Samantha Ryan Slut With Hairy Pussy

Samantha Ryan Slut With Hairy Pussy
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I should start this story with a little background info. A few weeks ago my car got stolen from right in front of my apartment door. Later that day the police found the car and arrested the guys who stole it.

The police asked if I wanted to press charges and in the heat of the moment I said yes. I was angry that my car was stolen and wanted to get back at the bastards. A few months later I get called and asked to appear in court and testify. Against my better judgment I agree, showed up, pointed out the guy I saw in my car, and he gets put away. I was satisfied thinking justice had been served. The thought of his friends or gang or whatever retaliating briefly crossed my mind, but never very seriously.

And I never imagined what they were capable of. A few nights ago my girlfriend Amber and I were watching TV on the couch. Amber is the most gorgeous girl I've ever met, let alone slept with. She's 5'2", straight blonde hair, and stunning blue eyes. She's got a near perfect rack of 36D-sized tits, a real nice ass, just a perfect body.

We had been together for almost 3 years and she was the love of my life. We were all cuddled up on the couch, loving the feeling of each other's bodies, and we had no idea our whole world was about to be shattered.

I hear a car pull up outside my apartment. I paid no mind to it; we live in an apartment complex so it's not uncommon for people to be driving by and stopping places. I vaguely remember hearing three doors open and shut. Hurried footsteps. Getting louder. I start to wonder what that could be and look towards the door… WHAM! The door slams open. Amber screams as three masked black men slam through my apartment door. I barely have time to react as I jump to try and protect Amber, but one of the masked intruders swings something metal at me, and the last thing I remember is a flashing white pain, then darkness.

I come to slowly. My head is killing me. I try to move but realize I'm tied to one of our kitchen chairs. I start to panic and thrash around, trying to loosen the bonds, but to no use. They were too tight. My vision slowly starts to return and I realize I was in the bedroom, tied up at the foot of the bed, facing it.

There was a rag duct taped in my mouth. I was completely bound. In a flash, everything comes back to me. The intrusion. The three men who had broke in all stood around the bed, with one of them directly in front of them holding Amber in a big bear hug from behind, effectively pinning her standing up, and holding one hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic.

She stared at me desperately and I stared back at her utterly hopeless. I screamed and thrashed against the restrains again but it was no use. "So here's what's gonna happen." Spoke the first masked intruder, lets call him Thug 1. He had a deep voice. This was the first time I was able to actually get a good look at the thugs.

They were all black. I knew because they were all wearing tank tops and jeans, exposing their shoulders. "You put one of our boys away." Sneered the first guy.

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"That doesn't fly in our crew." He looked at Amber savagely, and my heart sank as he ran a big black hand over her breasts.

Tears started flowing from her eyes. "So were gonna have some fun with your, fucking fine piece of woman here. And you are lucky enough to have front row seats to her, wreckage." He said, licking his lips. No. no no no. This couldn't be happening. No way. Not in our own home. I was utterly helpless, tied to a chair, surrounded by 3 large black men about to rape my beautiful girlfriend. Right in front of me. In our own bed. One of the other thugs chimed in, we can call him Thug 2. "I had no idea our meat for tonight would be so damn fine.

I fucking love me some sexy little white girl." In the blink of an eye the man holding Amber spun her around so she was facing him, and tore her shirt off with his bare hands, exposing her lacy black bra. Amber screamed as he did so and he slammed his hand over her mouth. Got right up in her face and seethed: "Scream one more time bitch and your boyfriend over there gets his throat slit. Got that?" She nodded fearfully, tears running down her face.

The man then turned her around and shoved her face down onto the bed. "Grab her." The other two men sprang on the bed and grabbed her arms and legs, pinning her face down on the bed. I screamed and screamed trying to break free of my bonds, but it was so utterly helpless.

I was going to be forced to sit there and watch my girlfriend get raped. He crawled on the bed after Amber, straddling her ass. He tore off the rest of her shirt. He slowly slid down her body, licking her back as he did so. He reached around her waist and pulled her tight black yoga shorts over her ass and off her feet. All she had left on was her black lace bra, lace thong, and socks. She started thrashing around in fear, trying to escape, but her captors were easily all double her size.

The man in charge slurped hungrily, lifting her left leg up, and slowly removing her left sock. He licked his lips and slowly started licking all over her foot. Sucking on each toe slowly and fully. He drops her left leg and moves over to her right. Removing the sock and sucking on her toes. He then gets off the bed, standing right behind her. My beautiful girlfriend, helplessly pinned to our bed, stripped down to her bra and thong in front of three predatory black men.

The first thug removes his shirt and pants. Leaving only his mask on. He turns to me so I can get a full on look at the specimen about to invade my girlfriend. He was utterly ripped. Full blown six-pack, ripped muscles, and a massive cock. It was semi hard and around 9 inches already. He smirks and turns back to my girlfriend. His friends move my chair closer so I could have the best possible angle for the rape. I can't see Amber's eyes, thank god. I couldn't bear to make eye contact.

The thug picks up both of Ambers feet and starts rubbing his dick through her feet. Forcing her to give him a foot job. He slowly groans as he rubs her feet over his dick. Amber can only whimper into the bed as the man uses her feet however he wishes. "Mm always love me a little of that" Thug 1 said with a smirk "We got a long night ahead of us boys." And with that he rips the back of Ambers bra and whips it out from under her.

He grabs her thongs and rips it right off her. Leaving her completely naked, and pinned down with her ass right front and center. The man licks his lips and mounts the bed.

I scream again and try to fight. He grabs her ass with both his hands, basically covering her whole ass because of how big his hands were. His dick was a fully hard eleven inches now. He grabs her ass and pulls it up. Pushing her face further into the bed and leaving her pussy and asshole fully exposed. She was sobbing now. His two thug friends had also gotten naked except for their masks. And of course, they were all huge, jacked, and hung.

The two other thugs held her upper body down while the first guy pulled her ass into the air. This was it. This was really happening. There was absolutely nothing I can do.

My beautiful girlfriend was about to be brutally raped. He lined his massive dick up, and right before my helpless eyes, rammed it straight into my girlfriends pussy. Amber screamed into the bed, the sheer size of the man's cock plus there being no lubrication led to a blinding pain. He got about halfway in, pulled out, and slammed back into her. Shoving his dick all the way to the balls. Amber was sobbing uncontrollably as the first rapist began thrusting in and out of my girlfriend.

He slapped her ass with his giant hand and then grabbed her hips and began to thrust harder into her. It was so obvious that Amber was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do to help her as this giant black man was ruthlessly raping her.

He was slamming into her, making a thudding noise every time his balls slapped against her. His thug comrades had begun feeling up Ambers body, squeezing her perfect tits and rubbing their hands against her, eagerly awaiting their turn. The first thug starts thrusting even harder, slamming into her pussy.

He reaches forward and slides his hands under Amber, grabbing both of her tits. He's using her tits as a handhold and slamming his massive cock deeper and deeper into my girlfriend. He starts clenching and groaning and it's clear he's about to cum.

"Oh fuck. You ready for this giant fucking black dick load bitch?" "No please no," Amber whimpered "Please, I can't. I'm not on birth control" One of the other men said "Well sweetheart the chance of you getting pregnant with a half black baby is super likely, cause were gonna be filling you with so much cum you could open a sperm bank" "No!

Please no! Oh god please stop!" Amber was pleading as the man raping her grabbed her even tighter by the tits, and in one massive thrust, slammed his cock all the way up inside my girlfriend and unleashed a massive load so deep inside her I'm sure she felt it in her stomach. He slammed in her again for good measure, making sure he left every drop of semen inside her.

Amber was sobbing, defeated. "Oh fuck yeah" Thug 1 said, "That felt so fucking good bitch." At this point the other two thugs were fully erect. Fuck their cocks were massive. Thug 1 slid his cock out of Amber with a wet pop. She breathed out heavily. Thug 2 slapped her ass and said "Alright boys my turn.

Flip her over." With that Thugs 1 and 3 flipped Amber onto her back. She thrashed around and tried to cover herself but the men were just so much bigger and stronger there was absolutely no point. The thugs holding her down ripped her legs as far apart as they would go and held her arms down as well. Thug 3 leaned forward and took a big mouthful of her left tit as Amber whimpered quietly.

Thug 2 grabbed Ambers legs under the knees and pushed them towards her head, so her knees were against her chest. "Oh shit boys she's a bendy one!" Thug 2 exclaimed. It was at this point the thugs realized how flexible Amber was. She was frequently practiced yoga and was incredibly flexible. "Grab her feet boys and pull them as far back as they can go." Thugs 1 and 3 each grabbed a foot and pulled them towards her head. They were able to pull her legs all the way back, leaving her pussy as exposed as possible.

"Mmm yeah that's good." Thug 2 said. Thug 2 reached under Amber's ass and lifted it up a bit, lined his massive cock up and slid in. Amber gasped hard and the next massive cock invaded her already raw pussy. Thanks to the cum from Thug 1, there was at least some lubrication and it slid in easier then last time.

I was at least grateful for that. "Oh yeah that's so warm and tight." Thug 2 exclaimed as he started thrusting in and out of my girlfriend.


Thug 1 had started sucked on Amber's toes again as Thug 2 was raping her pussy. Thug 3 was fondling one of her breasts. "Yo bring that bitch boyfriend over here. Let him get real close to this cock fucking his girl." Thug 2 said. Thug 3 came over, lifted up the chair I was on moved over to the bed. He tipped it over and on its side so my head landed right on Amber's stomach, facing Thug 2 with his cock buried in my girlfriend. I could smell Amber's lotion, lavender, the softness of her skin, and the dark contrast of the black rapists ripped body thrusting in and out of her.

So now Amber was pinned to the bed on her back, her feet held near her head by two captives, and the third raping the shit out of her pussy, with me being held down on top of her, watching it happen.

"Oh yeah" Thug 2 grunted "Imma blow one." His thrusting gained in momentum, and his grunts grew more frequent. I could see the man's cock moving in and out of my girlfriend, smell the sweat coming from the rapist. He let go of her ass, reached over me and began aggressively fondling her tits. "Here it fucking comes bitch!" Thug 2 exclaimed as he grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him and slammed his dick as far inside her as it would go and came deep inside her.

"OOHH fuuuuuck!" He exclaimed as he emptied his load into my girlfriend. Thug 3 pulled me off Amber and put me back down on the side of the bed. Thug 2 pulled out of Amber with a satisfied grunt as cum dripped out of Amber's pussy. He came over, grabbed me and shoved my face into Amber's dripping pussy. "Taste that fucking cum dripping out yo girl bitch," The semen got all over my face, I could smell Amber's sweet pussy smell mixed with the rancid stench of the rapist's cum.

He pulled me off and put me back where I was. Thug 3 chimed in. "Well shit I guess it's my turn" He said with an evil laugh. "I've always been more of an ass man." The realization of what he just said hit Amber, "No please god no" She begged "Not that. Please. Oh god please. Anything else. Oh god anything else please no not that." Thug 3 just laughed. "Lift her up boys." As if she was a rag doll, Thugs 1 and 2 lifted her off the bed as Thug 3 slid under her on his back, with his raging 10 inch cock at full attention.

"Line her up!" They lifted her back up so they were each holding her in the air with one hand under her knees and the other on her back, she was now completely facing me as I could see her whole front body. Her gorgeous tits and body being held up in front of me, with nothing I can do.

We made eye contact and I could see the pain and desperation in her eyes. They lined her asshole up to Thug 3's pulsing cock, with her facing away from him, reverse cowgirl style. Amber cried out again, thrashing and begged them to stop. But they held her tight. Thug 3 spit on his cock to lube it up a bit, lined it up with her asshole, and slowly started to push as the other Thugs started to lower her onto his cock at the same time.

Amber screamed. Thug 1 slapped her back so hard I thought he broke her spine. Amber shut her mouth but continued to sob as Thug 3 slowly started pushing his way into Amber's extremely tight asshole.

I didn't think there was any possible way this man's 10 inch cock could possibly fit into her ass. It took a good 10 minutes to get it all the way in and Amber had passed out from the pain.

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Her being unconscious didn't stop the rape in the slightest as Thug 3 started thrusting deep into Amber's unconscious body, with the other Thugs bouncing her body up and down on his dick like a rag doll.

She slowly started gaining consciousness as the ass rape began to intensify. All the thugs were perfectly timed so Thug 3 would thrust up into her just as Thugs 1 and 2 would lower her body onto his dick. They got into a rhythm and I got a full frontal view of this man ass raping my girlfriend.

Her beautiful tits were bouncing up and down right in my face. Thug 3 had grabbed her hips to get a better grip and was thrusting his massive cock all the way into her ass, then all the way back to the head, then all the way in again. He started thrusting faster and harder, with the other thugs matching his tempo.

Her tits began to bounce faster and faster as his thrusts intensified. He was really slamming into her now, with Thugs 1 and 2 practically picking her up and dropping her each time.

His cock slammed into her with a loud slap over and over as her tits were bouncing everywhere. All I could do was sit there and stare as my girlfriend was getting her ass brutally raped. Held up by two other huge black men, tits bouncing up and down. Thug 3 reached up and grabbed her hips, slamming her down onto him harder and harder.

"Oh yeah baby here it comes" Thug 3 chimed. Amber only whimpered. He thrust into her harder and harder, feeling the cum build in his balls, and as if on cue, Thug 3 pulled Amber's hips down onto him with full force and slammed his massive cock all the way up her ass, blowing his load deep as deep into her ass as humanly possible.

"Fuck yeah that felt good" Thug 3 exclaimed. "White boy seemed to like it to." Thug 1 spoke up, "Bitch seemed to handle getting two holes filled pretty well, guess its time to fill up all 3!" Amber shuddered as she realized what was about to happen and began to sob again. "Please…" she cried "Can this please just be over…" Thug 2 slapped her ass hard, "Bitch it's over when we say it's over.

We having to much fuck fucking the shit outta you." Thug 3 slid out of her ass as Thug 2 lay down on the bed on his back. At this point Thugs 1 and 2 were fully erect again. Thug 1 picked Amber up and positioned her over Thug 2's erect cock. He lined his dick up to her pussy and Thug 1 lowered her down onto him.


Amber groaned as Thug 2 slid into her raw pussy. Thug 2 pushed her forward so her chest was pressed against the hard chest of Thug 2. Thug 2 grabbed her in a big bear hug, pressing her even harder into him. Thug 1 positioned himself behind her ass, slid her ass cheeks apart and pushed his rock hard cock deep into her asshole, which was still dripping with cum from Thug 3. Amber could only whimper as huge black cock filled her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Thug 2 reached up and grabbed a firm grip on her tits, sucking on them aggressively. I could only watch as these two men used my girlfriends body in any way they wanted. Slowly, Thug 2 started grinding his dick around Ambers pussy, while Thug 2 started thrusting slowly in and out of her ass.

They soon got in a rhythm and they both went deeper at the same time. In and out in and out in sync. Now Thug 3 positioned himself next to her head, slapped her face with his dick and demanded she open her mouth. She refused at first but he quickly jammed his cock into her mouth. The dick that was just so deep in her ass was now being forced into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and forced her to deep throat his massive cock.

I could only helplessly watch as my beautiful girlfriend was being brutally gang raped. Massive black cock stuffed into all three of her holes.

They all began thrusting in and out. Thugs 1 and 2 destroying her ass and pussy while Thug 3 brutally throat raping her. Thug 2 was using Amber's tits to pull himself further into her while Thug 1 had a firm grip on her hips.

Thug 3 was grabbing the back of her head and forcing his dick as far down her throat as it would go. Thug 1, who clearly had a foot fetish, reached down and grabbed both of Amber's feet. Pulled them up and pressed them against her calves. He massaged her feet with his hands while he pounded her asshole. I watched as all her holes were brutally violated. Amber stared at me as she was being brutally raped in all holes. She looked dead inside. Thugs 1 and 2 had begun alternating in and out, Amber's poor body rocking back and forth in response to the invasion.

Her tits bouncing back and forth in Thug 2's face.

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They all began to thrust faster and faster, harder and deeper, until all three of them were pounding all her holes at full force. Thug 2 slamming his hips upward, thrusting his dick deep into her pussy. Thug 1 was pounding her ass so hard and fast I thought Amber would break. Thug 3 was ferociously shoving his dick in and out of her mouth. "Let's time this right boys." Thug 1 said.

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They had all already came so this brutal three way gang rape lasted a painful ten minutes. Amber's body being used as a rag doll. Thug 2 said he was close to blowin his load and the others began pounding faster. After another few minutes they all said they were ready.

Another minute of fast hard pounding and then they all counted to three. On three they all slammed as deep into my girlfriend as possible. Thug 2 on the bottom shot his hips up hard and fast, getting real deep in her pussy, Thug 1 slammed against her ass, getting as deep as possible, and Thug 3 grabbed the back of Amber's head and rammed his cock as far down her throat as it could go, and they all unloaded their cum into her holes at the same time.

They buried all their cocks up to the hilt deep in my girlfriend and came as deep inside her as possible. Thug 2 filling her pussy up, Thug 1 unloading into her ass, and Thug 3 filling her throat with cum. They all lay there for a minute. Cocks buried to the balls in my girlfriend, her filled with cum from all 3 of the rapists in all her holes. Amber had stopped crying.

Stopped portraying any motion what so ever. One by one they pulled out of her, throwing her onto her back on the bed. She just laid there, sprawled out naked, cum dripping out of her pussy and ass. "Damn that was a good fuckin lay" Thug 1 said. "Man I aint so sure im done yet." Thug 3 said.

"I don't think this bitch is enjoying this as much as she should be." "So here's what were gonna do baby white girl. I'm gonna fuck your pussy again, and you're gonna flick your clit till you cum hard for daddy." Amber could only stare open mouthed at the ridiculous request just demanded of her. She had just been brutally gang raped, multiple times. There's no way she could cum. She was as far from turned on as possible.

"I…I can't." She stammered. Thug 3 slapped her tit. "It wasn't a request bitch. Now I gotta get hard again, squeeze your tits together." Amber could only whimper as she reached up and squeezed her beautiful tits together.

Thug 3 mounted her and slid his semi hard cock between her tits. "Aw yeah that's good. You got some real nice tits baby." He started thrusting his cock between her tits faster, slowly getting hard again. "I want you to call me daddy. Got it bitch?" Amber whimpered again "Y…yes daddy…" "Fuck yeah." He said as his now hard dick slid between her tits.

"Now open your mouth." Amber hesitantly opened her mouth as Thug 3 began thrusting his cock between her tits and into her mouth repeatedly. Titty fucking my girlfriend. "That's right." He said as he slid his now fully erect cock from between her tits, moved down her body and slid it into her pussy. Amber gasped as he slid all the way inside her.

At this point her pussy was so well lubricated from all the cum inside her. "Now start flicking your clit bitch. And don't forget who your daddy is." "Y.yes daddy" she stammered as she hesitantly reached down and slowly started massaging her clit. Thug 3 began thrusting deep inside Amber as she was massaging her clit.

At first she was really ridged and tense, but soon closed her eyes and began to moan as the huge black cock was thrusting in and out of her.

"Oh shit." She murmured quietly "Fuck that feels good." I could only stare in horror at what I was seeing. It was one thing for to be forcefully raped, but for her to now seem to be enjoying it, nonetheless calling this man daddy, was a whole new type of painful. Amber started grinding her hips against Thug 3, massaging her clit with more and more intensity. "Yes daddy! Yes daddy! Holy shit holy shit holy shit" She breathed as Thug 3 was pounding her pussy.

She reached around with her left hand and grabbed Thug 3's ass, pulling him deeper inside her, and using her other hand to prevent her from slamming her head on the headboard since she was getting rammed so hard. Thug 3 moaned and reached forward and grabbed both her tits, shoved his nose in her armpit and took a huge whif while thrusting his cock deep inside her.

"Oh shit baby I think I might cum again." He said, beginning to thrust faster. Amber breathed heavily, gasping with each thrust, she was now furiously massaging her clit.

"Yes daddy!" She breathed "Cum in me. Cum deep in me daddy. Please please daddy cum in me." Thug 3 began thrusting his massive black cock faster and harder into my girlfriend as she rapidly approached climax. He was intensely squeezing and playing with her tits. She let go of his ass and began rubbing his hardened sweaty abs. "Here it comes baby!" He moaned and slammed deep into my girlfriend, unloading another load of cum deep inside her. 'YES DADDY!" She screamed as she started cumming, her back arched violently as her body began convulsing around his hard cock unloading his cum into her.

She grabbed his ass again, with both hands this time, pulling him deeper inside her as she twitched and moaned, squeezing his dick with his pussy, squeezing every drop of cum out of his cock, and had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen her have. "Oh my god" she moaned "oh my god oh my god." Thug 3 slid out of her and Amber moaned sadly, almost in a whining way.

This had marked the fourth time her pussy had been filled with cum. Thug 3 laughed. "You like that black cock huh baby?" "Yes oh my god yes!" Amber exclaimed. "Tell your boyfriend how much you love it." She turned and looked at me sheepishly.

"Im sorry baby. That was the best cock I've ever had. I…I'm sorry. It was the best thing I've ever felt in me." Thug 1 spoke: "You want some more?" "Oh my god yes!" She cried Thug 1 laid down on the bed.

"I'll give it to you.

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You gotta get me hard though." Amber eagerly crawled over to him and took his flaccid dick into her waiting mouth. She sucked long and hard, taking his cock deep into her throat.

I could only stare at my beautiful girlfriends ass dripping with cum as she hungrily sucked the cock of this massive black man. Slowly he started to get hard again. Amber began rubbing his cock with her hands and her mouth at the same time. Finally he was fully erect again and Amber could hardly contain her excitement as she mounted him and guided his huge cock into her waiting pussy.

Amber exhaled heavily as she took all 11 inches of this man into her. She put her hands on his chest and began aggressively grinding her hips against him. She moaned loudly as she rode his cock like a cowgirl. She leaned back and grabbed his ankle with her left hand and began playing with her clit with her right. She looked so hot right now. Bent backwards on this guys dick. Beautiful tits bounding up and down against her gorgeous body as she grinded against his huge black cock.

Thug 2 walked over and put his dick near her mouth, which she eagerly took into her mouth. She was now riding Thug 1's cock while playing with herself and sucking off Thug 2. She took her right foot and put it in Thug 1's mouth, which he eagerly accepted, sucking on all her toes at once.

My beautiful Amber. The love of my life. All the amazing nights cuddled together, facing the world together. I was now watching my girlfriend fuck the shit out of this black thug, with her foot in his mouth and Thug 2's cock in her mouth. They were all happily sucking and grinding against each other. Amber's grinding began to intensify as she approached orgasm. Thug 2 grabbed the back of her head, pulled her head further onto his dick, and came down her throat.

She eagerly swallowed his seed and began to moan intensely. "Fuck yes…"she breathed "oh fuck." As she began bouncing her ass up and down, ferociously playing with her clit. "FUCK ME IM CUMING!" She slammed her pussy down onto Thug 1, pulled her foot out of his mouth, and leaned forward, feeling up and down his ripped chest as she came.

Convulsing on his body as he played with her tits. She grabbed his hands and held them over her tits as she was cuming and Thug 1 pulled her down and unloaded his cum deep inside her. "Yeeeessss" She moaned. "Oh god." Thug 1 pushed her off him, got up and began dressing. "Where…where are you going?" Amber asked sadly. "I think our work here is done boys." He said. "No no please don't go." She whined. "Please I want more." "Sorry sweet cheeks.

Maybe we'll do this again sometime." And with that the three thugs dressed, and walked out the door. Leaving me tied to a chair and my girlfriend dripping with cum from all holes.