Russische Geliebte real dirty Fußreinigung

Russische Geliebte real dirty Fußreinigung
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" Hello Nicole, my name is Mr. Malone. I'm calling in regards to your listing Preston Hollow. I'm prepared to make an offer based on the description online, but I do want to see the property before proceeding. I have a few hours between my last meeting. I hope that we can arrange to meet for a walk-through at 7:30 pm. If that will be possible for you, please return my call, and I'll look forward to meeting you tomorrow." That is the only message on her voice mail when she arrived at the office Monday morning.

Nicole is new to the real estate business in Dallas, and is still waiting for her first sale after getting started. When she originally thought of getting into real estate, the market was incredibly hot, and she was sure it would be a great way to make money and a career without having to put in too many hours.

Unfortunately, things have cooled down since then, and she didn't yet have any sales to show for her enthusiasm and hard work. Needless to say, she immediately followed up on this lead. It wasn't every day that someone like John Malone called out of the blue, ready to make an offer! She knew my reputation for investing in real estate around the world in luxurious residential properties and in commercial properties.

She normally wouldn't agree to meet a new client for the first time at such a late hour, she decided to go ahead with setting up the meeting. She returned my call, and when I didn't answer, left me a message confirming that she would be delighted to meet me at 7:30, and gave me her cell phone number in case anything came up. Monday had dragged on after she placed that call and after a few hours of work, she turned her focus to the meeting, and the potential of her first sale.

Nicole wanted everything to be perfect, and decided she should arrive at the house on Woodland Drive early. She grabs a quick dinner on near the office at about 6:00, and then went back to her apartment to pick out the perfect outfit.

Since getting into real estate, she had quickly learned that appearance is critical. Some people talk about 'location, location, location', but appearances - of the house, of the neighborhood, of the realtor - can make or break a deal. She is proud of the careful staging she had done of the vacant house on Woodland Drive, asking the sellers to leave certain pieces of furniture and decor. Now it is time to present herself appropriately to this particular potential buyer.

From conversations with other agents, she knew that I was a confident, self made Billionaire businessman, professional and no-nonsense. Currently single after my sixth divorce with a group of beautiful women for companionship around the world.

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It is rumored that I'm looking for a real estate agent to be my exclusive real estate broker to handle all my residential and commercial business. Nicole changed out of my her work attire into the one suit she owns, a fitted black jacket and matching knee-length skirt. She chose a red silk blouse to wear under the jacket, and then settled on black stockings with a subtle fishnet pattern, and black heels. As She stepped in front of the mirror to do her hair, she enjoyed the feeling of confidence that washed over her.

She looks professional, on par with what she expects from this wealthy mystery man, but she also looked hot, her 46-year-old body filling out every curve of this suit perfectly.

My shoulder-length red hair now pinned back, she headed out to meet me. She arrived at the house at 7:15 - plenty of time to do a quick walk-through to make sure everything is in order. She turned on lights here and there, lit a few candles, and turned on some music in the living room. She made sure that the windows on the south side of the house were closed, to keep out any road noise that is the only negative about the house's location.

Everything is ready, so she stood by the front window, watching for me to arrive. At exactly 7:30, she saw a nondescript sedan pull up in front of the house, and watched as I emerged from the driver's side.

Dark as it was, she didn't see me clearly until I stepped onto the porch into the light from the house.

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Damn, he is ruggely handsome! She is glad she had decided to wait inside and let me ring the doorbell, because it took her a moment to regain her professional demeanor. I'm tall, probably 6'4", with a athletic body which looked spectacular in my designer suit. I had striking green eyes and close-cropped gray-black hair, with a bit of gray in my five-o-clock shadow. She guessed I'm probably in my mid 50's, and that's as far as she got with admiring my appearance before I rang the doorbell.

Taking a few deep breaths and walking slowly the few steps towards the door, she greeted me with a welcoming gesture, inviting me into the house as she said, " Mr.

Malone, I presume?" " Yes, thank you for meeting me here, Nicole - I recognize your picture from your website." " My pleasure, it's no problem at all," and then, trying to sound a little less ridiculously eager, " please, take as much time as you'd like to look around, and let me know if you have any questions." " Well, I reviewed the listing thoroughly online, and saw all of the pictures, so I think all I need is a quick walk-through to make sure I'd like to go ahead with an offer." " Great, well, let's start by going through the main level, and then I'll show you the upstairs, with the wonderful master suite." As we walked through the house, she is again impressed with my confidence.

What she had sensed in my voice mail is obviously accurate - here is a man who knew what he wanted, and had the intensity to get it. she also can't help finding herself attracted to me, although obviously the deal is too important to her to do anything so silly as hit on me.

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The upstairs of the house really is nice, she thought to herself as we walked through the master suite. It had been a bit of a fight, but she had convinced the sellers to leave their king-sized bed, complete with its beautiful silk sheets, to help show off the room to potential buyers.

Maybe someday she will be able to own a house like this. This daydream is abruptly interrupted by a surprising feeling, my hand on her ass. At first she froze, and I in turn froze, she quickly melted again, and my gentle pat became a firmer squeeze.

Nicole had turned herself into a steely professional in order to make the deal, but if I'm going to be the one to make the first move, she certainly wasn't going to turn me down. Both of my hands are now moving over her body as she leans into me, her back to me.

I quickly found her breasts, kneading them through her jacket and blouse, and she responds by grinding her ass against my crotch.

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The sexual tension is unlike anything she has ever experienced, and is only accentuated by the impropriety of it all, this naughtiness in business attire. Nicole attempted to turn around to face me, but my hands told her that I wanted her to remain where she is, and she complied with my direction. I peel off her jacket, and my fingers unbutton her blouse and are now inside her bra, squeezing her nipples.

She can feel my erection growing, continuing to push back against me as I pleasure her. One of my hands drops to her skirt, grabbing at the fabric to pull it up. I seem pleased to discover that her stockings are only thigh high, and begin to explore the skin of her inner thigh with my warm fingers. As she responds to my caresses by letting her head fall back against my chest, I begin licking and nibbling her earlobe.

The combination of this attention soon has her very wet, a fact I discover as my fingers reach her panties. As if in response to her wetness, I kick things into a higher, more agressive. I walk towards the bed, forcing her to walk as well, and when we arrived at the edge of the king-sized bed, I push her down so her forearms are pressed against the comforter, she is still on her feet, her ass pressed against my crotch.

Nicole feels me move away from her as she helplessly grinds her ass against the air. Nicole soon realizes, without looking back to see me, that I'm removing my clothes, and when she feels my hands on her body again, I'm pushing her skirt up to her waist. I begin exploring the edges of her panties with my fingers, teasing her with touches to her ass and inner thighs, she pulls off her unbuttoned blouse and bra and throw them on the floor.

I then tug at her panties, pulling them down and away from her wet pussy until she is able to kick them off to one side. Nicole lets out a whimper as she feels me pull away from her again, then realizes that she has no cause for a complaint. I kneeled behind her, with one hand on each of her thighs, pushing her legs further apart.

Nicole lets her head fall to the bed as my tongue touches the skin of her ass, and traces a wet line directly to her pussy. I slurp up the juices that are trickling out of her pussy, and then begin a slow, steady stroking from her clit to her pussy lips. All the tension of the day - sexual and otherwise - melts away as I eat her. I had her moaning and bucking, and had to grab her hips firmly to keep in contact with her as she begins to lose control. After several minutes of my steady tongue strokes, I turn my tongue's focus entirely to her clit, inserting two fingers deep inside her.

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Rather than speed up my motions, as she expected me to, I instead slowed, and finally stopped, pulling away from her and standing up. I gently touch her arm motioning for her to stand up as well. For the first time since I had made my move, we were now face to face. I'm completely naked, my muscular body just as she had imagined it to be when she first saw me. The raw sexuality she feels is unlike anything she has experienced before. The sight and feel of me before her, the lingering sensations of my fingers on her body and my tongue on her clit.

She is ready for anything. Still wearing her skirt, which is pushed up to her waist, and her mid thigh stockings, she watches as I climb onto the bed and settle myself on my back, with my head on the pillows.

Nicole climbs onto the bed beside me and begins to fondle my cock with both hands. It is already rock hard, quickly growing harder as she took both of her hands to try to fully encircle it. She took the tip, and then a few more inches, into her mouth, beginning to bob up and down on it as she firmly strokes the base with both hands.

After a few minutes, impressed at my stamina, she begins fondling my balls with one hand and taking a bit more of my thick shaft into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my cock as she strokes it. Completely engrossed in sucking my huge cock, she hardly notices when I first try to get her attention. A slap on the ass remedied that, and she pulls herself away from my cock long enough for me to grab her by the hips, position one of her knees on each side of me, and pull her pussy down onto my face.

Nicole has always fantasized about enjoying a 69 position, but never had a man who wanted to spend that much time eating her out! My tongue again exploring her wet pussy, she turns her attention back to my cock, this time taking as much of my length as she can before stroking up and down.

As my tongue explores the inner lips of her pussy, she moans onto my cock. Nicole is again amazed at my stamina as she feels her first orgasm coming, I'm still holding back as she sucks me. Nicole lets herself go, this time I let her finish, forcing herself down onto my tongue and coating me with her juices.


In her moment of ecstasy, she wasn't able to keep her mouth on my cock, but continues stroking me furiously with one hand as she screams " OMG.OOOOOOOHHHHHHH.AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." As she finishes, I let her fall to the bed and again stood up, my hard cock jutting out from my body as I walk to the foot of the bed.

I grab both of her ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed, giving myself full access to plunge into her tight pussy. First I tease her. After putting one of her feet on each of my shoulders, I use my hands to draw the head of my cock back and forth against her pussy lips for what seems like an eternity. Even though she has just cum, this delay is excruciating, she wants me inside of her, fucking her! Mind reader that I seem to be, I thrust fully inside her as soon as she had the thought.

Nicole can't believe the feeling of being stretched and of the fullness as I begin to stroke my huge cock in and out of her tight dripping pussy. I take hold of her ankles again, and use that grip to occasionally move her legs, changing the angle of my penetration, as we fuck for what seems like an eternity. Suddenly, my demeanor changes, and she guesses that I'm finally nearing my climax, after holding off for so very long. Just when she thought I would begin slamming her more furiously, I instead pull out and back up one step, giving her room to get up and stand again with her ass to me and her hands on the bed.

Nicole longs for this penetration from behind ever since I first seduced her from behind.


As soon as she is ready, her legs spread wide for me, I plunge inside her again, reaching a depth inside of her that took her breath away. Once there, I move slowly at first, grinding my hips against her ass. My hands reaching around grabbing both of her breasts, kneading them firmly as I begin to stroke in and out of her.

Then, as I thrust more furiously, one hand reaches for her clit, pinching it between my thumb and finger. She has thought nothing could surpass her orgasm from the 69 position, but she is wrong.

This deep penetration from behind, my increasing intensity as I approach my own climax, my fingers on her nipples and clit, it is overwhelming, an all-encompassing pleasure that covers every inch of her body. As a long, deep orgasm surges through her, I finally came as well, shouting out as I pull out of her shooting my load all over her ass. Completely spent, she collapses on the bed.

Her first coherent thought is to realize that she didn't know my first name. Nicole rolls over to ask me this question, only to find me standing with a hard cock bobbing up and down again.

She watches as I took a small bottle of lube out of my shirt pocket, dropping the shirt onto the floor again. " Get on all fours Nicole," I said. My voice is calm. She didn't know what I had in mind, now the only thought she has is to follow my voice, she did as I said and it made her feel so exposed. Her ass is up in the air and her pussy is aching for me again.

" Please just fuck me now. I need you to fuck me now." Nicole whispers. Nicole looks toward the bed, waiting, every nerve ending in her body primed for that exquisite moment when the imagination and reality collide again.

She hears me squirting lube, out of the small container imagining it coating my cock. Then she feels my fingers massaging her ass. No, not just my ass but around her tight asshole. Oh my god, no one's ever done that before. She lets out a small whimper as she feels one finger pushing against her, and as she inhales her body yields.

I'm fingering her tight asshole. Nicole moans. " You're a beautiful woman, Nicole," I said. " Not just a stranger anymore. I'm going to ask you to keep your eyes closed and start touching your pussy. Touch it just the way you do when you're by yourself at night and no one is around to hear you come. Can you do that?" " Y-y-yes. But, I'm, I-I'm afraid." " I'll be gentle with you Nicole," I said. " If you need me to stop--" " No," she said. " Please, don't stop." Nicole is afraid, afraid she will torn open If I shove my hard long thick monster cock into her tight ass.

She is afraid to stop me from fucking her ass. Nicole knows she is crazy right now.What the hell has come over her? She keeps touching herself, feeling my fingers gently probing and massaging her body in a place she has never dared explore.

She feels herself.enjoying it. " More," whispered Nicole. " What's that?" I ask.

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" I'm not sure I heard you." I had a look on my face that is a smug. I knew Nicole would beg for what I had to give her. " That's all right, Nicole. I have more where that came from." She feels more pressure, then pain as she widens to accept my finger. She finds herself pushing her ass back around me as I push a second finger inside her.

Her control withers even further as she realizes that this, this is one of those sexual acts she never thought she'd dare attempt because it was too--taboo. She never tried this because good upstanding women don't allow themselves to be fucked in the ass. She hears the sound of the lube once again, as she turns around she sees that I'm greasing up my shaft.

I'm grinning at her, and a twinge of fear came back. It isn't just the size of my cock that worries her. It is the darkening she sees in my eyes. As though I'm finished playing nice, now we are going to get down to business.

She is afraid of me and wants me at the same time. If only I was fucking her pussy again, she thought. That would feel so good like before, now she wants to know what does it feel like to have a long thick hard monster cock, to have Mr. Malone sliding his cock up her ass? Her virgin tight ass, no less? " I'm not sure Mr. Malone, you're so big, and I don't know. Maybe this is too much. I mean--" " I'm a man of my word, Nicole.

If you want to stop we can stop right now. You can get dressed and leave like nothing happened. Is that what you want?" It is her choice, if she says yes, she will be the one who invited me to fuck her ass.

There is no way to change this situation. Saying yes means the fault is hers and is she ready to accept that and live with it. Does she want this. She looks at me and my monster hard-on. She didn't know whether she'd be my employee or my lover. Maybe she'd be both. There is-- only one way to find out. Say yes and be my whore. Nicole didn't need to speak her reply to me. She gives her signal through a not so subtle demonstration of body language.

She presents her ass to me. The desire to have me inside her again, to strip her of that piece of her dignity, outweighed her fear of the unknown, her fear of the monster cock that could split her in two and send her screaming in pain. She wants me more. " That's good," I said. I'm right behind her now. My calm voice has returned. She feels my cock pressing against her ass, and then, slowly, she feels me sliding inside. She winces. But the pain lasts only for a brief few seconds, and then she feels a sense of being full, of having given herself to me completely.

Then she finds herself rocking her hips, back and forth, feeling pleasure building inside her that she didn't know existed. " Relax and touch your clit, Nicole," I said. I seem to be measuring my thrusts, as though I know just how long I can extend this moment before I, too, will no longer be able to hold myself back.

She put two fingers to her clit then rubbing it. The first wave of orgasm came like a wave that you don't expect, a wave that doesn't rise up to consume you until it's almost too late to run out of the breaking surf. As Nicole stares into the eye of that wave she asks it to take her. She is ready for it to wash over her, through her.

" Oh my god, oh--" Nicole moans. She wants to speak, to tell me to keep fucking her ass because it is the hottest, dirtiest sex she'd ever had, but she is incapable of doing so.

It is all too much, too overwhelming for her to process. All she can do is follow me. Do what I ask. " Oh god, oh oh oh oh --oh ahhh--" she moans louder. Her back arching and stiffening, I take a handful of her hair and hold her chin up, exposing her neck to me, making her aware of her vulnerability. I'm above her, my muscular core driving my cock into her ass.

Her nipples are so hard that she feels them rubbing raw against her blouse as I fuck her. The tremors and convulsions brings her to the dark unknowing place of ecstasy. While she thought she is approaching the edges of ecstasy, she has never felt so thoroughly consumed by it. It is like being thrust into the darkest night she has ever seen. With each slow rhythmic motion inside her, Nicole is wincing, while I'm trying to hide my ecstasy. As finally half of my cock had disappeared inside her tight ass again, I'm slamming into her harder and deeper.

I see the pain on her face as she is also lost in the pleasure. The temptation to fuck her ass as aggressively as I did her pussy is so tempting but I slam it with light aggression slowly gaining further depths inside her. Each time Nicole pleaded, " Not so hard." I momentarily ease up before slamming her a little harder, a little faster and and a little angrier.

Soon her moans of pleasure and pain are growing louder and more guttural while her hands grab the sheet in her fists. Each time I punctuated a rhythmic fuck with a deeper entrance she grips the sheets and winces harder.

Sensing that she is either losing herself to the moment or reaching a limit of pleasure and pain, I grab her arms back by both wrists in one hand and her long red hair in the other hand, pounding her ass as deeply and aggressively as I can, watching her tear up while a secret part of me become more aroused at the sexual pain she is enduring for my pleasure. As my long, hard thick cock disappears in and out of her pale round ass I finally release her arms and hair, angrily grabbing both cheeks before digging my cock right up to the hilt while ejaculating into her deepest, darkest recesses coating her walls with my white warm cum.

As my cock twitches inside her dribbling the last spurts of sperm into her ass, I bask in the glow of satisfaction of fucking a new tight virgin ass, looking down at Nicole, who despite looking bedraggled with tear stained mascara running down her face, returned a look of pleased satisfaction at what she had achieved.

At this point, she realizes she had really been fucked. I pull out of her and stand up. " Get cleaned up and dressed Nicole. My lawyer will meet you tomorrow at the bank. Then come to my office to sign the contract giving you the exclusive right to represent me in all commerical and residential real estate deals. You also will be required to be available to me 24/7 to satisfy my sexual needs." I said walking out of the bedroom.