Dildo faping is a great pleasure

Dildo faping is a great pleasure
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I had just moved to Atlanta and also just started working at a new job. I knew no one and the studio apartment that I lived in was not in a very good area, so when a salesman in my new office suggested he come by my apartment for a drink I never thought it out of the ordinary.

When he arrived at 6 p.m. on Friday night I felt a little akward, but mainly because there was so little room in my apartment. I had a hot plate, a kitchen table with one chair and a bed. Aside from that there was only the small bathroom and a sink and small refrigerator next to the kitchen table that was supposed to be a kitchenette. I poured Alan, a drink and sat on the bed while Alan drank his scotch while sitting on the chair a foot away from me. He asked me questions about work and where I was from originally and about any new friends I might have in the city, which I had none.

I didn't know Alan's age, but I figured he was about 20 years older than my 22 years. I got up and poured us another scotch and when I came back I noticed that he was also sitting on the bed. I didn't say anything and handed him his drink. I sat back down on the bed next to him and that was when I noticed that I was beginning to get an erection. Since I was in rather tight jeans, it was very noticable. Alan continued to talk, about what I don't know, but as he talked he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing my leg and upper thigh.

By this time my erection was throbbing and I didn't stop him from what he was doing. He pulled the zipper down on my jeans and undid the belt buckle. It was as if I was paralyzed and I could do nothing. My mind was screaming that I had never been with a man and had never thought about it, but I was also curious about what was going to happen next.

Since I wore no underwear, my erection popped to attention the moment my jeans were lowered.


Alan stopped talking and pulled jeans completely off, leaving me in my shirt, shoes and socks. When his hand touched my erection I thought I would cum immediately. It had been several months since I had been with my ex-girlfriend (we had broken up when I moved to Atlanta from North Carolina).

Alan didn't speak a word as he got down between my legs and his lips engulfed my 6 inch erection. I was embarrassed to watch, and lowered my body back onto the bed as he did an excellent job of sucking my cock.

I then felt his wet index finger, that must have been coated with his saliva, slip between the cheeks of my ass. I was surprised that I lifted my ass off the bed to allow him access, although I had never had anything inserted in my ass before this moment.

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He was very gentle as he slowly inserted the index finger into my anus and continued to suck me. Once his finger was completely inside me he began a fucking motion with his finger and this was too much for me and I came hard in his mouth. I felt I had blacked out from the force of it and when I opened my eyes I saw Alan kneeling on the bed between my legs with his pants around his ankles. His 7 inch erection had precum dripping from it and there was lust in his eyes.

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He said nothing as he rolled me over onto my stomach and half lifted me until I was on my hands and knees on the bed. He slowly inserted his cock into my anus which had been somewhat loosened up by his finger. It hurt, but I said nothing as he slipped into me. When he was all the way in he stayed still as I got used to the feeling. He pushed my head down into the pillow so that my ass was sticking up in the air and he slowly began fucking my ass. The pain subsided and I felt myself with another erection.

When Alan heard me moan, he picked up the pace and began slamming into my ass. I couldn't believe how hard I was and before long I was squirting my cum onto the blanket of the bed. I felt Alan grab my hips and plunge one last time and felt the warmness of his cum fill my bowels. Alan rolled off me and went to the bathroom while I just laid there feeling his cum leak from my ass and roll down my thighs.

My mind was whirling as I thought about what had just happened and the reprecussions of it. I heard Alan enter the bedroom but I didn't look at him. I felt his weight on the bed and heard him putting on his pants.

I was confused and didn't know how to react, so I just laid there. He got up, walked to the door and let himself out without saying a word. I didn't hear from Alan on the weekend and my stomach was churning when I went to work on Monday morning.

Alan avoided eye contact with me for the first half of the day, but at noon he came up and asked me if I wanted to join him for lunch. I wanted to say no, but found me nodding my head affirmatively. I couldn't believe it, but at lunch he made no referrence to what had happened Friday night and we just ate our sandwiches while he talked about various people from work. After lunch we went back to work and I felt even more confused by the events that had just transpired.

At 5 o'clock Alan again came up to me and said that a few of the men from work like to go to a local pub after work and asked if I cared to join them. Again I wanted to decline but found myself nodding my head in an affirmative manner. When I got to Murphy's bar I found Alan sitting at a table with four other men from work whom I did not know.

Alan scooted his chair to allow me to pull up a chair and sit next to him. I was very nervous, not only because I didn't know anyone else there but also because I didn't know how much Alan had told these men about what had transpired between us on Friday night. The group talked about the Atlanta Falcons and football in general for about a half hour. I was on my third drink when I felt a hand on my thigh. My reaction was the same as it had been on Friday night with Alan.

I responded with an immediate erection. I thought it was Alan's hand that was carressing my thigh, but when I looked down I saw that while Alan was sitting on my right, the hand carressing my thigh belonged to George, the man sitting to my left. Again I was at a loss as to what to do. I didn't want to make a scene because I was afraid that this man already knew what had transpired between Alan and I and would tell everyone at the table and in the bar so I kept quiet and allowed the man to move his hand higher up my leg until he was groping my erection.

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I avoided eye contact with George, but looked over at Alan and saw him grinning as he watched what George was doing. "We work too hard for our money to blow it all here," Alan announced to the table, "what say we go back to my place where the drinks are cheaper?" Everyone agreed with this idea and before I knew it everyone had thrown money on the table to pay the bill. "This is my treat" Alan smiled at me as he threw money down for my drinks. As we walked to the parking lot Alan turned to me and asked, "You can follow us in your car." As I drove behind them in my car, I could see the five of them laughing and joking and occassionally turning around to look at me or make sure that I was still behind them.

I knew that they must be talking about me and wondered what compelled me to keep following them. Alan had surely given me an opportunity to go home but here I was following them back to his place to what surely was going to turn into a gangbang.

The thought of this made the erection in my pants get harder.

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Alan lived in a beautiful house in Buckhead, just outside of Atlanta. When I got into the den where everyone was sitting, I noticed that the only seat available was on a couch between George and another man whose name I did not know. I lowered my eyes and sat down between the two of them, causing a grin to appear on George's face. Alan turned on the large screen television and put on a boxing match. He asked everyone what they wanted to drink and went to the kitchen to get them.

Comments were made about the ongoing bout on television and I sat with my heart pumping wildly awaiting what was to come next. When Alan returned with the drinks, George leaned forward to get his drink and put his hand nonchalantly on my thigh. Ted, who was sitting on my other side, did the same. After they gotten their drinks they left their hands on my thigh and set their drinks on the coffee table.

I concentrated on the television screen, but my body deceived me as the two of them began moving their hands further up my thigh. I could feel the blood rush to my face as my erection sprang to life.

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When I looked around the room I noticed that all eyes were on the three of us. I looked back to the screen as I felt a pair of hands undoing my belt buckle. I wanted to get up and run, but I was paralyzed. Alan lit a pipe and I recognized the smell of marijuana as Ted and George slowly removed my pants and shirt.

As Alan brought the pipe over to our couch, everyone slid to sit on the floor around the coffee table. George unzipped his pants and his erection popped through his fly.

He gently pulled my head to his lap and for the first time in my life a cock entered my mouth. I felt Ted rubbing my ass and I heard Alan say "Here," and seconds later a soothing gel was applited to my anus. I concentrated on trying to do a good job on sucking on George's cock despite my inexperience. There was no sound in the room except for George's heavy breathing, my slurping sounds and the announcer on the television describing the fight. I felt Ted move up on the couch as he pulled me into a doggie style position.

George's erection popped from my mouth momentarily as I was placed in position but George moved my head back down to his cock as Ted slowly began inserting his 6 inch cock into my ass. I was sore from Friday night but Ted went slowly and soon was buried to the hilt. He stayed that way for a few minutes before starting to fuck me slowly. This must have been too much for George as he started humping my mouth and soon I tasted my first squirt of cum as it splashed against the back of my mouth.

This triggered my own orgasm and I squirted onto the couch.

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George slowly got up from the couch and another co-worker, Mark sat down in his place with his erection popping out from his fly. His was also about 7 inches and I quickly slid it into my mouth as I felt Ted's movements coming quicker and I knew he was about to cum.

Sure enough, Ted gripped my hips and I felt his warm juice spread through my bowels.


He withdrew his cock and I felt Stan, another co-worker take his place. I felt Stan enter me slowly and I could tell that he was much larger than Ted. I tried to scream, but Mark held my mouth on his cock and my screams were muffled. The vibration of the scream around Mark's cock must have been enjoyable as Mark let out a moan and said, "Damn, do that again, Stan, that felt incredible." Again, Stan pulled out of me and rammed it back home causing a muffled scream to emit from my mouth.

Mark started thrusting into my mouth as a flash went off and someone took a picture of the scene. "Man, what a tight ass he has," Stan said as he continued to ram into me. Suddenly he moaned and emptied himself into me. This was followed by Mark pulling my head down onto his cock, cauging me to gag. He shot his load into my mouth.

Alan took Stan's place as everyone relaxed and watched the show. I came again as Alan was fucking me and someone took a few more pictures. Alan came deep in my ass and I collapsed onto the couch with cum dripping from my ass and my mouth.

There was another fight taking place on the screen and everyone's attention was drawn to that as I fell asleep face down on the couch. I awoke an hour later to the feeling of Mark slipping his cock into my ass and the beginning of round 2.