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Flexible Asian Princess Linn Thomas
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I am trying to wrrite this story from the perspective of the female, which I am not. So if the language, thoughts or experiences are not realistic, I apologize and would welcome any suggestions of corrections. Feel free to PM me. I am basing this story on a girl I knew, and I have pictures I will share if asked.

They are not nude or sexual, just regular photos. ******** I have always considered myself to be a beautiful woman. My mom and dad told me, my aunts and grandmas told me. How many times had I heard "you're so beautiful Brandee?" But they were family.

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The ones who rarely called me beautiful were the boys. I had most things in abundance, which is not what you want. First off, I was almost 5' 9", and while that is far from the end of the world, it makes you taller than most boys who are athletes and they all want those ditzy, slutty bimbos, and no matter what I tried I could never impersonate, let alone emulate. I was also broad shouldered, with large hips, a wide stomach (not a fat stomach, but wide in body width.

I also was a little bit thicker than most girls, and while I was perfectly within healthy parameters, few boys were turned out by a bigger woman in any respects.

I often wondered if I grew up in a inner city instead of a smaller suburban city, I might have gotten some appreciation for my body from the black guys, but I don't really know. I definitely had a pronounced butt, bigger in stature just like the rest of me.

It wasn't like I was shaped like a linebacker or anything, I had a very noticeable curve from my waist to my hips. I also had a few more things in abundance, including thick abundant hair, thick plump lips and big round eyes.

My mother was a bit of a prude and I wasn't allowed makeup and rarely styled my hair. I am sure it didn't help my cause. Let's not forget my breasts, they were a pronounced as anything else on me, I had 42 EE's. and they were something I got to be proud of. They were not just large but they were shaped, from the side in the mirror I could easily see the curvature up and under my breasts.

I didn't have a pair of hanging utters, I had a pair of plump, firm glorious breasts. So when I say no boys called me beautiful, maybe I should clarify. While guys were turned off by me height, large frame and I think strength, they liked my breasts. So much so, it was the only thing they paid any attention to. In all my time in high school I never had a guy look at me when they talked to me, not even my teachers. Just my tits, it was all they seemed to care about. It really burned me up, at first they ignored me through middle school because I was bigger than most of them, now they paid attention but to my breasts, not to me.

I went on a few dates but they all went the same way, a dinner followed by a movie or a walk in the park or going to the fair, all just pretenses to get me next to them where they could try to get to second base, and be the first one to say they had seen them. I pretty much hated guys. From the jerks at school to the clerk at the store, to the pastor at church, to my teachers and my dad's friends.

I caught them all firmly taken in my cleavage, most of the time which I kept under a tight collar. Then, about 4 months before the end of my senior year I met Izzy.


Izzy was a Mexican boy. His folks had come over the border just before he was born and he grew up in a Texas border town before moving up to Idaho.

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He was one of the few non white people I had ever met in our little city, and he seemed very intimidated by the new school. He ended up in the open seat next to me in math, and since that was right before lunch I invited him to come eat with me and my best friend.Julie. One thing let to another and we started dating and I even got to have a date for my Senior Prom. Izzy had looked me in the eye the first time we spoke and did every time after that.

I think I was as excited as he was the first time I pulled down my bra off and gave him access to my chest. He was always gentle and he never pushed for more than I wanted to give.

We were a funny pair, since Izzy was on the small side and a little scrawny.

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But he was kind and respectful and loving and honest. We began to make plans for our relationship and had started to talk about getting an apartment together, though I told him it was going to be hard for me to get my parents to go along with it unless we were engaged.

Izzy said he understood and said he wanted to marry me but wanted to propose when the time was right. I enrolled in cosmetology school, thinking I could take advantage of my love of drawing into makeup and hair styling, two things my Mom had shunned me from.

But I always felt a bit jealous of those girls and when I turned 18 I started wearing make up. It looked rough and always mismatched but I was learning and loved the art of it, and felt I could build a career out of it. My folks didn't make much and I didn't want to be saddled with huge debts so I chose this over college, not that my grades were going to knock any administrators socks off anyway.

I was a quick learner and soon was the star pupil. I had learned how to do hair and make up to make any woman look better. As my talent evolved so did my look as I used my skills on myself as well and suddenly realized the boring farm big girl look I had changed to a voluptuous beaming face, accented with rogue and lipstick, eyes emboldened by mascara and eye shadow.

Straight hair became twisted and feathered and tied and pined into a whole array of styles. When I took my picture from the right angle, even I thought I looked beautiful.

While my big frame still put off some guys, at least now some smiled at my face instead of just at my tits. School was going good but wasn't free so I took a job as a babysitter on nights and weekends for the Jenkins, answering there post on Craigslist. Ron was an internet security expert who worked from home and his wife Esther worked for a vacation property retail firm, showing rich out of towners big natural estates for sale with stocked rivers and full forests of game.

She was often gone until late on show days, sometimes overnight. Ron worked from home but was very busy when he worked and needed to unwind after being home all day and was a big time fixture at the local poker hall and was on the city council.

This meant a lot of nights and Saturdays their two year old Janie needed supervision.


Sometimes if Ron had a job around the house to do he would hire me to watch his little girl while he worried about his projects. Things went along like that for a while. I enjoyed watching Janie grow over that year and I was getting into my second year and could graduate and finally do hair for a living.

I was about 6 months shy of graduation and it was just coming into Spring when it was time to celebrate Izzy's 19th birthday, he was a little behind me in age. The week or so before his birthday. when we were discussing plans for his day, he told me he wanted to have sex. It was the first time he had ever suggested or prodded to me. He told me I was so gorgeous with my make up and hair and with my more liberal clothing (keeping in line with the girls at my beauty school) that he was so turned on and couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to be with me.

I told him I felt like we were ready and I wanted to be engaged before I lost my virginity. He said he wasn't ready and didn't have enough money for a ring, but told me he promised to marry me. I told him no, that wasn't the same thing and I didn't want to disappoint my very conservative mother. He continued to push every time we talked, all week long until I finally gave in.

I wanted to be with him, I loved him very much and I really did think we were bound to get married. He had an apartment with a couple of friends and I constantly stayed over at my beauty school friend's houses or at the Jenkin's house watching Janie. It would be easy to keep it a secret from my folks, and Izzy had been so incredibly patient with me, I decided he had earned a early withdrawal from his future lover.

We had a great night with friends, some pizza and wings and later we went to his place. He had gotten his friends to agree to be gone for the evening and we lost our virginity to each other.

I would love to say how wonderful and magical it was, but it was how it usually is; awkward, fumbling, painful and short. Really short. We were celebate from then on. Izzy had stayed with me and even settled down. For a year he pestered me but then suddenly stopped. I was thankful he stopped his incessant come ons. Our love was stronger than that.

Anyway, for my first year after high school I work and went to school almost all the time.

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Izzy and I didn't see a lot of each other but we were together any time we could be. I decided that for being so sweet and patient, tonight I was going to surprise him and give him one more early withdrawal from our future love bank account. When I told Izzy he immediately dropped what he was doing and picked me up and carried me to his bed. My clothes were pulled off roughly and Izzy was all over me, licking and sucking and kissing, it felt like before, he was just a lust filled animal, it made me feel like a headless body.

We were standing right next to the bed kissing. Let me say that better, were were standing right next to the unmade bed, in the dirty room when he pulled off my top.

He reached down and pulled back the comforter and it took a second for me to see it but I saw the pink. I reached down and pulled out a pink lace thong. A real slutty number.

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I had never worn one. I lost it screaming at Izzy, rejecting his "My buddy used my bed" and "those are yours" lame excuses. It took about 5 minutes of me going ballistic and he admitted he and my bestie Jessica were having an affair. I called Jessica and screamed at her, not letting her get a word in edgewise. I hung up on her and sobbed hitting Izzy for cheating on me. He almost had me calmed down until that bitch Jessica showed up. I was somewhat screamed out when she arrived and couldn't believe her attitude.

"We didn't do it to hurt you or anything Bran-bran. It just happened." She said.

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"How did it just fucking happen!" I said annoyed. "Izzy came by for you at the school at closing time and you had left with your Mom. I asked him to help me take out the trash. I had just broken up with Greg, and Izzy was all full of this sexual energy from his first time with you and he was so pent up. Our sexual energy just fed off each other and we just had to release ourselves. I balanced on the rail while Izzy hiked my skirt.

I held on tight and went at it." "How was your 15 seconds you traitor?" "Oh we had a solid minute twenty and your boy here is a trooper, he got it up five more times that night. You are a lucky girl." "Lucky?

Lucky? My best friend is fucking my boyfriend. How am I lucky?" "Cause he is a fucking machine! You can have it all the fucking time. I only get him when you are busy with the babysitting gig." "You fucking slut, how can you think it is ok to have sex with Izzy? You ruined out love." I yelled. "Jesus Brandee, you're so uptight. I am just fucking him, he is still your boyfriend.

Stop being such a prude. But here, let me make you feel better," said Jessica she walked up to me and moved her hands over my hips and cupped my ass cheeks through my jeans. My top still of, my breasts and her also adequate sized ones pushed each other up. She was smiling and was moving in to kiss me when I slapped pushed her away horrified. "Oh my god, you whore!

Jesus Jess, you are gonna go to hell." "Wow. Really Brandee? I would have mentioned it before to share technique but wanted to keep a proper school barrier until graduation. What's the big deal?" "A fucking threesome? You are suck a slut. I can't believe you would consider it?" "Consider it. It ain't a big deal, being with two guys was a much bigger deal." "Two guys?" I gasped, speechless.

"Yeah, me and Izzy and his roomie Fred do it all the time." I stared at Izzy my eyes full of tears. He was just standing there, and seemed afraid to say anything. His dick was still hard though. "Trust me Brandee, you haven't felt anything until a guy cums in your ass at the same time another cums in your mouth." "Jesus! Your ass Jess? Your ass?!" "Well yeah, I mean, I don't want to get pregnant. Or if the guy is packing 8+, i don't mind then, it's worth it for just one more pump of a big cock." I was going to make a comment about Izzy not being anywhere near that big but the look on his face kind of said I didn't need to.

"Hey what's up Jess, we adding one tonight?" I spun around and saw Fred, scratching at his dick through his jeans. I felt like I was going to vomit. The whole lot were perverts, and druggies and drinkers and they were on the road to nowhere. I ran out of Izzy's place and drove straight home. I hollered at my mom that I felt sick and was going to bed.

My mom was more involved in her shows than in me anyway so I was alone for the rest of the night, where I cried myself out of tears and slept in late the next morning.

I went down stairs and made lunch and tried to piece my life together. Suddenly Izzy was out of my life, my best friend was out of my life, and my mom and dad barely paid attention to me. I was so alone, so destitute, I felt like no one cared about me.

That afternoon around 3 I got a call from Mr. Jenkins asking if I could watch Janie tonight while he went to a Council Meeting from 7-10. There was some property tax issue and he thought it could go even later and Mrs. Jenkins was in Vegas for the annual retail convention. I thought the company of an unassuming and actually well behaved little girl would at least feel normal, despite my fractured mind.

I took a shower and decided I wasn't going to look ugly like I felt. Fuck Izzy that sick pervert. They could get AIDS and die for all she cared. She was going to look like everything was fine. She looked at her recently died black hair and decided to do a large pull over bun across the top, and wrap it to the back, with the rest down around my shoulders, curled towards my neck.

I had one large strand pulled off the bun and draping down in front of the left of my big green eyes. I was always a bit pale and coming out of winter meant I was more porcelain than usual and loved how the color of my hair and skin clashed.

I wore big hoop earrings and dolled up the lashes. I wore a black top that showed a modest bit of cleavage and had short sleeves and was black like my hair. I had put on a turquoise supportive bra with lace frill and a blue rose in the middle, where it unclasped from. I had on matching panties, in full panty style, not those slutty thongs. I wore a pink pleated skirt and pink slightly heeled sandals. I thought I looked as good as I could and told myself I was going to feel good.

At least I found out now, not a few years into marriage what a psycho Izzy had becomes. I wasn't that type of girl. I got there and Ron was in a hurry, and barely looked up as he gathered his things. Ron was about 53, was getting thin on top but still had full coverage. He had a decent fitness level, a bit of a paunch from too many beers and too few runs. His hair was gray and he wore wire framed glasses.

He was decent looking, not that I had put much thought into it. he could be pretty absent minded and didn't give off any type of sexy vibe. Esther was his second wife and she had been at her upper cusp when she finally got pregnant.

I figured she worried without a kid he was gonna leave her before he sold his shares in the IT security firm and made a bundle, and trade her in on a young sugar baby. So she stopped with the birth control and got pregnant. Their marriage had gone cold a while ago and both were really more into their careers.

Kind of out of place in our town and certainly born on the coasts. Ron left and I watched Finding Nemo with Janie and gave her dinner. We moved on to some baby games I had gotten off the web that were supposed to enhance motor skills. She got tired around 9 and I laid her down at 10 and turned on the baby monitor. I had avoided my phone all night but grabbed it absent mindedly after I put Janie down.

I lowered the TV volume and saw I had a text from Izzy. Three actually. The first said, "You just don't understand how amazing life can be, i want to share it with you." The second said "If I have to leave it I will, I will be yours alone." The thirst said, "I love you so much, please understand, sex and love can be separated." I just started to cry again.

I wasn't the mess I had been the day before and I worked hard to absorb my tears with napkins to save my makeup. I didn't return the text. I couldn't, because I couldn't love him again. I couldn't ignore it or condone it. He was a lost soul and I wold try to save his soul, but I would never be his woman again. I was alone and it hurt. I tried watching a number of channels on the Jenkin's souped up entertainment system. But it was no use. Every 30 seconds my mind returned to that moment I found out and how it felt to have my life cave in.

It was all I could do to keep the tears away until Ron got home. I tried to seem bright and sunny, but I didn't fool Mr. Jenkins. "What is it?" "Nothing I am just tired. I should head home." "Nonsense, tell me what is wrong." "I really don't think--" "Come here." He extended his arms and pulled me up and I stood and looked up at him. Yep, up, he was 6 foot three. He took me over to the table and sat me down.


He grabbed two beers out of the fridge and grabbed two mugs and poured them. He sat it down in front of me. "Oh no I don't drink.

That makes you a loser." "Come now Brandee, I have a successful business, two grown kids and a baby, and I serve on the city council. Do you think I am a loser?" "Well no." "But I drink" Stated Ron. Let's just say before long he had me drinking it and then got me to spill the sorted story of debauchery. "Wow. I am sorry you had to deal with that so young Brandee, but believe me, I have had much worse." "I don't believe you" I said.

"Well, that is a whole other story, but first I better grab a fresh couple of brews. It was five beers later, a good buzz and we were sitting on the floor in front of the tv. Him Indian style and me on my butt with my legs curled around me. I couldn't believe the stories he had told me. How crazy and disgusting and nasty the world could be. Then he pulled out a joint. I couldn't believe it, but he gave me a speech much like before, how could I call him a loser.

So I even took a single puff. Boy that was a wild ride. It was really good pot I found out later but along with the beers I felt very tingly and ended up closing my eyes and humming as I kind of swiveled around. I had never been so intoxicated and was understanding the allure. Mr. Jenkins put on some cherry blossom festival music and soon I was swaying in rhythm to the tune and felt as warm and relaxed and content as I had in quite some time. It was surprising although oddly not jarring when I felt lips press against mine.

The lips were matching my swaying rhythm, and before I knew I I was matching the kiss. My eyes closed, the Japanese music and my high felt like I was in a magical land outside of reality. Before long our tongues were entwined with our kiss.

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A hand reached, behind me and stopped my sway and held me while the kiss intensified. I felt like I was dreaming. My eyes felt glued down, My body tingled and felt melted to the floor. I felt my legs pulled from my side to infront of me and felt weight on me and I was guided to the ground. I matched the rhythm of the tune and the longue and felt a lot of warmth between my legs.

I felt distant wondering who was kissing me so sweet but my eyes still felt glued shut. I felt a hand go under my shirt and with what seemed like little motion I found my shit pushed up to my neck and the pressure on my breasts lessened as the clasp on my bra freed. The bra was pulled wide and my breasts were massaged slow and soothingly making my mind swim even more. After a minute I felt a tongue and mouth join in and was amazing by the feelings coming from my breasts. They had never felt so alert and receptive and never so intensely wonderful.

I had so many images running through my mind, the love scenes from films and tv, the warmth i felt when Izzy and I were at prom, and then the few porno scenes I had scene. Until that moment I hadn't really realized the pleasure I felt with sexual action. I was confused but felt so wonderful. I reached over to clasp the owner of the pleasuring mouth. I felt the thinning hair and leathery neck and for the first time realized who was cavorting with me.

I looked down at Ron as he looked up at me and I gasped, a frightened open mouth look took over my face and I tried to scream but could not. "RR-ron. Wha.

Who. Oh. Nnnnah. Ronn-nnn-nnn. Foo." I couldn't make the words I wanted, I hadn't ever been so simultaneously fucked up and turned on. I wanted to tell him to stop, that he was being a pervert like them. That I wanted to stop. Except my body didn't want to stop and just laid at his disposal as I gasped breath in and huffed it out. "Don't worry, I got you covered darling" he said in a low voice to match the lights he had turned way down in the room.

I felt a rush of cold as I felt my underwear pulled down. I now realized the hot between my legs was my drenched panties which left streaks of my juice down my legs as it was pulled off one leg.

I felt my leg pushed open and I felt a tongue run up on side of my lips and down the other then a kiss on my mound. My lips were teased and then pulled lightly apart. The outer labia teased, then the lips, then deeper and further inside me. I felt juice dribble out of me and I worried I was peeing. But I felt powerless to move.

Ron continued his teasing patterns getting closer and closer to the pinpoint of contained energy that had built in my clitoris. He took me close to a higher high that I had ever reached on my own, but then pulled back and settled me down. I had lost all speech but tried to moan and cry with pleasure at the waves of pleasure pulsing in and up from around my entrance. A finger joined into the action and my clit became the focus of his tongue. It became rigid and assertive, while his finger, and then fingers strummed my lips and thrust between my walls of pleasure.

I wanted to open my eyes, I wanted to see the pleasure I was feeling, but my lashes felt glued, my vision lost in a mix of colors and pictures, forming immensely exotic themes and soothing warmth. I inexplicably felt my face scrunch as though I was going to cry, but no tears or sadness or even sobs. Instead I felt a flowing warmth slowing from my nether regions.

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Whether I was urinating or something else I had no idea, I felt completely numb in the region. I wasn't prepared for the speed of my orgasm. From the numbness and heat a wave burst out sending pure pleasure down my legs and to my stomach as I felt my stomach force my hips to jump.

A second wave came rushing after and reached my breasts, leaving them, like the rest of my body below feeling like I had one million needles per square centimeter injecting terrific pleasure that quickly overwhelmed the nerves leaving them in a state of tinging awareness.

I felt another wave exploding upward. I felt my chest constrict with my stomach giving me a single second seizure as I felt the orgasm envelope my head. I felt panicked, feeling too god, sure my body and heart wouldn't survive another wave. A last wave, so powerful that it caused pleasure in my body of numbed nerves, and went to the top of my head and crushed into my brain, causing the scene in my head to explode into a brightness, I felt thrust up out of the shell of my body and fell into a deep slumber.

I am not sure how long it took for my mind to finally reset and come back online, but I know the first thing was hearing him laughing and talking. But it was as though he were miles away and underwater. He had a hearty laugh, and said "Damn baby, I'm sorry no one ever gave you one before." I felt my body heave and felt my essence being pulled back in me. It happened again and I was pulled back into my mind and felt myself take a large gasp of air.

"Shit, you spilled out all over my carpet, ha ha. You sure smell ready." I felt his hand stoking up and down my tummy. I hadn't felt it until then, but as the real world slowly came back in, I felt something else. Mr. Jenkins was lying right up against me and his hard as fuck penis was pressed between us like a hot dog. I forced my eyes open, seeing him looking my body up and down and he rubbed it.

"Psshhhhhh nnnaaaannn. Mmmmfff." I wanted to tell Ron not to do it. I knew what I had let happen and I knew it was wrong. I got my one leg to pull up and had my knee in the air, swaying trying to find strength. I felt his weight move over me and between my legs.

As his erection glazed along my quad, I knew for sure it was substantially larger than Izzy's. I couldn't see it even with my eyes open as I couldn't lift my head. I saw the top of Ron's head and the scalp visible beneath the thinning hair.

His shirt was off and I could see his wrinkling shoulders as I felt the head of his penis, rub up along the lips of my pussy. There was an undeniable tingle as my body finally released from its post cumming effects ceasing.

The head slid back down. "Wwwwrra. Rrrraaoooonnnn!" I took another deep breath and pulled my hand to his shoulder to push him away. But my lack of strength and coordination just found it sliding off onto his back.

Mr. Jenkins looked up, our eyes even. Tears had welled up in my eyes. "Wwwwwron?" "It's Daddy's turn now sweety." I saw him close his eyes and bite his bottom lip. "Huuuungh!" He thrust his hips at mine and his sizable head rushed through my opening without being invited, and wouldn't be denied. He drove in about 2 inches I felt, the rest of my vaginal wall not expecting something so large, stopped him for the moment.

"NNNNNNaaaaeeh!" I squealed in a cry wanting him to stop from taking my once used pussy and making it a pit stop. I didn't want to be a slut. I didn't want to be his toy. He put a hand under my head and gripped my hair. His other hand and arm cupped my back and pulled me to him as he shoved forward again. That penis meant business and plowed in, my vaginal walls getting a signal I didn't send from my brain and then relaxed, allowing it to be in control.

Nnnn-hu-hu-hu! Ahm, ahm, I'm nnn-nn-nn-nn . " That was the closest I got to a full sentence again for a while. I was crying hard. Angry that I was used, angry that my life fell apart, angry that a overweight, well endowed, balding old dude was fucking me. I was angry he decided for me. I was angry that he smelled old and most of all I was angry that it was tickling a spot in me that was building a pearl of pleasure within me and I worried it was bigger than the last.

Mr. Jenkins was thrusting without any kind of rhythm. His tongue liked all around my neck and hairline, grunting in my ear and his cock ravaged my pussy. Each thrust was insane. It felt like the head would grab a web spun of ecstasy. And the cockhead would pull the web deep within me, planting it inside where it continued to grow. A strong shell around it, to build up the strength with in it. "Nnnaaaugh!

Jesus Christ baby! Holy fuck your teenage pussy! Oh shit baby. Oh. Ew. Shit!" You sick fuck! I thought, not sure if I meant him or me. Him because he was about to dump his old ass seed inside me. That he was going to impregnate me with his child and crush his wife.

But also at me because I couldn't wait. I knew my pearl was poised to pop as he did. My maternal instincts had overtaken my lucid thoughts and promised me a great reward for my deviousness. I felt my labia gripping with every other inch of me.

I was ready to drink him, to drain him, to wash in the cum of my own pleasure. I felt his weight recede and he pushed off, and out of me. He took his weapon of pleasure and left the pearl in me unpopped. His eyes were clasped as he lunged at me, his large cock in his hand. "Nnnnoo!" I screamed, the cum that was for me, for my pussy for my pleasure was wasted and it jettisoned out of him.

"Auuuugh FUCK!" he yelled out. The first shot landed on my left tit. The second on my tummy, the third my waist to my pussy. Mr. Jenkins heaved in breathes for a few seconds and collapsed beside me, his leg and arm still pressing on me.

He was snoring instantly. I looked down at the cum on me. I felt the pearl in me, full of unforgiving pleasure was dissipating, sending out small waves of what was building, as my loins calmed down. I cried at the loss. I knew I would never get an orgasm like that one back. That was my virgin orgasm that Izzy never gave me. I lost it. All because this fucking pervert couldn't hold his load any longer than Izzy. They were all the same.

I wanted to get up and leave. I wanted to run away and forget I let this happen. I wanted to get away from this old fucking pervert. All of them are sick perverts. And they almost made me one. But God I was tired. I knew sleep would over take me. I told myself a quick nap will get me the strength I would need to get up.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only dick that found me that night.