Lovely teen playgirl rides and blows dick hardcore blowjob

Lovely teen playgirl rides and blows dick hardcore blowjob
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Marci stood at the kitchen island gazing out the window of her loft. She feels a rough whisper in her ear. " Don't turn around. And don't fight me. And you'll have the best night of your life." My sandpaper growl and my next words raises goosebumps on her skin. " I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna scream and beg me for more." She feels my body press up against her back, my breath in her ear, my hand slowly travels up the back of her thigh.

My callused fingers quickly dip inside her sopping wet panties. She feels, more than hears, a low, mean chuckle. " Such a little slut, aren't you? Can't wait for my cock to fuck you hard?" I roughly grab her arm - that sent shivers of anticipation along rippling through her body - and starts to steer her out of the kitchen.

She has not seen my face, the sound of my voice has her nipples tight into hard little buds poking against her dress. She wanted to turn around and rub her pussy on me as soon as we got into the hall. My hands trail down her neck and roughly grab and twist her nipples through her dress. She arches backward, trying to get my mouth onto her neck or mouth for some satisfaction.

" Not yet, you hot little bitch. You want it so bad?" My voice sends more chills of longing through her body. It seems the chills centered and ended at her pussy, and She feels her wetness running down the inside of her thighs. I shove her roughly down the hall. Stopping at the door to the bedroom, pushing her aganist the wall. Roughly sliding her dress up, then jamming my hand between her thighs. Jamming two fingers roughly into her pussy giving a hard rub.

She moans, and her body arches into a taut bow. " Please," She whispers. " You just want me to rub that wet little slit of yours, don't you? Marci. All you can think about is cumming right now." I muttered, every inch of bare skin on her body tingled.

Everytime I ran my hands near her nipples or her pussy, she would try to press herself toward me. I spend a few minutes roughly caressing her inner thighs, her clit, and pussy. She had always fantasized about being taken forcefully by a man. Her body is reacting accordingly. I pushed her roughly into the bedroom towards the bed. I push her roughly onto the bed, pressing her face down into the mattress.

She feels her dress pushed up and her panties ripped off. I growl, " Let's get started." Marci feels her slick pussy lips parted and the rock-hard head of my monster cock starting to enter her.

She feels each inch pushing deeper and deeper inside her. She is so turned on now her pussy is gushing. I'm savoring the feeling of entering her tightness, I entered her gently. Marci feels the head of my cock finally hitting bottom, she moans.

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" oooo oooohhhhhhhhhhhh.ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.mmmmmmmmmm." Her pussy tightening around me like a vise. My cock feels so good deep inside her. As Marci is about to start moving, she feels me pull my cock almost completely out, then slam it back into her. There is no more " gentlnes," now as I her pussy hard and deep from behind, entering her fully and deeply with each thrust.

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Marci starts to cum immediately from the feel of me stretching her. She is writhing on the bed, moaning " oooo oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." The feeling of a hard monster cock slamming in and like piston is indescribable.

She continues cumming around my monster cock slamming her hard and deep. After several minutes of this, she hears me groan " UUUUU HHHHH.UUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH," she starts feeling the pulsing of my cock in her pussy. She keeps squeezing me with her pussy, feeling jets of cum shooting loads of cum deep into her pussy. " Oh, God, baby, you're unbelievable," She hears my voice that all-of-a-sudden sounds familiar as she feels a warm kiss on her neck and my body collapses on top of her.


I raise up off of her, leaving her on the bed and leave the room. Marci lays waiting on her bed, halfway drifting off, waiting for me to walk into the room. Finally, she hears the door open. Her pussy immediately starts to get slick, getting ready for all that I will do to her.

It's dark in her room from the shades covering the windows, lit only by soft ceiling lghts, she knows I can easily see her pale body against the soft, dark sheets. Without a word, I lean over her on the bed and gently roll her to her side, facing away from me. Her pussy clenches in desire. Marci feels my hand stroke her shoulder and my fingertips graze first the tops of her breasts, then cup the undersides, as I begin to nip and lick her " spot " where her neck meets her shoulder - eliciting goosebumps and moans as she is unable to hold back.

" AAAAAAAhhhhhhh.MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm." Her hips begin to push back against me, seeking my cock, and her nipples pebble into hard little points. Finally, my hand nears her aching pussy. She arches towards me, wanting to feel some part of me inside her. I dip one finger in, to feel how wet she is, and I growl in her ear " Ah, my dirty little slut. You've been playing in your pussy waiting for my return, haven't you?" My deep rough voice reverberating in her ear making her body clench in anticipation and she starts to push her ass back at me again, seeking relief.

" Oh no, Marci. If you're gonna be a little slut without me around, you'll cum when I want you to when I'm here." She can barely stand it. She needs my cock inside her again - her mouth, her ass, her pussy - now.

I flip her over onto her back again and before she knows what's happening, I lock one of her wrists into my handcuffs, grabbing the other and securing her to the headboard of my bed.

Now she can see me, though not for long as I whip a blindfold out of my pocket. She sees the evidence that my cock wants to be inside her just as much as she wants it there.

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I blindfold her and she hears me taking off all of my clothes. She senses me near her, I have not touched her again yet. Until she feels my cock rubbing against her right nipple.

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She tries to push her breast more fully against it and gain some satisfaction, but I pull away. " I'm gonna fuck your mouth like I want to, my dirty, little slut," I whisper.


My cock pushes past her lips and into her mouth. She has learned to love the velvety feel of my hard cock on her tongue, and she immediately starts licking and sucking it like she knows I like. I have other ideas. I grab her head and start thrusting into her mouth to the hilt. She barely takes all of me in, I keep fucking her mouth.hard, my whole body over her. Marci starts moving her body any way she can to relieve the intense ache she has to cum.

She pushes her nipples around on my legs as I straddle her. My rough hair gives her some satisfaction. I maneuver one of my hair-roughened legs in between hers.


Oh thank you! I know she loves that. She starts to hump her pussy against my knee. She is so slick and wet now, it must surprise me, she feels my cock tense up in her mouth like I'm about to cum. Her pussy is throbbing. She is trying to thrust her clit a little bit harder and for a longer stroke along my leg, she will explode.

I realize this, and take my whole body away from her cock and all. She whimpers. " Not yet, Marci," I say as she feels my teeth nip her hip. I twist her over in the handcuffs and bite her ass hard. Marci yelps in pain and surprise, but amazingly, her pussy gushes out more wetness.

Then as I lick and soothe the bite, my hands come around and grab her nipples, pinching and twisting them sharply. She has learned to love this and she starts to go wild, pushing her ass back against my face and tongue, just wanting me inside her anywhere. My tongue rims her asshole and pushes inside slightly. She pushes back harder, wanting more. I growl and roughly pushes her over onto her belly, twisting her handcuffed wrists painfully and immobilizing me.

" Up on your knees, Marci," I say as I grab her hips and help her get her pussy to the height I want. With no more warning than that, she feels my cock slam inside her. My balls slap against her ass. My hands stroke up her back lightly, gently, then come around to her breasts grabbing them roughly.

Once I have my fingers clamped onto her nipples, I use them as an anchor as I slam inside her as hard as I can. The pull and pinch on her nipples along with the rough hard thrusts her pussy is experiencing drives her over the edge. Marci starts ramming her hips back against me to meet my thrust for thrust. She twists her body to increase the pain in her nipples and wrists.

Her pussy is starting to contract on the first ripples of an orgasm when I let go of one of her nipples, pulls back my hand, and slaps her hard on her ass. Her whole body contracts like a bow.

Her orgasm builds, and she starts to scream. The tightening of her muscles around my cock starts to milk me and my thrusts inside her become a hard slamming piston. Then I stop and tense my body and she feels my cock throbbing and jerking as I explode pumping my seed inside her. That's what she loves and lives for. Her pussy keeps milking me. She cums for longer than she ever has before.

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She loves being my dirty, little slut and looks forward with anticipation for my visits to New York.