Ts Masseuse Natalie gets busted and banged

Ts Masseuse Natalie gets busted and banged
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Introduction: First of all, I would like to apologize for all the mistakes you will find in the text below, I'm a French student and this is only my second story… This story is a little bit long to start, but does get really interesting At the time of the story, I had just passed my "baccalaur?" and was heading for a commerce school that in 5 year would give me a master in Marketing.

I was then 18 years old, and just failed my driving license… Our admission started as soon as we arrived at the school with a whole week dedicated to "integrate" us. In fact it was all about playing silly game, drinking contest, partying, eating and basically for some of us, making us real man.

Not that I wasn't a man before, but let's just say that popular guys would sometimes call me "nerd"; even if I prefer to go by "geek" which is by the way, the nickname my friends use… Now, let me tell you a little bit more about myself, I use to do a lot of sport before I refocus on video game and internet, therefore I'm still kind of a muscular guy.

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I'm 1,72m and weight 63kg I have a rather colored skin thanks to my Italian's origins; so you see, even if i'm not anymore the sportive type of guy, the only thing that stop me from really being a catch is my affection for machine rather than human being… But let's go back to our story During this "welcoming week" as the Dean would call it, I realized that this school was all about drinking and sex, and God was I happy to understand that, even I might get laid !

After this unforgettable week, class started, and that's where I saw her, Julie. All the class was already seated when she entered; all talk stopped, every one just stared at her.

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She was one of the prettiest girl I've ever seen and you could tell that she knew it for sure… As everyone was already seated, the only remaining places were those at the front row, where I was seated, alone, but not for long ;-) Don't misunderstand me, I'm not one of those intellectual guy who seats front row to listen carefully to everything the teacher would say, it's just that my laptop was running out of battery and you can only find plugs at the front of the classroom.

But let's go back to my dream girl, she wasn't very tall, you see, she was one of those brunette with green eyes that you could dye for, and her smile, hum… her smile !

She didn't had enormous breast, a large B cup I would say, but as she was rather petite, they really stretch out in a very nice manner. I would have to wait for her to leave the room to confirm that her ass was as perfect as the rest ! But back to class, Julie slowly approached and politely asked me if the seat next to mine was taken even if the answer was quite obvious as everyone else was already there. I just lay there, staring at her in disbelief, thinking that she actually was gonna seat next to me for the whole afternoon.

As I didn't answered, she smiled even wider and presented her as Julie and told me that if I didn't mind, she would sat there. I could hear some comments from the boys, at the back : "lucky nerd !" "No way he has any chance with her" I somehow managed to regain my thought and presented myself as Josh. She gave me her hand, and greeted me with one hell of a smile. "Hello, nice to meet you" I took her hand and kind of shake it (in fact, I think that my whole body was shaking).

Damn it, her skin was so soft, I had to concentrate not to pass her hands on my cheek. The rest of the class passed very quickly, without any other word spoken. As the bell rang, she hadn't yet finished packing up her stuff that Jeremy the blondy of the school (that of course had to be in my class) and his friends were all around us, I just get kicked away.

I heard them talking about some party and then I left, figuring I won't ever see her again.


The rest of the week went by with nothing especial going on, until Friday, during the finance class I saw a notification on Live Messenger telling me that some dude named "Jul49000" wanted to add me to his contact.

I accepted, in order to see who it was. Then I get this message "Turn around", with a quiet little smiley. I turned around and checked the class, and there she was, Julie, smiling at me and waving her hand.

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I waved back when I heard the new message sound and faced front to see "hi josh, how have you been?" appear on my screen. I couldn't believe it, why is the prettiest girl of the school even talking to me, and how did she get my messenger address? Whatever I don't care, the important is that I'm actually talking to her, using my favorite type of communicatio: computer ! After some petty talk, I asked her why she had added me and if I could do anything for her… She answered "actually, yes, I took your messenger address from your facebook page because I've heard that in case of computer break down, you're the guy to talk to, is that so ?!" I was kinda disappointed that she only would talk to me because she needed my skills and not for … well in fact, I'm not that surprised, she wouldn't have contacted me for a movie or for an update on my popularity rate, so it has to be something I had and that her other "cool" friends didn't.

Therefore I told her that she just have to meet me at the end of the class, and that I'll take a look at her laptop during the break. She answered "yeah, well thank you, but that's not that easy, it's not my laptop that went down, 'cause if it was, I won't be talking to you right now, right ?" "So then, which computer of yours break down ?" "The one in my room, my desktop one" "Ho, I see, and how exactly can I help ?" "Well, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind passing by tonight after class to check it out" Men !!!

Her room ?! How lucky was I, I instantly get a bonner even if I knew nothing would happen but, hey, I'm a man invited in the room of one of the sexiest girls ever, how would you have reacted… "sure, where do you live ?" "Well, if that's ok with you, I have a car and I can bring you home, unless you have something else planed for the vevening?" I thought for a moment about my quest in World of Warcraft with Timothee and his guild, and then simply answer that no, I had none other plan !

"don't worry, I'll give you a lift back home later tonight" "ok, thanks" "super !


so that's a date, so to say, meet me on the parking lot behind school at the end of the day, see ya" And she logged off. I turned again, to look at here, and to be sure I didn't dream all of what just happened; she was here and just smiled at me I could see her lips forming "thanks you". A date ?! did she actually said a date ?! Wahoo, I know it was only a joke, but I can't stop myself from thinking about it… Ok, I need to calm down and beneath all, I need to cum !

I can tell you that the break was wisely used, and that there is now no more toilet paper in the last box in the men's room… The rest of the day went by, as smooth as usual.

I was so exited, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and about tonight, for the rest of the day I seated in the back just to watch her, her beautiful hair, her soft skin and how gracious she was each time she raised her hand.

And finally the day came to an end, I packed my thing the quickest way possible : throwing everything in my backpack (even my laptop) and headed straightforward for the parking lot. I scanned the place trying to see where she was parked, all the students started to leave one by one, the parking lot was rapidly emptying itself until finally only six cars were left. 40 minutes had passed since the end of class, I figured she has forgot me and had went home.

I was about to do the same when I saw Jeremy getting out, heading for his car with a devilish smile. While leaving, he looked at me and almost hit me with his dumb ass convertible. What a jerk ! As I turned around to go to the bus stop, there she was. It was her, but she didn't looked like her, she seamed upset, she had tears in her eyes and wasn't wearing that gorgeous smile of her.


I ran in her direction, and asked what was going on, she simply answered "nothing, really, it's nothing, I'm sorry I'm late, if you prefer to come an other day and that I bring you home directly, I would understand…" "no, not at all, I would be glad to help you, and honestly you seams like you could really use some help" She smiled at me, her tears lightening in the decreasing sun and while getting in her car she looked at me and quietly said "you're such a nice guy, why are they not all more like you ?!".

We didn't speak for the rest of the ride, at some point, her tears had vanished and she had regain her composure; we arrived at her place about 20 minutes later. It was around 6 o'clock She invited me in and offered me a beer. We chatted for a while and around 7pm I suggested that we go up to her room, because after all, that was the purpose of me being here, right ? She smiled and sweetly answered "you've not been here for more than 2hours and you already want to go in my room ?!" "heu… no, it is to say yes, but not for what you think I want, it's just that you wanted me to look at your PC so…" "relax, I was just kidding, come, it's this way" Pffff, she almost had my heart stopped!

She showed me the direction to her room and pointed her desk with her computer. I sat, and told her it shouldn't be long. She thanked me again and left me to work. After half an hour I had a computer completely fixed and so I call her back in to explain her that when she receives an e-mail from someone she doesn't know, with an attached file and when the title of the e-mail is "quick open this file to win a new car" she shouldn't open it.

(Ghaaaa, what a noob…). By the time we were finished with the computer it was almost 8pm so she invited to stay for dinner, explaining that she had already ordered a pizza and that there was the 3 "Back to the future" on TV (seriously, "back to future"?!

one of my favorite saga!). So we went down to living room, started the movie, waiting for the pizza. We didn't have to wait long; they arrived 10 minutes later. She gave me mine and we sat back on the sofa. She was next to me, rather close than far and I had real trouble focusing on the movie and even more on my pizza.

Around the middle of the second movie, she started to fell asleep, resting her head on my shoulder… I very slowly pass my arm around her shoulder to hold her to me and put my head on hers.

I was so exiting, if someone had enter the room, he would have taken us for a couple. At some point, I started pushing my chance and started planting caress on her cheeks with the back of my hand.

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After 5 minutes or so, she woke up, I freeze, and she looked me in the eyes for what seems like forever and slowly whispered, "Kiss me". I freaked out, almost dropped her and run off, but I couldn't move… And don't know how, if it was gravity or animal instinct but my head did approach hers, and we kissed. At first slowly, just a peck on the lips, but then something happens, I could see lust in her eyes and our kiss changed, bringing more passion; and we kissed, again and again.

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I could hear her moan, more and more loudly, so I started to bring my hands from her sides, to her stomach, and was nicely heading for her breast. When she understood what I was about to do, she pulled off, I though I had gone to far, but then she gave me one of her smile and took her shirts and bras off. OMG! She was even more beautiful than what I had expected. She had round, firm tits, with perky nipples that stood out for attention, desperately crying for someone to suck them.

And as I'm no man no disappoint a nipple, I approached her gently, caressing one breast while sucking the other, and she started moaning again. After a good 20minutes, I grab her ass with both of my hands, pull her to me, and sat her on my dick that was rock hard; even with our two jeans, I could still fell the heat coming from her pussy. I kissed her for several more minutes, before standing up, and taking of my clothes.

She started to do the same thing and by the time I was only wearing my trunks, she was fully naked. She had a small trimmed patch of pubic hair, that looked just adorable!

She started coming to me with a teasing approach, she put her hands on each side of the waistband of my underwear, smiled and asked me "can I?" (Damn, of course, she can!) At that point I lost track of time, my knees felt weak and I had to seat: she had taken me into her mouth slowly pumping my prick with her ever so soft hands!

Good it was just to much for me I had to stopped her, I tried to pull her away with my hands, but she grabbed my but and push down hard, having for effect to insert the totality of my 8 inches cock into her throat.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I tried to warn her, but she continue bobbing her head up and down, licking my balls from time to time, and then it happened, I erupted again and again in the back of her throat, almost directly into her stomach.

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She kept licking me, swallowing every bit of cum in the process, having for effect to keep me hard. She looked back at me and asked "so, are you going to put that thing inside my pussy or do I have to suck you another time?". As appealing as another blowjob seamed, at that point, I really wanted to fuck her, but felt guilty because I didn't gave her any orgasm first… I grabbed her and started to kiss her lips, her shoulders, her nipples, her belly button and was about to lick her sweet vagina, when she stopped me, pulling me by my hair and saying "quit the teasing, I'm wet enough already, now fuck me, HARD!" So I took her, turned her around, putting her hand on the back of the sofa, and spreading her legs, getting reading to take her from behind.

She grabbed my dick and guided my manhood into a love tunnel. Houuu she wasn't as tight as I would have wanted her to be, I guess that's what happens when you're the most beautiful girl on the planet. But she was hot, so very hot, and wet, very very wet, I just pumped into her; going in, out, in, out, again and again. She was moaning, panting, shaking even screaming from time to time having orgasm after orgasm: I was the only thing that kept her standing thanks to the good hold I had on her hips.

As I tried to grab her tits, she fell a little, not much, but enough for my cock to pop out. As I didn't want to let go of her breast, I just pumped my dick right back in but something was wrong, she quitted moaning, seemed a lot more tense, and her hole felt a lot tighter it's only when she looked back at me with tears in her eyes that I understood that I had just taken her anal virginity.

I apologized and was about to take it out, when she screamed "NOOOOOOOooooooo, please continue, it feels good, but go slowly". And so I did, I started pumped in her tiny rear, but I had already been working her pussy for to long and wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Hopefully a few seconds later she came again, with an orgasm more powerful than her previous ones, and her anal muscle tighten, milking my dick and so I came, hard in her but! After a few minutes, we both collapse on the sofa, to tired to anything else.

After a good night sleep, full of nasty dreams, we took time for a quickie in the shower before leaving for school. She talked to a lot of her friends and the following days, I get lots of computer to fix if you know what I mean… But this is another story! Don't hesitate to leave comments, there is more to "cum" if you have enjoyed this… TungstenJosh