La esposa de mi amigo viene cuando no esta para que le atienda su culo

La esposa de mi amigo viene cuando no esta para que le atienda su culo
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New life chapter no. 1:Thats how it started.

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{Note from the author:this story is not fully about sex there is love ,bestiality,torture ,etc if u are not accustomed with it or don't like it so pls don't read} i and jake is a big fan of this site and after reading the story "richboyslove" though i dont know its true or fictional we thought of writing our story which is true and has occurred in our life.

Here is the detailed account what happened to me and changed my whole life and i hope u enjoy it: hi i am christopher but people call me 'chris' 21yrs old with a well built body and 7'long and 4cm long dick my family consists of me,my mother,my father(step) and 2 dog(mandf) my father is a owner of a mnc and my mother is also a working woman and is a lawer.So we are preety rich,we had a maid in our house,isabella who has been working for like 5yrs and is still giving service ,she stays all morning and goes back home afternoon when i return from school.We had a very strong relationship and i lovingly call her bella (bella is one of the three persons who knows each and every thing about my life.The other 2 are chris' and jake.)So i spent most of the time with my dogs and hanging around with my friends.Now i have my boy friend but this comes later in the story.

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I also like to watch tv,play psp .Now i am studying in college ,but few yrs back when i was in middle school some incident happened and continued to happen until i met jake (bf). Rewinding 5 yrs: when i was in h. School i didn't have a lot of friends but i have 2 best friends jake and christina who was also known as chris' as at that time i was a little coward and also shy i used to return home from school at bout 1:00pm and bout 5:00pm my father returned from work followed by my mother who returns at 9:00.So usually i get a plenty of time to spend with my father as we are all alone ,but as he's my step so usually we didn't talk and try to stay away from each other as whenever he used to look at me he looked at me with one of his cocky .(Like he's going to fuck me rough and dry) day of the incident: age:16yrs 8 months most probably it was monday as usual i returned from school and saw my maid standing at the gate .'How was ur day chris' "oh!


fine fine" 'howz urs '(she looked at me smiling in a very strange way)we said goodbye and she parted .I closed the door behind and went upstairs to my room.(Usually when i returned from school my dogs come towards me running and starts licking.But that day they didn't came)i took a quick shower get changed,went down to the kitchen to get some lunch .I became a little worried as there was still no sign of them i called them but there was no reply i thought that they where in the garden playing or something .So i grabbed some food from the oven and ate it .After eating as i was passing the hall i heard some noise coming from the guest room i went there and i was shocked to see that the dog was fucking the bitch .Though at first i was shocked but then i noticed how his red cock was entering her wet pink pussy and with such great speed no humans can ever gain .I stood there for a min.Or two thinking how will it be if this red fat piece of meat fuck my tight ass then i closed the door went into my room.(Oh!by the way i'm gay,well no one know except the three of us me,chris' and bella).

I took my cell and called bella:"hello";"what the fuck is happening in the guest room"bella laughing"oh that is happening from the morning";"why didn't u told me ,ooh!

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is that the reason why u were laughing when i entered";"oh baby boy come down and enjoy u must have liked it".I ended the call and went to bed as i was tired for some nap .Suddenly my cell rang and i received a message from bella,she told me that i shouldn't sleep today as my father would be approaching home early.And she also requested me to clean off my dogs as she didn't touched then all day .I sent her a reply 'o.K.With a smile.

I took a 1/2hr nap got naked and went upstairs (i didnt want my cloths to get any dirty while cheaning my dogs)i went inside and saw my dog was sitting on the bed licking his manhood and his bitch was laying on the ground tired and exhausted.On seeing me they started shaking their tail as if they were very happy to see me back .I took my dog into the guestroom bathroom and cleaned him first then patted him with a dry towel andset him free then i took my bitch off the ground where she was laying carried her off to the bathroom laid her again as she was exhausted .I sat on all my fours (doggistyle)and started cleaning .Suddenly i heard our main door opening and my father calling my name.Cris,cris' 'i am in the bathroom cleaning the dogs'.


Then there was again silence in the house .I was cleaning my bitch when suddenly my dog came into the bathroom and started licking my face .I shouted at him and he became stoned .He stayed there for like 1 min and suddenly went behind me and satrted licking my ass hole with his soft toungat first i was shocked but then i melted away from the feeling,he toung fucked me for like 5 mins then suddenly he pull him up ontop of me and guide his penis towards my little asshole .I could feel the pink pointed tip of it poking at me again and again, as it searched for my little asshole.It was the 8-10 time that he poked at it, that he found it and drove the length of it, all the way up into me, making my little asshole go into spasm, as it wrapped around his skinny boner.

Making me scream so loud that i thought my voice may have reached down the block, as the " knot " towards the base of it, forced my little asshole to open up wider and let it in, only to feel it closing back down around the base of it, knowing that all of it was up inside of me, just as he started humping me with it .I started crying.

As soon as he knew that he was up inside of me, he started humping me faster and faster, making it swell-up even more, so i couldn't get away and i couldn't, he had " tied " me.

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I could feel his little boner moving back and forth in me and feel his " knot " stretching me, just inside of my little asshole. Stretching my little rectum, as it moved back and forth in me but only for about an inch or maybe a little longer.

I could feel his boner getting bigger and bigger in me and once again the fear of getting caught was ruinning it and i tried to crawl away from him but i couldn't. His " knot " was hung-up inside of me and everytime i moved, i drug him with me, the whole time he continued to hump me, never missing a beat.He wasn't making a sound, as he humped me faster and faster.

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All u could hear, were the little grunts and growns coming out of me, everytime the pointed tip of it would hit the end of my rectum and hurt me but that didn't stop him and it didn't make me want him to quit either.The longer he fucked me, the better it felt, as my little asshole went numb, from his skinny boner sliding back and forth in it, so much.

The only pain was from my rectum being stretched but all of that changed, as he started squirting his warm doggie cum up into me. Pulling me back on it and holding me there, with his front legs and paws, wrapped around my little hips. Everytime it squirted again, i let out a little moan and that seemed to turn him on again and he'd hump and squirt me more.

This went on again and again and again, until he was almost done and that's when he stepped over me and we ended up locked butt to butt, in the bathroom.

He was " tied " with me for almost 15 minutes, before his cock and " knot " went down enough to let his now limp dick, slide out of me.

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Leaving its nasty seed, all the way up inside of me. I turned towards the door and saw my father recording with his video camera."What the fuck do u think u r doing" "im just gathering some evidence to post in the internet" "from how long have u been recording" "oh!from when u screamed!now clean up the mess and meet me in my room,ive something to disscuss".

This is a big story so i thought of posting it in chapters.If u like this i will post the rest of it also in chapters,enjoy.

Pls forgive for any gramatical or spelling mistakes.

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