Son fucks mom spying on bathroom

Son fucks mom spying on bathroom
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A Short Tale of Siblings. "I've got to go in to work Saturday," my mom announced to my sister Penny and myself. "So you two need to get your own breakfast and do your chores because I won't be home until late." My big sister smirked at this news because she would be in charge as usual. She was seventeen and a senior in high school.

She glanced at me, and I saw by her expression that she was looking forward to exerting her authority. Anyhow, Friday night came. My mom looked in on me to see I was in bed and let me have her usual warning. "Now Jerry, listen to your sister and don't force her to give me any bad report about your behavior when I get home tomorrow night." "Yeah, ma, okay." My sister wasn't really mean.

She just felt that fourteen year old boys were jerky, and, unfortunately, I fell into that condemned category. When I woke up Saturday morning to noises in the kitchen, I knew that she was preparing our breakfast. So I washed up a little and pulled on my robe over my pajamas. I was aware of the wonderful odor of pancakes and sausages drifting into my bedroom when I opened the door. I arrived in the kitchen and set the table. Penny looked things over with satisfaction as she laid a platter of pancakes and a dish of sausages on the table.

I poured out the milk. Soon I was gobbling up the food. My sister did know how to cook. When we finished, I sat back in my chair momentarily and enjoyed the fullness of my stomach. Then I rose and began loading dishes into the dishwasher and scrubbing off the skillets.


Penny silently moved up behind me as I stood at the sink and pressed herself against my body. I loved it when she did that because it made my little man hard as an iron rod. She slid a hand inside my robe and pajamas and began to make circular motions across my chest. "Feels like that weight training is paying off, Jerry. I'm sure I can feel bigger muscles than the last time." "Uhh.

yeah, Penny," I mumbled trying to finish up at the sink. My sister let her soft hand slide down my taut belly. Squeezing under the elastic of my pajama bottoms, her hand slid down to find my cock.


She fingered it gently until I let out of sigh. "Yeah, this seems to have become more muscular too," she whispered seductively into my ear. "I think it is getting bigger every day." I moaned in appreciation. "Now finish up, little brother, so we can deal with our chores." I was done. I turned off the water and felt my sister back away from me.

As I turned, she was already headed for her bedroom, loosening clothing as she walked ahead of me.

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Her broad hips swayed before my eyes just as my hard cock wobbled as I staggered after her. At her room, I stopped at the door to watch her little exhibition. Penny slowly pulled off her robe and tossed it casually over the back of a chair. She inched her nightgown upward. Her bare legs appeared, slim ankles, shapely calves, wonderful thighs.

Then her pussy was there for my appreciative gaze with her soft outer lips pouting between neatly trimmed fur. Her soft belly appeared with its cute indented button, followed by the full breasts, pendulant with their heaviness. With a flick, my sister pulled her nightgown off completely. It arched through the air, landing neatly on top of her robe.

I stood in the doorway, almost drooling at the sight of her lush, nubile body. Slowly she backed to her bed and sat down with her legs spread out wide.

"Eat me," she ordered. "And do a good job." I was eager to fulfill her need. I moved across the few feet separating us, pulling off my own clothes. Kneeling before this sex goddess, I began to massage and caress her legs, kissing my way toward her pussy. I could see her pink inner cunt lips peeking out at me, already dewy in anticipation of my oral skills.

Soon I was in range of her hands, and Penny ran her fingers through my hair, slowly urging me forward.

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I planted a big, wet kiss on her labia, making my sister gasp softly. I spread my gently kisses all over her outer lips, just as she had always instructed me. I began to lap upward along her fragrant slit, allowing my tongue to invade deeper with each pass. Penny did not like to be rushed, so I took my time. This was not a problem for me because I loved to dive into her luscious muff. Slowly, I pushed a finger into her depths, massaging the slippery interior of her tight vagina.

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My sister's hips began to roll under my head and small cries of delight slipped from her mouth, informing me that I was doing it her way. Penny was becoming very juicy.

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I sucked on her sweet cunt, putting pressure on her clit and forcing it to swell lewdly from between her lips. Her moaning signaled the time to increase the intensity and speed of my assault. I now had two fingers inside her tightness and sucked on the erect clitoris insistently.

Her thighs locked around my head so that I could barely hear the scream of her climax. I knew better than to stop my oral caresses, but in the end she fell back weak and relaxed from her orgasms. I knelt there and admired her drooling cunt, now wet from my saliva and her own gush of juices.

It took her a few minutes to sit up on the edge of the bed. She stared at my body, her eyes taking all of it in from head to toe. As if unable to speak, she motioned me to rise. As I moved closer, she placed one hand around my hard cock and cupped my balls in the other. Penny slid off her bed and sat at my feet.

She kissed the end of my cock and flicked her tongue under the head, teasing my frenulum, while she rolled my swollen balls in her palm.

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She began slowly, as if still deciding how much pleasure I deserved. "Yeah, baby brother, this is definitely getting bigger." Then she pushed the cock against my belly and licked the underside from by balls to cockhead. Leaning over, she sucked each ball into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.

Hearing me groan, she paused briefly so that I would not explode too soon. Her head bent forward, and she began to suck me, pistoning my hard rod in and out of her mouth, taking in more and more inside her.

I knew that she was perfecting her deep throat skills, but still had to fight off a small residual gag reflex. My sister eased me deeper and deeper. I looked down in amazement to see her lips pressed right against my sparse pubic curls. She had all my nearly five inches down her throat. I could feel her swallowing, making her throat muscles milk my cock.

I almost blew it right there, but she quickly pulled back, permitting my eyes to perceive my cock glistening with her slick mucus. Penny made a ring with her forefinger and thumb and began to jerk me off by sliding her fingers up and down my cock.

As she moved faster and I began to moan with my need for release, she took the head into her mouth, sucking it lewdly with slurping noises. "Oh shit," I cried. My come began to pump out into her eager mouth. My sister expertly swallowed, not allowing a drop to fall astray. My sister gulped down my cream and milked my prick to insure that all of my semen flowed to her waiting mouth.

I almost fell over, dizzy with the intensity of my orgasm, and needed to put my hands on her shoulders steady myself. The waves of orgasmic pleasure faded too soon, and I felt an emptiness in me. Penny rose to her feet, and hugged me to her warm, soft body. I had to lift my face to hers because she was still two inches taller than me. As our tongues swirled in each other's mouth we tasted to juices of our passion. We clung together a while, making the beautiful incestuous moment last.

We both knew that we had our other chores to do and homework to look over. "Penny?" I asked as we parted to get dressed.

"Could I fuck you sometime? Could I?" "Don't be so dumb, Jerry. You aren't big enough to fuck me yet." Well, at least mom would not be getting a bad report.