Zoe doll hitchhikes and banged at home

Zoe doll hitchhikes and banged at home
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This is my first story, it started out in a notebook during classes, but its pretty unedited. all comments welcome and if it received well, ill right more! It all started last summer.

I met Robin at a summer camp. It was weird meeting a girl like her at this camp. It's basically just a nerd camp full of kids with perfect GPA's, no social lives, and absolutely no sexual desires! So naturally that filters out all of the really hot girls out. Ihis year was different. She was an upcoming freshman, so I wasn't too sure whether or not she would be worth the time and effort.

My attention was caught, but I wasn't going to act on it. there were so many girls that were worth putting in the effort for. But i never really had my eye on her, she was a upcoming freshman, so i was not sure how worth my time it would be.

<- that makes you sound cocky Camp was fairly really uneventful between us. We talked every once in awhile, ate some meals together with our mutual friends, but nothing ever really seemed to click. So i just let the thought of an "us" it drop without much thought. Months passed without us really talking. We did text a little bit, but nothing that ever got very interesting or serious. Everything changed about a month ago, when we started texting again. A sudden buzzing of my phone brought me back into reality.

I looked down and read my new message, "But since you're in the mood. picture me with my hair up messy but sexy and wearing one of your plaid button up shirts over a bra and panties ;b like in the movies the morning after a one night stand lol." This got me thinking, why should i have to picture it if I could make it happen?

it would not be really hard. As bad as it sounds, I had her wiggling under my thumb, she would be ok with pretty much anything. It was Friday, so i texted her back telling her I'd be over at noon tomorrow to pick her up. But tonight was my night to make a plan for how it would all work. Her parents were going out of town for the weekend, they would be back late Sunday evening.

So that gave us until 4 p.m. Sunday, just incase her parents decided to come how early. I started driving over to her house about 11:45, hoping her parents had left already, which they had. She let me in with that little smile of hers and a little smile on her face.

She gave me a brief tour of the house, since this was my first time over, even though we lived only 15 minutes apart. After a little while Eventually we worked our way down to the basement, which had was finished and furnished. It was set up in a TV room, a master bedroom, and a full bath. We plopped down on the couch to flip on a movie before we went out. Of course we watched Project X, which is ironic, because neither of us are party kids.

But i guess we can all have our fantasies about what we could be if our parents would loosen the reins a little. We were sitting pretty close and I was in a slump with girls recently <- if you were in a slump you wouldn't have the confidence to do that, so I slipped my arm around her.

She happily slid into a comfy position against me. And we really just stayed just like that for the whole movie. We figured were upset that it was time to go out, but because it was so difficult to work up the effort to separate ourselves.

It took us half an hour to get up and be ready to go to the mall. We got out to the car and I opened her door for her, like a gentleman. And pretty soon we were on our way to the mall. It was a little bit of an awkward drive into the city as we just traded small talk about school and work. We ended up reaching our destination at around 5 p.m. We started walking around the mall wondering where we would end up for dinner. We walked about 50 feet past a Victoria's Secret, then she stopped and grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the store.

After entering the store I was hit with a weird feeling, like when you go somewhere your not supposed to.

She yanked me over to the panties where she started shuffling through to find something sexy. By this time my plan was out of the window and she was making one up as she went.

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After she flipped through what seemed 100 different colors and cuts, she settled on 3 that she liked. Then, of course, i was drug over to the bras. She thumbed through them until she found the 3 she wanted, to go with her new underwear.

She was really prancing around at this point, and I still could not figure her out. So, after leaving the store a thought seemed to hit her like a train, apparently there was a teen club right down the road from her house that she wanted to try out. So we went out looking for clubbing clothes around the mall, she already had her undergarments in her hands.

She found this tight dress that looked like it was painted to her small 5'2" frame. It was so hot that it got me all worked up. I was rock hard, and she noticed.

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She came over to where i was sitting and ran her fingers over my crotch, slowly so as to taunt me. After we found her clothes we went in search for mine.

We wandered aimlessly, in and out of stores until we found a store with some decent plaid shirts and some awesome casual slacks, so it took a while, but the night was ready to really get started. And I was hoping her plan might start kicking in soon. We ended up walking to a hole in the wall place, like you never would notice it unless you knew it was there.

The door was jet black with only a red handprint on it. Dinner was pretty uneventful, aside from playing footsie under the table for a bit.

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After dinner we went back to Robin's house to change into our party clothes. She walked me down to the basement bedroom telling me i could change there. She started to walk to the bathroom, slowly taking her shirt off and turning around drop in on the floor.

I caught a glimpse of her 36B's being held back by her bra, they looked pretty big on her petite frame, and i was definitely interested. I rushed to get my clothes on before she came out of the bathroom. I had just got to the top button, right when the door swung open. When she walked out i was floored, she was wearing that dress again, and it was showing everything. Her boobs were almost popping out and it reached to only about an inch under her firm butt. It was every man's dream to be with a girl like this.

She came over and pressed her body against me, before walking out of the room. I followed her up the stairs, making sure i was just low enough so i could see her ass under the dress. We left pretty quick and got to the club at around 9 p.m. With her being dressed like she was, we got in pretty quick.

But as soon as we walked in i could feel the eyes closing in on us. Her because she was looking so amazing and sexy, and me because all of the guys wanted her, and she was mine. We hit the floor and started getting pretty close, almost to the point of touching, but not quite. Pretty soon we were both getting hot and sweaty, so we stepped over to a table and ordered some drinks. Pretty soon she was dragging me back out onto the floor, and she seemed like she was on a mission.

She pushed me behind her, and started to rub her body all over me. I was shock about how forward she was about rubbing her ass all over me, when she was 2 years younger than me. People were obviously starting to stare, some because the were weirded out, but most because they were envious. But she seemed in a mission and i was not going to stop her, even if i wanted her to. So i was kind of just stuck there like that, so i made the best of it, matching her move for move.

We eventually got tired and went back to her place, where we quickly plopped down next to each other on the basement couch. We quickly got back to her cuddling with my arm around her and her tight into my body. She flipped on the TV and surfing channels, but since it was almost midnight, there was nothing on.

So we settled for an old rerun of NCIS, but i had seen probably 10 times in the past few years. I thought back over the course of the day, and how all the signs pointed to her being into me. But i did not know how she acted with other guys, so i for sure was not going to make the first move.

We sat like that for what seemed like an hour, until she started looking up at me. I could read it in her eyes, she wanted me to kiss her. So i slowly started to lean in, hoping i had not read her wrong.

When i got close, she leaned in a little more and our lips touched, but we did not kiss. It was weird, our lips were together, but neither of us knew what the other was thinking, so we were froze in place. It was one of the most erotic feeling i have ever had, but after a while it had to end and we started the actual kiss. For being as young as she was, she was a great kisser. We sat there like that, with me leaning down and her looking up, just kissing, for probably about 5 minutes.

She suddenly broke it and we went back to TV. I thought that maybe i had offended her, by kissing her back, or maybe she felt it was forced, or it could have been the garlic breath from dinner.

But after about 2 minutes, before I was able to comprehend what was happening, she was on top of me. She had that same drive she did at the club, she was all over me. When she was sitting on me she was just as tall as me, so she had me pushed into the back of the couch, and we were locked in a steady embrace.

This turned even hotter when i scooted forward and let her wrap her legs around me. And since she was still wearing her skimpy dress, it was starting to slide up her body. To the point where when i put her on her back, she was buried in the couch with her dress up past her hips. I could finally see what she had been rubbing up against me all night. Now that I was on top, i could move around and get the angle I wanted, I started at her neck, and slowly worked my way down her showing cleavage.

As I was doing this, she reached down and started undoing my buttons, so i sat up and took it off. But i always believed that things should be reciprocated, so i started to work her dress up and over her head, kissing her every place the i uncovered.

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Starting with her stomach, working my way up to her perky tits, still encased in one of the fancy bras from our shopping trip. And i finally worked my mouth up to hers, so i could kiss her deeply and passionately. She then flipped us over so she was on top of me, while I was laying flat on the couch. From her she started nibbling on my body, starting with my ears and working down to my chin and chest. She didn't know that it was one of my biggest turn-ons, and with her legs still wrapped around me, I stood up.

I walked a few feet over to the nearest wall and pinned her up against it. I kissed her so hard and deep, that we both came up gasping after almost 3 minutes. We both knew what was coming next, and we were both feeling hot, heavy, and horny. I went back in for another kiss as she looped her arms loosely around my neck. I worked my way down to her neck, as my hands worked up her body.

With her legs still wrapped around my waist, I ran my hands all over her body, while still working my mouth on her neck. When i came up for air this time, she used her arms to pull me back close, so she could bite my lower lip. This sent a rush of euphoria rushing through my body. I walked us across into the bedroom, still entangled with her and her small frame.

I dropped her hard on the bed, then she turned around so she was facing me. While still on her stomach, she started to undo my belt and slowly undo my belt and slowly unzip my slacks. As they fell to the group i stepped out of them. So after all day, there we were, clad only in our undergarments. We were both pretty innocent so we were not quite sure what the next move would be. I flipped her over on her back and slowly started to work my mouth over her body. I spent some time nibbling on her toes, then working my way up her legs.

I kisses all the way up her thighs until i was only an inch from her pussy, which was sopping wet at this point. The smell almost made me lose control and start moving too fast, but was wanted to savor this night, so i kept it slow and steady. I worked my way along her stomach, and she was starting to wiggle under my touch. Finally i made it to her neck, after like 5 minutes. I left 3 huge hickies on her neck and chest.

I worked my way back to her mouth and we locked in another kiss. After this kiss, she flipped me on my back and mounted me. She kissed down my neck and onto my chest. She licked and bit my nipples before working her way down my stomach and stopping at the waistband of my boxers. By this point, i had a tent in my boxers. My penis was so painfully hard that i thought it might rip if anymore blood got pumped into it.

She kissed the head of it through my boxers, almost setting me off. She pulled my boxers off and gasped. Now keep in mind, I am bigger than average, but not huge. She slowly licked from the base of my cock, all the way to the tip. She then used the tip of her tongue to dance around the top of my penis, which sent ripples through my body.

She slowly started to take the head of it into her mouth. She worked 3 inches in before she started to rock back and forth, each time taking a little more in, until she made it to the back of her mouth. She kept a pretty steady pace for several minutes, but i was starting to get close to cumming. I looked down at her and she gave me a small nod, she knew i was getting close. aai took that nod as permission for my to cum in her mouth.

But what she did next shocked me, right as i was about to cum, I felt her pop my dick into her throat and take all 7.5 inches. It was the best feeling, to empty my balls right into her throat, but some escaped to dribble down her chin. After i caught my breath, i took her and flipped her on her back and slowly started to work my mouth up her stomach and to her chest. I reached around behind her and popped her bra hooks, and kissed her deeply as i pulled her bra off her. I leaned down and sucked hard on her right nipple, as my tongue flicked around the tip.

Over the next few minutes, i switched back and forth between her beautiful tits. After I had her successfully wiggling under my mouth, I moved my mouth down her body to her, still panty clad, pussy.

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Going back to her mouth, I slipped my hand down her panties and felt how sopping wet she was. I was not looking to waste anytime getting down there and tasting her, and she could tell, so she hooked her fingers into her waistband and slid them down revealing her whole body to me.

She had a little bush of curly hair right above her slit, but everything else was waxed clean. I kissed my way up her thighs, and she was starting to moan in anticipation. I finally made my way to her pussy, licking all along her slit. I was quickly losing control of myself, so i plunged my tongue right in, working it all around, in and out, up and down. I stayed like this for what seemed like half an hour, getting her all worked up. Once she started getting close to her first orgasm, I slid one finger into her has i focused on her clit with my mouth.

She was really starting to moan and grind on my face and fingers, so I put 2 fingers in, and that just set her off. Her orgasm tore through her body like electricity, causing her to go stiff and soak my hand and mouth with her sweet juices.

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We both collapsed on the bed for a few minutes, as she was recovering from her orgasm and i was just plain tired. After our little break, she took my hand and stood me up, and for the first time I got to see her whole body.

She noticed my stare and pranced around the room a little bit, showing off some cheer moves. I was starting to get hard again and she definitely noticed. She walked across the room and led my by my penis upstairs and out to the pool in her backyard. This was not just your average pool, it was one of those setups with the diving cliff and multiple levels or rocks, with a slide coming from the highest point. I was really a sight to see, and since neither of us were in the mood to put clothes on, we went skinny dipping.

We just swam around for a little bit, so we could get all the sweat and cum off our bodies. A few jumps off the cliff and i was feeling pretty good, even if it was into the early hours of the morning. So i started to stroke my way over to her.

When i got over to her, we were in the shallow part of the pool. I placed my hands on her mid-back and started kissing her neck. As my hands went lower on her back, my mouth went higher, to nibble on her ear then to her lips.

And as i was making my moves she started to run her hands down my chest to my penis. When i made my way to her mouth, we started kissing deeply, with lots of tongue. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. As the kissing started to her rougher, I started getting harder, and she was poised right over my stiff cock.

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I kept feeling her up, and without breaking the kiss she reached around me and started tugging on my erection. Since she was jacking me off, i ran one of my hands down her back and started rubbing her pussy, hoping she would get hotter and hornier for me. Pretty soon we were both feeling ready for another intimate session. Without breaking out embrace, I walked us over to the wall in the shallow end. When we got there I pressed her body against the wall and slid one finger in her, to get her ready for what was about to happen next.

Once I got her breathing heavily, I walked her over to one of the pool chairs and reclined it all the way. I laid flat on the chair and let her get on top of me, because this was going to be her first time, so she would need to take it at her own pace. She leaned in and we shared a deep passionate kiss before she leaned back and lined my cock up with her slit. She slowly sat down on me, and I felt me tip break into her pussy.

She kept going for several minutes until she managed to impale herself on all 7.5 inches of me. She started riding up and down with a face of pure emotion, but a mix of pain and pleasure. She was really tight, and i was in heaven. She started to pick up the pace the more comfortable they got.

When she started to get tired, i quickly shifted positions, putting her on her back like i had been originally. Now that i was on top I got to set the pace, and I wanted it to be fast. I got between her legs and pushed back into her, keeping it slow for the first few strokes.


But pretty soon I started hammering in and out of her, I was shocked that her small frame could take all of me. I kept up these long quick strokes for several minutes, until we were both ready to cum. She was moaning and groaning. I leaned down to lick both of her nipples, then kissing her deep on the mouth, I buried myself in her.

And came. The sensation of my hot cum being pumped in hrt triggered her orgasm. We both collapsed and did not have the energy to move for several minutes, we just laid there in our post-sex glow. I carried Robin in my arms back to the basement bedroom. We got under the covers and cuddled close, with our naked bodies pressed against each other. We laid there and kissed and touched each other until we were both falling asleep. I work up the next morning to a weird feeling.

It took me several seconds to realize what was happening, Robin was waking me up by sucking my dick! As she was doing this, I reached around and cupped her tits in my hands, twisting her nipples. Once we were both aroused, she grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. She walked over and started the shower. Once the shower warmed up, she took my hand and led me in with her, then she closed the door. Once inside we started to wash the cum off of each others bodies.

Things started to get hot and heavy again. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my body, pushing me into the wall. She latched her mouth onto my neck as my hands explored her back, down to her ass. She was still kissing my neck and shoulders, so i slid a single finger into her asshole.

This seemed to set her off and she sat right down on my finger, so it went all the way in. With a new burning passion, she kissed me, while riding up and down on my finger. After a few minutes of that, i turned us around and pinned her against the wall of the shower. I moved my mouth from hers, to her tits, and back up.

She could feel me getting hard, because as i stiffened, it tickled her pussy. Since I was already hard against her, I lined up and started to plow in.

I only took 3 strokes before i was all the way in. Once I found a good rhythm, I reached around and stuck my finger back into her ass. This got her screaming in pleasure, and even more so when i kissed her. Having all 3 holes occupied seemed to electrify her and I could tell she was getting close.


I used my hands to tweak both her nipples at once, and thats all it took. Her orgasm tore through her body, causing her to scream. Her pussy was clenching and rippling around my cock, this was starting to put me really close to the edge. As soon as she stopped spasming, I pulled out and she got down on her knees and started to suck me off.

It only took about 2 minutes for her to get me ready to cum. I pulled out of her mouth and started to rub myself until i came all over her face. It was a sight to see it dribble down her chin and drip onto her tits, but soon the shower had her cleaned up and we washed each other. Once we got out of the shower, we dried each other off and walked back into the bedroom.

I went for my boxers and she slipped back into her bra and panties, then walked over to where my plaid shirt had been and slipped it on. It could have been a dress she she buttoned it up, but she just let it flow, revealing the body i had thoroughly explored over the past 24 hours. She came over and kissed me before heading up to the kitchen. Once up in the kitchen, she put a pot of coffee on, but that only took a few minutes to brew.

Once it was done, we started drinking it black. I was leaned against the fridge and staring at Robin. I had this whole elaborate plan on how I was going to get her like this, and my plan did not include the stuff that ended up happening.

I put my coffee down and walked over to where she was sitting on the counter and worked my way between her legs, and just stared into her beautiful eyes. She looked and me and said, "My parents are going out again next weekend, do you want to come over again?" The only way i saw fit to answer was to kiss her and wrap my arms around her waist.