Teacher and student girls seeexxxxx

Teacher and student girls seeexxxxx
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Hey, my name's Zac, I'm 22 years old 5 feet and 10 inches tall 170 pounds athletic build but not ripped of really well defined. I have brown shaggy hair no facial hair and not much body hair only armpits and little on my arms and legs but no hair by the time you get up my thighs. No hair on my butt and I keep a clean trimmed 'area' with a little strip of hair going up to my naval but no further.

I'm average to small in length, 5 inches cut, but pretty thick.

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I act totally straight but I am totally gay and have been out since middle school. Being gay I got some grief but most people didn't have a problem as I had a lot of friends that were jocks and popularity seems to reduce harassment. It's was also hard for people to make fun of me being gay when I am not at all feminine and unless you ask or found out some other way people just don't have a clue that I'm gay.

It's nice that way because I didn't and don't get made fun of or harassed, but I also get a lot of girls flirting with me. I normally think of it as friendly conversation but my friends can tell better than I can when they are flirting and when they are just chatting and they will step in and say "you know he's gay, right?" or "you're barking up the wrong tree." I usually get more embarrassed than the girls just because I never seem to notice when they are interested in me and they just kind of laugh it off and move on.

A few girls have gotten really upset after hitting on me and finding out I was gay. One time in high school a group of friends and I went to the water park and another group of people kind of meshed with our by mutual friends and one girl started chatting with me. I had two other guy friends, Randy and Chris, close by me chatting with each other sitting on the edge of the pool with the sun deck behind us. This girl was talking to me and I had no idea she was flirting but my friends noticed and instead of telling her they just let it play out.

We all continued chatting with each other for the next twenty minutes or so and my friends made little chuckles every so often obviously from what they knew and she didn't and she was apparently pretty focused on me but I had no clue.

I was talking with all of them and listening but I wasn't really maintaining eye contact with any of them. Finally she asked what they were giggling about and Chris broke the news. "You really don't get it do you?" "Get what?" "Haven't you noticed where he's been looking the entire time we have been talking?" She looked ahead of us where there was a group of guys playing water volleyball and she looked back "so, what's your point" I suddenly realized what was going on and my face turned bright red.

"Wow, really? You've been flirting with him this whole time and he hasn't been looking at you, he's been checking out other people." "No he hasn't, there are hardly anyone in the pool right now they are all over there tanning" she snapped back at him really offended that they assumed I would be checking out other girls when she was right there.

I felt horrible and burried my face in my hands as they continued. "Haha, no all the GIRLS are over there tanning" he pointed over behind us "he's looking out in the pool at the GUYS" there was a long pause like she either didn't get it or was in shock about the situation before Randy laughed and like a smart ass slowly said "hee's gaaayyy" "oh my god" she stood up "jerks" and pushed my friends into the pool and stormed away.

They just kept laughing and I felt horrible and quick got up and chased her down to apologize. "I'm sorry Kate, I didn't know you were interested in me, I just thought we were hanging out." "You're really gay, you were flirting with me and everything?" "Yeah, I'm really sorry, I had no idea you were flirting. My friends can be assholes sometimes I feel awful." She grabbed me and started kissing me hard for a few second like she would tongue the gay out of me.

"How about that?" she said proudly like she was irresistible and that I couldn't possibly turn her down now.

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My friends caught up to us and were about 10 feet behind me and saw the whole thing. I stepped back really thrown off and started shaking my head "I'm really sorry" She got this really angry look and just turned and walked away while my friends began laughing yet again.

Randy put his arm around my shoulders and said "nice job Zac, I'm gonna have to try the uninterested thing cuz that kiss looked pretty hot haha" I laughed a little "shut up dude, that was really mean" "Oh come on, it was funny and she'll get over it.

It's not like you led her on an broke her heart, everyone saw you staring at those guys. She was just dumb enough not to notice." Chris then stepped in laughing even harder "holy shit" "what now?" I asked.

"She's not only dumb enough not to notice you drooling at those guys but she's unlucky as hell" "what are you talking about?" "Look at your chain hahaha" he pointed to my chain necklace that has a link in it with a silver gay pride logo. I looked down and Randy looked at it. It was twisted so that the logo was facing my chest and wasn't visible to read. Randy straightened it out so it was clearly visible. "Hahaha there we go, maybe we should get you a tattoo or something" "Or maybe we should like write it on your forehead or get a sign or something" Chris piped in.

We started walking back to the pool "you guys are horrible. Was I really that obvious?" "Dude, yeah, you like licked your lips twenty times looking at those guys.

If we weren't already at the pool I'd have to hose you down haha" Randy snickered. "So how was that kiss by the way" Chris asked happily. "she tasted like strawberry lip gloss. Not good." I said disgusted. "Damn it, I love that taste. How do you not like that?" "Haha Zac needs to feel a beard rubbin on him when he makes out not a pair of Cs grinding on him" Randy chuckled.

"Damn she did have a nice chest, you think I have a chance?" Chris asked. "After all that, I'm gonna go with no. Maybe I should get a tattoo, that was really embarrassing" Most girls don't cause that much of a scene but that was the worst. Most of the stories I'll post are from High School and we'll see what I tell after that. *************************************************************************************************** The school day was over and I went with Chris and Randy and our other friend Brent to the weight room to workout before going home.

Randy was on a machine while Chris was just hanging out with us not lifitng weights. "So do you think Kristin likes me?" Chris asked. "Dude, when are you just gonna ask her out?" Brent asked while spotting me on the bench press. "I just wanna find out if she'd be into me before I ask cuz if she isn't then it'd be weird. I mean we all hangout all the time so it'd be weird if I ask her out and she shoots me down." "God, you're such a pussy, just ask her." "Screw you Randy.

Seriously, you think she'd like me? I'm good looking right?" Neither said anything they just laughed. "Come on guys. Zac, I'm attractive, right. If you didn't know me you'd like me right?" I finished my set and sat up "You're not my type but yeah you're good looking you should ask her" Chris seemed to be happy with my answer.

We finished working out and headed to the locker room. "Hey, wait up!" Kristin yelled at us before we got to the locker room. "Hi Kristin" Chris said stupidly. Brent laughed under his breath.

"Hey, guys. Zac, what are you doing tonight?" "No plans yet, we were just going over to Randy's place to hang out for a while but nothing really, why?" "I wanna introduce you to my friend Jon. We're going bowling tonight and you should come with us, you guys can come too.

I think you two would would be cute together." "Awwwww" Brent joked and laughed. I just stood there for a second. "We'll be there" Randy answered for me. "Great, meet us at the alley at 8" Kristin headed out.

"Bye, Kristin" Chris said and Brent proceeded to laugh at him. We all headed into the lockerroom to change. "Alright Zac, you got a date tonight" Randy congratulated me. "Yeah, maybe Chris will get the balls to ask Kristin out tonight too haha" Brent said as he slapped Chris on the back. "Maybe I will, Ass. I can't let Zac be the only one with a date." "It's not that big of a deal guys, I'm just gonna meet the guy doesn't mean it's a date." "Dude, have you seen Jon before?" Chris asked as he pulled out his phone.

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"No, have you?" I asked as I pulled up my jeans. "Yeah, look, he's hot" Chris showed me his phone. He had a picture message saved of Kristin at a party with Jon. "Wow" I suddenly got nervous for tonight. "Alright, Zac has a hot date tonight.

Let's go chill at my place til bowling" Randy said as he tied his shoes and walked to the door. ************ "Zac you haven't said hardly two words since we left the school" Chris said. We were in Randy's room playin video games.

"Haha that's cuz he's nervous bout his date tonight" Brent laughed. I just smilled and gave a little laugh. "Oh wow, you really are" Randy paused the game and turned to me. I was on his bed leaning against the wall, Chris was on the floor in front of the TV, Ryan was sitting on the edge of the bed playing the game with Chris and Brent was sitting on a chair on the other side.

"Why'd you stop playing" I asked.


"Cuz we gotta get you ready for tonight. If you're this nervous just from seeing that pic on Chris' phone then we gotta make sure you're ready." "What you mean ready?

We're ready, we just gotta wait til 8" I asked. "No, we're ready. We're just bowling. You are going on a date, you gotta be date ready" Randy got up and went to his closet. He threw me a towel. "Go shower cuz you stink and I'm gonna give you some clothes to wear tonight." "It's not that big of a deal" "Don't be stubborn just get in the shower." Brent said as he pulled me up and pushed me toward the bathroom.

When I got out Randy had clothes for me and I got dressed. "Nice, you look good. Now if you strike out tonight then I need those clothes back but if you get lucky and start grindin on him, I don't want them back haha" "Whatever let's just go" We got to the bowling alley in Randy's car and met up with Kristin and a group of friends.

She introduced me to Jon as the rest began bowling and talking. He was taller than me around 6 feet tall with short wavy brown hair and green eyes. He he looked well built like a wrestler's build and had an amazing smile. We all hung out together had a really fun time and on the way out Jon asked if I needed a ride home.

I obviously didn't because I came with Randy and them but I immediately said yes and waved Brent away and he took the hint and told the guys they were going home without me. We drove around for awhile talking and then stopped at an empty park and continued talking. I slid closer to him as he put his hand on the back of my head and began kissing me.

I melted and let out a soft moan "mmm" and he didn't miss a beat. He immediately put his hand under my shirt and lifted it up. I then proceeded to pull off his shirt as we continued kissing. i reached down his stomach and unbuttoned his pants.

He dropped the back of his seat and pulled me with him to the back and in the process his unzipped jeans slid down staying in the front seat. I began kissing his neck as his hands slid into my jeans and his fingers wandered down my crack. I couldn't wait I moved down his chest.

He was built with broad shoulders and tan defined body. I made my way down and lifted the waistband of his boxers revealing 8 inches of thick uncut cock. I began sticking my tongue under his skin rolling around the tip and felt his head on the back of my head push me down onto him. I bobbed my head on him tasting him heart racing. The taste of his precum was so sweet and made me suck him harder. He stopped me pulling me up again.

"take off your pants" I got out of my pants faster than ever before and he pulled me up so that i was straddling his chest and he swallowed my cock as he slid his fingers around my tight hole. He poked one finger into me and i almost lost my mind. I began moaning "ahhhhh" biting my lower lip.

he then grabbed his jeans and puller out a condom and as i slid down his body he put on the condom while licking my stomach and chest.

He guided his cock to my boy hole "it's all you, I don't wanna hurt you" he whispered and I lowered myself on him. I slowly took all of him inside me as he moved his hands around my chest rubbing my nipples "ahhhhhhh" I began moving up and down as his hips started to thrust slowly.

He grabbed ahold of my shaft and started pumping. His body glistened with sweat and the combination of seeing his sweaty chest, his strong fist stroking my penis and his massive cock fucking my insides I just couldn't hold it and I began shooting my cum onto him.

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The first shot landed on his face and he licked it off his lips the next few onto his chest and down his stomach and the last couple onto his hand that he then lifted to his mouth and licked clean. i continued riding him as he ate my cum and he then quickly pulled me up off of him "I'm bout to cum" I went down and pulled the condom off of him and attacked his dick with my tongue as he blasted my throat with his hot sweet cum.

Eating ever bit I could as he thrust his hips on my face. After his cock started to soften I lick up my cum from his stomach. I licked his abs and his pecs. Licking around his nipples that had a little hair around them and a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest.

The taste of his cum still in my mouth mixed with my cum and his sweat was intoxicating and I was floating as I made my way up to his face and kissed him adding the taste of his tongue to the cocktail in my mouth. We got dressed and he drove me home. When we got there I saw Randy's car in my driveway and got one last kiss before heading inside.

"Hey honey, you're home late. Your friends got here two hours ago. They're waiting in your room." "Thanks mom." I rolled my eyes and headed up stairs. I walked into my room and Brent and Chris were playing video games and immediately stopped and looked at me with huge sarcastic smiles. Randy asked "So, two hours late. What the hell, did you get lost?" I just ignored him and walked in and over to my closet.

"So should I even ask for my clothes back?" I didn't answer his question. Instead I grabbed a towel "I gotta take a shower, I'll be out in a minute" Chris and Brent started making hooting and hollering noises "oww woo hoo oww wow" and Randy laughed and as I got into the shower I could hear him say to the others "damn and I really liked that shirt haha" When I got out of the shower I put on some shorts and joined them in my room.

"On the first date, you slut haha." Brent chuckled "Just kidding man, how was the date?" "It was good" I replied as I climbed onto my bed. Randy was sitting on the bed with me and the other two on my couch next to the bed playing video games. "I heard it was better than good" Chris said. "What do you mean, you heard? I just got back!" "Kristin texted me while you were in the shower.

Jon just thanked her for introducing you two" I smiled as Chris continued explaining his texting conversation with Kristin "and she was just as shocked as us that you two took two hours to get home and asked him what happened. He told her that you guys made a stop at the park and bowm chicka wow wow hahaha" "What!

I can't believe he told her!" "Holy shit! I added that part, but you really did have sex with him!!!!" Chris exlaimed. Both Randy and Brent's jaws dropped and my face turned red. "He just told Kristin you guys went to the park for awhile." Chris corrected his previous statement. "Wow, now you have to fess up Zac, what the hell happened?!?!?!?" Brent asked. "Oh my god, you guys suck so bad" "Come on buddy, Chris caught you, now you gotta let us know what happened" Randy said as he moved next to me and rubbed my shoulders to try and get me to relax and take my face out from behind my hands.

"What happened? Nothing too graphic just the basics." "Fine I'll tell you but give me a minute" I was so embarrassed. "Ok you have until the end of this game." Randy accepted my request and they started playing again. I laid back on my bed trying to get over the embarrassment. Randy was sitting on the bed right next to me and Chris and Brent continued there game. I probably had five minutes. Randy was my best friend and always stuck up for me and knew me better than anyone. He had medium length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was about my height and weight with the same build but slightly thinner and had facial hair in a strip that went along his jaw from ear to ear and had hair around his nipples and a strip that goes through his naval down his shorts and above his naval a couple inches as well.

Chris and Brent were also really really close friends. Chris has light brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses. He is a little taller than me and is a little chubby but not at all fat and was pretty strong and muscular but no definition because he was a little chubby. He has no facial hair and none on his chest or stomach either. Brent is shorter than the rest of us but is about the same weight and is well built and fairly well defined.

We has dark hair and blue-green eyes no facial hair with hair around his nipples and a line from the middle of his chest all the way down his stomach to his shorts. We all have clean and trimmed 'areas'. All three of them are really comfortable with me. All of my friends were comfortable with me being gay and they all accepted it but these three were the only one's that were totally comfortable meaning they didn't feel weird in locker rooms or changing with me or staying at my house or me at their houses.

I had dated a few guys previously and talked about it with them but this was embarrassing because I had never had sex with a guy after just meeting him. The four of us were sitting around in shorts at 1 in the morning and their game was over. "Ok Zac, spill it, what happened?" Chris demanded. "We drove around for a little while talking and then we stopped at the park." They all were looking at me and made me embarrassed again and I dropped back to lay down so I didn't have to look at them while I told them.

Randy was sitting legs crossed on my bed next to me with his back to the TV facing me. Brent and Chris were sitting on the couch both on the edge waiting.

"Come on buddy, keep goin" Randy said patting my stomach trying to get me to continue. "We talked for a little while longer and then he kissed me. We started making out and then ended up in the back seat." I looked at them and they all had stunned looks but weren't going to let me stop there. "Some clothes came off.and.I had sex with him." "Nice, way to go Zac haha" Brent laughed and congratulated. Chris did the same. "So, how was it? You glad you did it? You like him? Are you going to see him again?

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Randy interogated. "Woah, slow down. Yes I like him or wouldn't have had sex with him. I don't regret it even though I've never done that on the first date." I tried to answer all questions but Randy caught me. "You didn't answer one." "Yeah" Chris agreed.

"How was it? Is he hot? Is he packin haha?" "Ok, don't get too graphic here Chris. That's enough questions haha" Brent interupted.


"Well Zac?" Randy directed the questions back to me. "Well Chris, yes he is insanely hot and he's bigger than you haha" "Well that ain't hard hahaha" Brent joked. "Shut up prick!" Chris hit Brent "For real, I'm not small am I? Was he really that much bigger?" "Hahahaha settle down Chris he's just giving you a hard time" Randy said. "I'm just kidding Chris you're fine he's just bigger than you haha and yes it was good, it was very very good" I said with a huge smile.

"Nice buddy, you got a hot boyfriend. Now I just gotta find a hot girlfriend and catch up haha" Randy congratulated and patted my chest as he turned around back toward the TV and sat next to my head while I stayed laying down. Brent and Chris continued playing video games "Ok for real, I'm not that small am I? I mean I'm bigger than Zac and he just got a hot guy so I should be able to get a hot girl right?" Chris asked with a worried tone. "Would Kristin like me or am I too small?

Seriously guys!" "Oh my god you fucking spaz" Brent said. "you're not small, you're average. Zac is small but it obviously doesn't matter cuz he's the only one getting laid and by a hotty so you need to stop worrying.

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Kristin won't care especially if you never get the balls to ask her out." "Oh Zac, kick his ass he called you small" Chris said. "Hahaha I don't care he also said I have a hot boyfriend" I replied. "Oh Brent, kick his ass he called you gay" Chris instigated. "Haha you're the only one that's gonna get his ass kicked if you don't stop tryin to start shit" Randy ended the bickering.