First time faced with shaking black schlong up her mouth

First time faced with shaking black schlong up her mouth
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first time, part 3 recap I had gone to a local Lesbian bar in the hopes of finding a woman to have my 'first time' with. I didnt find one, I found two. or was it them that found me? I had met Lady Katherine and her slave cunnie at the bar.

We made out right there and Lady Katherine had asked if I wanted to play with them as a submissive for tonight only. to see if it was what I wanted. I had agreed and followed Her out to Her limo and We all made Our way to her home.


Once in the car, My training began. When we arrived at Mistress's home, We all had marvelous fun in Mistress's huge bathtub. This continues from there. first time, part 3 cont. Mistress was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for us patiently. A silver tray of small tapered glass cylinders and metal objects, along with various other things was sitting beside her.

cunnie led me to the bed and motioned me to kneel in front of Mistress. she did the same, holding up her collar to Mistress. "Mistress, would you please put your collar back on your cunnie?" she whispered softly.

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Mistress took the collar and gripped cunnie's hair gently, pulling cunnie's head into Her lap and buckled the collar back into place, snapping the small lock closed that I had not noticed before. Mistress then caressed cunnie's head and lifted cunnie gently by her hair for a deep loving kiss. cunnie lowered her head and kissed the cleavage of Mistresses breasts, then stood and motioned me to her spot as she turned and went about her task of pouring wine for all of Us.

I shifted over and offered up the collar to Mistress. "Mistress, would you please put your collar back on your sherry?" Mistress smiled and took the collar in one hand, and my hair in the other. She guided my head to her smooth toned thighs and buckled the collar into place. Mistress the did as She had done with cunnie and lifted me gently by the hair to kiss me deep and lovingly. I followed the motions that cunnie had and kissed the deep cleft between Mistresses breasts before sitting back down to the floor and moving to the side to make room for cunnie's return.

Once cunnie poured all three glasses, she gently placed one between her breasts, surprisingly holding it in place as she picked up the other two. turning slowly to Mistress and offering her breasts and the wine glass to Her. Mistress caressed both nipples gently and then took the offered glass. cunnie then turned to me and handed me a glass, taking the last for herself and knelt next to me before our loving Mistress.

Mistress offered the first toast. "To new lovers." We all took a drink. cunnie chimed in next. "To new experiences." Again, we all took a drink.

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They both looked to me for a toast. "to a new life!" I toasted, and drained my glass. "May sherry have more, Mistress?" Having drained Her own glass, Mistress nodded and held her own glass out. cunnie grabed the bottle and poured us all a full glass.

Again my curiousity nudged me to ask. "Mistress, what are these things on the tray?" "These, My little sherry, are vacume tubes." She answered. Then asked. "Would you like to see how they are used?" "Yes, Mistress." I replied. "My cunnie, would you please prepare my right nipple and demonstrate the use of the tubes to sherry?" "Yes, Mistress. Gladly" cunnie smiled. cunnie took a small tube of lubricant and squeezed a small amount onto her finger.

she then rubbed it into Mistress's right nipple. coating it completely. "The gel does four things, sister. The first is it helps make a good seal with the tube. The second is that it makes it more comfortable as the skin does not stick to the tube. third, it warms slightly. finally," cunnie giggled. "it tastes good when you lick it off." cunnie then picked up what looked like a handle with a guage and a short hose on it and one of the tapered glass tubes.

she connected the hose to the tube and slipped the tube over Mistress's long thick nipple. The tube was about three inches long and about an inch around at the open end, and about a half inch at the closed end that was capped with a metal valve.

"the valve keeps the suction once you take off the pump." cunnie stated. Mistress's nipple stuck about a third of the way into the tube. cunnie stared pumping slowly and Mistress moaned. I watched in awe as Mistress's nipple was sucked further into the tube. getting longer and thicker. cunnie counted off a set of pumps and checked the length of Mistress's nipple before removing the hose. Mistress's nipple was now about 2 inches long and expanded to the sides of the tube.

the flesh was flushed to bright red. my mouth watered at the sight. "Oh my." I whispered. "Does it hurt, Mistress?" "Not at all, if done properly, My sherry." She replied."In fact, it is very stimulating to Us.

though they can be more sensitive overall and can be sore during 'that time' of the month. "How long does it stay on?" "My cunnie pumps My nipples for half an hour, twice a day.

she pumps her own with Me in the mornings and wears the stretchers at night." Mistress pointed to two metal rings with looped posts on either side.

turning to cunnie, She said. "you may do My other one now, My cunnie." cunnie kissed the uncovered nipple on Mistress's other breast. "Yes, Mistress." she then repeated the procedure on that nipple. "Now," Mistress said. "lets show My little sherry how your stretchers work, My cunnie." cunnie rose again to her knees, and again cunnie leaned in and kissed the exposed cleavage of Mistress large breasts.

"Yes, Mistress." she arched her back, pushing out her chest. cunnie then reached up to her collar and removed a small tool from a hidden spot. handing it to Mistress. Mistress took the offered tool and looked to me. "The balls at the end of the posts in My cunnie's nipples are impossible to remove without this little tool." Mistress then removed one little ball from each of the two posts. dropping both into the small cup of liquid. Mistress explained the procedeure. "The solution in the glass is a mix of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean and sterilize the parts before they go back in and to do the same to the piercing when put back in." Mistress then gently pulled both posts from cunnie's long, thick nipples and dropped them into the cup as well.

Mistress picked up a pipe cleaner from the tray and dipped it in the solution. then proceeded to gently push it through the hole on one of cunnie's nipples. Mistress heard my gasp and explained. "I'm not hurting her, My sherry. The pipe cleaner is soft. I just like to make sure My cunnie is in good health.

I would not want her to get an infection." "Mistress, do you take the posts out when cunnie is pumping her nipples?" I wondered aloud. "Yes, My sherry. I remove the posts and stretchers before We pump her nipples and replace the posts afterwards for the remainder of the day." Mistress answered. Mistress continued and ran a clean pipe cleaner with solution through the hole on the other nipple. "Now the stretchers." She said, pucking up one of the metal rings with looped posts on either side from the tray and pulling one of the nipple posts from the cup.

"These help make the nipple longer, along with the pumping. by 'training' the skin to stretch." Mistress slipped the stretcher over cunnie's nipple. and slid the post through one hole of the stretcher, cunnie's nipple, and out the other side. She then took a ball out of the solution and screwed it on the end. the overall effect was now that cunnie's nipple was almost two inches long and cone shaped.

Mistress repeated the proceedure with the other nipple. "There we go, all finished. My sherry would you care to take a closer look at them?" "Yes, Mistress. sherry is very interested in getting her nipples pierced." I replied.

"Go ahead. you may examine them as you like, fingers or even tongue. I know My cunnie enjoys the attention." Mistress smiled and trailed a long nail gently down the length of one of cunnie's stretched nipples, eliciting a low moan from my new 'sister'. I sat up on my knees and kisses the cleavage of my beautiful Mistress. "Thank You, Mistress." I smiled up to Her. Then I turned to look at cunnie, who was still sitting the with her back arched and long nipples pointing out in front of her.

I took Mistress words to heart and caressed one softly, feeling the taut flesh beneath my finger. Then I leaned down and opened my mouth to take the other one fully in and suckled on it softly for a moment.

cunnie moaned and hugged me close, stroking my hair and trembling under my attentions. "you may cum, My cunnie. I know you want to" Mistress said with a smile. "T-t-thank You, M-m-mistrESS!" cunnie stuttered and screamed out the last part as she fell back, her nipple popping from my mouth. she shivvered and gasped as she came. Dribbling her juices out and down the crack of her ass and into the carpet. Mistress looked to me and asked.

"Would My sherry like to try pumping first?. I can pierce you here as well if you like. Even if you dont stay with Us. you will have something to remember the night by." "Oh, Yes, Mistress. sherry would like to see what it feels like." I blushed. "Alright, then. My cunnie, it should be close to time to remove these. yes?" Mistress asked. cunnie sat up and looked to the bedside clock.

"Yes, Mistress. would you like sherry to help cunnie in the removal process?" Mistress laid back and said. "I would love that, My cunnie." cunnie and I both stood up and climbed up on either side of Mistress. The glass tubes were sticking almost straight up. Mistress's nipples were an almost angry red now.

cunnie looked at me and guided My actions. "It is very simple, sister. first gently grasp the tube to hold it in place. On the count of three, we will both press the buttons here." cunnie pointed. "this will release the pressure on Mistress's nipples.

after that, when I tell you, lift the tube off gently. 1,2,3, press" The tubes hissed slightly and Mistress's nipples shrank a bit. They were still larger than when She started. their color slowly faded from red to pink. "Very good, sister. now lift it off, and lets clean Mistress and sooth Her tender nipples." We lifted the tubes clear and I followed cunnie's motions.

we both leaned down to slowly lick Mistress's nipples clean. The gel tasted of cherry. Mistress moaned and cupped our heads to her breasts as we gently sucked the engorged nipples soothingly. Mistress moaned and arched Her chest up to Us, pulling our heads into her pillowy breasts. "Oh, yes, My sweet girls. Rub My pussy too." She moaned.

Cunnie and I lifted our heads just enough to speak, "Yes, Mistress." we said togather and kissed the tips of Her nipples before suckling them again and each sliding a hand down to cup Her smooth slit. cunnie slid her fingers into Mistress's pussy and I rubbed Mistress's clit in circles.

Mistress bucked and wrigled under our combined ministrations. Finally crying out in extacy as She came on our hands. She pulled us both off her tender nipples and kissed us both deeply. "Very good, My sweet girls. Now both of you get down there and clean Me up." cunnie and I kissed the mounds of Mistress's breasts, and chanted "Yes, Mistress" in unison.

Then we slid down and each lapped one side of Mistress's smooth tasty slit clean. "Mmmmm, very nice, My girls." Mistress said lovingly. "Now sherry. lay back. It's your turn. Do you want to be pierced too? or just pumped?" She asked me. "Mistress, may sherry ask questions first?" Mistress nodded.

"Of course. As many as you like, My sherry" "Thank You, Mistress. Why aren't you pierced, Mistress?" "Thats simple really, I have a skin allergy to most metals, even surgical steel. Even hypo-allerganic ear rings give Me a rash, unfortunately." She explained. "Oh. Will piercing sherry's nipples hurt much?" Mistress smiled."I will try to make it as painless as possible.

I'll use a different gel in the cylinders that will numb your pretty little nipples. Once the pumping is finished, I will sterilize your nipples and inject you with novicane to numb them further. When your nipples are fully numb, I'll run the piercing needle through. Do you want to try stretchers like cunnie has?" I nodded, blushing. "Yes, please, Mistress." Mistress turned to cunnie. "My cunnie, go get the piercing kit, two inch long by 3/4 inch vacume cylinders, a set of half inch long stretchers and a set of posts.

Also some travel packs of aspirin, water and tissues." cunnie rose and kisses Mistress's chest, "Yes, Mistress." she said and left to get the requested items. Mistress reached into the nightstand to pull out a different tube of gel. "This gel will numb your nipples on the outside and make the pumping less painful.

Lay back, and let me mark the guide holes." She guided.


I leaned forward and kisses her breasts before laying back. "yes, Mistress." Mistress took out a marker and straddled my hips. She leaned over me and marked both nipples right at the base. "your nipples are a good size around, My sherry.

too small and the posts will slide. to large and the balls will pinch, irritate, and even chafe the skin." She then took the numbing gel and rubbed it over my hard nipples, causing me to moan. I heard a giggle as cunnie came back in with a second tray. "The items you requested, Mistress." she stated. "Good girl, My cunnie. Set it on the nightstand and bring the aspirin and water.

My sherry, take the aspirin. it will give it time to get into your body and make it less painful once the novicane wears off. It will also help keep the swelling down. there will be more aspirin for before we finally go to bed and in the morning. you'll need it." I took the aspirin and chased it with the water.

the gel on my nipples was already starting to work. Mistress held out her hand to cunnie, who took one of the shorter cylinders and the pumping handle and gave it to Her.

Mistress connected the tube to the hose and covered my right nipple with the glass cone. "Now, My sherry, pumping is a gradual process. We will pump your nipples to about 3/4 of an inch for now. you will need to wear the stretchers for 6 weeks to let your nipples stretch and heal properly.

you wont be able to pump them again until you are fully healed." Mistress then slowly pumped the grip on the handle and My nipple was sucked into the tube and expanded to touch the sides. Once satisfied, She removed the hose and held Her hand out to cunnie again, and recieved the other glass cylinder.

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She connected the second cylinder and placed it over my left nipple. Smiling, She pumped the grip and sucked my nipple into the cylinder to match the first. "Now then, while we wait we can play a bit more.

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Have you ever been spanked, My sherry?" "Yes, Mistress. sherry loves spanking, even on sherry's pussy. sherry has cum a few times from a good spanking. but most guys dont know how to make it last." "How wide has your pretty pussy been stretched, My sherry?" Mistress asked while caressing My wet slit. I blushed again. "sherry likes fisting.

if that is what your asking, Mistress." Mistress grinned big and slid three fingers into My pussy slowly, making me moan softly."Good, because I like making My girls cum on My hands." She pumped her fingers a few times.

Then added Her pinky and slid her palm slowly into me. Pumping a few more times. Then adding her thumb and pushing her whole hand into My cunt. Once inside me, she poked at my cervix. "Ever had your cervix fisted, My sherry?" "Not Fisted, Mistress." I gasped out to Her. "But, sherry has had her long dildo pop through regularly." Mistress fisted me wil long sure strokes. She extended a finger inside me and slid it into my cervix as her fist pumped my pussy.

She also motioned cunnie over into the bed and directed her to my clit. I exploded all over Mistress's hand and wrist as I came over and over again. the force of the orgasms making me pass out for a few moments. When I came to, Mistress was laying on one side of me, and cunnie was on the other. Both were caressing me gently, Mistress stroking my face and hair, cunnie rubbing my belly, arm, and hip.

"Welcome back, My sherry." Mistress tipped a sports bottle to my lips. "Drink slowly, My sherry." I lifted my head with Mistress's help and sipped at the bottle. It tasted like Gatoraid. "how are you feeling?" Mistress asked softly. "I.,"pausing as my brain finished working through the fog and taking account of my body. "sherry feels ok, Mistress. Did sherry pass out?" Mistress kissed my forehead lovingly. "Yes, little one.

you have been unconsious for about five minutes. Have you ever passed out from cumming before?" "sherry has been lightheaded after a strong orgasm, Mistress. but never passed out before." I nuzzled Mistress's chest softly, then cunnie's. I felt very safe and loved at that moment. "My cunnie, please go down to the kitchen and bring up some fruits and cheeses." Mistress directed. cunnie sat up and leaned over me to kiss Mistress's chest.

"Yes, Mistress." she then smiled to me, kissed My breasts and slid off to get the food. "Once cunnie gets back it should be time to take off those cylinders. and we can pierce you. how is the gel working?" Mistress asked. "sherry does not feel the cylinders at all, Mistress.

but sherry does feel the pull slightly underneath." "That is good, My sherry. Once I remove them, I will give you a shot on each side of each nipple. The needle is tiny.

you might have a drop of blood from them at most. Then I will clamp and pierce them." I rested me head on Mistress's breasts. Watching Her nipples slowly shrink back to about an inch long. my mind wandered to various thoughts.

"Mistress?" I said to Her, looking up at her as She stroked my hair lovingly. "Yes, My sherry?" She replied and looked gently into my eyes. I saw love, passion, caring, all in that one look. "Mistress, would you own sherry totally? Would all sherry's possessions become yours?" "Not totally, My sherry. you would keep title to your car, monies, clothes, properties.

you could live here, if you like. plenty of room and closet space. I would go through your clothes and see what you would be allowed to keep. and cunnie and I go out shopping weekly. you would come along too. If you stay. you could park you car here. you would not have to work outside. I could find a place for your talents and give you a stipend/allowance like I do cunnie. you would be expected to serve Me in any command I give without hesitation or question in front of anyone else.

When it is just the three of Us you may ask questions all you like." "would you want sherry, Mistress?" I asked softly.

Mistress leaned in and kisses me full on the lips. "Yes, I would, My little sherry." cunnie returned with the food and set it down before sliding back up against my other side. I turned my head to look at her. I saw the same look in her eyes as I did in Mistress's. "cunnie, would you want sherry as a 'sister' and lover?" cunnie smiled and glanced up to Mistress for permission to answer my question.

Mistress nodded and spoke.

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"Answer of your own will, My cunnie. I know what you will say." cunnie smiled and kissed me "cunnie would love to have you as a 'sister' and lover, sherry. but in all honesty, cunnie is owned and her will is that of Mistress's. cunnie has no power over who offers or who is accepted by Mistress." I turned my head back to Mistress and thought for a moment. "Mistress, sherry offers all that she is to You.

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To command, to use, and hopefully love as well. Please let sherry's first act of submission to You be that you pierce sherry's nipples to make them like cunnie's.

Will you own sherry, Mistress?" "Knowing to true harm will come to you and knowing that what you own as of this moment will still be yours if you choose to leave in the future. Do you defer all your actions, body and will to Me, sherry, to do with as I will?" Mistress asked with an air of authority.

"Yes, Mistress, sherry does." I answered proudly. "Then sit up and remove the cones from your nipples and offer them to Me so that I may pierce them and put My mark on you." I kissed the pale skin of Her breast reverently.

"Yes, Mistress." and sat up to remove the glass cylinders. "cunnie, fetch a lock for your sister's collar." Mistress directed. "Yes, Mistress." cunnie replied and jumped up to step to a cabinet on the far side of the bed. Removing a small lock and returning with it to kneel at Mistress's feet. I released the cylinders and watched as My nipples shrank to about half an inch long. but half again as fat at the base as they were before.

I turned to face Mistress. "sherry's body is Yours, Mistress. sherry graciously accepts the piercings as a mark of your ownership along with the collar." "cunnie.


put the lock on the tray and hold your sisters arms for the injections. just to make sure you dont move too much, My sherry. "Yes, Mistress" cunnie replied and slid her naked body behind me to hold my arms and cup my breasts for our Mistress. Mistress opened a new syringe and drew out ameasured ammount from the vial of novicane.

Then grasped my nipple and pressed the small needle into the mark She had made previously. Mistress then repeated the injections three more times to the other marks on my nipples. she then grasped both nipples gently and slowly pinched them almost flat.

looking at me and guaging my reaction. "feel anything, My sherry?" I replied, "No pain, Mistress. Just the pressure of the needle for a moment." "Good. now lay back against cunnie and close your eyes. the next part will be over in a moment." I kissed Mistress's chest before laying back. "Yes, Mistress." my head rested comfortably on and between cunnie's breasts. I closed my eyes and let myself go to the pleasure, comfort and love of these two women.

Mistress sterilized and clamped both nipples. then opened a long, flat and skinny blade like needle. She poked each of the four marks, testing to see if I felt anything. then ran the needle through one nipple quickly.

following it with a stretcher and post. She then did the same to the other. Screwing the balls into place until they clicked. "Open your eyes, My sherry. and look at your new nipples." I looked down at My nipples. They were beautiful.

I touched them gently. "Mistress, may sherry have a new name? like you did for cunnie." Mistress smiled "That would be fitting. A new name for a new life. any suggestions?" She asked Cunnie giggled, "Mistress, how about 'cheri' with the french spelling?" Mistress considered for a moment. "Hmmm, I like the sound of that, My cunnie.

what do you think, My cheri? does that name suit you?" "Yes, Mistress. cheri loves that name." I smiled widely Mistress pulled me forward and guided my head back into Her lap. "As you have given to Me. So shall I give to you, My cheri." She picked up the lock and snapped it into place. "Welcome home, My cheri.