Fette deutsche weiber

Fette deutsche weiber
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The following sex story's are an accurate account of my many sexual experiences I had in my late teenage years. Out of respect for the woman who to part in these stories I will only be using their first name. Stories contain here range from the many near miss to going all the way. So I surely hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I do telling you about them.

I promise you i won't leave a single juice detail out. So tight up those seat belt and hang on tight your in a wild ride First of all I would like to introduced myself.

My name is Michael Scott Cline and these are my sex story's. All together I have about five different sex parter in my life and unfortunately for me many of them were basically a one night stand. Other than my current wife Ashley. She turn out to be my fifth and final sexual partner. Well I do believe I should start at the beginning an give you some back story information.

To help you follow a lot better. You will notice as we go along there an slight differences of age of my parter and my age due to the fact that I was at least two year older that many of girls in my class due to the fact that I was held back twice during my schooling.

You have no idea how much I was teased my class mate when learn I was still Virgin at the age of seventeen and was actually searching for right girl to take it. Here in min I will start off with many near miss I had. When you find out how I finally did lose my virginity I'm pretty sure it will blow your mind.

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If your thinking I'm going to give it away right now than your sadly miss taken. All I'm going to say I lost my virginity it very UnOrthodox way and I'm going to leave that way for now. Now there many of girl at my school who I wanted to lose it to but many of them thought they better than me.

But hey that was their lost not my But just listed few on them one was smoking hot blonde hair girl name brandy she was about two years younger than Myself she had have had at least 36 D rank nice body curves in all the right places than there was another girl Jackie G (well only the first letter of last name when necessary to distinguish one a partner from another with same first name ) this girl omg drop down gorgeous nice 38 D she had to at least five seven or a little taller hard brown hair that came down small of her back every time look at her I would thinking of all wild things we could do.

My sister told me of girl in her grade that was sweating my cock her name was Stephane ( stay tune that one That didn't get away) and last but not least this hot blonde teenage girl who live next door her name was Tonya god what can say about her the first time I laid eye her on her I wanted her so badly it hurts by balls even now thinking about it now .I may even write a story that on what would happen if had got with her.

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Now I'm going start my story telling with the many near miss I had long the way. Many these story well have sitting at edge of your seat .hopefully you will experience the rush I did and utter let down that came with each near miss. Many of these near miss were really that a near miss for one reason or another i came so close but wasn't able land it. There many reason whether it was my mom cock blocking at Virginia Beach with Diana or not having condoms or having condoms and they go missing at the very inconvenient time hopefully you enjoy this stories as much as I do telling them Chapter one Virginia Beach near miss with Diana The first near miss came when I was dating a girl named Diana.

Before I start let me first give a deion of Diana. Diana was at least five foot six tall dark brown hair and very nice size rack to go with.

She was also a little Chunky but I didn't care like old saying goes more cushion for the pushing and her eyes oh my god she had lites set of baby blue eyes that had ever seen.

I would catch myself many time losing my self in them from time to time. Well enough of that on to the story Diana and I first met year before at Salem skating ring and hit it off pretty much right off the bat.

But none thing became of it because I didn't get her number before she left.

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A few years later I started to play for a challenger league baseball. The challenger league base was for children who couldn't play in a regular baseball league due certain disability. The day Diana and I met up for the second time was the first day of challenger baseball practice.

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Also it the day we found out which team we were going to be playing for. The moment I laid eyes on her I recognized that she the girl that met year earlier at the skating ring. I was truly hope she remember me. Luck had it that she did and short time later we started to date. Our relationship quickly took off and we grow deeper in love with each other. When we found out that our league held their multiple state baseball tournament every year in Virginia Beach.

We started to talk about taking out relationship to next level, sexual that is. On many occasions Diana and I had had phone sex and we were ready do it for real. The Virginia Beach trip seem to be best location for it to happen if wad going happen.


So the original we came up with was if we were staying in the same hotel. We were going sneak off alone and see if the hotel had a hot tub and if it did and we could pull it off without getting busted.

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We had plans screwed in hotel hot tub. With each passing note we wrote we ironed out the fine details of our plan and it seem like it was going go off without a Hitches.

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Well the week of the trip came around and I was exited one to get go to the beach and second there was 99% change that during that weekend I was going lose my bloody virginity. Well there was slight hitch that came up Diana and her family when down a few day earlier than the rest of us and she was staying at the same hotel we where book in .So we quick altered our plans slightly The new plan was that Diana was going come down to meet me on beach and ask me if I would want to go for walk along the beach to have some alone time with one another.

But really we going to go back to her room get it on because her parents were going to be going out on town and we would have plenty of time do our thing Well when it came time for our plan go into Motion every thing we had plan rode on whether or not my mom would like go walking with her or not and since we were at Virginia Beach my mom was more over protective than usual.

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So when Diana came down ask I want to go hang with her friend Ron at her room for while. When I when to ask my mom the first thing she ask was her parents going to be there and I let it slip that they had gone out for a while.

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That very moment she say no and no matter how I begged and plead for her let me go she won't change her mind. One slip of the lip and I blow any change of me losing my virginity that weekend out of the water.


That return walk down the hotel step seem to be longest walk over my life. I knew Diana was going be piss at my mom. When I told Diana that my mom won't let go with her due none of her parents were going be there .She was almost as pissed as i was. But I guess it was all an act because month later after we broke up after trying my best to get her go back out with me she came out told me that when our plans fell though she when ahead and fuck her ex boyfriend Ron.

Boy i was pissed but hey what could do about it now all I could do was move on to next girl