Black tgirl solo wanking her meaty shaft

Black tgirl solo wanking her meaty shaft
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After this Diana hock me up with her best friend Jackie. Let me tell you Jackie was sexy as hell. Redness brown hair shoulder length great personality.

Jackie was five ft seven I believe and I can still remember how sexy she look in green and brown dress she was wearing at last game of our baseball league. The next season Jackie grand mother sign her up to play with us and we hit it off kind of quickly if you ask me we would talk on phone for hours. But the only issue I had was the age difference she at least two year younger than me so I finally end it.

But that was very short lived though. I felt bad about it and we talked at a practice and decided hell with it age is just a number. Well some time when pass a out relationship was really taken off.

I was so in love with this girl I didn't care if I had wait until she finished school. I want to make her my wife. So when brought her engagement ring and since neither of us had our permit yet I ask Diana if she could bring Jackie by my work so basically pop the question while was on lunch so she did and I wait to take my 30 min lunch break until she arrive with Jackie at my place of work.

So when they show up I ask if was ok if I took my lunch and my manager say sure for most part the breakfast /lunch rust had slowed down. So I bought all of us a drink and we took a seat over near door and when I sat down beside her I reach into my pocket and slowly pull ring box that I had been careful carrying in pocket all day long.


I turn to her and ask Jackie I have question to ask you ? Pulling the ring box out from under the table I open it up and ask her Jackie would you marry me. At first she was dumb founded or more in state of shock. But after letting it sink in for moment she turn head towards me with big smile on her face and say yes and slide the ring onto her finger. Diana ask me what time I got off from work she want to take us out so we could celebrate our engagement.

So we started make plan to so just that. Since it was Sunday and I got off work in about three hours.

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Diana say this what we going to do I'm going tell Jackie mom that you and Jackie are going with me to my church youth group serves this evening and her mom was ok with it and so was my thank God By now she started let enjoy myself a little So around after I got off work and shower i call them told them I ready so about thirty min later Jackie and Diana pull up in front of my house and off we when but not to church like we had told our parents we were instead we drove around in Diana grandma green station wagons Near miss #2 Diana grandma station wagon w/ Jackie This is first of two near miss with that I had with Jackie I guess that old say third time is charm is true!

But we get there soon enough.

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When Diana and Jackie pick me up from house Diana told her go ahead get in back with me and that was fine by me. Jackie still had that big smile on her face from earlier when ask her to marry me. well as Diana drove I want so badly to make out with Jackie but at first I was a little Hesitant to do so until I ask Diana if she had any objection if Jackie and I made out. She look over her shoulder at us and said I was wondering why your two hadn't already had started ,good right head just lay down in seat .if you start put your hand up her shirt and down her pants and if she did the same thing.

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So with that we began passionately make out. We began to kiss each other which lead us French kiss with lead me sliding my hand up her shirt and playing with her breast and her nipples got hard as rock and she start to moan a little we slide down into seat and I ask her if was ok if slide my hand down into her pants so I could finger her a little.

She nod her head yes so I unbuttoned hey button on her jean so i could slide my hand down her pant Now you have understand here this first time since we had been dating that we had been about to do anything like this and I was shocked that Diana was allowing it to happen. But a anyway I slide my hand into her pants for first time and into her panties. Then gently slide one finger into her pussy and she let our a slight gasp as my finger enter her pussy for first time and when heard it I removed it ask her if she was ok and breathing kind of hard she say she was fine just she never had a guy finger Her before and she want me continue so I did.

As I finger her he pulled my face close to her we began to French kiss some more. Then all suddenly I felt her body Tense up and her breath got deeper I know she was about to cum and she did let out loud moan her body relaxed.

I removed my hand from her pants and slide her close to me and we kiss a little more I ask her was that first time she had ever a man make her cum and she nod her head.

We kiss again for little bit. This when I took deep breath and look at her and took a hold of her hand an bought down toward my crouch of my pant I was wearing. I rub her hand slowly across my rock hard cock that was bulging up from my pants that I was wearing. I could tell from look of excitement in her eyes that very moment that the urge to touch it was as building inside her.

She so want get ahold of it and play with it, so who was I deny her of that overwhelming urge that to be satisfied. She started rub her hand across the bulge from my rock hard cock and damn it felt really good. I know from look in her eyes ,she just want slide her hand down my pants that very moment .But still I could tell she was kind hesitant about doing it .(at this point I known that things were progressing rather quickly and odds were quite high that if we continued at this pace we were going.If we didn't slow down it a just a little bit .The more apparent it came to me that it was very highly unlikely either one of us would still be a virgin when we got done.

The point of no return was quickly approaching ) I was so nervous since it was the first time we ever got do anything like this. So I took a deep breath and looked her in eyes and plainly ask her would she like slide her hand into my pants and play with my cock.

Than took another deep breath awaiting her response. I took hold of her hand looked her in dead in eyes and said" Jackie sweet heart I'm not going force you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing and I won't be mad at you if you didn't want do.

Only do it if are totally sure you want to" Moments later a big smile came over her face and she lean in towards me and said " To be honest with you Scott I just been teasing the hell of you for making me wait this damn long" hearing this I ask her " do you want me undo belt or we can find something here the car cover my lap I just unzipped my zipper pull it out whatever easy for you babe" this Jackie turn around in seat look into back the trunk of the car and found this small red blanket and toss it cross my lap.

So I quick until my belt and slide down the zipper on pants and pulled out my rock hard cock and took ahold of her hand and slide it down over my rock hard cock.

She pull up to blankets just enough to see my cock for herself.She Start rub her hand up and down the shift of my rock hard cock over and over and damn it felt good especially when took ahold of my balls in her hand and gently roll them in her hand it took everything I had in me not to moan to loud.

Then she moved her hand up the shift of my cock all the way to tip. And oh God I nearly shot my load when she rub her thumb over the very tip of the head of my cock. This time the moan I let out was a little louder I looked at Diana in cars rear view mirror and she just laughed and shuck her head Well it was at this point Diana decided to make stop at one of her best friends Kelly house.

I'm guessing Diana known what this could lead to so she didn't want watch us anymore. So she pull her grandma station wagon up into front of her Kelly house and quickly turn off the car and open door got out of car when up to the door of friends house when inside.

Thus leaving Jackie and myself all alone in back seat of car.which kind shocked the hell out me. I look at Jackie and she looked back at me with the same look on your face.


this about the time I spotted the short black mini Skirt laying in floor board of back seat on driver side of car. I pointed out the black mini skirt to Jackie and ask her " Hey babe do you think that mini skirt would fit you?" She bend over and pick up the Mimi skirt in hand and said "it should fit would like me to go put it on?" Well I know I want her to but I said " Only If you want to Im not going force to you do anything your not comfortable in doing babe" she give me quick kiss and took that black mini skirt into hand and opened the car got out of the door and walk up to door when inside the house.

While she when and changes it to the mini skirt I sat there with thousands of things running though my mind. Knowing what was about to happen.

To be honest with you i was exciting but scared at the same time. Knowing the risk we would be taking if we did end up making love. Was it an risk I'm was willing to make. But all those thoughts immediately disappear from my mind the second the door to the house reopen. At first I thought it was Diana coming storming to car because she caught Jackie pulling on mini skirt.

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But my fears were relieved when I saw It was only Jackie coming back to car wearing the skirt and once back inside the car. I pull her close to me and ran my hand down is thighs and she start to moan a little. Than I ran my hand down between her leg and gently started to rub the outside of her panties around where Her clit would be located and her breathing became a lot shollower and I could tell she was getting really turn getting turn on.

So I stopped and pull back for a moment and she looked at me and said "Hey why did you stopped for" I look at her and said " we both know where this heading and I know you want and I want just as much but I just realized we don't have condom" she just looked at me and said " I don't care we don't need one!" I look at her said " Jackie we both are virgins ok and I'm almost 100% sure as horny and turn as we are babe it won't take very long for the both of us cum and if I was to cum inside you there big change of you getting pregnant and your grandma would kill me if I got you pregnant" With that she slide over closer to me and reach up under the blanket that been covering my exposed rock hard cock and took a hold it began struck it gently and said to me" I want to get pregnant by you .

I want you your hard cock deep in side of me!" I look at her and said "'are you 100% positive that you that what you want babe . I want you so damn bad . She cut me off in middle sentence with a kiss and said " than take me than I'm yours" The next few minutes we started to discuss how we going to It was she going laid down in seat and i her between her legs and go from there or would best she sat down on me. Thinking back on now we should have laid down.

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But I said to her " best bet would if slip you panties off and than sat down on me because your going be tight as hell and with you pushing down on my penis me thrust upward into your vagina it should be easier for me get in you" "Ok than let slip my panties off I'll get up of you than. are you sure don't want lay down?" Jackie ask me I looked at her and said " na this way should easier and we need hurry on up because we don't know when Diana going come out" she slide down her panties and drop in floor board and start get on up of me and I stop her and ask once more time " babe are totally sure you want do this.

she cut me off middle sentence again and said " shut up and fuck me already" " Ok now I'm going be holding my penis so it be right positions so it should just right inside you after few thrust" I said to her as she lowered herself on top of my penis. But I couldn't get it inside .she was so flipping tight I couldn't even get the tip of my penis in that how flipping tight. I even had her push down harder on it still none thing. I think she though I was in because she start Thrust her hip and lifted up Her shirt so I could suck on her harder nips Out of nowhere the car door fly open at first I was thinking oh shit a police officer saw what we doing and we are toast but instead it Diana and when she saw what we were doing we yell at us "'what the fuck are two think you're doing .

damn you could at least laid down in seat" Diana said slamming door close I look at Jackie and said " damn it so close . better to change clothes because we not going get finished sighs" " are you sure babe"Jackie ask "yeah Diana not going let us finish you know that . we just luck it wasn't the cops than we would've have screwed for sure" I said to Jackie as she removed herself from my lap and bend down towards the floorboard to pick up her panties from floor.

After retrieving her panties from floor she lend back toward me give a quick kiss on lips and ask me " You not mad at me are you?" I look at her and said " why would I be mad at you for babe you didn't do any thing ?" " I know but I know how much you were looking forward to this . this just sucks that we came this close and feels like carpet been pull out from under our feet " she said. I looked at her and said "Babe don't you be worrying yourself about this, When time is Right it will happen, we just have be patient" with that I pull her close give quick kiss and sent her on her way to change and while she was doing that I redid my pants and waited her to returned to car.

A few minutes later Jackie returned to car and once inside Jackie snuggled up close to me.

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Resting her had on my Crotch gently rubbing it. Little did she know it was just making thing even worse. I had heard tales of guys getting blue balls from getting all work up and horny and than their girlfriends changed their minds. Let me tell you ladies don't even let your guys get a case of blue balls.


One that shit hurts like bitch, from what I have read to many case can do some damage to their penis and it really not cool make your partner suffer.

Well on the way home Jackie and I kiss again, I so just want to rope her clothes off take her there and than. I really didn't care whether Diana was driving or whether or not I would end up getting Jackie pregnant or not. But I keep telling myself over and over again when time is right we get the job done Well later on in evening I got one worse case blue ball that ever got in my life.

To a point where I had physically relieve myself. But only after Jackie and I had phone sex guess it was her way make up earlier in evening. This was first of two near miss with Jackie

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