Homem trans FTM esfregando a xereca e pedindo pica

Homem trans FTM esfregando a xereca e pedindo pica
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A normal day at school is over again, I was walking home hearing to some music, it was funny, I never noticed that I was almost dancing from listening my favorite music "Moves Like Jagger", that's when Alex came and jumped on my back, I tripped but I held him on my back and continued walking, he took my earplug off sadly and Mark walked by my side.

"Hey buttface! What are you listening to?" Alex said putting my earplug on. " 'Moves like Jagger' dummy." I said. "You must love this music." He said taking it off. "Yeah man, it's almost like.everyday you listening to this." Mark said. "Well, you two play MW2 like.everyday.so we're even" I said.

"No we're not!" Alex said. "Yeah we are" I said dropping him so he could walk.

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"Aww.I was liking not to walk." Alex said. "What was that mess near the Sword Club today?" Mark asked. "Oh yeah.I heard music and stuff." Alex continued.

"Oh.not much.just these." I said opening my bag and showing them a new cool Black team jacket and a medal. "You got those?" Alex asked. "Pretty much, the medal is for 'Best Stander' I reached like 50 victories in a row this year.and I got to choose the team's name." I said.

"What what's the team's name?" Alex asked. " 'Slaying Ravens' " I said. "That's a strong name." Mark said. "Yeah.I know.but now all I want to do is get home, take a hot bath, have lunch and sleep" I said. "What about homework?" Alex said. "Did it in class." I said. "That's not fair! You're cheating!" Alex said. "Oh sorry.are there rules to it?" I asked. "Yeah!! Homework is supposed to be made at home!" "Sorry.next time I'll remember it." I said rolling my eyes at him.

"You're forgiven.this time.But you're gonna have to help us with OUR homework.TODAY!" Alex demanded. "B-But.I gotta sleep." I said. "Screw your nap, you're in trouble now!" Alex said. "AHHH Fine!" I screamed up to the skies.

"My house this time right?" Mark asked. "Can be a nice idea, we'll be there around 4PM." Alex said. "Yeah sure." I said stopping by my house. "Then I'll see you here 3:30 Alex so we can go togheter." "Ok buttface, talk to you later" He said. "Bye Matt see you later" Mark said walking alongside Alex. Alex turned his face to me and gave me a wink, that made me smile as I got into my house. I did as I promised myself, I had lunch, took a bath.but I didn't sleep.I went to play some computer games to make time pass by faster.and in no time the doorbell rang.

I went to open the door and surprisingly it was Alex. "Hey." He said. "Hey.hum.what are you doing here? it's still 2:30" I said.

"I thought it would be good to.you know.pass by.I kinda told mom I was gonna stick with you so I had lunch, took a bath and came back." He said. "So.you're not passing by.you actually came to visit your boyfriend?" I said with my mind clear, joyfully no one was home. "Pretty much" he said smiling.

"Then get in" I said moving away from the door and he got in and as usual took off his shoes. "Soo.what were you doing?" He asked. "Me? I was playing." I said.

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"You're such a computer game geek." He said. "That's why I'm on robotics team.oh wait.that's you." I said just kidding of course.

"Blah.so what do you want to do?" He asked looking at me as if he knew the answer. "I'm doing whatever you want to do too." I said getting near him.

"Good.cuz I wanna do this." He walked to me and kissed me, I closed my eyes as we moved to the couch and he made me lie down.he got on top of me as we continued making out.if felt perfect.he sat on my chest loweting his pants and underwear letting his beautiful 6,5 dick come out.

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"suck on it.I know you want to." he said looking at me with a demanding glare. "You bet I want to." I said as I grabbed his hips and put my mouth around his dick sucking him off, he grabbed my head and forced me deeper, it felt so good, he was moaning softly as I worked his dick inside my mouth, not only it tasted awsome but the feeling was incredible.I wanted more of it.I took it off my mouth and looked at him. "Let's go to my room." I said as he got up from me.

"I know where this is going.I see we're gonna have to take another bath before we go over Mark's." he said. "pretty much.come on" I said pulling him to my room and closing the door.

"What do you want me to do.?" he asked. I got near him and we started making out again.this time as we stripped eachother.I broke our kiss and stared at him. "I want you in me.again." I said. "I was going to anyway." He said teasing. "Then get to it" I said lying on bed and holding my legs behind my knees, he got over me and kissed me deeply making me let go of my legs, his tongue felt really good on mine, I felt his finger sliding into my ass.there couldn't have better feeling.I moaned as he fingered and kissed me before he backed away.

"Ok I'm gonna do it now.get ready" He said, I got back to the initial position. "I was born ready Alex." I said with a smirk. "I bet you were." he said as he positionated his dick on my ass.

He started pushing it in slowly, the head went in fairly enough because he needed no lube since he precum a lot.he started sticking every inch he had inside me, it was incredible on how good it felt.I was moaning hard as he started going harder and faster. "Ah Yeah.it's just.so.good! Fuck me Alex!" I screamed, I was totally lost in pleasure. He took it off and looked at me. "You want it that bad?" He asked teasing me.

"You know I do! Get inside!" I said. "I wanna hear you beg for it." He said teasing me again. "Please for the love of God stick it inside me again!" I screamed, I totally looked like some slut.but it worked, he stick it deep inside me, I opened my eyes wide as I felt his dick rubbing my prostate, it hurt a little, but it was incredible.I rested my feet on his shoulders as he grabbed me by my thighs and continued his deep thrusts.it was a whole new sensation, and I was enjoying it to the end.

"Matt.you're.so.so tight.it's so good." Alex let out between his moans. "Get deeper! Please!" I screamed as I wrapped my legs on him, he sustained himself on my hips and gave a push, he was balls deep inside me, I've never felt so complete in my whole life. "I'm.I'm getting close!" He screamed "Fill me! Cum!" I screamed, he gave one last push and I felt his cum filling up my ass.he shot and shot what seemed to be galons of cum inside my ass.it was incredible he grabbed my dick as he shot and started jacking me off, I felt his dick still twitching inside as his orgasm died.he slid himself off and lowered himself to suck on me, it was awsome.he knew how to make me feel good, my dick was so hard it hurt.

"Oh my god Alex.I love you!" I screamed as I held his head, he sucked on it for 3 minutes until I was ready to cum.

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"Ahh.I'm gonna.I'm gonna cum! It's coming!" I screamed and shot inside his mouth, he kept his mouth on my dick as he stuck his finger into my ass feeling his own cum, I came 3,5.7.9 shots of cum and he kept his mouth on it, he didn't miss a drop and finally.my orgasm died.I've never felt so tired in my whole life.but there was still more.he took his finger off my ass.it was simply covered in his cum.he got it near my mouth and I instantly opened my mouth to clean my little boyfriend's cum off his finger.after that he came over me.and went to kiss me.his mouth full of my own cum.my God.how hot could that get.he kissed me playing with my cum as he did it.he swapped it with me, some even ran down my cheeks landing on my pillow.I swallowed what I could get and so did he.then he broke the kiss.there was a string of cum linking our lips, it was simply hot.god I was so tired.he laid by my side and looked at me with a smirk.

"You're cute asking me to fuck you." he said.

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I blushed a little from his comment. "Shut up.it was.just so good.I couldn't help it." I said. "Awe buttface.I'm kidding." He said giving me a kiss.

"you know I love you" he continued. "God.I am so lucky." I said. "Why?" he asked. "I have a boyfriend about my age, I have good friends, and my boyfriend has a sexy big dick" I said.


"H-Hum.yeah.guess you know how to pick" He said blushing a little but then laughing. "Nah.from my point of view." I said putting my arm over him. "You picked me." I said. "You're adorable." He said. "Thanks.your cute too" I said smiling at him, I looked at the clock. "Holy shit!" "What?" He asked.

"We gotta take a bath and leave in about 20 minutes!" I said jumping from bed.


"Uh oh!" Alex said jumping too and getting into the bathroom with his clothes, we took a quick bath helping eachother clean, we got dressed, got our bags and left and we got at Mark's place in no time and rang the door bell, he answered as if he'd been sleeping ever since he got home.

"Huumm.hey." He said, we were panting from our run but apparently.he didn't care. "So.*pant* ready.*pant* for Homework.?" I asked still panting.

"Did you guys run all the way here.? "Pretty.*pant* Much." Alex said. "You're crazy.come on get inside" He said. We got in and literally fell on the floor, God we ran so much. "Hey.watch the drama." He said rolling his eyes at us.

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"It I wasn't so tired.I'd kick your ass now." Alex said. "Yeah right" He said grabbing his own bag. "so.first is math." "Oh come on.let me rest a little." I said. "Ugh.fine.but I was looking forward to end it as fast as I could." Mark said. "Mark.if you shut up, tomorrow I'm buying you a bottle of Gatorade." I said. His eyes started shining when I said that. "Deal!" He said happily.

"I'm gonna get a couple glasses of water for you.you guys can get to my room if you want." He said moving to the kitchen, we decided to move upstairs to his room. We got there and simply watched it.WHAT A MESS. "Guess he doesn't clean his room that much." I said. "Not everyone is an organized guy like you are Mr.Tidy room." he said turning his glare to a pair of boxer-briefs over his bed, he looked at me and smirked. "Dunno what you're planning on doing with that.but leave me out of it." I said, he grabbed the boxer-briefs and gave it a closer look.

"He just took it off.does that mean.he's without underwear.?" He asked. "Maybe." I said grabbing it and throwing it on the corner of the room. Almost instantly Mark came in with the glasses. "Here." He said handing us them. We drank and put them on the table. "Harsh welcoming! Tickle punishment!" Alex said as he started tickling Mark, I joined in the tickling and I noticed he had a boner.

I continued tickling him as he tried to get up when I accidently grabbed his shorts trying to stop him from getting up and it simply went down, we stopped tickling him and we gazed at him.then at his hard dick.he looked at us as if he didn't care.he grabbed it and gave it a squeeze.we got surprised by his reaction.


"So.are we doing homework or what.?" he asked looking at us, as we looked at his dick. -To be continued-