Stunning natural tit brunette rubs her perfect body

Stunning natural tit brunette rubs her perfect body
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We're on a vacation staying the night in a semi cheap hotel room. We check in grab a bite to eat then hit the pool.

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After having a quick swim in the pool we head back to our room and decide to hit the shower. He gets in first while I lay on the bed watching tv. When he gets out I grab my tank and thong and head in to the bathroom.

The water is so warm and relaxing. I feel like I could stay in there all night. I eventually get out and dry off, putting on my tank and thong. That's my nightly pajamas. As I walk out the lights are off except for the glow from the bathroom light. Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind, his left arm around my throat. Not to tight so I can still breath but tight enough to keep me from moving andhold my head back.

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His right hand begins groping my chest. "Ready for some fun?" He whispers in my ear as he moves me to the bed.

I can already feel my juices start to build as he pushes me face down on the bed.

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I'm told to lie still and not move as he begins to rub my clit over my thong. He pushes my legs open wide as he continues to fondle me. When I'm on the edge of an orgasm he stops and walks away leaving me lying there in anticipation. When he returns he places a blindfold over my eyes, then removes my thong places it in my mouth and uses a bandana to tie it in place. He then lays me sideways in bed and ties my arms and legs to the posts of the bed, so I'm laying spread eagle.

I can feel him moving around on the bed around me. He eventually pushes my tank top up to my shoulders, then takes the bullet vib turns it on and places it so my left nipple is lying on it on top of the bed to hold it in place. Once that's done he begins to plays with my right nipple. When he was happy with how hard my nipple was, he moved down on the bed between my legs.

I soon heard the vibration of another toy start and soon felt it against my clit.

He slowly moved it up and down, sending crazy sensations through my body. He turns up the vib and continues to rib it up and down my clit until my body can no longer take it and I have the first mind blowing orgasm of the night. Before for my body even has time to recover he then pushes the vibe inside my now slippery wet pussy.

He pushes it in and out driving also sorts of crazy sensations through my body.

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He pushes it in as deep as he can and hold it there till I release another mind blowing orgasm. After that he removes the vib and leaves me lying there catching my breath as he moves around the room. Next I hear him opening a package and he unties my legs, he then lifts my hips up in the air off the bed and positions his rock hard cock at my opening.

He slowly begins to push his way in and out an inch at a time. As he continues he picks up speed and pushes harder and deeper into me. Occasionally he stops when he is deep inside me and reaches around to play with my clit. After who knows how long he pushes all the right buttons until we are both orgasming.


Once finished he lays on top of me, with his now limp dick inside me till we both catch our breath. He then unties my hands from the bed then ties them behind my back. He moves me so my head is on the pillow and then places the bullet on my clit and tapes it in place leaving it on low. He then lays in bed next to me, when he soon I hear him start to snore realizing he had fallen asleep, leaving me to lie there with the continuing vibrations of the bullet.

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My body tortured and squirming all night as he sleeps the while night. In the morning when he wakes he first plays with my nipples then he pushes 2 fingers in my sopping wet pussy and finger fucks me till I have one final orgasm.

He then unties me, removes the gag and blindfold, he then carefully removes the bullet and helps me to the shower as my legs are too weak to walk without help. He helps me to lie in the tub and I start cleaning up as the water sprays my body. Once I'm cleaned up and dressed I head back out into the room where I found him sitting on the couch waiting for me.

I slowly walk over to him and get on my knees in front of him between his legs and move his underwear down enough to where I can pull out his cock and move my mouth to him so I can begin sucking on it.

Slowly licking his head and going back and forth on his cock getting harder with each movement I make. My hand continues to pick up speed and squeezes him a little harder as he groans.


He lays his head back on the couch as I can feel him getting harder and harder. He grasps the edge of the couch as he gets closer to orgasm. Soon he cries out that he is cumming, as he says this his cum squirts in my mouth and runs down his cock as it continues to flow.

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His underwear soon becomes covered with what I can't keep in my mouth. As he sits and recovers his cock becomes limp and he slowly starts to get up and head to the shower. Once he is all cleaned up we head down to the lobby to check out of our hotel room and continue our vacation, weak and sleepy but worth the fun.