Farm sex with latin brunette

Farm sex with latin brunette
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Hi I'm Adam 21years old. This is going to be a part of a series BUT each story can be stand alone stories. All of the stories I am going to be making are completely true. -Any feedback is welcome.

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**Toronto, Ont** this is part 4 So For a while I wanted to meet up with a guy I was seeing from time to time named Steve in a hotel so he could take full advantage of me and do whatever he wanted. And after a long wait I finally got that chance.

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I told Steve about my hotel idea and he really liked that idea, but we could never find the time where we could do a whole night. One night Steve tells me he has news. He said that he was going to be in town for the night and his work paid for a hotel. Which was perfect because I didn't have any plans that night. At this point I had my own car so I drove down to the hotel he was staying at and he waited outside for me. I packed a bag with some panties, lube and a change of clothes. Steve took me upstairs to the 16th floor I believe.

The view was very nice. I sat in the bed and we begin talking.

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After a few minutes I suggest we take a shower to get started. He agreed. I was the first to go to the washroom, I started the water and got in (I kept my panties on for Steve to take off of me). After a few minutes I heard Steve come in, as he was getting in the shower I turned away from him. He moved in behind me and started to feel my body.

I reach behind me and rub his cock until it was hard. I turn around to face him and he starts kissing my neck and rubbing my cock through my Panties. He takes my panties off and we begin to clean each other top to bottom. I thoroughly scrub his cock with handfuls of soap.

After about 15 minutes we decide to get out and dry off.


Still in towels we sit on the bed both knowing what going to happen next. He asks me if I want to get fucked right then and there. Being my submissive self I said yes. I remove his towel and he sits on the bed.

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I start by giving him some head, I can tell he's enjoying it because he's rubbing the top of my head and letting out small moans. A few minutes of this and I can tell he's ready to fuck me good. Steve stands up and demands me to lay on my back on the bed after laying a towel down.

As I lay down he's grabs the Lube and applied it all over his rock hard 6 inch cock. As I position myself with my torso on the bed and my legs dangle he grabs my legs and throws them on his shoulders giving him the easiest access to my eager hole. He begins to search for my hole with his hungry cock and eventually finds his mark.

It took a few thrusts to get fully inside me. Each thrust pushing 1.5 inches deeper inside me. Once Steve was balls deep in my ass he starts to slowly fuck me until his cocks presents was more welcomed by my ass hole.

Then his pace quickens and his balls start slapping against my ass I love the sound of his balls hitting me, it's just another reminder of how hard he's fucking me and how much I'm enjoying it. After about 10 minutes Steve says "IM GONNA CUM".


"I WANT YOU TO CUM DEEP INSIDE ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR MANLY LOAD" I reply. A few seconds later i hear him let out a few moans of pleasure and with a few last DEEP thrusts I can feel his cock pulsate inside me, knowing he is flooding my insides with his cum and loving every second of it. After he finishes unloading his cum, he keeps his cock buried inside me, letting his cum to slide deeper inside me with the help of gravity, while his cock acts as a plug so no cum escapes.

Steve pulls out after about 2 minutes and some cum runs down the crack of my ass as i lay there in a daze at how great it was and trying to picture how deep his cum really is inside me and what it's doing in there. As I was laying there for a few minutes I just imagine how many times we have had sex and how many times he unloaded inside me.

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While I think about it all I can do is smile and looks like a cum filled bimbo craving more. Steve system my smile and asked why I was smiling.

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So I told him and he said he loved filling me with his cum. this again turned me on a little bit. So Steve started to jerk me off while telling me what he's going to do to me all night. He said he was going to wake me up by shoving his cock inside my ass. I told him if I wake up and he's sleeping still that in was going to wake him up with a blowjob and ask if he was ready for round 2.

Steve filled by telling me that in the morning as soon as we got up he was going to fill me again with his hot cum, bright and early. Then again just before we had to leave the room. I loved the idea of it all. Then I shop my cum all over my stomach and chest and lay there some more processing everything he just said. Steve was thinking we had all night to fuck, but i got sacred because I've never slept in the same bed as another man before so i told him i had to leave.

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Feeling full of cum, guilt and sadness for letting him down like this I packed up and began my drive of shame all the way home.

I later apologized and explained why I left. He sunder stood (I think). But now I really wish I stayed the whole night. And I'm hoping to have another chance like that real soon. Bb Thanks, there will be more stories about mine and Stevens encounters. Go to my profile and all stories should be in order.

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