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Classy ballsucking mature sucking dick
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The next client should be here soon. Rebecca Allen. Eighteen years old, red hair, one hundred pounds and four feet three.

Has been androphobic for most of her life. A successful student in her private school but has failed to maintain her skills in the real world. Lives with her mom and is supposedly popular at school. Never had a job and only volunteers at school. "Interesting" Dr. Venus whispers to herself, as she continued to read Rebecca's paper. Rebecca seemed to have had a troubled youth.

Abandoned by her father and harassed by men would most likely be the cause for her phobia. She was a cute girl and dreams of marriage and having kids.

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Unfortunately, this will likely never happen. Her fear seems to be extremely crippling. Nausea, weak legs, excessive sweating and a shortness of breath. Her phobia prevents her from going outside like a typical teenager, thus causing her mild depression. It would be a difficult case for Venus, but she was positive that the treatment she has in mind would help Rebecca. The clock ticked slowly, each second sounding like the stomping of an elephant.

Then a knock. "Dr. Venus, Rebecca is here to see you." "Bring her in." The door opened, letting Rebecca in. "Thank you, Debra. Ms. Allen, please take a seat." Rebecca nodded and took a seat across Dr. Venus. "So Ms. Allen-" "Please just call me Rebecca." "Okay, Rebecca.

Tell me about your androphobia." Rebecca grimaced a little. She didn't expect the conversation to begin with her phobia. "I-I don't know what to say. I'm afraid of men." "Do you dislike men?" "No, no, no. "I don't hate them, I'm just scared of them." Rebecca fidgeted in her seat, clearly uncomfortable about it. "Is there a reason why? I've read that you've been harassed online and in school by boys." Dr Venus grabbed her pen and notebook, taking notes as Rebecca spoke.

"I guess that's the reason. I never met a good man. Every man I met was always mean to me. They called me names like slut, and ugly." Rebecca had her head down as she spoke. She wanted to say more but her feelings prevented her from talking. Venus patted Rebecca on her hand.


"I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes people can be mean and change how we perceive the whole group. You aren't alone.

Many people suffer from this exact phobia." Rebecca looked up at Venus smiling. "And if it means anything, I think you are gorgeous." Rebecca eyes met with Venus' and she smiled. "Thank you, Doctor." Venus retracted her hand from Rebecca's. Leaning back on her chair she asks "Do you want to love men?" She was startled at first but immediately nodded.

"Yes, I want to be able to go outside and not be scared of bumping into a guy. I even want to get married one day and have kids." The air was silent. Rebecca's plea had Venus grimacing. She dropped her pen and notebook on her desk. "Would you like to overcome your fear now? There is a technique that I could use but it may be too much for you." Venus sighed, looking at Rebecca.

"Please, please I'll do anything. Just let me be normal." Rebecca was literally begging for Venus to help her. She was beyond desperate. Venus grinned, a little maliciousness escaped her face. "Very well. I'll be back, just hang tight for a bit." Venus got up from her seat and walked out the door, leaving Rebecca alone.

Rebecca fiddled with her thumbs as she waited. She was growing increasingly nervous thinking about what plans Venus had for her. Yet she felt confident in herself. It might have been talking with the doctor or just being in the same office as her that gave this surge of courage. Regardless of the cause Rebecca was now more confident then she was before. Waiting for Venus to return took a while but Rebecca had trust in her. The door opened, and Venus returned. In her hand was an intimidatingly long package of paper.

She handed it to Rebecca and took a seat on her comfortable chair. "Here's the contract that you're going to have to sign in order for me to implement this treatment. I recommended that you go home and review it. We can schedule another meeting for in a year." "A year?!" "Yes, I am quite the successful psychologist, so I have many clients wanting to meet with me. Typically, it takes two years but fortunately for you I can possibly schedule in a year." Rebecca looked at the time.

She still had fifty minutes of therapy and yet she was being told to go home and wait for a year. Rebecca couldn't even look at the contract. "H-How long will the intervention be?" "The intervention I planned out will take less than an hour to complete. After that you'll be cured of your androphobia." In less than an hour Rebecca would be cured of her fear and yet she had to wait a year.

All she had to do was read the document, but that would take more than a day. She also wanted her mother's opinion on this treatment, but she had no time. Rebecca took a pen from Venus' desk and signed it with no hesitation.

"Here, let's do this treatment now." She held the contract out to Venus. Venus accepted the contract, grinning. "Are you sure this is alright? You can still take this back. Once the treatment begins you cannot go back." "Yeah, I believe I can do this." Rebecca smiled at her new-found confidence.

"Excellent." Venus picked up her office phone and typed in some numbers. "Debra, bring in the four. We're going through with Rebecca's treatment." The door soon opened. Rebecca upon turning froze in fear. Four large black men came through the door. Each of them easily passing six feet in height and weighing more than two hundred pounds.

Their presence terrified Rebecca. "W-W-What's happening?!" The door behind the black men locked from the outside. "This is what you signed up for. Please take a seat. The whole point of this is to have men in the same room as you, that's all." Rebecca's heart was pounding hard.

She never felt this much pressure in her whole life. Still having Venus by her side made her feel a bit comfortable. "Now Rebecca, let's talk about your sexual fantasies. You've got some, right?" Everything was moving too fast for Rebecca. First, she ends up in a room with four random black guys, and now is forced to share her sexual fantasies. "I uh don't have any." "Rebecca, there's no need to lie. Everyone has sexual fantasies. Even those who fear the opposite sex." Venus smiled genuinely to Rebecca.

Rebecca felt her kindness and it broke her down. "I-I always wanted to be with a hot white guy, someone like Justin Bieber. Maybe be caressed sexual by him and…" Rebecca lost track as she spoke.

The four black men that were by the door were now behind her. She shuttered in fear. One of them held her hands and caressed it. "Mmm such soft skin." Rebecca tried to fight back, but the man was too strong.

"STOP IT! STOP!" Rebecca screamed loudly, trying to get help from someone. SOMEONE! SOMEBODY HELP!" "Oh Rebecca" Venus grinned watching Rebecca fighting. "This room is sound proof, no one can hear you. But don't worry, these guys will be nice to you." Another of the men touched her soft cheeks. Rebecca couldn't do anything. The other men grabbed her by the shoulder, so she couldn't move.

The men's tough hands embraced Rebecca, and she could not escape. Tears poured from Rebecca's eyes, "Please I'll do anything just stop this." She couldn't hold back her fear. Her heart was pounding, as if it was trying to break out of her body. The men had their grip tight on Rebecca. As one pinned her down by her shoulder, the others began to molest her.

The largest of the men took a further step and wrapped his hands Rebecca's breast. She yelped in fear as he squeezed it. "You've got quite the bosoom. Any man would be lucky to be with you." One man lowered his head and licked Rebecca's cheek.

She shuddered in terror. Rebecca was shivering in fear, trying to fight for her freedom. The black men moaned in pleasure from tormenting her. Her breasts were squeezed tight by the men's hands. Rebecca was breathing loudly, panting. Behind her she could hear the men's pants begin to unzip.

Her face turned to horror. "NO! NO!" Rebecca screamed as loudly as she possibly could, but no one could hear her. "There's a way to trick the brain Rebecca.

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Just repeatedly say you love it. Trust me in no time you'll feel it." Venus grinned as the men placed Rebecca's hands on their cocks. Rebecca's face turned from anger to fear and disgust. The men fondled her breasts and guided her hands across their cocks. Her hands were soft and innocent. Driblets of precum stuck on to her hands. At this point Rebecca was no longer fighting. She lost all her will and fell into submissiveness.

Playing dead wouldn't stop her torture. These men did not care for living or dead, just a place they can release their cum in. And for them it would be inside Rebecca. Her warm hands glide across two of the men's dick.

Her hands were fully prompted by the men. She had no control. All Rebecca could do was murmur "stop." Her hands were firm around their cocks, squeezing their veiny shaft.

Another of the man ripped the front of her top and bra. Her large breasts flopped down. She blushed ashamed by what was happening. The man pinched her nipples, hardening them. "Mmm these nipples are so hard. I bet she's enjoying it." "No! Just stop!" Rebecca was fighting but she was losing her will.

"It's okay if your nipples get hard. It just means you're having fun." Venus was acting casual as if this was perfectly normal for her. "Fuck you Venus! When I leave here I'll tell the police!" Rebecca grit her teeth angrily. "I promise you won't." Venus chuckled at Rebecca's attempt of blackmail. "Now teach Rebecca, her place." The fourth man who did not even touch Rebecca stood in front of her.

His mighty shaft, easily 10 inches, stood in front of the startled Rebecca. The large cock smacked the side of her cheek producing a loud slapping sound. The man gripped Rebecca's face and shoved his cock into her mouth without giving her any reaction. Rebecca immediately gagged but nothing came out of her mouth. The man could care less about Rebecca and repeatedly shoved his cock inside her. Each time he goes deeper and deeper. Rebecca's mouth was filled with saliva, sticking onto the man's large cock.

She wanted to bite it, make him feel pain, but it was so girthy that her jaw couldn't even close. The man from behind reached his hands downwards from Rebecca's bare chest to her soft panties. Rebecca so focused on the cock in her mouth didn't realize what was happening below her. She could feel the man's large fingers hover on her pussy. Without a second thought the man ripped her jeans and panties revealing her natural pussy. He pinched her clit and rubbed her pussy.

Rebecca twitched, blushing completely red. Rebecca's twitching face pleasured the man's cock. He couldn't take the softness from her inner cheeks. His cock throbbed violently before erupting inside her. He pressed her face as deep as he could and came directly into her throat. Slowly, he released her from his grip. Rebecca coughed, choked, and gagged but did not cry. She was breathing loudly. Never before has she had something so big and tasty shoved into her. "Well wasn't that fun?

It looks like you enjoyed this a bit." Venus grinned at Rebecca who was facing downwards in exhaust. Rebecca looked back at her with disgust, fear and anger in her eyes. "Your session is about to end in thirty minutes. Let's finish up, shall we?" The men released their hands on her. For a second Rebecca had an opportunity to run and she took it. Her legs were weak from her molestation and she collapsed onto the floor.


Venus laughed at Rebecca's futile attempt at escape. Three men have yet to enjoy cumming in and on Rebecca. One of them lifted her ass upwards and thrusted his cock inside her vagina. This feeling was unlike the fingers from before.

Rebecca screamed in pain. This cock was far too much for her.

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Her vaginal walls molded to fit the man's large cock. Contiously the man pummeled her insides. The pain was unbearable. There was nothing to distract her.

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Venus's words echoed in her head. "Just say 'I love it' over and over again." In her mind Rebecca thought it over and over.

The man smacked Rebecca's soft yet large ass. Rebecca didn't respond except for a few murmurs. Her face was being rubbed against the floor as well as her breasts.

"I love it. I love it." Rebecca's thoughts translated to real life. The black man moaned loud in pleasure, his cock being massaged by Rebecca's tight pussy. Like a feral wolf he plowed her, increasing in speed.

His cock was throbbing inside her, ready to explode. The man took his cock out and sprayed his milk all over Rebecca's back. The man fell backwards by the sheer pleasure of sex.



Venus watched carefully at Rebecca. With no man near her, Rebecca could attempt another escape. She laid on the ground, unwilling to move.

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Possibly from exhaustion or a desire for more. Venus grinned at Rebecca's submissive body. The last two men walked over to her lifeless body and carried her up. Rebecca did not fight back. She did not argue.

She hardly moved. "I love it." She whispered under her breath. One man put his cock inside her vagina and the other in her ass.

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The double penetration seemed to have awaken her from her temporary coma. She screamed but this time it wasn't in pain but in joy. Gravity naturally pushed Rebecca deeper onto their cocks.

They began to pummel her insides. Rebecca didn't know how to respond. She felt conflicted, yet the answer was so clear. Up and down, up and down. Rebecca was forcefully being bounced on the top of the men's cock. The cock in her ass stood tall and firm while the one in her pussy smashed her insides. Both of the men had large cocks that easily molded her holes to fit them. In a sudden break of herself, Rebecca shouted "I love it!" Venus grinned seeing the results of her treatment. "I love it!

I love cock! I love anal! I want more!" Rebecca's tongue stuck out in satisfaction. Her eyes lifted in pleasure.

Watching her was both gross yet erotic. "More, more more!" The men obeyed the girl and began to fuck her harder. Her tight insides were loosening like the whore she truly was.

Both men came inside her in unison. Her vagina and ass were filled to the brim with cum. The men gently lowered her onto the ground. Her holes were leaking cum, but Rebecca did not mind. She panted in pleasure.

Her heart was beating fast and her insides warmed intensely. She loved action, she adored the pain. "So Rebecca, how do you feel about men?" One of the black men walked towards Rebecca as Venus spoke. Last time Rebecca tried to run and screamed. This time she crawled towards the man and hugged his crotch. "I love them! I really, really love them." Rebecca smiled like a slut.

"I guess the treatment was a success. I suppose we can schedule an appointment next week, how does that sound?" Rebecca didn't leave the man's cock.

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"I thought you were busy?" "I lied" Venus said it so casually. "Then yes I want to come again." She giggled as she said 'cum.' "Then I'll give you some homework.

Before you come here next week you have to suck ten dicks and record it. No lying." Venus flashed a grin. Rebecca nodded. "Yeah, that'll be easy." "We have ten minutes left, how about round two?" Venus pulled out her phone and recorded Rebecca. The men began to circle behind her with their cocks surrounding her. She flashed a peace sign and smiled. "Yes please!"