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Mmv Filme deutsche Mädchen wie ihre Milch warm
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"I'm telling you Hank, that girl is a slut! She runs around like a wild animal, staying out all hours of the night, and always with different men! Older men, Hank! I swear, I think some of them are even giving her money!

She's completely out of control! I just can't take it anymore!" The screeching sound of Gloria's voice was like a hot wire on my nerves, and instantly brought back unwanted memories of our past marriage.

Feeling the instinctive urge to yell back rise in my throat, I pulled the phone away, and swallowed my poisonous desire to respond in kind. Only when the line went silent did I dare bring the receiver back up to my face. "Gloria, please," I finally replied, trying my best to sound calm. "She can't be all that bad.

She's eighteen years old for Christ sake! She's bound to want to live a little." I heard a sharp intake of breath and knew instantly it was the wrong thing to say. For a moment, Gloria sputtered in rage, sounding very much like she was choking on a chicken bone. When she finally became coherent enough to speak, her voice was dripping with venom. "I swear Hank; it would be just like you to think it okay for a young woman to act like a whore!

Honestly, she must be getting this from her father! I certainly never acted like a tramp, eighteen or not!" That was true enough. Gloria had a puritanical streak that would have impressed Mother Teresa. Had I known that before, I would never have married her. By then, Mindy was already four years old, and it hadn't taken long for me to understand why her father had left.

I could only take Gloria's bitching for a couple of years myself, but by then, I became quite fond of my former stepdaughter. As Mark was already long out of the picture, I became a sort of godparent to Mindy. Even then, being around Gloria had proven to be virtually impossible, and I more or less missed the next twelve years of Mindy's life.

It had only taken those few minutes on the phone with Gloria to prove she hadn't changed a bit in the years since. I couldn't begin to imagine how hard it must have been for Mindy! Having Gloria as a mother must have been suffocating for her. After less than five minutes on the phone with my ex-wife, I agreed to let my god-daughter come and live with me.

*** Mindy pulled up in her Mini the next morning, just as I was leaving for work. I gave her a key and told her to feel free to use the guest room. Just seeing her face light up when she saw me, and hearing the happiness in her voice, was all the proof I needed that I had made the right decision. "Are you sure you won't need any help?" I asked, ready to call off from work if she did. "No, I'll be okay, Hanky!

I have most of my clothes packed, and there are only a few other things I need to bring. You go on, and I'll see you tonight! I'll even make your dinner." Hearing her call me "Hanky" again put an instant smile on my face. Honestly, I would have wanted to strangle anyone else for calling me that, but Mindy had started using it affectionately when she was very young and had somehow never quite let it go.

"All right sweetie," I said with a chuckle. "That sounds great. We'll talk more tonight. Have a good day, and promise me you won't get into another fight with your mother, okay?" "Okay, Hanky, I promise.

She just makes me so crazy sometimes!" "I know, Mindy. Believe me, I know." I waved goodbye, and reluctantly headed off to work. I couldn't help but look back through the mirror as I drove away smiling happily, as she started to unload a box from her car. From what Gloria told me about Mindy's recent behavior, I'd almost expected her to show up, half-dressed, with an inch-thick layer of makeup on!

Now that I'd seen her, I had to laugh at myself for ever having believed any of it. Not that Mindy wasn't a beautiful girl, because nothing could have been further from the truth. At five-foot three, Mindy was both slim and athletic. She possessed the same, lustrous blond hair that first attracted me to her mother.

That morning, she had it bundled up in a way that was just wild enough to be cute. Her deep brown eyes sparkled with youth, and instantly seemed to express her every thought. Wide and alive, they complimented her tanned skin and soft features in a way that would have made her age difficult to guess if I hadn't already known. What relieved me most was the fact that she wasn't wearing any noticeable makeup at all.

As for the skimpy and inappropriate clothes her mother spoke of, there was no sign. Her faded jeans and yellow cotton pullover did look good on her, but there was certainly nothing at all suggestive in her attire.

She seemed every bit the normal, well-adjusted young woman of whom I'd always been proud. My worries about Mindy being dispelled, I grimaced at the things Gloria said about her the night before, and I decided my ex' had finally lost her mind. "How could she treat her own daughter like that?" I silently screamed.

"She really is one, crazy-ass bitch!" I was fuming in anger as those negative thoughts rolled through me, but I took a deep breath and resolved to put them out of my mind. The only thing that mattered was having Mindy back in my life.

The last thing I wanted was to let Gloria ruin it for either of us. "At least Mindy doesn't have to put up with her craziness anymore!" With those last words spoken aloud, I gave myself a mental pat on the back for being my god-daughter's hero, and thought no more about it as I hit the freeway on my way to work.

*** Mindy settled in over the next week, and while my work schedule meant we only saw each other in the evening, there was nothing in her behavior to give me pause. The first hint that something might be amiss was how much ready cash she seemed to have on hand. I had already noticed the late model import she was driving, but considering the hefty sum Mark paid for child support over the years, I'd convinced myself that Gloria must have put at least some of it to good use.

What a laugh. This was Gloria I was talking about! I should have known better than to believe that.

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The last time I'd asked, Mindy was waitressing at a local restaurant. As the week wore on, however, she showed no signs of actually having a job. By Thursday night, I was strongly inclined to ask her about it. Even then, I hesitated.

I knew her mother must have been grilling her about every part of her life, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make her feel that nothing had really changed.

It wasn't until Friday that I started to see that things were not quite adding up. When I came home that night at six, Mindy had dinner ready, as she had all week. While we ate, she casually asked how my day went. She listened attentively as I rambled on about things in which she couldn't possibly have any interest. She was charming, and I found myself dominating the conversation without ever having a chance to ask her much of anything. Finally, as she began clearing the table, I found the moment I'd been waiting for.

"So Mindy, what about you? Are you still working over at RJ's Steakhouse? You haven't gone out all week." I did my level best to make my interest seem like nothing more than idle curiosity, but by then, I was hearing Gloria's accusations echo through my thoughts, and I was desperate to have Mindy prove her wrong.

"No, Hanky," she said with little interest. "I quit there after graduation.

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I'm not old enough to serve drinks yet, and I wasn't getting tips as a hostess. Besides, I hate red meat, and the smell was making me sick." Mindy picked up my plate and headed for the kitchen as she spoke, leaving me alone before I could pursue it further. Still, she'd only given me a partial answer, and by then, I really felt she was deliberately trying to be vague. When she returned, my tone was a bit more direct.

"So, are you working now? And what about school? Are you planning your classes for the fall?" I'm sure I was beginning to sound a bit exasperated, but while I didn't want to pry too much, I felt I had a right to know what her plans were.

"Yeah, I'm working at the Kensington Plaza. It's just part time, and mostly at night, but I get a share of the tips." "The Kensington? Isn't that the new casino they opened last year? I thought you had to be twenty-one to work there?" Mindy gave me one of her classic 'don't you know anything' looks and almost rolled her eyes at me.

"Well yeah, Hanky, I would have to be older to work in the Casino, but I'm in the Hotel. I've been working with the Concierge Desk, and helping with some of their guests." "Wow, sweetie, that sounds great!

I'm really happy for you. So what about school … ?" I was about to go on, but her cell phone abruptly interrupted me with an insistent chime that demanded Mindy's attention with all of the authority of a trumpet from Heaven. "Sorry, Hank, that's Jake, I have to take this!" She was already answering as she darted to the back of the house, leaving me in bemused silence as I watched her disappear into her room. As I sat there in silence, I had the same thought any man in my position would have had at a time like that, "Who the hell is Jake?" *** Mindy spent the next hour taking a shower and getting ready for wherever she was going.

Somewhere in the midst of her tumultuous preparations, I managed to find out Jake was her boss, and that she was going to work at the Hotel. I glanced at the clock. It was past eight, and I wondered why, at this time of night, did this Jake need an eighteen-year-old intern?

The only ideas that came to mind were anything but professional, and once again, her mother's accusations began infecting my thoughts. "Careful there, Hank, you don't know squat about the Hotel business," I told myself. I had just about decided I was being grossly paranoid when Mindy came out of the hall. She had combed her blond hair out until it flowed like sunshine over her shoulders and down the deep-V of her exposed back.

Her scarlet satin dress was cut low in front as well, cradling her full breasts tightly underneath, but revealing, what to me, was a decidedly uncomfortable amount of cleavage.

So much so, in fact, that I caught myself wanting to stare at her sensual beauty. I knew she had developed, but good God, I had no idea she was so very . there! The dress itself clung to her lithe body, yet also seemed to drape over her curves in a way that I'm sure every man she encountered would notice.

Darker stockings clung to her legs and caressed their slender shape all the way down to the killer heels that encased her feet like the proverbial Ruby Slippers. Even her nails and lipstick matched the scarlet theme of her undeniably provocative ensemble. Mindy held her wrap tightly around her shoulders, thankfully covering the rounded tops of her breasts as she bent down to give me a quick kiss on my cheek.

Her excitement was obvious, and actually seemed to radiate from her as she moved toward the door. "I may be out late, Hanky, don't wait up!" "You're going to work dressed like that?" I managed to choke out before she left. Mindy stopped and flashed a smile that was filled with both admonishment and understanding. "Of course, Hanky. I have to look nice. This isn't 1980 anymore." The she gave me a quick finger wave and slipped out the door.

*** I kept telling myself that if Gloria hadn't planted the idea into my head, I wouldn't have been so suspicious and obsessed with what Mindy was doing. She was an adult, after all. I truly did believe she should be given the opportunity to decide what she wanted to do, and whom she wanted to see.

Somehow, I just couldn't shake off the feeling that I needed to do something, and that she was making some kind of horrible mistake! By midnight, I had drunk one too many beers, and as if by its own, my hand found my cell phone and I was dialing the Kensington Plaza Hotel. I remember the nervous tension I was feeling as the phone rang, it was hard for me to stay calm, when the pleasant voice of a woman picked up the line.

"Kensington Plaza Hotel, Sherri speaking. How may I address your call?" "Hi, I'm looking for Mindy MacNee. She works for your Concierge Desk." Even then, I didn't really know what I was trying to accomplish. At the very least, I had to find out if she was really there. My mind was racing, and the brief delay on the other end began to feel like an eternity. Soon, the woman came back. "One moment please, I'm transferring your call." Again, the delay, and this time replete with the kind of on-hold music that made a person want to scream.

The seconds ticked by until I heard a click, and a man's deep and resonant voice came on the line. "Concierge Desk, Jake speaking.

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How may I assist you, sir?" I had a sudden vision of a guy in khakis, and shaking the image from my mind, I lit a cigarette to calm my nerves. Then, I started speaking as calmly as I was able. "Yes, I'd like to speak with Mindy MacNee please." "I'm sorry sir, Ms. MacNee is unavailable right now. If you would care to leave a name and phone number, I'd be happy to forward it to her when I can." His words were professional, but there was something else there as well.

He was being purposely vague in a way that set off even more alarm bells, and I silently felt my stomach drop at the realization. "Does that mean she's there, working now, or would I expect to hear from her tomorrow?" I asked, trying to get him to tip his hand. "I'm sorry sir, I cannot answer that. All I can say is that we can deliver a message if you like. Would you care to leave a name and number?" I almost told him who I was, but knew it would have meant nothing to him.

Worse still, I would have only angered Mindy if I did. No, after all of that, I quietly replied "No thank you," and ended the call. I sat there for a long time trying to decide if Gloria might be right, and even if she was, would it really be any of my business anyway? I was still sitting there past two in the morning when I heard Mindy open the door. I'm not sure what I expected when she came in.

Would the excitement she felt when she left still be with her? Would she be happy or sad, or just tired? My emotions had run the full gambit by then, and I felt worn down by my own obsession with needing know. Mindy had already removed her heels when she came into the den. She saw the empty beer cans and the ashtray full of cigarette butts, and I could swear there was a flash of sadness in her eyes. "Ah Hanky, you've been talking with mom, haven't you?" "What? No! Well, yes but not tonight!" I took a deep breath and tried to keep myself from becoming angry.

"Okay, as you know, I did speak with your mother about you the night before you came to stay with me. To be honest, Mindy, she said a bunch of things I didn't want to believe, but now I'm not so sure. So you tell me, what the hell is going on? You need to talk to me. You need to let me in, sweetie. I need to know the truth because I don't believe for a minute you're working as intern in that dress until two in the morning!" Mindy sighed and pulled her wrap off before sitting on the couch next to my chair.

There, with the lamp light shining down on her, I could clearly see the rise of her breasts as she moved. I just shook my head at the idea that such a revealing look would be appropriate for her work. "Are you really that worried about me?" she asked with more disappointment than anger. "Of course I am! Why do you think I've been up all night waiting for you?" Mindy held my gaze for a long time, and I could see she was trying to make up her mind. Then she crossed her legs and sat back on the couch with her eyes piercing into mine.

"Okay, I'll tell you what you want to know. I just hope you really want to hear it." "I do, Mindy. I can't help, if I don't know what's wrong." Mindy laughed cynically and shook her head.

"You want to help. Well, that's just great. You can relax, then, Hank, because I don't need your help. I'm doing just fine by myself." With a glare that was as hurt as it was hateful, Mindy opened her purse and pulled a thick stack of bills out and tossed them on the table.

"There is over a thousand dollars there, Hank. Cash, and that's just from tonight. There, are you satisfied?" I was completely gobsmacked. I couldn't believe what she'd said, and all that money . There was only one way she could be making that much cash, and Gloria's poisonous accusations sounded loudly in my mind. "I even think some of them are giving her money!" Anger and disgust rose like bile in my throat, and I could barely form words when I asked, "Are you working as a whore, Mindy?" Her blue eyes turned icy and she rose from the couch.

"What if I am, Hank?" she said, hissing my name as if it were a curse. "Sure, you and Mom, you have all the answers, don't you?" "That's not a denial .

" "Why should I deny it, Hank? What if I am? If you haven't noticed, I'm an adult now, with enough money to go where I want. I don't need your approval, or my mother's!" Her words just echoed through my mind, and my sight narrowed to a single point.

I was in a red haze, and when she reached down to grab her money, I locked my hand around her wrist.


"Where do you think you are going, young lady! We aren't done taking yet." Mindy tried to yank her arm back, but I wouldn't break my grip. "We were done talking as soon as I came home, Hank. Now, let go of me!" I felt like she was acting like a petulant child, and for the life of me, I wasn't going to accept that. I pulled on her arm and she stumbled and screamed as she fell over my lap.

In a moment of pure instinct, I slapped her ass hard several times, spanking her as if she were a girl half her age. "Ah, fuck, Hank! Don't you dare! Ah! Ouch!" she yelped, trying desperately to protect her ass with her bare hands. Caught up in the moment, I fought with her, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back. Mindy writhed in my lap. Her stocking-covered legs flailed in the air as my hand landed on her ass again and again, until I realized with a start that she was no longer struggling.

It felt like an eternity as I held her there, with my palm cupping her firm ass, wondering what was happening. I froze, fearing I'd fucked up horribly when I heard her meekly plead, "Don't stop, Hanky. Oh, my God, please, don't stop now." "Fuck!" I thought, "This is turning her on!" I know!

I should have stopped! I should have pushed her off my lap, but her bottom felt so warm and soft, and the way she waited, expecting me to continue spanking her, wanting me to do it . It was too much! Breathlessly, I lifted my hand again, but when it fell this time, it's wasn't from anger or a lack of composure. Mindy gasped and whimpered under my hand.

Each time my palm landed with a loud crack, her slim body twitched and jerked in a way that had my cock throbbing with desire. I'd heard of women who got off on being punished, but I'd never experienced it until then. It was a raw feeling of power, and I was swept away in my need to experience such dominance for myself.

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Without thinking, I released her arms and was shocked when she reached back to pull her dress up high over her shapely ass. God, her beautiful, pale cheeks were bright red and completely bare, save for the tiny bit of butt-floss that slipped down into her crevice. I swallowed hard, caressing those perfectly shaped buns while Mindy cooed under my touch.

"More, Hanky, please. Do it! Give me more! I need to feel your hand on my skin," Mindy pleaded with a smoky rasp in her voice. Her body curled up on my lap, raising her ass higher, offering herself up to me. I was lost by then. She had become a whore in my mind before, and now, she was my whore!

Everything we'd ever been to each other changed in that instant, and I redefined our relationship with each loud slap I landed on her tender skin. When my fingers brushed her pussy, I could feel the wetness soaking through her panties. "Look at that, you little slut," I sneered, "you're soaking wet. Is that cum some guy paid you to take, or do you just loved being abused?" Mindy's eyes were glazed with a dismayed wonder, as if she were as surprised and conflicted by her reaction as I was.

Hungrily, as if she was being consumed by a burning need, she shook her thick, blonde mane. "No, sir . I mean, yes . I mean . I don't know! Just please, don't fucking stop!" Her reaction was bewildering, and even then, I knew I shouldn't have listened. I just couldn't help myself. Instead, I slapped her lower, landing my hand hard over her quickly moistening sex.

The effect on Mindy was cataclysmic. Screaming, "Uhh! Fuck!" With a high, cat-like moan, her whole body convulsed, and her fingers dug into the arm of my chair so tightly her knuckles turned white. By then, her ass was almost glowing red. I took a long moment to truly look at her body. Except for her almost sheer stockings, she was almost nude from her heels all the way up to her lower back. Brazenly, her lean legs were spread wide for me, offering me easy access to her dripping cunt.

Tentatively, almost breathlessly, I brushed her pussy with my fingers, gently tracing the erotic shape of her lips through the clinging dampness of her panties. Mindy trembled and started moaning as my fingers stroked her puffy and inflamed labia.

With growing confidence, I rubbed harder, letting my fingers slide over the wet cloth until I was certain this was what she wanted. I was beside myself with arousal when I finally pulled her panties to the side and slipped my finger deep into her clasping channel.

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"Oh, God, I can't believe you're doing this, Hanky. I . I can't believe how badly I want your fingers inside me!

Please, make me come! I feel like I'm on fire, baby. I'll do anything you want, anything! Just please, don't stop! Ahh fuck!" I didn't understand what had happened, but I was no more able to control myself than she was. I only knew I had to see Mindy come. Sliding my fingers rapidly over her clit, I began strumming her pussy with a gentle, but insistent rhythm that I knew would bring her off.

Mindy's hips rolled under my fingers and her body quivered and writhed until I felt her begin to stiffen and grow taut. Her pussy was just oozing juice, and it dripped out and over her clit as I massaged her moist flesh with the soft rasp of my fingertips. Biting her lip, with her face strained with desire, Mindy rolled her hips upwards, trying desperately to guide my touch to her sensitized nub.

A high, plaintive mewl escaped her lips as I rubbed it, driving her to the very edge of bliss, before I pushed her over the cliff. "Uhh, yes, yes, ohh, fuck! I'm gonna come!" she screamed, her strangled gasps rolling out of her as if she'd been caught in an unstoppable tide.

Then, her whole body convulsed as her orgasm exploded through her. I'd never seen a woman come so hard, and I continued to strum her clit as she quaked in my lap.

"Yeah, that's it, come for me like that, you little slut," I growled in awe. My harsh words only seemed to arouse her more, and deep down, I knew I said them more to humiliate her than anything else. We'd long moved beyond my anger or worry.

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Now, I was following her cues, and the more I treated her like a slut, the more she became one. I squeezed and fondled her ass as her orgasm subsided. I wasn't at all sure what was going to happen next, and I wouldn't have been surprised if she had run away and locked herself in her room.

Apparently, she had other plans. Sliding off my lap. Mindy knelt on the floor and grabbed me by my belt. "Stand up and let me take your pants off, Hanky. I'm dying to suck your cock!" She had my belt open before I even got to my feet. By the time I could begin to help, she was already sliding my slacks to the floor. Once free of my shorts, my cock sprang up in front of her, rampant and throbbing with need.

"Wow, look at that," she whispered as she fisted me. "You've got a terrific cock. This is going to feel so good in my little pussy." With that, she leaned in and took me deep into her mouth. For a girl working as a pro, she wasn't extremely skilled, but head is about enthusiasm more than technique, and she had my knees trembling in seconds.

Images of her acting like this with random men filled my mind, and the urge to punish and humiliate her grew strong in my gut. "That's it, bitch," I hissed.

"Suck me. Take my big, fucking cock down your throat like a good little whore!" Grabbing her by the hair. I began shoving my cock into her mouth, throat fucking her hard until she gagged and coughed on my dick. Mindy's face reddened and her eyes watered, but she struggled and fought to follow my orders. Time after time, she tried to swallow me, and time after time, she had to pull back, coughing and choking on my cock.

Long strands of saliva dripped from her mouth, coating her breasts and running into the deep valley of her cleavage. Looking down, I could see into that deep crevice. The dress barely held her boobs inside it, and her hardened nipples poked through the fabric so tightly that I could easily make out their shape.

Letting go of her head, I dropped my hand lower and slid it under the red satin of her dress. Mindy moaned softly around my cock, and like the good girl she was trying to be, she slipped the straps off her shoulders. With nothing to keep it in place, her dress fell from her shoulders and pooled loosely around her narrow waist.

Mindy arched her back, exposing her magnificent breasts to my touch. Firm and round, they rode high on her chest with pink, upturned nipples. Rolling her nubs between my thumb and finger, I fondled her roughly, pinching her hard until she winced. In moments, her eyes closed to slits, and her head lolled back as she became overcome by the intensity of my touch. "Did I tell you to stop sucking," I snapped, reminding her of who was in charge. Quickly, Mindy snapped out of her blissful distraction and gazed up at me.

What I saw in her eyes wasn't fear, although it wasn't far from it. It was more like submission, as if pleasing me was all that mattered. Without a word, she took me back into her mouth, sucking me hard while I fondled her breasts. Her raw lust and hurried excitement boiled over, and she worked my cock with strong sucks and deep, penetrating plunges over my glans.

I shed my shirt while she did her best to draw my cum from my balls. By the time I was naked, I was groaning from the strain. Everything that happened had meon in an animalistic rut.

I could feel my balls churning, and I knew I would soon fill her mouth if I didn't make her stop. Pulling my cock from her mouth was the hardest thing I'd ever done, but with a grunt, I pushed her off, leaving trails of spit trailing from her lips. "Bend over the couch!" I commanded. "If you're gonna give it up to strangers, then you are damn well gonna give it up to me!" Mindy was as caught up in her lust-fueled desire as I.

She whimpered with a mixture of fearful compliance and aroused passion as she propped her tight body over the edge of the couch. Her ass still glowed an angry crimson from the hard spanking I'd given her, and I couldn't resist smacking her again. "Ouch! Oh, fuck, Hanky, that makes me so wet! Please, make come again! You can do whatever you want to me, just please, please make me come again!" She was pleading with me, begging me to do things to her that I'd never considered doing to anyone.

We were in a new place, and the only rules we had were those that I chose to follow. It was an incredible feeling to have such mastery over a woman, and I clenched my teeth as I knelt behind her. Rubbing my still-wet cock over her cunt, I grabbed her hair and yanked back hard. "You're damn right, I can. You want to be a slut? A fucking whore?

Well then, you can be a fucking whore for me!" Mindy trembled and an almost pathetic moan issued from her throat. Her body was quivering under me, but when she felt my erection press against her sopping pussy, she spread her thighs and angled her hips to meet my thrust.

"Uhh! Oh God, fuck me!" she gasped as I sank my cock deeply into her. Her pussy was very wet, but incredibly tight. In my lustful haze, I'd imagined her being loose and sloppy, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Her channel felt firm and gripped me in its wet embrace, clinging to my shaft as I withdrew. I could feel her pussy conforming to my shape, clasping and squeezing me even as I plunged viciously in, driving her hard into the couch.

Words were no longer possible between us, and only garbled moans issued from her lips. She surrendered to me completely, riding the wave of my lust as I fucked her with all my strength. I could feel my orgasm boiling in my blood, and for a moment I considered stabbing her deep and filling her with my cum. It was only in the last, possible moment that I withdrew. "Not yet, bitch," I hissed. "I'm not done with you yet!" I said before slapping her ass hard again. The sudden sting on her tender skin caused Mindy to gasp, and she writhed erotically under my hand.

Turning, she glared back at me with smoldering eyes, as if she were daring me to do it again. "Do you want to hurt me Hank?" Is that what gets you off? Then do it! I want you to spank my ass! You're making me so fucking wet!" Hearing such words come from Mindy, a girl I'd thought to be so innocent, just sent me off. The sound of my hand cracking against her skin filled the room as I landed slap after slap on her radiant globes. She was almost crying by the time I stopped, and her butt was the brightest shade of crimson I'd ever seen.

Amazed, I caressed her gently, smoothing my hand over her bottom as her quaking body calmed. Mindy just lay there, breathing deeply and waiting for whatever came next. I realized, as I massaged her back, that she had submitted to me completely.

"That's it, baby," I cooed softly, "let it happen, be my good girl and let it happen." Mindy murmured something incoherent, but the way her body moved as I touched her told me all needed to know. I had full rights to her body, and I swallowed hard as I considered what that meant.

My heart pounded in my chest, and I could barely breathe as my gaze flowed over her. Her head lay on the cushion with her blond hair pooling wildly around it. Her back tapered seductively down toward her to hips, rising and falling with each, heavy breath.

My hands came to rest on her bottom and I heard her gasp slightly as I squeezed her tender flesh. Clearly, she loved the attention on her butt. I gently spread her cheeks, exposing the tight rosebud hiding between them. "Had she given this up before?" I wondered as I brought my mouth lower and flicked my tongue over her rosebud.

Her deep and resonant moan seemed to answer my question, and I felt a new desire rise in my throat. Tonguing her gently, I could feel her muscles relax. Mindy cooed and moaned, slowly wiggling her bottom in response to my touch. I could see her fingers gripping the cushions of the couch and I felt the slight trembling that coursed through her body. My hands glided over her legs as I licked her, spreading the warmth of my touch over her skin.

I could actually smell her arousal, and felt the trickling moisture leaking down her thighs. Seeing she was close, I slid my hand up her inner thigh until I was gently rubbing her sex.

She was wet and puffy, and I sank my fingers into her, letting her clasp tightly around them. Mindy was actually panting with arousal as my thumb began stroking over her clit. "Yes, right there, right there," she murmured, "don't stop, baby, I'm gonna come if you don't stop." I could feel her body tightening, coiling like a spring as her orgasm approached. My tongue continued to rim her ass while my thumb worked on her clit, until a deep groan exploded from her throat.

"Uhh, fuck! I'm gonna come," she screamed through a strangled gasp as her orgasm rippled through her body. Bucking hard, Mindy moaned and pushed back onto me hard, grinding her pussy onto my hand. I held her tightly, frigging her hard while she came. Mindy jerked and writhed for an eternity before her body finally ceased its quaking. Then, a visible wave of relaxation passed over her, and she sighed deeply as she melted into the couch.

Watching her have another such powerful orgasm had my blood running thick and hot through my veins. Her dress and panties had somehow managed to disappear and her nude and slim body lay bent over the couch, tempting me, and calling for me to sate me darkest desires. Mindy was breathless. She was completely overcome by the strength of her climax, and she whimpered as I rose behind her. "Oh, yeah, fuck me, Hank. Take me, make me feel like I belong to you." Shivering with need, I drew my raging erection through her moist and pliant flesh.

"You are mine, baby-girl," I whispered harshly into her ear "You're going to be a whore for me. No one else, understand? This pussy belongs to me!" With that, I drove my cock into her, spearing her deep, and forcing a high-pitched grunt out of her. "Uhh! Fuck yes! My pussy is yours, Hank! I promise! Just fuck me, fuck me hard.

I want to be your good girl, baby." Something dark and feral can happen to a man when a woman submits to him. The hidden need for power and dominance becomes almost uncontrollable, and can manifest itself with an almost brutal passion. So it was with me. In that moment, I wanted to own her completely, leaving no doubt in her mind that she was mine. I wanted her to feel it right to her core. Grabbing her silky hair, I pulled her head up and slammed my cock as deeply into her as I could reach.

"You want to be my good girl?" I hissed between my clenched teeth. "Yes," she responded, her voice strained and filled with an almost fearful warble. Leaning over her, I whispered harshly in her ear. "Good. I'm going to have all of you tonight, Mindy. I'm about to fuck this tender ass of yours. I'm going to make you mine." "Oh, my God," she replied and a heavy tremble passed through her body. Mindy gathered herself, bracing her body on the couch as I pulled my juice-covered shaft from her cunt.

Holding her hips tightly in my hands, I drew my cock upwards, until it nudged against her anus. "God, you have such a beautiful ass." I said in awe. "Have you let any of your men in there, Mindy? How many times have you given it up for money?" Mindy shook her head, causing her hair to fly wildly over her back, "No .

No one. I've never, I mean, I don't have any . Ohh Just hearing her tell me I would be her first sent a hot rush through me, and I began to press into her before she even finished. The pressure of my cock stretching her open choked off her answer, and her back arched upwards as I began my slow, torturous penetration into her ass.

"Ahh fuck! You're so thick!" she gasped as she began to feel my size, "Go easy, easy, ahh, fuck, Hanky! Go slow, go slow, slow . Oh, goddamn ." Her gasp became a low, long-winded moan, and I held as still as I could as the seconds ticked by. My fingers dug deeply into her hips, and I rocked ever so slightly, slowly, letting my cock sink more deeply into her as she adjusted to me. "Shit, shit ,shit ." she murmured as her muscles relaxed around me.

I could feel the incredible tightness around my cock lessen to a pleasant squeeze, and with a gentle push, I slipped more deeply into her body. Mindy slid her hand between her thighs and began rubbing her clit, timing her fingers with the gentle rocking of my hips.

"Oh my God, that feels so good, baby. Right there, oh my God, right there! Oh, fuck, that's soo nice." Her pussy had coated my cock so thoroughly that I didn't need lube, and soon I was sawing in and out of her ass with long, deep strokes. The puckered ring of her anus held me, squeezing my shaft with delicious pressure as I plunged into her hole.

Deeper inside, it was like a glowing warmth, a wet embrace that felt unbelievably deep. With my hands pulling on her hips, I set a pace that had her rocking back into me each time I slid through her puckered ring. I could see she still felt the sting, but her repeated gasps were much more from the pleasure of being fucked than they were the pain. The sight of her back arching and twisting as she took my cock was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. Her fingers clawed the fabric and she rose, thrashing her head up and down with each of my hard thrusts into her body.

She seemed so lost, as if she had no thought beyond the sensation of being reamed. It was as if she'd entered a zone beyond conscience thought, and I slapped her ass hard again, bringing her back into the moment, and reminding her of who she belonged to.

Mindy jerked hard at the sting from my hand, and might have slipped away completely had she not been pinned against the couch. Turning her head, she gazed at me with raw lust in her smoky eyes. "Fuck! Oh, shit, Hanky! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. I wanna feel you come in my ass!" It was all too much. Before I knew it, my balls drew tight and a feral groan filled my throat. My cock felt like molten iron and pulsed hard inside her as I began to come.

I clenched her hips, digging my fingers into her flesh and holding her in place as I slammed my cock into her, spewing my load into her quivering body. We were both almost completely limp by the time I slipped out of her. Somehow, we managed to crawl up on the couch, and I spooned her against my chest.

Mindy sighed as she cuddled against me, curling into my arms and entwining her legs with mine as she drifted into a peaceful sleep. More and more, as my arousal cooled into the mellow afterglow of sex, I worried that I'd been too rough, or that I might have taken advantage of her in some unforgivable way.

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Recriminations and regret pulled at me, eating away at my conscience, but the way she so easily relaxed into my arms dispelled those worries. The soft, leftover look of peace on her face told me all I needed to know. We lay there together, naked, with only our bodies to keep each other warm. I was lightly caressing her hip and enjoying the softness of her rump against my flaccid cock when she gently gathered my arm in hers and brought my hand to her breast. "Thank you, sir," she murmured so quietly I almost didn't hear the words.

"I hope I made you happy." "Of course you did." I assured her. "You were amazing." I kissed her shoulder and tightened my grip, holding her as close to me as I could. "You know, you don't have to go back to the hotel, to those men you see there.

You are too good for that, Mindy. They don't deserve a woman like you." Mindy chuckled softly. "That's very sweet, Hank, but it's not at all what you think. You've let my mother give you the wrong idea about me." Turning over to face me, Mindy kissed me softly.

"I'm not a prostitute, Hanky. I'm the hostess of the Hotel's Fetish Club." There was a distinctly playful glint in her eye and she bit her lip, sucking it into her mouth as if she was suddenly shy, or embarrassed by the revelation. I cupped her breast in my hand and squeezed it softly. "The Fetish Club? What's that? Why would a hotel host something such a thing?" "Well, you've heard their ads, right? 'We specialize in the affairs of the heart'?" Mindy gazed into my eyes with a smile just bursting across her flawless face.

"Yeah, their commercials have been all over the television. It seems like the perfect place for a romantic getaway." Mindy giggled happily. "Oh, you have no idea, Hank. The Kensington's mission is to provide anything and everything people need to live out their darkest fantasies.


Some, they advertise openly. Others, less so. One of those less spoken about is our Fetish Club. It's really a regularly held, themed orgy, open only to select guests who are looking for something special." I had to admit, the idea of Mindy hosting such an affair shocked me.

Somehow, having her spend two nights a week in the middle of an orgy didn't sound a whole lot better than turning tricks. "Are you telling me you have sex with these people?" I asked, failing to contain my dismay.

Mindy bit her lip, but shook her head. "No, but sometimes I wish I could. I'm the one person there who isn't allowed to get undressed. Oh, I get to touch some, and maybe a little more, but I have to be professional.

I'm being paid, and the hotel wouldn't risk being considered a brothel." It was an amazing revelation, and I shook my head in wonder. "So, you just watch?" Mindy nodded. "That, and I act as sort of an M.C.

I carry a microphone and encourage the women to let their inhibitions down. It's less threatening for them with me as the host than some greasy guy." Mindy shrugged and looked down at her hands.

"It's hard though, Hank. Watching all those couples fucking and reveling in their passions like that.

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As it happened, tonight was BDSM night, and all of those dominants and submissives had me so fucking wet. God, Hank, I'd love to find a love like that. I've never seen such adoration before. So, when you grabbed me and pulled me over your lap, I just about came right there. You gave me just what I needed." It was an incredible story, and I could still barely believe it.

"What about all that money? That's a hell of a lot for a night's work." Mindy's gaze rose back to meet mine. "Tips from a dozen or more couples, all of them very wealthy.

I guess I do my job well." Holding her hand, I kissed her, nuzzling her and tenderly glossing her lips with mine. "I'm sure you do. So, I take it you enjoyed being submissive to me?" "I loved it Hanky." she responded with a blush and the sweetest giggle I'd ever heard.

Would you like me to call you "Daddy" next time?" "Oh, hell no!" I said with a laugh. "That would be way too creepy for us. I'll accept sir, the next time you need your ass spanked." "Mmm, yes sir," Mindy cooed. "I may need another tomorrow night."