Enchanting czech girl is seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov

Enchanting czech girl is seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov
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This is a fictional story of the enslavement of a plump lady by some vulgar men who wish to keep her as their slave and play out their individual fantasies. The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and rape. Please be warned. This is a continuation of the Bus Ride series Parts 1, 2 and 3. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected] Bus Ride Part 4 The Master's Workshop "Hey sleepy head!" Gaby aroused from her deep sleep to look up at her new 'friend' Mary who was shaking her arm gently.

Mary wasn't really a friend but was the only person she felt she could trust and talk to. She was a former 'slave' and now a girlfriend to one of the 'Master's' sons. Gaby smiled politely. She had now been at the house for 17 days and was becoming accustomed to the ways of the house. Mary would come and wake her in the morning and bring in a plate of food for her and a drink.

She would tell her what was happening in the day and then leave Gaby to get herself ready. Once ready Gaby would be taken to wherever to do whatever, whenever. Gaby didn't like being away from her home, and was missing her life back then but she had to admit she was starting to like the sex.

But she never had a day off and felt like she had been fucked, fingered, and fornicated with in every way possible on a daily basis. And this wasn't any old sex, this was pure sadistic sex and Gaby was often cut, bruised or humiliated. And had she hated this it would have been worse, but to Gaby with her 'avoid rape, say yes' philosophy she was now enjoying the good time and bad times.

"This morning you're going to meet the Master in his workshop!" Mary smiled as if this was a special occasion.

"Workshop?" Gaby said between mouthfuls of food. "What's a workshop?" "Oh you'll soon find out! And just wear the robe today!" Mary grinned and left the room locking the door behind her. Half an hour later Mary unlocked Gaby's door and pointed in the direction of the 'Workshop!' "He's waiting for you!" She grinned. With uncertain anticipation, Gaby walked across the yard and entered the building.

Tom, whom Gaby had come to know as the 'Master' was standing by a workbench finishing a cigarette. Gaby stopped to gaze at his naked body and as soon as he turned to face her she quickly and politely bowed her head low. "Lock the door!" He commanded and Gaby complied with his instructions. "Just do as you're told and you'll be fine!" Mary had told her when she had first arrived more than a week before and Gaby had listened and complied knowing it was her best and easiest option.

"Follow!" Came the next instruction and Gaby complied again with her head still bowed. The Master entered a small office and Gaby stood obediently by the doorway.

He turned and told her to open the robe and again Gaby complied without argument. As she released the chord belt she exposed her large breasts with hard nipples from the cool air and the silky, smooth, hairless pussy. She had been told in no uncertain terms that any hair other than that on her head would be tolerated and if she could not or would not shave, she would be forcibly shaved with a blunt razor!

The Master sat in an arm chair beside the end of the desk eyeing her up and down. "Come here and kneel!" Gaby complied and dropped to her knees in front of the Master with the robe still wide open. Staring at Gaby was the Master's big cock, big but not fully firm yet. "You like it Slave?" He said calmly. "Yes…&hellip.yes Master!" Gaby stammered without taking her eyes off it. "You want it Slave?" Gaby could feel her mouth watering in anticipation as she eyed the monster tool up and down.

She simply nodded her head not daring to look the Master in the eye. In the short time Gaby had been in the house she had been forced to suck so many different cocks that she was now getting quite adept at it and really loved the Master's big one.

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She loved taking it soft into her mouth and feeling it come to life under the control of her lips, throat and tongue. "You may touch it!" The Master said and almost immediately Gaby felt her hand reach up and take the shaft.

Holding the shaft in her hand, she took just the head and gently caressed it with her teeth, while sticking the tip of her tongue into the opening, pushing it in so slightly. The Master simply looked at her expressionless. Circling the rim with her tongue she started to draw the cock into her mouth with soft sucking motions.

Taking it deeper into her mouth the head was soon all the way in and Gaby kept going lower and lower. "Remember to breathe out of your nose!" Mary had told her as she put Gaby through her paces in private 'sucking' lessons with a number of different sized dildos. Moments later, and breathing through her nose, Gaby could feel the head of the Master's cock in her throat and his fuzzy grey pubic hair tickling her lips and nose.

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As she moved her mouth up and down his shaft Gaby felt like she was sucking on a lollypop. Lifting one hand she gently massaged his heavy balls and put pressure on the spot just between his balls and his arse.


"Good girl!" The Master groaned. He started thrusting his pelvis slowly up into Gaby's face as she continued to suck his cock like a good slave. In her daydreams that seemed to fill her days and nights now, she thought of this same cock in her cunt. Her newly shaved cunt, making her cum, as it had almost daily since she had been at the house.

She felt her cunt start to pulsate with the motion of sucking the Master's cock. Gaby quickly realised that she would have juices seeping from her pussy and wondered what the Master might think about that. The face fucking became more intense and Gaby could feel her throat closing around his head, squeezing it just enough for a little pre-cum to hit her throat.

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She swallowed this little bit feeling her own pussy ooze juices out. Suddenly the Master grabbed Gaby's hair and she knew exactly what was going to happen next. It was the time, Gaby had learnt, that the Master liked the most. And then the Master came and filled his newest slave's throat with his thick sticky cum but Gaby knew that this wasn't the end.

She had learnt also that cumming once was never enough for the Master. "Stand up!" He barked and Gaby was on her feet instantly with her legs slightly parted.

Immediately the Master's hand was between her plump thighs smearing his hand aggressively on her wet pussy lips. "Did you cum?!" His eyes were dark and aggressive as he spoke. "No, Sir!" Gaby paused.

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"Um no Master!" She corrected. "Well you're fucking wet down here!" His hand smeared back and forth in her pussy smearing it with her juices and eased underneath rubbing the cunt juice from her clit all the way back to her arse. It stopped just long enough to thrust a couple fingers up into her arse on his way by.

"Get on the desk!" Came the next command and Gaby, knowing what was good for her, in more ways than one obediently complied. Putting her feet on the seat of the chair, she leaned back on the desk with her legs just resting on the edge of the desk.


Spreading her legs the Master leaned forwards and started licking his newest slave's cunt. Circling her clit and running it down with sideway motion.

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He reached here hole and stuck in his tongue. Just for a brief moment he was fucking Gaby with his tongue and almost immediately she started to go into a spasm as an orgasm racked through her plump body. She trembled and bucked her hips under the careful watch of the Master and as had become the pattern since her arrival in her house, she started to squirt.

The Master, now with a smile on his face sucked the juices into his mouth before raising himself up in front of Gaby and meeting her lips with his. He practically spat all her juices into her mouth and followed this with a deep and very sensual kiss.

Gaby dutifully slid her tongue into the Master's mouth to ensure she collected all her juices from him and swallowed them down with relish. But suddenly the Master stepped back and looked at me in disdain. "Have you learnt nothing since you've been here?" "Master?" Gaby looked back quizzically. "You came too soon!" He said and Gaby felt the back of his hand strike her bare thigh hard. Gaby winced at the pain.

"When can you cum?" "Master……………&hellip.I don't……………under…………!

Gaby felt a tear roll down her cheek as she felt the Master's hand strike her again, this time on her face. "Only when a cock is in you!" The Master leaned over his weeping slave aggressively. "Now repeat that to me!" "Only when a cock is in me Master!" Gaby whined. "Again!" "Only when a cock is in me Master!" Gaby whined again obediently. The Master leaned back and pulled open a drawer in the desk pulling out two metal clamps with a chain in the middle. Lifting one of Gaby's fat breasts he fixed the clamp to her nipple and repeated the action with her other nipple.

Gaby inhaled as the pain took hold of her nipples and this increased as the Master suddenly pulled on the chain. "Come with me!" He demanded and Gaby had no choice but to follow as she was literally dragged by the chain back out into the main workshop area. She looked quizzically as the Master led her towards what appeared to be an upright box with several hinged doors on it. "You need to learn!" He said firmly as he opened the front of the box and pushed Gaby into it with her back to the wall.

He pushed the doorway back closing her in. Gaby stood trembling in the cold and darkness then heard a click as a hatch level with her face was opened. The Master's face appeared outside the box looking in at her. "As a punishment for cumming too soon you'll stay in the box until I say otherwise!" He grinned and Gaby heard other latches being opened and felt the cold air on her breasts as they were exposed one by one.

He pulled the clip off one nipple and pulling the chain outside the box refitted the clip on the outside, having forcibly pulled her fat breasts out through the hatches. Then another lower hatch was opened next to her dripping cunt. "Please?" Gaby murmured apologetically but the Master simply ignored her and closed the hatch on her face leaving her in the darkness.

She tried to move but the tightness of the box precluded this and fear started to set in. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Four hours had passed since Gaby's encasement on the wooden box and she had completely lost track of time.

She heard nothing, could see nothing and felt frightened by the whole experience wondering what was going to happen next. She had long given up on the thought of escaping and was just trying to take each day as it came and went and enjoy any experiences that she might have.

Then she heard the door to the workshop open and light seemed to come into the box at least through the exposed open hatches at her breasts and pussy, which seemed to have dried up of its own accord. "Perfect!" Said a deep male voice that Gaby didn't recognize and she started to panic slightly breathing deeply. Then she felt it.

It felt soft and wet on one of her clamped nipples. A tongue, yes a tongue was licking and sucking her breast, then another tongue on her other nipple. The feeling was amazing and she could already feel her pussy getting wet and seconds later something was pushed into the hatchway at her pussy and she felt it, something strange feeling pushing into her pussy. She tried to ease her legs apart in the confines of the box and then felt it, whatever it was penetrate between her lips and slide up into her cunt.

She let out a loud moan and closed her eyes. Then it slid out again and she let out a sigh as she was left alone once again in her box. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The hours seemed to pass again with no sound or light coming into her little prison but suddenly after what seemed like an age, she felt something or someone else touching her breasts again.

Soft hands were probing them and pulling at them as Gaby breathed hard in her box.

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Then to her fear the box started to move, to lift off the ground and Gaby tried to push on the insides to keep herself steady as it swung in the air and tilted forwards until she felt like she was lying on the wood facing the floor of what she thought was the workshop. Her heavy breasts were hanging down out of the hatches still with the chain clamped between them.

She heard a click and the hatch at her face was opened and someone reached in with something. What was it they were doing now? She felt the hands go around her face and head and slide the latex mask into place and she stifled for breath as the zip at the back was pulled down to seal her face inside.

She tried to breath but it was difficult until another zip at her mouth was pulled to one side and an opening appeared. Gaby immediately let out a breath and took another one in, just in time as a fat cock was suddenly pushed upwards and into her mouth blocking her airway again.

She gagged and choked on it before it was slid out and then back in again. Gaby was terrified and thought she was going to pass out when suddenly she felt the familiarity of a tongue on her pussy.

Whoever it was started to suck her clit. The feeling of it being pulled into their mouth was making butterflies go berserk in Gaby's stomach. Her breasts were throbbing from the clamps and chain and she could hardly breath. She thought as the cock was pushed further into her mouth that she might pass out………………&hellip.and then she did!

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Gaby awoke, back in her small room.

Her arms were tied to a chair and she was naked other than the latex mask over her face. She moved her head as she felt the door open but could see no one in her darkness. Then she felt them, 3 cocks, against her body, maybe more……………&hellip.!

One pushed its way aggressively into her mouth as another was pushed between her breasts. She felt them fucking her mouth and tits and both came in turn. She choked on the cum and tried to swallow it. Another cock was pushed into her mouth and another resumed the tit fucking. Gaby's pussy was burning and leaking profusely and she could feel the juices slipping down her thighs onto the wooden chair below.

The rubber cock found its way easily up into her wet canal and when switched on, the vibrations sent pulses up around her body. Knowing she would cum very quickly, she bit down on her lip trying her best to hold back the passion that so wanted to be released. Pushing the rubber cock deeper into her cunt Gaby felt her clit being aggressively pinched, pulled and rubbed. She couldn't hold back and started to buck her hips against the rubber cock as her mouth action increased on the face fucking she was receiving.

She couldn't hold back any longer. "Fuck I'm cumming!" She gurgled in the mask with a mouthful of cock as her juices seeped out and down her thighs.


So caught up in the moment Gaby sucks hard on the cock in her mouth, pulling it with her lips with every sucking motion. Knowing instinctively when he was ready she pulled her masked face away. "Please fuck me Master!" She gurgled through the latex. Immediately Gaby felt her hands being untied and she was pushed onto the bed face down.

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"Get on your knees cunt!" Said a strange voice and Gaby complied. She felt the man get on his knees behind her. Kneeling very still she felt him grab her hips firmly and pulled her back to fit his cock into her dripping cunt.

With a rocking motion, Gaby let her cunt muscles squeeze his cock in and out of her pussy as he pulled her hips back and forth. Harder and faster he was pulling her back as his rigid cock glided in and out easily. Gaby suddenly felt herself being pushed to the bed and the man behind her now laid his weight on her as he pumped his hips and his cock spiraled into her sopping cunt.

Seconds later he came, with a loud moan and Gaby felt her pussy canal overflowing with his juices as he seemed to shoot and shoot for what seemed like ages. Finally he pulled out and stepped off the bed. Gaby, still masked up, stayed still on the bed breathing deeply.

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Then she heard the voice again. "She'll do!" Said the stranger's voice. "Get her ready for transporting to my place!" An hour later and after much heated negotiation between her Master and the stranger over money, Gaby found herself back in the wooden box, with all hatches locked, that was being put into the back of a van!

She heard the van starting and felt the movement as it drove away from the Master's house. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wondered where she was going now! To be continued.