Tiny Blonde Teen Catarina Petrov Caught Stealing

Tiny Blonde Teen Catarina Petrov Caught Stealing
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CHAPTER NINE "Wednesday" Wednesday, December 20th Dave left at five o'clock the next morning, just as usual, to get to work on the other side of town by six. He left Olivia sleeping in one of the two twin beds in the girls bedroom with instructions not to answer the phone or open the door for anyone.

He didn't want to even think about how to explain her presence in his apartment. The two had gone back out the night before. Dave had driven them back to the car rental lot where he had rented the van. He had returned the van and picked up his own car.

The two then went to Olivia's hotel where she grabbed her luggage and checked out. With her luggage in the trunk of his car, they then went down the street to the Denny's where Olivia climbed into her own rented car and followed Dave back to his apartment.

Both were exhausted from a long and stressful day. They shared a quick hug and kiss, bid each other goodnight, and went off to separate rooms and beds. As he drove to work, Dave thought very carefully about the situation he and Olivia were now in.

He didn't doubt a word she had told him the night before.


He didn't doubt that SLuT9 was dangerous. He didn't doubt that she was telling the entire truth about Dr. Jan Casey and his mental state before his untimely death.

He didn't doubt that SLuT10 would work just as she had explained it to him. He didn't even doubt that she was now his lifelong slave, there to serve him and in danger of a suicidal depression should he make her leave. Olivia, and what to do with or about her, were what occupied his mind as he made his way through morning rush hour traffic.

He had known before he'd gone to bed the night before that his conscience would not allow him to send her away and let her commit suicide. It just wasn't in him. He was sure his daughter Emily would have informed him of that almost immediately had she been there.

It left open the question of what to do with Olivia and how to explain her extended presence there to his ex-wife, his two daughters, and the rest of his extended family. Olivia had suggested telling everyone that she was his new girlfriend but that would never float with his family.

Rebbecca had teased him numerous times about not having someone in his life, even after more than two years apart. Both of his daughters had been at the apartment only the weekend before. If he'd had a girlfriend, or even if he was dating, he would have told them. Emily would know that, even if Hayley didn't think about it. His sister, Jennifer, would also question his thinking if he mentioned that he now had a girlfriend living with him.

It was all simply too sudden for that story to make sense. The one thing that soothed Dave's jangled nerves was the fact that he could tell Emily exactly what had happened.

He had told her of the SluT9. She had even felt it's effects when she consciously decided to stab herself with the SLuT9-dipped pin. Dave pushed those thoughts aside quickly. He already felt guilty enough about what had happened with Emily the previous weekend. He had way too many other urgent issues to deal with before he could deal with his guilt at having sex with his seventeen year old daughter, consensual or not.

Dave took a deep breath as he drove off the interstate and hit town traffic. He thought about what other balls he had up in the air at the moment. There was the fact that sometime in the next few hours, Rebbecca, his ex-wife, would receive a DVD of Dave and her having sex with a short note threatening to expose their affair if she didn't start treating him fairly when it came to the custody of the children.

He was sure, once she saw it that Rebbecca would insist on speaking to him and finding out exactly what he wanted. She would, of course, argue, cry, whine, bitch, yell and scream in order to get him to back down but Dave was sure he had the upper hand in that battle. He wasn't asking for anything more than what was fair. Then there were his two daughters. If things worked out with Rebbecca the way he thought they would, Em and Hayley would be coming to stay with him that evening or maybe the next day and would be there until a few days after New Years when they would probably go home.

But that wasn't the end of it. During their stay with him the previous weekend, both of his daughters had stated emphatically that they would prefer to come live with him full time. Dave had celebrated inside at this news. Both girls claimed their mother was teetering on the edge of child abuse when it came to dealing with them.

She was constantly yelling and screaming or just ignoring them. As Dave saw it, it was his fatherly duty to protect those two beautiful, sweet young girls. He could do nothing less than his best to keep them safe and happy. Then there were the Emily-specific problems. He had made love to his oldest daughter the weekend before and, afterwards, Emily had hinted that, while it may have been the first time, and may have been brought on by her decision to use SLuT9 on herself, she had no problems with it occurring again in the future, with or without the use of SLuT9 and even indicated that she hoped it did happen again.

Then there was the issue of Emily pimping for him, sending young school-aged girls to his apartment to wait for him and fuck his brains out every evening. She had sent DeeDee, the class slut, on Monday and apparently had planned to send a girl named Heather over the night before. Olivia calling and demanding an appointment with him that day had kept him from going home to find and fuck Heather. What bothered Dave most about this was that his daughter was arranging it and the fact that Dave had actually fucked DeeDee and had been looking forward to going home to see what girl Emily would send next.

Dave jotted down a note to himself to call Emily that day and tell her something else had come up and that she should cancel whatever girl she was going to send. He didn't look forward to that phone call anymore than he looked forward to the call from Rebbecca about the video. He was sure Emily would protest unless he gave her the whole story.

That was not something he was looking forward to doing while she was on her cell phone in the school cafeteria. Dave parked his car and headed into the office with the jumble of problems still weighing on his mind.


Dave was happy that the morning meeting was canceled. He had too many other things to deal with. The last thing he needed was for the boss to be making demands of him. Dave locked himself in his office and told his secretary that he wanted to be left alone unless it was an emergency.

He told her the only calls she should put through to him were Rebbecca, Emily, Hayley, Olivia or one of his bosses. Everyone else, he told her "can take a flying leap or call back tomorrow." "Yes, Mr.

Bernard," Susan had said with a smile. She had been working for Dave for more than a decade. She knew how he got and knew that he was completely serious about his instructions. Dave went into his office, locked the door and flopped down in his chair. "Gotta deal with things one at a time." He noted the time. "Might as well deal with Emily right now." He pulled his cell out of his pocket and tapped in her cell phone number. He knew she'd be awake already, getting ready for school.

He hoped she wasn't already downstairs at breakfast with her mother. Emily picked up on the second ring. "Hi, Daddy. If you're calling to cancel again, you may as will just hang up now. She's coming. You're going to take her upstairs, you're going to take her to bed, and you're going fuck all three of her hot, tight little holes.

In this case, she needs it as bad as you." "Emily Jean!" "Oh, Daddy, chill. What did you need?" "I'm assuming from the way you're talking, your mother isn't anywhere around?" "No, Daddy. That reminds me, Mom was acting strange last night. Did you do something?" "It's possible. If I did, I'm sure I'll hear about it later today. Where are you anyway? You sound like you're talking from the bottom of a hole or something." "I'm in the bathroom, Daddy.

I just stepped out of the shower. Want me to tell you what I'm wearing?" Dave could hear the smile in her voice. "You're becoming a brat.

I think you need a spanking." "Oh, never tried that but I think I'm up for it." "Why do you have your cell phone in the bathroom with you?" "In case someone called. Duh!" Dave chose not to pursue that line of questioning any further. "Listen Em, I need you to cancel tonight." "Daddy, I already told you, it isn't going to happen.

She's coming. This means a lot to me and her. If you don't take her to bed, you're going to really hurt her and that will upset me. Do you want me upset with you, Daddy?" "Of course not, Emily, but." "Good, then there's no problem." "Emily, somethings have happened." "Let me guess: things you can't go into on the phone, right?" "Yes, as a matter of fact." "Well then, Daddy, you better get your ass over here and explain it to me in person because until I've heard the story, believe it, and agree that it's a good reason, I ain't canceling." "Em, Please?" "Daddy, no.

Now, did you wanna talk about something else? If so, say so. If not, I've gotta go. I've gotta go put on some black lace panties and bra, a garter belt, some thigh high fishnet stockings, six inch stiletto heels, a skirt so short the police will stop me for public lewdness if they see me, and a white shirt that is so sheer, every guy in school will be able to see my belly button. So, is there something else?" "You are going to get it.

I love you, Emily." "I love you too, Daddy. Kisses!" Before Dave could say another word, he heard the familiar click as she hung up the cell phone. "Shit! Hope the rest of my day goes better than that did." Dave hung up the phone and turned to doing actual work for the company.

For almost three hours Dave did nothing but put in an honest days work for an honest days wage. Then Susan buzzed him. "Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Bernard, but your sister is on line three and insists she must talk to you." Dave laughed. "That's typical of Jenny.

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I'll take the call." He tapped the proper button. "Hello, darling sister. How are you today?" "I'd be better if I knew my baby brother wasn't spending Christmas alone." "I'm not. I think the girls are coming for Christmas this year. I expect them either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning." "Oh really?

The bitch is actually going to let you see your daughters?" "Well, she hasn't agreed to it yet but I'm pretty sure she well." "Oh, and why would she do that? She hasn't ever done it before." "I have videotape evidence of a her having an affair," Dave said, laughing.

"Okay, with that metal rod up her ass, not to mention the metal rod up her boyfriend's ass, that just might do the trick." "That's what I was thinking, too." "Anyway, I am calling to officially invite you, your daughters, and a friend if you have one, to spend Christmas and Christmas eve with me and my brood.

What do you say, baby bro?" "First off, I need to find out one way or the other whether I'm going to actually have the girls over Christmas. I imagine that will happen sometime today. Actually if it doesn't happen, I think I'll make it happen after I get off work.

How 'bout I call you back later tonight or tomorrow and give you a definite?" "Nope, won't work. I'm inviting you, my baby brother, to my house for Christmas. With or without your daughters. Me and your nieces all expect you to show. Call me back with times and dates. You know, you're welcome anytime, Christmas or not." Before Dave could respond, Jenn hung up. Dave hung up the phone and once again returned to work. An hour later, he went to lunch with some coworkers.

He had just set himself back to work, dealing with a supplier over the phone when Susan buzzed him again. He put the supplier on hold. "Yes, Susan?" "Dave, Rebbecca is here." Dave was a little surprised that Rebbecca had chosen to come to his office instead of calling or meeting him at his apartment but he didn't see the need to avoid her. "I'm on a call right now. Ask her to take a seat, get her some coffee, and I'll call for her in a few minutes." "Yes, David." David returned to his call and quickly ended it.

He then called Susan again and asked her to show Rebbecca in. Rebbecca came in, cup of coffee in hand and shut the door. She looked calm to David as she came to the desk, set her coffee cup down, opened her purse and pulled out the DVD he had sent her that showed them having sex the previous Thursday.

"What is this?" she asked. "It's a DVD, Rebbecca." "I know that!" She reached into her purse again, pulled out the small note, and slid it across the desk to him. "What does this mean? What do you want?" "This." Dave said picking up and rereading the note he'd written, "This means that I want you to stop treating me like dirt. That I expect you, from here on, to begin treating me like a human being, like most people treat their ex-husband and father of their children.

This is my way of saying that I want you to stop treating me like a bowl of spoiled milk that you can't stand to be around." Rebbecca scowled, leaned over the desk and asked, "What do you want? Less alimony?

Less child support? What?" "I'm not worried about the alimony. I figure another month or two and you'll be remarried. At that point, no more alimony no matter how much pull your boyfriend has down at the courthouse." "What makes you think I'm going to get married?" "Paul's running for the state Senate. He may be a bleeding heart liberal but he's smart enough to know that this area is full of people who are religious conservatives.

They see you and him living together in sin, his chances of going to the capitol go right down the tubes. He started this with you. It would look bad if he broke up with you now. He's gotta marry you at this point." "Maybe I'll refuse." "Then he'll have to dump you. In which case, he won't pull strings for you down at the court house and I'll take you back to court and get the alimony and custody agreement overturned.

Either way, I win." Rebbecca huffed, turned her back to him and was silent for a few moments. Dave recognized the move after nearly twenty years of marriage.

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It was her way of pulling herself together and figuring out her next argument. He let her calm down and think things through.

She spun back around. "Fine, you're right. Paul proposed to me over the weekend and I said yes. It's not going to be anything big. We're planning to get married on New Years day." "Congrats!" Dave said with a big smile. "I mean it, Becca. I hope you two are very happy." "Don't you spoil this for me." She picked up the DVD and waved it. "If it isn't alimony, what is it? Child support?" "Nope. I'll give my girls everything I can." "So what do you want?" "Time. I want time with my daughters.

I want them for Christmas. In fact, I want them for the entire winter break. I deserve it." "I need them for my wedding," Rebbecca said with a smirk. "Sorry, no can do." "You can do! Don't worry, I'll make sure the girls are at your wedding with smiles on." "And if I don't agree?" Dave smiled.

"It would really suck if a copy of that DVD was put on the Internet." Rebbecca huffed once more. "Fine! But I want all the copies." "On your wedding day. It'll be my wedding present to you and Paul." "No. I want them now!" "Nope. I give you the DVD's, I have no bargaining chip left. That DVD is the only reason you're agreeing to this. I give the DVD's to you today, all of a sudden, tomorrow something comes up and you send the girls to spend Christmas at your folks house.

Not this time, Rebbecca." "Fine!" Rebbecca turned and stormed out of the office, leaving the DVD and note behind.

Dave tore up the note and dropped it into the trash can. He then broke the DVD into four pieces and trashed it also. "That's dealt with." Dave sat back and smiled. An hour later, an hour earlier than he would normally leave, Dave left the office telling Susan he had some more personal issues to deal with. He got into his car and drove home with the intention of figuring out something to do with Olivia while he dealt with whatever girl it was that Emily was sending over.

He even considered letting Em get upset by just sending the girl home. Dave used his key to unlock the apartment door and went in.

He found Olivia in the hallway with the vacuum cleaner. From the look of the living room and kitchen, it was obvious she had been on a cleaning binge for quite some time. He got her to turn off the vacuum and put it away while he went in and changed into jeans and a tee shirt. He then seated them both on the couch. He took a deep breath and then told her his problem. "My daughter, Emily, has decided I'm lonely and need some intimacy.

She has arranged for one of her friends to come over here later this afternoon to give me that intimacy." Olivia's eyebrows went up but she didn't speak. "I know, I know.

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You're my slave, right?" "Close enough," Olivia said with a smile and a nod. "Good. I'm ordering you not to harass me about this." "Yes, Master," Olivia said, very much enjoying Dave's discomfort. She even bowed as best she could while sitting on the couch. "Thank you.

The problem, as you probably have already figured out, is that this girl Em is sending, is probably just that, a girl. I don't know how she will react if you're here." "I can understand how it would make things somewhat uncomfortable." "Before we discuss that, well this bother you? Upset you?" Olivia smiled and blushed. "David, while I appreciate your concern for me I am not your girlfriend, lover or wife.

As of this moment, you haven't even accepted me as your slave. When I came here, David, I guessed you would use the SLut9 on me and I suspected what it would do to me. I did not enter into this relationship unaware. I fully expected you would have other women in your life besides just me.

I do not expect your devotion now, or ever, no matter what I might hope. Yes, I may feel some pangs of jealousy but it will be because she is with you and I am not. I will not become angry that you are with her. Does that answer your questions?" "Yes, it does. Doesn't make me feel a whole lot better and I'm not sure I completely believe you. I have to wonder if you're just telling what you think I want to hear but it definitely answers my questions." Olivia smiled and blushed again.

"What do you wish of me, David?" "I need you to disappear while I. entertain the young lady." "I do not wish to leave the house. Would it be acceptable to you if I simply went into my bedroom and remained there quietly until the young lady leaves?" Dave considered the idea for a moment.

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He had hoped she would leave the house. He was sure he could order her to do that but he wanted to keep her happy while at the same time getting rid of her. "What will you do in there?" "I will turn the TV on very low. I will take some food with me. I noticed a cooler in the coat closet. I could put some ice in it and put some drinks in there. What else would I need?" "What about a bathroom?" "How long do you think this encounter will last?" Dave shrugged.

"Well, the last one ended up spending the night. I doubt that will happen this time though. I'd say maybe a few hours at most." "I will go before she arrives and then hold it." "I don't really have a choice here.

You go find what food you want in the kitchen. I'll get the cooler and load it with ice." Fifteen minutes later they were standing in Olivia's temporary bedroom and looking things over.

The cooler, now half full with cans of soda and bottles of water, was setting beside the bed. One dresser drawer had been emptied and now held a stock of snack foods that would keep Olivia satisfied until the girl was gone.

"If this girl decides to spend the night, I promise as soon as she's asleep, I'll come let you know and let you out to go to the bathroom." "Thank you," Olivia said with a smile as she almost pushed David out of the bedroom and closed the door.

"I love you." David didn't hear Olivia's final words to him.

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He turned and moved through the remainder of the apartment. Olivia had done an excellent cleaning job on the place so there was nothing to pick up or straighten up. With nothing else to do, David sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and tried very hard to relax. Ten minutes before he would normally return from work, David turned off the TV, put on a coat, and went downstairs to wait for the arrival of the young woman. When he stepped out of the building, he immediately noticed a small hybrid parked in a space almost directly behind his truck.

He also noticed a young Asian girl looking into his truck. David walked down the sidewalk. He was met at the curb by the young woman who had noticed him as soon as he came out of the building.