Belle salope a des gros nichopes

Belle salope a des gros nichopes
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Josh Gets Drunk and Rapes His Sister Josh was quite relaxed as he watched the TV. Actually, he had no preference as to which team won… both his favorite teams had been eliminated early and would be watching the Super Bowl on television in two weeks. As he finished his third beer, his little sister, Mindy came into the room drying her hair. "You're watching football, again?

C'mon, Josh, let's catch the last half of American Idol." Josh glanced up and noticed his sister's flat belly and toned athletic legs. 'Funny,' he thought, 'I never saw her look so fuckin' good. It's probably because she's started screwing that dick head quarterback. If she ever gets a real cock in her, she'll dump that bastard in a second.' He was mentally chastising himself for thinking those kinds of vulgar thoughts about Mindy.

She had always been a good kid and felt like her brother was the greatest guy in the world. Their dad had disappeared when she was eleven. That was seven years ago. Since that time, Mindy had changed from a gangly child, with thick glasses, to a beautiful young woman with large brown eyes behind contacts and 36C tits. Josh had never had the slightest interest in his sister's sexuality. 'Maybe it's the beer,' his mind was working, 'but, DAMN, I'd like to get my mouth on those nipples.

Look at the way that cropped shirt hangs off them. If she raises her arms, those fuckers will pop out under there.' "JOSH!" "Huh? What?" "You never heard a word I said." Josh smiled and gave Mindy a light slap on her ass.

It was no different than he'd done for years when he was picking on her. Since the weather was warm during January in southern Arizona, her satin shorts were the only other clothes she wore. "So tell me again, Peep." Peep was a nickname he'd been calling her since she was a baby. He was two when Mindy was born and when she first started laughing, it was a high pitched sound that sounded like a 'peep' to him.

Again, she wanted him to change from the football game. When he told her she could go watch TV in her own room, Mindy quickly snatched the remote control and held it out of Josh's reach. As she plopped herself down on the other end of the couch, a touch of the buttons presented a scream by the crowd as a chunky man finished his song on American Idol.

"You little turd! Give that back or I'll spank your butt." "Nope, no more football today, Bubba." "Give it to me!" he raised his voice as he lunged across the couch, pinning the eighteen year old down, with her arm and remote control, now pulled under her body.

She swatted his hand and giggled as he started wedging it under her waist, trying to reach the control. "Watch it!" Mindy complained to Josh, just as he realized his hand was brushing the bottom side of her right breast. "Give me the remote or I'll pinch your tit!" "JOSH! You better not!" Josh got a complete handful of titty and began a massage. The action caught Mindy by surprise. She expected a little pinch, but not getting her breast squeezed.

"Get your fucking hand off me!" The alcohol was really kicking in… "I'll tell you what, you give me the remote and I'll eat your pussy." "You're so fucking crazy, you dumb ass. Get off me, now, or I'll kick your Goddamn balls off." Josh now had both his strong arms under his sister's short shirt and was working both tits with a vigor.


When he pinched a nipple, Mindy raised her right arm, thinking she'd throw her elbow into the side of Josh's head. As soon as he saw the effort, he jerked one side of her shirt upward. The downward motion of her elbow pulled that arm completely out.

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Another quick move resulted in her head coming out of her shirt, too. Another maneuver placed him on top of her waist, a knee on each side of her body.

He tore the remaining arm out, leaving Mindy naked from the waist up. Every time she screamed or slapped him, he whacked her on the ass. After about thirty swats, she told him, "If you stop, now, you can have the Goddamn fucking remote and I won't tell Mom.

Please, Bubba, please stop." Josh became a man, obsessed. He rolled her over, kicking, screaming. Every slap was aimed at his face and all the futile kicks were meant for his nuts. Straddling her again at the waist, he reached behind his back and began working her loose shorts toward her knees.

"YOU MOTHER FUCKER! STOP IT YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!" Two hard slaps, one on each side of her face, brought her arms to her head in a defensive position. Josh jumped off the couch and jerked hard on her shorts, removing them completely. His eyes drank in the sight of the dark bush. As Mindy tried to bounce up, Josh shoved her back down and quickly dropped his sweat pants. The cock before her was larger than any Mindy seen before.

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A wondering thought of what it would feel like flashed across her mind. She took another kick at the large set of balls hanging below the magnificent tool.

Josh caught her foot and raised it toward the ceiling. There… he saw her pussy lips, briefly, before he had to grab the other ankle in defense. Even he thought his shaft was the largest it had ever been… hardest, too.

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And that dick had only one thing in mind… cumming inside Mindy's sweet cunt. With both legs being held in the air, close together, Mindy's arms were not effective at hitting her brother.

Josh positioned himself with his knees next to her ass, which was red from the spanking he'd given her. He spat on her pussy and leaned forward, rubbing the spit with his dick. The third time he did this, he told his sister, "Now, Peep, Bubba's gonna show you what it's like to get a good fucking with a real cock.

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It'll be so much better than that pencil dick boyfriend of yours. As he pushed against her hole, Mindy screamed out, " NOOOOOOOOO! NO, JOSH! PLEEEEASE!!" Josh backed away. He dropped her legs and stood beside the couch, his shaft just inches from her face. "I'm not going to fuck you, Peep.

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You know I wouldn't do that. I just wanted to scare the shit out of you and show you how easy it would be for someone rape you, if you hang around the wrong person dressed like that.

Get your clothes and go watch TV in your room." He took his hand and shook his rod at her, "You did get me hot enough I need to jack off, though, so get out of here." Mindy grabbed her clothes and never said a word.

She glanced at her brother's dick one more time as she walked toward the stairs. He already had a handful of Kleenex and was pounding his meat. Once in her room, she fell onto her bed and started crying. After a few minutes of rubbing her sore ass, her hand moved to her slit. Masturbation was a familiar effort for Mindy. The quarterback never lasted long enough for her to cum, so she always had to finish herself off. One big difference this time… she was thinking about Josh's cock instead.

Josh heard her moans as he walked the hallway toward the bathroom. After jacking a load into the tissues, his dick was semi-flaccid. He halted and listened as he was passing Mindy's door… "Oh God yes, Bubba," her voice was barely a whisper, but loud enough that Josh knew what she was doing.

WHAM! His twenty year-old cock was hard as a rock, again. He turned the door knob and peeked inside. Both of Mindy's hands were working at her pussy, which was directly facing the door. He took a deep breath and shoved the door open, hard.

"GET OUT OF HERE! THIS IS MY ROOM! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT!" "I don't think so, Peep. I just heard you say 'Oh God, yes, Bubba'. I believe you liked the little wrestling match we had down stairs." "You better stop and get out of here, now!" "Nope, no way. I wasn't gonna do it, but now that I know you want it, I'm fucking your ass into the ground tonight." He continued to talk as he made his way to the bed, where she began to try to get away from him, "If you fight, I'll bust your ass and slap the shit out of you, again." Josh grabbed her ankle and pulled her away from the far wall.

When she kicked at him, he again caught the other one and jerked hard. He felt bad when he heard one of her knees pop, but not bad enough to stop.

She whined, pleaded and cried as he raised her legs upward, just as he'd done earlier. He could see how wet her cunt was with juices she'd worked up. He held both ankles with one hand, spat on his dick, and positioned it with the other one. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Mindy screamed as the cock head began spreading her opening. "NOOOOOOO, PLEEEEEASE!" On the third push, her brother's shaft sank to the hilt. Tears were flowing.


Short, snubbing sobs were emitting from her mouth and nose. Her own brother, whom she'd loved unconditionally all her young life was drunk and raping her. She gave up. She quit fighting and lay there in a trance, letting him slide back and forth, in and out, of her tunnel. She'd hate Josh forever and never call him 'brother' again.


Josh took his time. He'd already unloaded one batch of cum when he jacked off. No need to hurry, now. Mindy had quit her objections and was being still, except for an occasional grunt when his shaft hit bottom. After several minutes, he asked how it felt, getting screwed with a larger cock than her boyfriend's. Mindy just stared at the ceiling, silently accepting her fate. "Does 'little dick' ever eat your pussy for you?" …Silence.

"Mindy Dianne!" She jumped when he yelled her name.

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"I asked you a fucking question! Does he eat you?" …Silence. He pulled out and raised his hand, as if to slap her face. Instead, he backed away and dipped his face to her crotch. Her slick cunt had a sweet smell… strawberry douche, maybe?

He lowered his head and extended his tongue. Ever so softly, he began long strokes, reaching from her asshole to her clit, which was still swollen from her earlier manipulations. He felt her respond with the second lick. By the time he had repeated his action for a minute, Mindy's hands were on the back of his head, lightly pressing him closer. Within three minutes, she was thrashing and humping with orgasm after orgasm. When her third one began subsiding, he raised and returned his meaty organ to the warmth of her love canal.

Again, he started with long, slow strokes but Mindy had other desires.

She locked her legs behind his pale ass and her strong leg muscles forced harder thrusts. It was time… time to fill his teenage sister with his cum. Suddenly, the hard cock became more sensitive, seeking release.

Josh's ass began clenching at the same time his balls started their contractions. His first blast was the hardest he'd ever experienced. The thought of raping his sister increased as his eruption continued… two… three… four. He must have shot twenty ropes of semen into Mindy's cunt, over filling it. Cum was running out of the young pussy, splashing every time his nuts flopped against her. Satiated, Josh fell onto Mindy's body, crushing her tits into his broad chest.

After a few minutes of recuperation, he lifted himself and looked into her eyes.

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Small tears were leaking from the corners. He kissed her cheekbones, then, her lips, "I'm sorry, Peep. Oh my God, I'm so sorry. What in the fuck have I done to you?

I'm sorry, Baby." Mindy smiled up at her brother, "What the fuck have done to me???? I'll tell you what the fuck you've done to me, you son-of-a-bitch. You just raped me… your little sister… What else??? You gave me something I was beginning to think was impossible.

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Nobody has ever made me cum… except my own hands. Now, you made me orgasm with your mouth and your amazing dick. I lost track of how many times… "…and by the way, I noticed that you never pulled out, even while you apologized. I think you need to teach me a lot more. Hell with the other guys, this pussy belongs to my big brother, nobody else." Epilogue Josh and Mindy's mother was killed in an industrial accident two weeks later. She had been carrying some paperwork from the plant manager to the warehouse office, when a forklift driver rounded a corner and ran over her, crushing her with 12,000 pounds of cast iron.

Mindy finished high school that year, the same year Josh got his associates degree in criminal law. They moved from Arizona to Sacramento and lived as man and wife as they completed their education. Last week, at the age of 24, Mindy gave birth to their first child, Shannon, a girl named after their mother.