Gay school showers sex Me n the folks decide we will put these little

Gay school showers sex Me n the folks decide we will put these little
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Recap: Mama LoLo - wanton cougar slut takes her daughter's man. Mama LoLo started to tightly grip my throbbing monster BBC. Then she confessed to me " Baby, I can't avert my gaze. I just can't. The truely deprived slut whore hiding just under the surface inside me won't allow me to look away, because my always hungry wanton ebony holes needs what you have. Needs to be taken and used like the horny cougar slut I really am." Mama LoLo was prepared to seduce me with her intoxicating perfume which filled my nostrils, as she let me grope and massage her mature ass cheeks that was exposed from her short length sheer robe.Mama LoLo's face was becoming Lust filledas she arched her back and pushed her luscious bare ass back into my fingers and palm of my hand.

Mama LoLo needed no more encouragement as the sexy seductive cougar opened her robe to expose her nude body to mewhich caused my Big Black Cock to throb back n forth in approval. No words necessary at this point as my body gave her the response she craved. "Can my daughter satisfy your big manly dick like this ?

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I'm that TRUE wanton Slut you need baby." So with that Mama LoLo started licking up n down my strong ebony shaft, suck on the head with her soft silky lips, and Mama LoLo proceeded to continuously MILK every inch of my thick Big Black Cock until I gave her two or three cumloads of my Black Baby-Making Seed right into her wanton cougar mouth.

"Show me that hott load I just deposited into your hungry cougar Whore mouth!" Mama LoLo obeyed my command with lust in her eyes and a smile on her face, as she then swallowed all of my cumload down her throat. Mama LoLo proudly cleaned up the excess cum off the head of my BBC licking her lips and fingers until I was properly taken care of.

This pleased me very much.


Why can't Catherine suck and milk my BBC as good as her mother? I thought silently to myself. "Mmmmm FUCK, Mama LoLo! That was the best blowjob I have ever had in my life." "Yesssss, good ! Mama LoLo wants to know you're satisfied baby - gotta keep my new Black Bull Stud and soon-to-be Son-in -Law happy and wanting more.

"You're head-game is better than Catherine I exclaimed!" You need to train her how to better orally satisfy me, since we are to be married shortly." "If Cathy doesn't treat you right my studly son-in law-to be, I'm letting you know now that my Whorish mouth is always available to satisfy you anytime anywhere.

You got my experienced cougar cunt hott and sopping wett anticipating your hung Black Bull Cock stretching and shaping my Hungry juicy fatt mature cunt. Mama LoLo spread her legs, and then pulled her juicy coco brown pussy lips apart showing me the inner pink of her needy hott cougar cunt."That offer does include this big luscious azz of mine too, I see how you can't keep your eyes off it baby." What am I to do here?

I loved her daughter, but Mama LoLo was here to prove she could turn me out for her own selfish wanton cougar sex-filled lustful needs.

With that saidMama LoLo gets down on all 4s for me with her luscious round ebony ass at least 50 inches around up in the air with her legs spread apart for me to see her dripping wett hott cunt. "Come put your lips and mouth all over this thunderous Big ass of mine mmmmm she bellows." As she darts her middle finger in and out her marvelous ass for me just teasing me more as she simultaneously rubs on her clit working herself back up into a fucking frenzied state.

I can't take it anymore my Big Black Cock is back at full mast and ready to work over Mama LoLo- my soon-to- be insatiable mother in-law.

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I quickly move in behind my sexy n hott almost MIL and give those luscious mounds of goodness each a hard slap enough to elicit a moan out of Mama LoLo. "I like that baby that turns me on." Mama LoLo quickly reaches back through her legs and massages up and down the shaft of my still aching Big Black Cock while she applies more of her saliva on my BBC for easier penetration of her Whore holes, as she lustfully gazes at me over her shoulder .

then I suddenly pause in my tracks as the light bulb goes off in my head - iPhone camera . need some lewd pics of Mama LoLo for me to masturbate to when she and I are apart from each other ,but to also have as insurance just in case my soon-to-be MIL has any regrets and wants to rat me out to her daughter-Catherine to try to save their relationship if we ever get caught together.

I gotta stay a few steps ahead of this sly cougar fox. Now I act quickly and start snapping pics with my iPhone on silent shudder mode of Mama LoLo's luscious ass . telling her too pull her ass cheeks apart for me cause I wanna see how beautiful her rosebud is before I dive into it .

Mama LoLo says "Baby get in this humongous ass of mine I'm super horny and you gotta go soon baby to make your flight." She looks over her shoulder at me again still spreading her ass checks open wide for me - perfect I say to myself I got her face on camera too - perfect! "What the hell babe are you doing ?" "Oh just creating a few horny memories for myself of you when I'm away on my business trip this weekend.

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I'm gonna doing some masturbating to these while I'm away from you my ebony goddess. Cool? Great !" I put the phone away Satisfied I have enough indecent pics of Mama. I dive right in between Mama LoLo's big ass cheeks pulling down her now saturated satin thong below her knees.

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Now I'm licking up n down the crack of her ass teasing her rosebud with my pinky finger. I must be getting it right as she begins to moan and say "Mmmmm baby that's it lick up n down your Mama LoLo's luscious ass baby. You got my hungry cunt hott again and my juices are starting to flow down my inner thighs." Hearing this admission from Mama LoLo only made me re-double my efforts in making her mine.

"Ohhh fuck fuck yeah Mama LoLo ." I grunted as I drove my hard strong thick youthful but experienced big dick into Mama LoLo's hungry dripping wett pussy. My balls snapped against her big ass, as I was pounding her pussy mercilessly wanting to get Mama LoLo strung out and addicted to having my BBC .However, it was I in the end who was becoming Mama LoLo's sex slave and sex toy. I was just so blinded with lust to realize it at the time. Damn! Damn!

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What about Catherine? What was I doing to my relationship? I was supposed to be meeting Cathy here for some quick pleasure before I left for my business trip today not playing sex games with her mother-MaMa LoLo.

Did I really fucking care at this point ? It was becoming even more clear to me that Mama LoLo didn't care about me or her daughter-Catherine. I wasn't thinking about the consequences of my actions with Mama LoLo, but only the lust and unlimited pleasure I could gain from our sex-filled trysts together filled my mind at the moment. Then all of a sudden I was snapped back into present reality, when my iPhone rang loudly. My caller id read from Catherine. I hesitated to leave the musty aroma of Mama LoLo's luscious azz, but I pulled my mouth and face away from Mama LoLo's big azz long enough to compose myself and answer the call.

Catherine said she'd be at Mama LoLo's house in less than 5 minutes.

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She asked was I there yet. "Ummm yeh babes I just pulled up see you soon." I hung up on Catherine in a frantic panic trying to get myself together and cleaned up, as Mama LoLo was basking in our just-ended sexual romp.

"What the hell are you doing Mama LoLo? Do you want Catherine to catch us together like this? "Fuck your Mama LoLo baby! All my Whore holes- mouth, cunt, and big Fucking azz shall belong to you my manly Black Bull Stud. Fuck Cathy! Fuck me now! Use my hungry neglected Whore holes like you crave to fucking do!" "What the hell? Soon I'm fully yours Mama LoLo. But for now spray the damn febreeze in the air your slutty Whore and open the fucking windows so your daughter doesn't suspect anything between us.

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I'm going to the bathroom to quick change my sweaty shirt and straighten up my clothes." Mama LoLo just sauntered with a grin on her face awaiting her daughter's soon arrival still dressed in her man-getting cum-hither lingerie and mules. MaMa LoLo deep inside wanted us to get caught hoping to cause drama between and her daughter, but her motherly instinct kicked-in and she obeyed me this time. Parking her Jaguar by the curb Catherine hurriedly enters Mama LoLo's house to see her mother flaunting her body about.

Just then I exit the bathrooam saying "Baby, I'm so glad to see you!" .

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calming my shallow breathing back to normal. Catherine now glaringly shouts out at her lust-filled mother - "Damn it Mama LoLo, go put some clothes on in front of my man!" Mama LoLo quickly retorts back "Cathy darling DICK doesn't seem to mind seeing me like this." . as Mama LoLo points towards my crotch as the tent in my sheer pants has shown itself again "Let me run back into the bathroom sweetie to get this bad boy back in order for you." "No!" exclaims Catherine.

"I'm going take care of my Big Black Cock and you right now honey. Damn you, Mama LoLo! Stop flirting with my soon-to-be husband!" I look surprised by all the shouting and stand there getting ready to get this Big Black Cock of mine serviced again by Catherine, as a wide smile forms on my relieved face. Catherine with no more words drops down right in front of me on her knees, as her tight-fitted skirt rises up her toned thighs exposing her seamed stockings and the crotch-less panties Catherine is wearing.

Mama LoLo watches from a far mumbling "Cathy, you're such an obvious Slut. I guess she did pay attention to my Slut training of her after all." Now being totally oblivious to MaMa LoLo's tantrum behind her, Catherine gets lost in the heat coming off her thick Big Black Cock in front of her. "Mmmm baby, I missed you and my BBC!" Catherine says to me as she now eagerly begins to coat my thick huge manly BBC with her saliva from the head all the way down to the base, as she simultaneously massages my balls with her free hand.

"Mmmmmm, Damn baby get me off! Your mouth feels so so good on this BBC of mine. Did your mama teach you these oral-pleasuring techniques? Catherine smiles up at me. Mama LoLo scowls in disbelief at this Whorish display from her daughter before herand especially my reaction to Cathy's boldness in the presence of her own mother.

Cathy pulls down her top exposing her C-cup tits for me and further inches up her skirt above her luscious big chocolate ass shaking it back n forth to capture my undivided attention and to make it harder for me to restrain my impending cumload building up in my now throbbing aching Big Black Cock.


"I can't hold out much longer Cathy!" "Give me that hott load baby!" screams my sexy bodacious Catherine as she takes a quick look back over her shoulder at Mama LoLo with a wicked grin on her face. "Here it comes you naughty Slut-in Training. get this nut!!" Stream after stream erupts from my huge BBC all over my lovely bride to-be Cathy.

Mama LoLo at the sight of this hurriedly dips her digits inside her aching already hott wett Cunt and thinks aloud to herself " That manly huge Big Black Cock will be soon filling my hott cunt and big ass too." I give Mama LoLo a quick wink, as Cathy cleans up the excess cum off my BBC. "Did I relax you honey? I didn't want you leaving for your business trip frustrated." Oh fuck, YES ! You always know how to make this BBC of mine to cum and cum for you Cathy baby." Cathy fixes my clothes ,and I stroll out the door thinking damn could I actually have mother and daughter.

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