expected.

I remember thinking as she knelt there naked in front of me with her mouth wide open on a level with my throbbing cock, all I had to do was lean forward a few inches and my cock would go straight in her mouth. But Kim was way ahead of me she grasped my cock as best she could, not managing to get her whole hand around it, and began stroking it.

I closed my eyes and began to revel in the attention my cock was getting, after a couple of minutes I felt an exquisite sensation surrounding my cock and I opened my eyes and looked down to see that Kim had managed to get about 5 of my 9 inches into her mouth and was sucking me like a woman possessed. After about 5 minutes of this I realised that it would not be long before I shot my load into her mouth and as I wanted to do so much more with her, I very reluctantly pushed her away.

"Aw! I was enjoying that" Kim cried. "I know you were sweetheart, and so was I but I would like to give you the same pleasure with my mouth, at the same time, you know a 69?, as I'm sure you enjoy having your pussy eaten?" "I don't know if I would enjoy it?

as no one has ever done that to me, Jason was my only boyfriend and he would not do that to me as he said it tasted horrible, and all he would to is suck my boobs and finger me, it was one of the reasons I broke up with him that he was so selfish and would not do to me the same as I did to him, plus I found out he had cheated on me with Jean Smith the school slut who would sleep with anyone" "Well Kim some people, male and female don't like giving oral sex, but I'm of the opinion that if someone is prepared to be that intimate with you, the least you can do is return the complement, whether you like it or not, but there are some people who like giving oral sex even though their partner does not like to reciprocate." "And what about you uncle, are you one of those who like giving oral sex?" Me?

No I don't like giving oral sex." Kim's face dropped, as I continued, "I'm one of a rarer people who really love giving oral pleasure to someone." Kim smiled and said, "I thought you did uncle." "Oh! And why do you think that?" I asked. "Well yesterday, I was almost sure the white thong I had been wearing, had been moved from the spot that I carefully put it in the laundry hamper, and when I went upstairs before breakfast to get my mobile, the blue panties that I wore last night had definitely been moved, even the couple of my pubic hairs that I stuck in my juices were missing." "Guilty" I said putting my hands up, "but how come they were so wet with your juices?" "Well, once I realised you probably had been sniffing or licking my thong, I thought I would really give you something to sniff and taste, so I masturbated myself whilst still wearing them, something I don't normally do, but the fantasy that I was thinking about got so intense that I came much more than I usual that's why they were so wet." "And just what was this fantasy that got your juices flowing so much?

"Well, as I was fingering myself though my panties, I was imagining that you were kissing and licking my body all over and then when I was good and wet that you would shove your big hard cock inside me taking my virginity and then giving me a really hard fucking and this thought is what caused me to cum so much?" Hearing that this beautiful sexy 16 year old in front of me had been thinking about me shoving my fat 9 inch cock inside her virginal pussy nearly made me cum on the spot without assistance.

"Yes that's some intense fantasy" I said. "But now that I've seen and sucked on your big hard cock, I don't want the fantasy to remain just a fantasy, and because I'm now 16 and legal plus as we're not blood related, I want you to do all those sexy things to me and much more, especially for you to be the first man ever to put a cock inside my virgin pussy and fuck me like a woman and not the little girl that I am, and because I'm on birth control, I want to feel you filling my pussy with your hot cum, Please uncle will you fuck me and turn your little girl into a woman?" "Well I'm still not too sure about this, you do know that your first time can be quite painful don't you, especially with my cock being the size it is, are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes uncle, I am very sure, and I know that there are less painful ways of breaking your virginity but I want to break it in the proper way with a cock inside me, the cock of a man who has always loved me, your cock, and I'm ready to do this, please?

And I know that you would never hurt me any more than was necessary, so please take me to your bed and teach me everything about sex and make me a proper woman?" End of part 1