Very sexy pawg thick bodysuit

Very sexy pawg thick bodysuit
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We gradually come to our senses as we hear another snowmobile getting closer and we realize we are about to have company. We jump up and begin dressing quickly! Just as we finish another couple comes in and we exchange small talk for just a minute (I can smell the unmistakable pungent aroma of sex on the air and I know they can too!!

I blush as the other woman gives me a curious look!) before we excuse ourselves, leaving quickly. We head out into the snow again, laughing at the close call.


"Maybe we should have stayed a while and suggested a foursome?" you tease, "Oh sure, did you see the way she looked at me?" I respond "I think she was embarrassed to have interupted us, I don't think she was interested in a foursome!!! We arrive back at the lodge a couple hours later, we have been sipping the liquer and are pleasantly tipsy! We get back to the room and shower off the sticky remnants of our afternoon delight!

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We dry each other off, taking care to be thorough! We dress in casual clothes, jeans for both of us. We are both very hungry, we want to try one of the two excellent restaurants located within the lodge. When we get there we find there is a wait for a table, so we head to the bar to pass the time. We look around for a table but they are all taken so we make our way to the bar and order. While we are waiting for the bartender to finish making our drinks, I slip the tiny remote into your shirt pocket (from the panties with the built in vibrator you gave me for MY birthday a while back) I look up at you with a little smile!

(Knowing I will get ALL the pleasure as you play with it!!) After we get our drinks we look around the room to see if anyone has departed, I can't believe it!

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The couple we saw earlier at the little cabin catch our attention, waving for us to join them at their table. We have no choice, without seeming rude, to avoid it so we make our way over to their table.

The man puts out his hand to you and says "We haven't formally met! I'm Sam and this is my wife, Sharon. We are here from Ohio, we left the kids at home to come celebrate our 10th anniversary alone!" You shake his hand, giving your name and introducing me and we sit down, I say hello to them both, giving them our best wishes for their anniversary.

We chat for a while, (you move the tiny remote to the pocket in your jeans, sending a few pleasing jolts thru my body) and we have another drink while we wait for our table.

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We get along well and continue chatting, ordering another round of drinks (you continue playing with your toy, my pussy is now soaking wet, you are making me SO horny!

Teasing me right to the efge of orgasm but not letting me cum!!) They are notified that their table is ready and they ask us to join them for dinner.

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We are having a good time so we agree. Once we are seated we check out the menu and everyone orders, it is very busy and food takes a long time so we order another round of drinks and Sam says "My wife doesn't like to dance, would you mind if I dance with Jewelz?" You say "Of course that's up to Jewelz." I don't want to hurt his feelings so I agree and we head to the dance floor (I feel the repeated jolts as you test the range of your remote!) You and Sharon keep an eye on us but I notice you chatting with her while I dance with Sam.

We chat a bit ourselves while we move around the dance floor.

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When we return to the table I ask you to please dance with me and as we move around the dance floor you pull me so close my horny nipples are brushing against you and I feel the exquiste bursts of pleasure from my panties and I beg to please make me cum!! Your hands move a little lower on my hips, pulling me even closer, you work one leg in between mine and I grind my pussy against your leg as you use your vibrator remote to bring me to a huge orgasm and my knees practically give out, I moan deeply in your ear as my climax takes my breath away!!

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The food arrives and we head back to the table. We settle in (My flushed face gets a curious look our dining companions!) begin our meals, we all try each others choices, the conversation slows down as we eat. The food is delicious and we are soon so full we pass on dessert. Sharon and I order Irish coffee and we continue our pleasant evening as we sip them. You take my hand and we head back out to the dance floor, we dance very close, our hips swaying together to the rythm of the music (and I squirm against you as you work the tiny remote and I cum again there on the dance floor, whispering in your ear what I want to do to you when we get back to the cabin!).

As the song ends we head back to the table. Sam asks for one more dance before we end the evening and we chat thru one dance and then a second before we head back to the table to end the evening. We settle the bill and leave together. We explore the lodge a bit as we are leaving, looking thru the windows of several shops, then checking out the pool area.

There is a sauna and a hot tub tucked in a corner. I comment that after a long day on the snow machines it would feel great to relax in the hot water with the jets blasting away the muscle aches. Sharon says "Too bad we don't have our swimsuits." I look at you and you grin a little cuz you know what's coming next and you are all for it.

"There's no one else around, we can get by without our suits" I look at Sharon, start unbuttoning my blouse, she looks at Sam questioningly, he says "Come on Sharon, there's no one around! Let's relax a little" and starts taking his clothes off.

Soon we are all naked in the tub, I lean over and whisper in Sharon's ear, her eyes get big and she shakes her head 'no', I whisper some more and soon she is shaking her head 'yes', her eyes begin to glow with excitement.

I reach across the tub for you. (My pussy is already soaked from your remote control pleasure!) I sit on your lap and kiss you, lightly at first but then with more passion as I think about what's about to happen, I run my hands over your chest pinching a nipple (still tender from this afternoon) you moan in pleasure and you slip a couple fingers into my hot, very moist cunt and quickly bring on another climax.

Sharon and Sam are sitting across from each other and seem a little uncomfortable, this is new for them. I lean over and kiss Sam lightly on the lips. He gets the idea and kisses me back with growing enthusiasm, meanwhile you lean toward Sharon as Sam pulls me from your lap and onto his own. He covers my tits with both hands and massages them them firmly, I feel the hardness of his cock as I whisper to him to suck on my tits, he quickly does, "Harder!" and he complies, running his hands over my ass!

You and Sharon kiss, she's nervous, but she warms up quickly as you suck on a nipple and tease her clean shaven pussy with your fingers. She is so excited over this turn of events that she cums quickly, moaning loudly.

You don't stop there, you pull her onto your lap and over your stiff shaft. She impales herself on your cock, bouncing up and down with abandon, while I play with her husband, she looks at him and their eyes meet as she cums again.

Sam is more patient, he wants this to last, I whisper in his ear, asking if they would like to come back to our cabin with us for more.

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"Oh yes!" he says, glancing over at his wife of 10 years being thoroughly fucked by another man, he cums watching her "Oh yes!!" He asks me how I got her to agree "I told her that you and I had talked about it while we were dancing but that you thought she wouldn't go for it.

She said you were right, she would never cheat on you. I told her that it wasn't cheating if you were together. She said she hadn't thought of it that way. Then I told her it would be an anniversary neither of you would ever forget!


That's when she started getting excited by the idea!" We relax for a short while in the tub, feeling the jets work their magic on our aching bodies, we climb out, anxious to continue the evening! Grabbing towels off the table near by, we dry each other before we dress quickly and we all head to our cabin. look for part 6 real soon.