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Alma Takes Dick and Hot Creampie
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Brother's Incestuous Bet (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Nine: Daughters Ready to Breed By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Maria Reenburg I trembled on the exam table in Dr. Wilson's clinic. The busty OB/GYN smiled at me as she lifted up my hospital gown. She arched an eyebrow at me as she stared down at the hairless flesh of my pudenda, my thighs pressed tight, only the top of my slit peeking out.

"Someone forgot her panties," Dr. Wilson said, an amused smile on her lips. "She didn't forget them," said my brother. He sat in a chair next to the bed.

Mom was sitting in the corner, shaking her head at me. I gave the doctor a big grin. "I thought you might need to play with my pussy." "Oh, boy," Dr. Wilson said. "She's a handful, isn't she?" "You have no idea," my brother said, a grin on his face, his blue eyes staring at the doctor. "You love it," I said, winking at him. I turned back to my OB/GYN. "It makes him so hard, doctor." Dr. Wilson shook her head. She shifted around, breasts stretching her dress.

It looked like a nursing dress, the type that could be opened up. She had her baby back in July. Her son's baby. It was why we were using her. Mom's paralegal recommended a doctor who understood while a woman would want her son or brother to breed her. "Let's find out how your baby is doing," she said as she grabbed a bottle of jell in her gloved hands. She spread it across my flat stomach.

I didn't have my baby bump yet, but I was fourteen weeks pregnant. It was time to find out who won the bet: my brother or me. It was so hot being bred by my brother. Just like Mom. She had Sean's daughter growing in her belly. She was pregnant a whole two weeks before me. Sean was firing some super sperm or something. He'd bred Mom and me fast. The moment I was off birth control, maybe that naughty time when he fucked me in the back of my Corvette, he'd knocked me up.

I loved being pregnant with my brother's baby. Dr. Wilson pressed the probe on my stomach. These pulsing sounds echoed while she stared at a screen. My brother grabbed my hand and stood up, leaning over. I craned my head, staring at the black and white picture.

It shifted around as the doctor moved the probe across my stomach, making me shiver and giggle. Images of my inner depths appeared until. She focused on a little baby. I heard this thudding sound. The doctor smiled as she stared at the screen.

"I love this moment," Dr. Wilson said, her voice breathy. She squirmed, a big smile on her lips. "It's why I do this. For this moment, seeing a new life for the first time." I nodded my head, my mouth dry. There was our baby. My brother and I made this little child growing in me. My toes curled. I squeezed my brother's hand as I couldn't look away.

My eyes burned with tears as my heart beat faster and faster. "Heartbeat is strong," Dr. Wilson said, shifting around the probe slightly. The baby's arm twitched. "Development looks correct and. Ready to find out the sex of the child?" "Yeah," my brother croaked.

This was the second time he got to see a child since he bred Mom first, but he still sounded excited. Would it be a daughter like Mom was having, or a son that would mean I won the bet?

"Do you think you're going to win the bet?" I asked, my hand squeezing tight about his. "Bet?" Dr. Wilson asked, glancing at us. "What's this bet?" "It's naughty," my mom said. "Oh, yes," I said. "If it's a daughter, I have to lick her pussy and get her ready for my brother's cock." "Oh, wow, that's. naughty," Dr. Wilson said, her cheeks going pink.

Was she thinking about her son fucking her daughter? Did Dr. Wilson have a daughter with her son? "And if it's a boy." "Why, Sean has to lick my pussy to get me ready to fuck my son for the first time." I grinned. "I want to be a loving mother and make sure he's a stud like his daddy." "A horny mother," my brother said, squeezing my hand.

"Mmm, yes," I moaned, my pussy growing juicy now. "So, who won!" "I think you both did," Dr. Wilson said, pulling the ultrasound from me. "It's a girl." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sean Reenburg Eighteen-and-a-Half Years Later Through chance, my eldest two daughters were born within a day of each other. Mom was a week late and Maria was a week early. Because of how close they were, they celebrated birthdays together as they grew up. They were very eager for their eighteenth birthday.

My daughters wanted to lose their virginities together. We told them when they turned eighteen. Natti was eager for it, but she waited that whole day so Siona could be an adult, too.

They wanted to lose their virginities together. Or as close as possible. "Okay, the camera's set up," Dad said. He was filming it. He never did get to breed Maria, but my sister still had fun with him.

She would always be a daddy girl, even if she spent most of her time with me. Mom, on the other hand, never took him back. They were still married, technically, but that was more for my father's career in the Senate. "Thank you, Grandpa!" Siona said. She had her mother's playfulness, her figure petite, her blonde hair swaying about her face. Her blue eyes sparkled as she beamed at him.

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Then she gave my dad a quick kiss on the cheek. "You're welcome, dear," Dad said, always a good cuck. He was pathetic enough that he stuck around just for the once or twice a week my sister gave him some pussy. I think Dad was hoping his granddaughters would like to try him out after I enjoyed them. Our other children were out at various friend's houses, too young to watch the depravity of tonight.

The master bedroom was a little crowded with all of us in it, but that didn't matter.

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We had the king sized bed and the girls were eager to lose their virginities. Natti, my daughter with Mom, ripped off her nightie. Her curly, blonde hair spilled down her shoulders and face. Her pink nipples appeared topping her round breasts. She was shorter than Siona despite being older. When they fought, that came up. "No fair," Siona gasped. My daughter with Maria ripped off her nightie, exposing those small breasts, her nipples the same shade of pink.

They looked like they could be fraternal twins. Their faces were so similar. To the public, they were both Mom's daughters with Dad. Mom shook her head at them, her curly hair dancing about her face. My sister giggled, pressing against me. "Look at your daughters," she purred.

"They definitely have your genes." "They have your genes, too," I pointed out. "Why wouldn't they be big pervs?" "Pervs, Daddy?" Siona gasped. It was so hot seeing this topless girl call me Daddy. Her small breasts quivered. She wore a pair of wispy, sky-blue panties. They matched the light-rose panties cling to Natti's nethers, her cameltoe on display, her labia looking thick and plump through the wispy silk.

"Oh, yes, you two are such pervy, little girls," I said, my daughters standing side by side, their breasts quivering. "I like being a perv," Natti said, standing straight and tall, rising up on her tiptoes. Her breasts jiggled as she now matched her younger half-sister/niece in height. "Mommy is a perv." "Yes, Mommy is," said Siona, glancing at my mom.

They called her Mommy and Maria Mom. It made things simpler. "She's right, Mommy," Maria said, her voice a sultry purr.

Both my mom and sister were still beautiful, Mom aging into a gorgeous lady. She was tall and lean, her breasts still quivered back and forth. They swayed and jiggled. Maria had become that delicious beauty Mom was when we started fucking. Maria had shed her youthful perkiness for sultry experience, her breasts rounder, plumper, her nipples darker, but her body was still lean and delicious.

Her ass was bubblier, though. "Let's show him how much of a perv we are, Siona," Natti said, gripping her sister's hand. Siona's cheeks went scarlet. Then she nodded her head, her small tits quivering. Before I could ask how, my two daughters fell to their knees before me. They reached out to the pair of boxers I wore, my cock tenting the front.

I still worked out. Still in great shape, not like Dad who had given up on that, his gut spreading. He was in the corner, being quiet like a good cuck should. My daughters hands, Siona's trembling, touched my stomach. They slid down my body, their stroke stirring heat through me.

I groaned as the heat throbbed through me. They hooked their fingers into my boxers. Natti shot her sister a grin. They yanked down my boxers. My cock flopped out, bouncing before them. My dick swayed and bobbed, aching hard.

I had taken that red pill before this. I would have plenty of stamina to please my daughters. They leaned in, their lips nuzzling against the tip of my cock from both sides.

I groaned at the first feel of my daughters' mouths on my cock. They both stared up at me, their blue eyes the same vibrant shade, Siona's glassier than her sister's. Their tongues fluttered around the head of my cock. Pleasure shot through me. I groaned as they caressed me. My precum flowed. It was such a treat. My balls tightened as their tongues brushed, their hands gripping my shaft.

"Mmm, look at them go," Maria purred, pressing against my left side. The same side our daughter occupied. "Enjoy, perv." My hand slipped down to cup my sister's ass, squeezing her plump rump. "You know I am. Going to cum all over their faces." "Yes, Daddy," Natti moaned. Then she kissed on the side of my cock, smooching on it, her lips soft and wet. I groaned at her eagerness. Mom pressed in on my other side, her hand resting on Natti's head.

She stroked our daughter's hair as my hand found Mom's ass. Her large breasts rubbed onto my side. My pleasure shot down my shaft. Siona joined her sister, kissing on my dick, sucking hard on it. Their lips moved around me. I shuddered as my daughters kissed around my cock.

Their mouths came together as they loved me. Pleasure rippled through me as they loved each other. Two sisters who had such passion for each other. And for me. "They're beautiful," Mom groaned, shuddering beside me. Her breast rubbed against my chest. My hand squeezed her ass. "Go, you little sluts," my sister moaned.

"Mmm, that's it, Siona. Kiss your sister and love your Daddy. Isn't that hot? Oh, you're going to love it when he fucks you. Trust me, your daddy knows how to pop a girl's cherry." I squeezed her ass as my sister shifted. She pressed her shaved pussy against my thigh, humping against me. I shuddered as my daughters sucked on my cock. Their hands gripped my shaft as they loved me.

Their tongues darted around me again, brushing each other. Then Natti's lips slid over my dick. Her lips spread over it. My eyes widened at that delight as she took more and more of my cock in her hot mouth. My eldest daughter stared up at me, her flushed cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard. "Oh, wow, Natti," Siona moaned. "Daddy, Daddy, does that feel good?" "It feels amazing," I groaned, my chest rising and falling.

"Your sister is loving me." Siona licked her pink lips. "Can I. Can I suck your cock, too, Daddy?" "Whenever you want," I groaned, Natti bobbing her head.

She worked those lips up and down my shaft. Natti popped her mouth off my dick and shoved the tip at her sister's lips. "Go on! Do it! It's amazing. I felt like I was really loving Daddy." "Wow," Siona said, her eighteen-year-old eyes going wide.

Then she opened her mouth and swallowed my dick. I groaned as she sucked my cock. Her cute cheeks hollowed every time she did it. Whereas Natti went for long sucks, Siona did them fast. Short, little nurses that made my dick throb. I groaned, squeezing my sister's and mom's asses, gripping them as Siona loved me.

"That's it, Siona," groaned Natti. She licked her sister's ear. "Just worship Daddy. You're making him feel good." "So good," moaned Maria. "Ooh, you're loving him. You're doing such a good job." Such motherly pride filled my sister's words.

"You're going to make your daddy cum." "Yes, you are," Mom said, stroking through our daughter's curls. Siona popped her mouth off my dick, her eyes glossy. Drool ran down her chin. While her sister engulfed my cock, my youngest moaned, "Oh, Daddy, did you like it?

I liked sucking on your cock. Your precum tasted so yummy." "I loved it," I said, grinning at her. She beamed back at me while her sister bobbed her mouth, sucking long and hard. My dick throbbed.

My balls tightened. My cum was boiling. I couldn't hold off long. My two daughters were just so cute. Siona nibbled on the side of my cock, her lips brushing her sister's wrapped around my shaft.

My daughters' warm hands stroked my dick as they loved me. I groaned, squeezing my mom's and sister's asses. I gripped them while Maria ground against me. Her pussy hot, coating my thigh in her sticky cream.

Natti sucked hard. I groaned, my balls tightening. "Pop your mouth off his dick, honey," Mom moaned. "Your Daddy's about to cum." "He has to cum on our faces!" Siona moaned, trembling.

Natti popped her mouth off my dick, sucking one final time. My dick lurched. My daughters' hands stroked up and down my cock, fisting faster and faster. Pleasure shot through my body. My balls tightened as my cum erupted from my dick. I basted my eighteen-year-old daughters. I grunted with each eruption, splashing their youthful faces. They were both so beautiful, their mothers' features staring up at me. They were gorgeous.

Precious. "I love you both!" I groaned as my daughters stroked my dick, my cum splattering their faces. "Daddy!" they moaned as my cum splashed across their faces. Their foreheads dribbled with cum that spilled down their features.

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I groaned as my cum ran across them. Their tongues flashed out, scooping up my jizz off their faces. Their blue eyes shone up at me as they both whimpered with delight. "Oh, you taste goooood, Daddy!" Natti moaned. Siona nodded her head, drops of cum dripping off her chin and landing on her small breasts. "So good!" Natti repeated. Then she turned her head. Like a kitten, she lapped up a line of cum off her sister's cheek.

My dick throbbed at the sight. Maria whimpered, grinding her hot cunt harder on my thigh. Natti's tongue flicked into her mouth, covered in my spunk. Siona turned her head and her kittenish tongue flicked across her sister's chin and lips, scooping up my cream. Then they were licking each other clean. Mom shuddered beside me, her hand stroking Natti's blonde curls as the girls' tongues flicked and flashed. They scooped up jizz of each other, cleaning my cum off cheeks and chins and foreheads.

Their lips met. The two sisters melted together, whimpering as their tongues danced. They swapped my cum back and forth. My dick throbbed, still hard. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. My two daughters were loving each other. I created them in their mothers' wombs. This was incredible. Maria nuzzled into my ear.

"You think this part is hot, big bro? It's going to get wilder." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maria Reenburg "Let's get you ready for your Daddy," Mom said, pushing Natti down onto the bed. Though Mom hadn't made a bet with my brother all those years ago, she was still eager to lick her daughter out before my brother had a go at his eldest cutie. He stroked his cock as Mom's blonde curls spilled over my niece's thighs.

(I know she was my half-sister, too, but I liked thinking of Natti as my brother's daughter.) "Well, cutie," I said to my daughter. "How shall we pass the time while Daddy enjoys Natti?" Siona shifted, looking down at her feet. Her elfin face—a wonderful mix of my brother and me—had been cleaned of all my brother's jizz. My niece did a great job. "Could we. you know.?" "I don't know," I said, slipping onto the bed beside my niece. "If you don't tell me." "Mom," Siona moaned, shifting, her little titties jiggling.

She was a lean and gorgeous girl, her legs coltish slim. She had a flat belly, her fingers playing with her sky-blue panties. "Oh, yes, yes!" Natti moaned nearby as Mom threw her pink panties to the side, exposing my niece's shaved pussy.

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"Go for it, Mom," groaned my brother, watching with horny delight as our mom went down on his daughter. "Mommy!" squealed Natti, bucking as Mom devoured her pussy. Siona stared at them.

She licked her pink lips. "Could I. lick your pussy, Mom?" I winked at her and spread my legs, my bare pussy lips—I had my pubic hair lasered off years ago—parting. "Dive in, cutie. Show Mom how excited you are!" Siona gave me a shy smile.

She darted up and planted a quick kiss on my lips, hers flavored with my brother's cum. I shuddered, my eyes flicking to Daddy in the corner, the camera recording everything. It was one of those nifty 3D ones. We could watch this entire scene in virtual reality, moving around the room, viewing angles of the fun we couldn't have seen. I winked at Daddy as my daughter darted between my thighs.

She bounced there, her hair flying about her shoulders. Her cute, elfin face—was I ever that cute at her age?—shone with excitement. She pressed her lips into my pussy. She licked and loved me, her tongue darted through my body. My toes curled and my thighs flexed. My daughter's tongue lapped through my folds. She wrapped her arms around my thighs, her delicate fingers gripping me as she stared up my body. My plump breasts jiggled as my daughter thrust her tongue deep into my pussy.

She stirred it around. Her eyes grew wider. I witnessed that magical moment of a girl tasting her mother's pussy for the first time. I remembered licking Mom's cunt clean of my brother's cum nearly nineteen years ago.

This was so wonderful. My daughter's tongue fluttered through me as she moaned in delight. "You taste so good, Mom!" she moaned.

I winked at her. As Siona devoured me, Natti whimpered beside me. The other eighteen-year-old girl gasped. Her round breasts jiggled as Mom devoured her. My niece's stomach flexed. She whimpered in delight as Mom licked and lapped at that tight pussy. I couldn't wait for my turn to devour Natti. My hips wiggled from side to side.

I glanced back at my daughter, staring into her eyes as she devoured me. This amazing moment was incredible. I whimpered, my heart thundered in my chest.

My hips wiggled back and forth, grinding on her as she loved me. Her tongue darted deep into my snatch. Her tongue teased me. My cunt ached. She nibbled on my labia and brushed my clit. She was so enthusiastic, licking, lapping, caressing every bit of me. I whimpered and groaned as I ground against my daughter's face.

This wonderful delight spilled over me. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped. "Mmm, you're such a good daughter. Oh, bro, we made a cutie, didn't we?" "Yes, we did," Sean groaned. He was so handsome. He had matured into a hunk, his body muscular and strong, grown to his full strength. He grinned as his eyes flicked from me to our mom devouring Natti. "They are both beautiful." "You hear that, cutie," I moaned, staring down at my daughter. Her tongue flicked up to my clit. "Your daddy is getting hard watching you." "He is!" Natti whimpered.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy! Watch us. It's great. She's licking me. Oh, Daddy, this is incredible! Mommy's going to make me cum." "Am I going to make you cum?" Siona asked, lifting her face, her lips dripping with my cream.

"Yes!" I moaned. I breathed in the smell of hot pussy wreathing the air, my own sweet musk mixed with tangy delight. A heady rush shot through me. "Just keep licking me. Suck on my clit! Make your mom cum! You're a cutie perv just like me!" Siona beamed at me. Then she darted down and licked my pussy. Her tongue danced over my cunt. She teased me. She brushed my clit. My daughter swelled my pleasure with every moment. She was so excited, her blue eyes gleaming with joy.

Her breasts jiggled and swayed. I squeezed her head with my thighs. I gripped them. I held her to my cunt as she thrust her tongue in my depths. Her little nose nudged my clit, sending sparks shooting through me as she devoured me. "Mommy!" gasped Natti. "Oh, wow, Mommy! I. I'm going to cum!" "Do it!" my brother groaned. He stroked himself.

"Do it, and then I'm going to pop your cherry. I'm going to love you." "Yes!" Mom hissed, her voice muffled by my niece's cunt. I ground against my daughter's mouth. My orgasm building and building. Daddy was recording all of this. He was capturing this wild orgy on film. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I was ready for this night. For when my first child was old enough to join the family fun. I was so excited for my brother to pop Siona's cherry, too.

It would be amazing. A drunken euphoria shot through me. My daughter's tongue flicked up through my folds. She brushed my clit.

Pleasure sparked through me. My cunt spasmed. My rapture exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of me. I bathed my daughter's face in my creamy passion. I gasped, my breasts heaving. Ecstasy slammed through my body. It burned through my mind. This incestuous rush. I made this beautiful cutie with my brother. We brought her into the world and now she ate me. "I love you, Siona!" I gasped, Natti moaning beside me.


"You're amazing. You're my precious, little girl!" "Mom!" Siona moaned between licks of her tongue. She lapped me. She lapped up the rapture spilling out of me. My daughter loved me. It was incredible. Pleasure rippled through me over and over.

I bucked on the bed. Stars burst across my eyes as I savored this wonderful moment. "Oh, cutie, I have to lick your pussy now!

I have to eat you out!" "Yes, Mom!" Siona moaned, ripping her head from my pussy. "Let's sixty-nine!" I moaned.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sean Reenburg "She's ready for you, honey," Mom said, reaching out and grabbing my cock. "Your daughter is eager for it. On the other side of the bed, Siona mounted my sister. Our daughter, her face smeared in my sister's pussy cream, had such a huge grin on her face.

She glanced at me as she leaned over, pressing that pussy down on her mother's mouth. "Mom's getting me ready for you, Daddy!" Siona whimpered. "She lost the bet," I groaned as Mom pulled me between Natti's thighs. "But I get to go first!" Natti said. "I'm older!" I grinned at my precocious daughter.

She squirmed on the bed, her flushed face ready for it. Her shaved vulva gleamed with pussy juices and Mom's saliva. I groaned at the sight of my daughter's tight slit.

It was incredible. I created this girl. "Maybe you'll breed me, too, Daddy," my daughter with my mother said, this cute look on her face. My dick throbbed in my mother's hand. "Damn," I groaned. "I love you, Natti." She smiled at me. "Hurry up and get him in me, Mommy! I want Daddy in me, Mommy! Please, please.

I'm so ready! I waited a whole day just so Siona could be here! I can't wait any longer." "Don't be a brat, honey," Mom said, guiding my cock to our daughter's virgin pussy. "Savor this moment. You only lose your cherry once.

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At least your first time will be a better time than mine." "I'll make you cum," I said. "And if you want a baby, I'll fuck you every day until you're pregnant." "I love you so much, Daddy!" my daughter moaned. Her arms reached out for me, her fingers flexing. She grabbed my shoulders, clutching them as Mom rubbed my dick against our daughter's virgin pussy.

I shuddered in delight. "Fuck me, Daddy! Pop my cherry and make me into a woman!" Mom pressed into me from behind. Her pillowy breasts rubbed on my back, her silky bush caressing my rump. She licked my ear. "Pop our little girl's cherry, Sean. You're such a strong son.

Make her into a woman." She pressed my cock against our daughter's cherry. I thrust. My daughter gasped as my dick pressed against her hymen. Her maidenhead stretched and stretched. She whimpered. Her face scrunched up in bliss.

Then she gasped as her cherry popped. My cock buried into my daughter's virgin cunt. I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into Natti. Was this the thrill Dad felt the first time my sister impaled herself down his cock? The delight of penetrating flesh he created? Did he feel this taboo thrill of his own little daughter's cunt wrapped around his dick? Pleasure shot through me.

I growled out my rapture. "Daddy!" Natti gasped as I bottomed out on in her. She squirmed, her face twisting. "Oh, wow, you're so big! Oh, Daddy! That's incredible!" This huge grin spread across her face. Her fingers dug into my shoulders. "Now fuck me, Daddy! Just pump that cock in and out of me!" Mom hugged me tighter. She nibbled on my ear. "She is such a brat." I grinned. "A cute one." "Please, Daddy, fuck me!" my daughter moaned, her hips twisting, stirring her cunt around my cock.

"I'm a woman now! Pound me hard! Fuck me like you fuck Mom and Mommy!" I grinned as I drew back my hips, Mom moving with me. Her silky bush rubbed on my ass. Her nipples throbbed against my back. I rammed back into our daughter's depths. Pleasure shot through me. My balls tightened as they smacked into my daughter's taint.

My daughter's pussy squeezed around me. She gripped my shoulders, her hips undulating, matching my thrusts. My cock slammed into her snatch. I groaned and grunted, burying into my daughter's juicy depths. I plowed into her hard and fast. I buried into her with powerful thrusts. I groaned, the pleasure building and building at the tip of my cock. My balls smacked into her, making loud thwacks. Mom rubbed my chest, massaging me and kissing my ear as I pounded our daughter.

"Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!" Natti moaned. "Oh, that's it. That's what I've been dreaming about! I've wanted this so much. Yes, yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Pound me hard! I love it! I love your cock in me! I'm going to be like Mommy! I only want your dick, Daddy!" "Mmm, she's such a daddy's girl," purred Mom, her fingernails scratching across my chest.

"Yes, she is," I groaned. "Just watch out, your aunt's greedy for my dick." Natti giggled. "Yes, she is! She moans so loud when you're fucking her. Just like me!" She bucked against me, her breasts bouncing. "Fuck me, Daddy!" Her moans echoed through the room. I leaned over her, my hands braced on either side of her as I fucked her. I rammed my cock in and out of my daughter's juicy cunt.

My balls smacked into her over and over, full of that incestuous cum. My mom's bush grew wetter. She felt so excited as she ground on me. She nibbled on my ear, licking it.

My cum built and built. I shuddered while Siona moaned as she sixty-nined with my sister. Maria, upholding her end of our bet, and readied our daughter for my cock. I would deflower both my daughters today. "Damn!" I groaned, thrusting so hard. "Natti, honey, I'm going to flood your little cunny with my jizz." "Yes, Daddy!" my daughter squealed. "Do it! Flood my cunny! Give me all that cum! Breed me!" "You sound just like your aunt!" Mom moaned.

"Ooh, do it! Breed her. You're still my strong, sexy son, Sean. Breed our daughter!" "Yes!" squealed Natti. Her pussy went wild about my cock as I buried into her.

Her writhing, incestuous flesh convulsed around my shaft. That wonderful heat burned around my cock. My dick throbbed and ached in her depths.

Her snatch sucked at my shaft. It swelled and swelled as my cum bubbled in my balls. "Breed me, Daddy!" My cum spurted into her depths. I fired blast after blast of cum into my daughter's young cunt. Her pussy spasmed harder about my cock. Her depths sucked at me. I panted, stars bursting across my vision as I flooded her. "Natti!" I grunted. "I love you, baby girl!" "Love you, Daddy!" she gasped, her head tossing back and forth.

"Siona, Siona, Daddy's cumming in me. He's breeding in me!" "Lucky!" Siona moaned. I groaned as my dick spurted a final time. My pleasure slammed me to the peak of rapture. My back arched into my mom's embrace. She hugged me tight. She nibbled on my ear as our daughter milked out the last bit of my cum. "You did good," Mom whispered. "You're an amazing son and father. I'm so proud of you." I grinned, feeling like a million bucks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maria Reenburg "Lucky!" my daughter moaned as she ground her virgin pussy on my face, her silky bush caressing my lips.

Her tongue darted through my folds as my hands gripped her cute tush. My tongue caressed her tight slit. I brushed her hymen, loving the feel of that thin cherry.

Her virginal depths were just on the other side. My brother would break in our daughter. He would pop her cherry and make her squeal.

I sucked on her clit, getting her ready for him. I gripped my daughter's ass. She moaned into my pussy, not really licking any longer, but just kissing me. She shuddered, her sweet cream flowing into my mouth.

She tasted like me. That was awesome. My fingers gripped my daughter's rump as I heard my brother flooding my niece's pussy. The sounds he made inflamed the passion in my own cunt. I shuddered, aching for my daughter to lick me, but feeling her tremble atop me, her stomach massaging my plump nipples. Delight shot through me down to my snatch. I sucked on her clit, her sweet cream coating her nub. "Mom!" gasped Siona. "Oh, wow, Mom.

That's good. I think. I think I'm going to cum!" Good. "Get her ready for me," panted my brother. "Come on, Maria, put that pervy tongue to use and make our daughter cum!" My brother's strong words made me shudder.

I sucked hard on our daughter's clit. Siona whimpered. Her sweet musk filled my nose with my every inhalation.

I stared at her cute rump, her little asshole squeezing and winking at me. I darted a finger to it. If my daughter was anything like me. "Mom!" Siona gasped, ripping her head from my pussy. "Oh, my god, Mom, that's my butthole. Oh, that feels so naughty." Her asshole squeezed down on my probing finger.

She whimpered and moaned. She shuddered atop me. She ground her pussy against my hungry mouth. My tongue danced over her folds now. She was moving too much now for me to keep nursing on that clit. I caressed her labia. I brushed her hymen. Her silky pubic hair teased my lips. "I love you, Mom!" Siona howled, her bowels clenching hard on my finger.

Then her flesh writhed. Sweet juices bathed my face. My daughter moaned and gasped, shuddering atop me as she came. I lapped up her juices. I drank them down. It was this incredible delight. Her cream flowed over my mouth. This amazing cream gushed out of her. I lapped up her passion. It was a delicious treat. An amazing experience. I drank my daughter's pussy juices. I loved it. My heart screamed in my chest. I whimpered in delight, my hips wiggling from side to side.

My heart hammered in my chest. My tongue danced around my daughter's pussy lips. I licked and lapped at her. My daughter moaned in delight. Her hips wiggled and ground on me. The pleasure of eating my daughter surged through me. I caressed her, teased her. This wonderful passion surged around me. My tongue danced across my daughter's pussy. "She's ready for you!" I howled.

"Oh, big bro, our daughter is ready for you!" "I am, Daddy!" whimpered my daughter. She rolled off of me, her golden curls matted with her passion.

She spun around. "Daddy, Daddy, please, love me like you loved Natti." I sat up, panting, my face covered in our daughter's cum. I grinned over at Mom going down on Natti again, licking Sean's cum out of my niece's pussy. My brother crawled towards Siona, his pussy-soaked cock still hard thanks to what everyone called super Viagra. I grabbed my brother's dick.

I pulled him toward our daughter's cunt, my eyes bright with excitement. I shuddered at the feel of his slippery cock. This tangy musk filled my nose. I ducked my head down and licked the tip of his cock. Natti tasted like Mom. "Mmm, you have to fuck our daughter with this," I moaned. "You won the bet. I got her ready for you.

She's going to have an amazing first time with her daddy." He grinned at me. "At least I won this one." He lost the bet on our second child, but we had another two years before that one was due. I licked my pussy-soaked lips, my heart screaming in my chest. This was happening. It was time for my brother to deflower our daughter. I guided him between Siona's legs. I pressed his cock into our daughter's golden bush.

"You ready, honey?" I asked her, staring down at that sweet angel. Her small breasts jiggled, flushed with her excitement. My own cream stained her lips. She nodded her head. "I am. Mom, Daddy. I think I am." "Think?" I asked her, rubbing my brother's cock up and down her slit, making her groan. "I know!" she said with such force. "You'll love it," Natti said.

Her arm shot out, and she grabbed my daughter's hand. "It's amazing. Daddy will make you cum. He's going to breed us both. Together." A hot shiver shot through me as my daughter nodded her head.

My pussy clenched. "Oh, cutie, can I sit on your face when your daddy fucks you?


My pussy is dripping wet." "Of course, Mom, I love you, too!" I glanced at the camera, at my dad filming as he stroked his cock. I was so glad this was recorded. I mounted my daughter and faced my handsome brother. He flashed me a grin, that same boyish and confident smile he had on his lips when he took my cherry nineteen years ago. I settled my bare pussy on our daughter's face and pressed his dick into her hymen. "Do it," I moaned. "Break in our daughter." "Perv," he said and winked at me.

"The biggest and. Siona!" I gasped as my daughter's tongue buried deep into me. Then my brother thrust. I ripped my hand off his cock. Siona gasped into my pussy as my brother's dick vanished into her twat. I shuddered, watching as her little cunny swallowed his dick.

My cunt clenched around her probing tongue as I remembered that magical moment. "You're a woman, Siona!" Natti moaned. "Yes, you are, cutie," I moaned, grinding my pussy on my daughter. My brother grinned as he drew back his cock, his shaft emerging now stained in our daughter's juices, too. He thrust back into her, his muscular chest rippling.

I shuddered, my pussy squeezing down around my daughter's probing tongue. This wave of hot heat rippled through my body. I squirmed on my daughter, my heart racing in my chest. This was incredible. I was so glad we were doing this. That we were sharing this wicked bliss with our daughters. My heart pounded in my chest as I squirmed on my daughter's hungry mouth. Her tongue darted through my folds, licking, lapping, drinking up the cream flowing out of me.

"Damn, our daughter is tight," Sean groaned, staring at me. He grabbed my hips, gripping me as he fucked into her. I winked at him, grinding on our daughter's face as he enjoyed winning our bet. "You got her nice and juicy for me," he continued. "Such a pervy mom." "Mmm, such a pervy daddy." I threw my arms around his neck. "Want to taste her?" His head darted in. He kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as he fucked our daughter.

He tasted her sweet cream on my lips. My arms tightened around him, holding me to him as I ground on our daughter's face. Siona moaned and whimpered into my pussy while Natti gasped in the background. Mom knew how to eat pussy. She'd practiced a lot on me. The air brimmed with our incestuous family's passion. I was so glad that my brother and I embarked on this wicked journey. I didn't think I would fall in love with my brother. I thought we were just fucking for fun, siblings with benefits.

It was Daddy I thought I loved, but my brother was such a stud. A man. He claimed my heart before I even knew it. Now I just wanted to love him. To share wild pleasures with him.

Our family would be so close. His hands squeezed my hips every time he bottomed out in our daughter. He growled into our kiss while I whimpered. Siona's tongue fluttered along my pussy lips. She brushed my clit. She teased me with her passion. Our tongues darted around each other. The pleasure surged through me. My hips darted from side to side, grinding on him. This heat rippled through me. My tongue danced through his mouth, caressing him. I gasped and groaned, my eyes squeezed shut.

This heat rippled out of my cunt. It spilled over me as my daughter churned up my pussy. My orgasm swelled as she whimpered into my cunt. My tongue dueled with my brother's as he plowed our cutie.

"Mom!" whimpered Siona. "Oh, Mom, Daddy feels incredible." I broke the kiss with my brother, moaning, "I know! You're going to cum so hard on him!" "Yes!" Sean promised, his blue eyes swimming before mine. I stared into them, unable to look away. I loved him so much. We may fuck others in our family, but he would always be the first lover in my heart. We would play with Mom. With our children. He would share me with Daddy when I was in the mood.

None of that mattered. This man was my husband. My soulmate. My brother was amazing. "Cum in our daughter and breed her, big bro," I hissed, my orgasm growing with every flutter of Siona's tongue. "Give her all that seed." "Yes," he groaned, thrusting hard and fast into her.

"Bathe our daughter's face in your spunk." "Perv!" I moaned and kissed him again. I thrust my tongue into his mouth as our daughter swirled hers through my cunt. She teased me. My clit rubbed on her chin. My breasts swayed. My pussy grew tighter and tighter with my impending orgasm.

My brother's hands slid up my side to my breasts. He gripped both of them, squeezing and kneading them. I trembled atop my daughter.

I groaned into his mouth. The pleasure swept through my body. I whimpered. And came. My pussy convulsed. My juices gushed out into my daughter's mouth again. Siona whimpered as she lapped them up. My tongue dueled with my brother's. His hands kneaded my breasts as he kissed me. I writhed through my orgasm. I broke our kiss and screamed out, "Cum in our daughter, big bro!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sean Reenburg "Yes!" I growled, thrusting hard and fast into my second oldest child's pussy.

I buried into Siona again and again. "Mom's cumming, Daddy!" Siona moaned. "So am I," whimpered Natti. As they shifted around I kissed my sister again, loving the lingering taste of sweet pussy. Siona tasted so much like her mother. It was incredible. My dick throbbed in her silky embrace. I was coming closer and closer to erupting. My tongue dueled with my sister's.

I loved her so much. She was the first woman in my heart. My wife. I squeezed her round breasts as I buried deep into our daughter's cunt. Her pussy squeezed tight around my cock. Then she rippled in delight. "Daddy!" my daughter squealed into her mother's pussy. I broke the kiss with my sister and snarled, "Fuck!" "Breed our daughter, big bro!" Maria howled, still gripped by her orgasm.

"Do it!" "Yes, yes, breed her, too, Daddy!" Natti moaned. She was kneeling by us now, flushed from cumming on Mom's lips. The eighteen-year-old beauty's blonde curls danced around her shoulders.

"We want to have our daughters at the same time like Mom and Mommy did!" "Yes!" Siona whimpered, her pussy writhing about my cock. That wonderful, rippling delight of my daughter's deflowered cunt overpowered me. I buried to hilt in her and fired a second load of cum. I grunted, my balls tightening. My dick throbbed and pulsed with each blast of spunk firing into my daughter's fertile depths. Incestuous bliss shot through me. This heady rush that had me dizzy.

I groaned and shivered. My eyes rolled back in my head as I rode the thrill of this explosive bliss. Stars burst in my eyes. Maria pressed her forehead against mine, her blue eyes filling my vision. "You're breeding our daughter," she moaned in awe.

"I am," I said, fatherly pride shooting through me as our daughter milked the last blast of cum from me. My orgasm peaked. That heart-pounding pleasure turned into gasping bliss. I sucked in air, the world spinning around me for a moment.

Siona whimpered and groaned, her pussy still spasming around my cock. I pulled out of my daughter. Maria slid off her face. In a flash, Natti was on her sister. My two daughters were in a sixty-nine, Natti burying her face between Siona's thighs to lick my cum out.

I grinned at the sight, holding Maria to me as we stood by the bed. Mom pumped a dildo in and out of her pussy, watching her daughter and granddaughter feasting on each other. " I love you," Maria purred as I held her, her hand stroking my back, mine groping her ass.

"Love you, too," I said, watching our daughters squirm. "Want to make a bet?" My sister grinned at me. "On which girl cums first? My daughter or my niece?" I nodded at her. "What do I get if Siona cums first?" my sister asked, her eyes twinkling.

I was so glad I had her.


I was so glad we made our first incestuous bet. I wanted years and years more to come of playing with her. I held her close to me, whispered my idea in her ear, and felt her tremble in excitement. We had an amazing family. The END