Letting him eat that pussy and ass

Letting him eat that pussy and ass
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Recap: Captain Tom Wilkinson finally made it home and to everyone's surprise made it with his 14 year old daughter when they got home. That was a shocker huh? Introduction: We finally return to our true protagonist Emma Watson and her boyfriend Robert.

Just remember when you make a bet it's your responsibility to pay up but just be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Here is Part 8 enjoy. Meanwhile Midshipmen Emma Watson was putting the final touches of her outfit together. Wearing her favorite five inch black Stiletto's heels her eyes traveled up from her feet in the mirror scanning her legs that were just freshly shaven making them silky smooth.

The red skin tight dress she chose that stopped mid thigh was created not only to attract the eye of the males but making the females jealous as well. Emma put her right foot forward and her hands on her hips like they do in the magazine ads and twisted her body in the full length mirror admiring how the dress accentuated her rock hard ass.

Like most women she was concerned with the curve of her ass especially when you aren't wearing any panties. Then she spun to the front and her neckline plunged down to her stomach as she wasn't wearing a bra but her breasts were looking particularly perky knowing that she was being a bad girl by going out commando tonight. Her cleavage looked just right and her hair draped down to the middle of her back.

She had very little makeup on but she was wearing blood red lipstick that accentuated her face. 2nd Lieutenant Robert Mills was patiently waiting for his girl to immerge from his bedroom. Robert kept things rather simple a pair of slacks and a nice dress shirt and a sports coat that accentuated his very broad shoulders.

The two of them were off to a night club called Top Dog a local meat market for both men and women. If the two of them played their cards right tonight there might be a chance to bring home a hot unsuspecting girl to make a threesome later in the evening.

When Emma emerged from the room she spun for Robert, "So what do you think?" She lifted the front of her dress to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties and a clean shaven pussy, "You like?" Robert's eyes bugged out of his head like a cartoon character, "Spec tac u lar!!!" Robert couldn't believe his luck that he was with Emma.

The first time he saw her in the hallways of the Academy he made it his one goal to be with her. It says a lot about a woman who can turn a standard Naval uniform look spectacular like Emma does. Aside from her obvious beauty what captured Robert was when he looks deep into her brown eyes he melts every time as if she was letting him deep inside of her soul.

That is the one thing above all of her other amazing attributes that makes Emma the most attractive to him.


"Are you sure we have to go honey? We could just stay in tonight and have some fun role playing just by ourselves." Emma smiled, "We've been putting this off for a while now." She twirled for him and batted her eyelashes at him, "I lost the bet and now I have to live up to my end.

We find another woman to join us tonight you hear me Lieutenant?" Robert giggled at her, "Well, you should know better than to bet the Lions over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day." Emma came over to the couch and flopped down into his lap putting her finger to his chin looked deep in his eyes and kissed him. She smiled at him as their foreheads touched one another, "Well, I made you pay up when you lost your bet and we found a second guy for me.

I don't Welch on my bets I lost and I'm a big girl besides I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. I still think it's kinda creepy but (Emma wrapped her arms around her big strong man and kissed him on the lips again) "I think it's going to be even more exciting watching you try to please a second woman at the same time." Robert said, "Okay, okay you're not getting out of this." Then they were off to Top Dog to divide and conquer some unsuspecting young lady. They arrived at the club and it wasn't as packed as they thought it would be but then again it is Sunday night after all.

There were quite a few women dancing and clustered into little clans throughout the club. Once they made several rounds looking for their prey they met up back at the bar and Emma said, "You know this was a lot easier trying to find a guy who wants to be part of the a three way than a woman.

I guess women are much more leery of such strange offerings." Robert leaned in, "Well, there are several ladies on my radar that I would like to approach let me show you." Robert taking Emma's arm with his began to scan the room and when he came across a young lady he would stop and wait for Emma's denial or approval. This night isn't just for Robert but also for Emma. They finally agreed on two women if both said no then it would be going back home disappointed and more than likely no sex.

Robert said, "Stay here and let's see if I can work some magic." Emma straightened his jacket ran her fingers through his hair and slapped him on the ass, "Go get 'em tiger." Robert made his way to the first girl that they agreed on but he was quickly shot down and was pushed away with a slap across his face as her boyfriend who had just returned from the bar with several drinks in hand.

Then he was down to his last chance. Robert recovered and winked back at Emma as he crossed the dance floor to the other side of the bar. He walked up to the young lady and appeared to ask her to dance and she agreed and he led her by hand out to the dance floor. Robert appeared to be introducing his self on the dance floor, "Hi, I'm Rob what's your name?" Giving him a big smile, "Hi, I'm Annie. You look quite fetching tonight!! You look a lot better out of your uniform but I've been dying all day to see you out of your clothes all together Lieutenant!!

So, does Emma suspect anything?" Robert said, "Come on keep a low profile like you promised okay. It's bad enough that she doesn't know about us as it is." Annie said, "This is your master plan Lieutenant to have both of your lover's in the bed at the same time.


You know this is eventually going to blow up in your face but it's not me who's going to blow it it's going to be you. You are going to say something or do something that she's going to suspect or later she's going to catch us and then she's going to leave you.

Look Robert maybe you should rethink this my man is in Afghanistan and he'll never know about this and Robert I'm not leaving him for you. So, is this game you are willing to play?

Because the only loser here is going to be you! Emma will find someone else and you're never going to find anyone like her again!!! So, again do you really want to do this?" Robert said, "Ensign, it's going to be worth having the two best pieces of ass in my bed fucking my brains out.

Even if it's one night it will be one astonishing night to remember. I'm willing to take that chance!!! Now, if you don't mind let's go meet Emma and go back to my place and have some fun." Annie said, "You're sure she doesn't know that I work with you?" Robert said, "She's still at the Academy and more than likely will be assigned out of Washington when she graduates so I only have a few months with her anyway. Besides when Chuck gets back from his tour of duty you and I can still have our Thursday afternoons right?" Annie smiled and put her hand on the side of his face, "Every Thursday until you don't want me anymore I promise." Emma was watching the two of them crossing the dance floor towards her and she thought it was quite odd the way that 'slut' was doting on her man.

Emma sat there as if it was nothing and thought, 'keep your cool and all of this will be all over in a few hours then things should get back to normal.' She smiled and held out her hand to greet Annie, "Hi, I'm Emma what's your name?" Annie for the first time saw Emma up-close and personal. She was for more exquisite in person than in her pictures on Robert's desk.

Annie became uncharacteristically jealous knowing that she playing second fiddle to this young 22 year-old even though Annie was already in on the scam for the three-way. It was something that Robert and her put together more than six months ago and they both waited patiently as Robert gradually pushed, pulled and prodded Emma to this point where she was ready to have a second woman in her bed at the same time.

She looked at Robert, "Do you mind if Emma and I talk for a few minutes?" Robert smiled, "Play nice you two." Robert took his drink and noticed one of his Academy buddies at the other end of the bar and went down to say hello.

Robert and his friend Conrad were catching up as they lost all track of time when half an hour later both girls came up and tapped him on the shoulder. He quickly introduced everyone and they all began their idle chit-chat.

Emma had enough of Conrad after five minutes and said, "Conrad it was nice to meet you but I have early classes in the morning at the Academy and I need to get home. Come on honey let's go you can catch up with Conrad tomorrow after work." Then the three of them left and went back to Robert's apartment.

Annie was in her car following Emma and Robert back to his apartment. Robert turned and put his hand on Emma's thigh as they were stopped at a red light, "So what do you think about her? I mean the two of you were talking for quite a while! What were you talking about anyway?" Robert's fingers were caressing her inner thigh making the juices begin to coat her inner vaginal walls. Emma began to giggle as she bit her lip from the pleasure Robert was providing, "We were talking about girl things things that I don't want to share with you but are not that really important.

We talked about you and we talked about boundaries. What she could do to me and what I could do to her. I found out that we both have never been with another woman at the same time so it's going to be a little interesting. She also has a video camera in her car and she wants to know if we want to use it? Don't you think it's kinda strange that she has a video camera in the car?" Robert moved her dress to the side and opened her legs and began playing with her pussy and said, "I don't think we should do any video-taping right?

I mean unless you want to you know have a memento of the evening." Looking over at his woman he sensed some apprehension, "Nah it's probably a bad idea especially with a stranger it could be something that comes back to bite us in the ass later in our lives. It does trouble me that she has a video camera ready in the car she must be a real freak in bed!!! Who knows this could be a real incredible night with her. I still have to say no to the video camera though. So what did you guys talk about me?" Emma smiled, "She told me that she met you once at the pentagon.

She said that she works in the same division as but not with in the same department. She says all the single girls know of you but she said that you are just really an acquaintance.

She openly admitted that she and a lot of the other girls want to fuck you real bad. The only reason she never went for it is because she heard that you were attached. So, she has some morals I wouldn't say too many morals but some all the same even though she might and I stress might be a freak in bed. So, is that why you picked her out because you have the same feelings for her that she has for you?" Robert, figured if he began to lie about the smallest of things then Annie would have been right and he would lose both of them.

Pushing his finger inside of her he said, "Well, I do know of her but I didn't know she was going to be at the club tonight. When I saw her I figured that I would take a wild shot at this with her. I already got shot down once already tonight and since we only agreed on the two women I figured since Annie kinda new me she wouldn't say no.

It is kinda cool that she has thought about me sexually." Emma quickly shot at him, "So have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with her?" She put her hands over his helping him guide his finger inside bringing her closer to orgasm. Robert didn't hesitate to try and lie, "Yes!! But you have to remember that all guys when they see a hottie they imagine what it would be like to be with them honey.

When I saw you for the first time honey I imagined what it would be like with you for like a week until I got up the nerve to ask you out. If you don't know that then you are more innocent than I ever thought.

Every guy in every class of yours at the Academy is jealous that you are taken and they can't fuck your brains out every night. I'm sure that most of the guys are actually jerking off pretending that you are theirs!!!" Emma said, "I know guys look at me. I've noticed that ever since I was about fourteen but these guys jerk off to me?

Really?" Emma put her hand to her chin and thought about that for a couple of seconds, "You know I heard a lot of the porn stars get off knowing that there are hundreds or even thousands of guys imagining that they are fucking them as they watch their videos.

You know that is kinda cool and if Annie feels that way about you then let's make her fantasy come true but no video-taping deal?" Inside Robert was sorta disappointed she didn't want to video tape the evening, "Deal no video-taping and now I know that there is at least two women in the world who fantasize about having sex with me." Robert could feel her pussy starting to drip with anticipation and he added a second finger to help her finally finish on his fingers as her legs were spread across the dashboard as far as they could go.

In the car Annie was following behind her two 'marks' and she was nervous as hell. She wasn't too sure that she gave too much away to Emma when they were sitting together at the bar. She was still not sure telling Emma that Robert and she worked in the same division would raise too many suspicions about her affair with her boyfriend.

Annie was playing every little detail back through her mind like did she give something away with her eyes, her body language or her emotions when she spoke of Robert. She wanted Emma to know that she knew her boyfriend but she wanted to create some sort baseline in case she got too hot and emotional when Robert fucked her in front of Emma.

At the next stop light as Annie sat in the car she saw her fingers shaking. She was really nervous she never fucked her lover, all-be-it her secret lover, in front of another person and especially not in front of the actual woman that was being cheating on. There was also the added pressure of being with a woman for the first time in her life. The one thing that Emma insisted on was that she would fuck Robert first and Annie could do anything that Robert wanted.

They both left it up in the air as to what they would do together but Robert had to be in the room with them. Emma was agreeable to the one request that Annie had and that was Annie wanted to go down on a woman at least once in her life and Emma not wanting to be a prude agreed to her request.

When she pulled through the intersection she had made up her mind that she was going fuck Roberts's brains out right in front of Emma. She decided that she was going to make sure that Robert knew that he was making a mistake being with Emma and that he should only be with her. It was at that moment when she realized that she had a formidable opponent in Emma and that she was going to have to take her down tonight and win Robert for herself once and for all.

As all of these emotions of dominating and becoming essentially the alpha female were running through her veins she glanced up at the picture that was taped to her sun visor. It was a picture of Annie and her boyfriend Chuck who is serving yet another tour of duty in Afghanistan thanks to our lovely new President.

She felt torn by cheating on a soldier that was fighting in a campaign half way around the world for God and Country but Chuck just couldn't measure up literally in bed the way Robert could. As Annie was battling with her guilt and the lust for her stud that was in the car in front of her then they finally arrived back at the apartment.

Emma popped out of the car and went to meet Annie and lacing her arm through Annie's they walked together. Robert watched both women that he was fucking walking towards him. On the right was the woman that he was in love with Emma and his fuck buddy Annie the one woman that would spread her legs for him at any place and time that he wanted. All three made their way to the apartment as each of their eyes were dancing back and forth between each of them. The only person that wasn't part of a threesome before this was Annie and when the door closed behind them she pulled Emma and pushed her back up against the front door and immediately kissed her.

Emma was shocked by Annie's aggressiveness and her passionate kiss. It was softer than Roberts and her tongue felt like velvet in her mouth and her mind began to spin because of it. Her body began to shiver with excitement as Emma returned the passion wanting to meet and equal Annie's aggressiveness by reaching upwards and began to caress Annie's breasts with her hands. Robert watched the two kissing and then un-expectantly his cock shot straight up.

He never knew watching two chicks would get him excited but he knew now that it really turned him on. Watching the two kiss and grope each other for several minutes made him feel like he was being left out and he came up behind Annie looking at her round ass. He lifted her pleated miniskirt and noticed her bare ass. Knowing how much Annie loves to be fingered Robert wet is middle finger and slipped it between the crack of her ass sliding his finger down from her asshole then reaching its destination inside of Annie's pussy.

Annie loved the way Robert played with her and she shivered with excitement as she was being poked and prodded from top to bottom at the same time. Finally Annie broke from Emma's embrace and Robert took his finger and said, "I have something for you honey." Placing his wet finger under Emma's nose, "She smells like peaches open up and taste." Emma did as she was told and Robert put his finger in her mouth.

Emma sucked his finger like it was his thick cock. Grasping his hand with hers and making direct sensual eye contact with Annie her tongue and mouth cleaned her boyfriend's finger. "I think I just changed my mind about not going down on you Annie. I've tasted my pussy on Roberts cock and I love it now I'm intrigued about having a woman finish on my tongue." Robert was hornier than he ever was before and with his cock pushing on his trousers trying to escape he put his arms around both girls and nudging them along he guided them to the bedroom.

Annie broke away from Robert and put her arm around Emma's waist and turned back to their prey, "Make yourself comfortable their stud your girl and I need to clean up before this goes anywhere else." Emma moving her tongue around her mouth was enjoying the pungent taste of Annie's pussy inside of her mouth.

When they entered the bathroom it was now Emma's turn to be the aggressor and when the door closed behind them Emma slammed Annie against the door but this time Emma's hands went under Annie's blouse and found both of her targets as her tongue slipped between her prey's lips. Annie reciprocated quickly and harshly meeting Emma's aggressiveness as her hands slapped Emma ass several times before she caressed it.

Annie was surprised and jealous as to how tight her buttocks was and Emma's tight dress slipped up the small of her back. Annie's fingers like spider legs began to pull her cheeks open while the others were looking for small caverns to hide inside. Instead of Robert's middle finger it was Annie's that slipped between Emma's inner lips this time.

Annie felt her warm fluid that was clinging to her vaginal walls. Annie's finger went as deep as it could go and using circular motions she cleaned as much of Emma's dew from inside of her as she could get. She broke her kiss from Emma and replaced Emma's tongue with her own finger Annie sucked and licked her finger just like Emma had done, "I think that you and I need some alone time, we could have a lot of fun together you and I.

Maybe you and I should find our own time to be alone after tonight what do you think?" Emma smiled at the open invitation to become Annie's lesbian lover and she thought about it for a few seconds as she backed away to the closet in the bathroom. She pulled two enema boxes and tossed one to Annie, "First let's see how tonight goes 'kay?!!

I think that we should be clean as possible if everything goes as expected. If you'd like we can do this together or by ourselves it's up to you." Emma's challenge confirmed Annie's suspicions that Emma was going to protect her property, Robert, and be a worthy opponent.

Taking her skirt off Annie stepped into the bathtub, "I'll let you do the honors unless you need to be alone when you clean yours!!! What do you think?" Annie opened the box and handed the tube to Emma as a challenge. Emma saw that she was in going to be in a cute little cat fight with Annie and that was turning her on too Annie all the more. They were both going to challenge each other for the affections of Robert and playing one-ups-man-ship with each other, "You got it." Emma did not shy away from Annie's ass and like a pro she cleaned her asshole.

Emma then lifted Annie's shirt off and now she was the first to be naked between them. "I hope you do a good job because I want you to toss my salad and it's your tongue that's going inside baby!!!" As Annie was drying her ass Emma turned and asked Annie to help her and unzip her dress. Annie put her arms around Emma's shoulders and whispered in her ear, "What if we were to stay in here for a while what do you think?" Emma smiled as Annie's hands felt great on her breasts, "Just for a little while besides Robert is so amped up that I'm surprised that he isn't in here taking pictures of us together." Annie giggled in Emma's ear and leaned back pushed her hair to the side and her fingers were jumping all over the place as she was still nervous and unzipped her new lover's dress.

As Emma's dress fell to the floor Annie gulped as she was gazing at Emma's perfect nude and lean body. The girls switched places as Emma was in the tub now then Annie gingerly slipped the enema tube inside of her patient while Annie's finger found Emma's tiny little clit.

Annie could feel the pleasure that she was giving Emma as she was shivering with ecstasy it actually surprised that she was enjoying herself as well. Emma's eyes were closed and her head tilting back and forth with the rhythm of Annie's fingers gliding over her clit Annie asked, "Does it feel good?" Emma's mind was awash in circles as she bent down to push the fluid out of her asshole and her hand went to the wall slapping it hard as Annie was close to giving her an orgasm.

Emma's orgasm was so intense that she was beginning to lose her balance in the tub. The sensation of pushing out the lukewarm water from her asshole and Annie's finger became too much.

Emma didn't want her to stop and when she finally finished her orgasm Annie got her wish as she dropped to her knees outside of the tub and buried her face between Emma's shaking thighs. Her tongue was magic as she cleaned Emma's pussy. Emma let go of Annie's head and looking down at this strange woman she met less than an hour ago said, "Okay Okay Okay you won this round!!!

Let me clean up and I'll let you go play with my man just remember I fuck him first." Annie smiled and kissed Emma on the lips bringing the smell and taste of Emma's pussy to her mouth. She walked over to the sink picked up the nearest toothbrush and brushed her teeth as Emma took the portable nozzle and cleaned her pussy.

Annie turned as she watched her younger counterpart, "Okay, see you in there. Hurry up because you've got me so damn horny I want that thick seven-inch cock inside of me." Then Annie dried her mouth, "Come on he seems to be a very impatient man!!" Annie smirked at Emma as she left the room. Emma held the nozzle between her legs as the warm water was cascading over her outer lips and the ebbs and flows of the water going deep inside cleaning her vagina.

Emma was becoming much more suspicious as she thought 'how does she know he has a seven-inch cock? How does she know that Robert has a short attention span and becomes impatient rather quickly? They both work in the same office but not the same department what's that all about? And she just happens to be out at the very club we go to on a Sunday night.' Emma shook her head this doesn't add up. She suspected that Robert and Annie are more than just office acquaintances and there came a sharp pang to her heart as for the first time in her life she felt like a jilted lover.

She shook her head, 'Oh come on Emma you're just jealous of having another woman in your bed. Get it together woman you can do this.' When Emma emerged from the bathroom Robert was naked and his cock was pointing to the ceiling as usual and a shit-eating-grin on his face. Next to him on the bed was Annie and they were whispering to one another.

As Emma came to the bedside Robert got up and met her. They hugged each other and kissed passionately. Robert moved his lips to his girl's ear and whispered, "You don't have to do this if you don't want to. We can end this right here, right now. I want you to be comfortable it was just a stupid bet honey." Emma moved her mouth to his ear, "I'm not stupid I know that you want this.

You want to fuck us both. Let's do this unless you're afraid!!!" She pulled Robert to the side of the bed. Emma opened her arms and invited Annie to join them and she pushed Annie's face to Roberts, "I want to see the two of you kiss each other." Robert went with the flow as Emma knelt at the edge of the bed as her hand cupped Annie's vagina, "This is a dream come true." Like any typical man who wants two women Robert's fantasy was finally coming true.

Annie giggled, "It should be special when you have two hot women at your beckon call." Robert leaned back as Emma took his cock from Annie's hand then engulfed her mans penis as she thought, 'can you do it like this?

Robert took Annie's breast into his mouth and Emma watched intently as her head was moving slowly down on Robert's cock. Emma waited and watched the two of them and then finally there it was, Annie's hand went to Robert's face and with a caress that only lovers share she smiled at Robert, "I love the way you do that it feels incredible." Annie pulled his mouth to hers and the passion they shared between them spoke louder than any words that could be shared between them.

Robert's expressions read like an open book he was looking at Anne the same way he looks at her in the throws of passion. Robert pulled back from Annie's face with a grimace, for the first time that Emma and he have been together, Robert could feel Emma's front teeth grate against the shaft of his cock. She never did that before and when he looked down at her Emma's expression it was not of love, happiness or joy but one he knew all too well jealousy. Robert brought Annie down to the front of the bed with Emma, "Come here and share my cock with my beautiful lover." Emma smirked looking up at Robert from her knees, "Sorry honey I thought tonight was about doing things a little different?

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I thought you might like a rough blowjob sorry about the teeth honey. Annie come and share my man's cock with me I'm sure that Robert would love to see two hot girls on their knees sucking him off." Annie was more than happy to oblige the man she was in lust with, "Look how big and thick his cock is? You are one lucky girl." Then with no warning Annie opened her mouth and took his cock into her esophagus as her lips came to rest at the base of his shaft.

Annie choked when she released him and her eyes were tearing but she enjoyed it all the same. "I can't believe I took the whole thing." Robert smiled as he watched Emma go down between his legs and kissed his balls and her tongue trailed down to his asshole.

Annie was slowly going up and all the way back down on Robert's cock and he said, "Oh my God this is heaven." The words hadn't left Roberts lips when Emma took her thumb and pushed inside his asshole.

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Robert flinched but didn't say anything. Emma very rarely like ass play especially when she had to do it and Robert's face was one of concern. He looked down at her and mouthed silently, 'Are you okay? We can stop if you want I love you fingering my asshole but you don't have too.' Emma came up and took control of her cock and sucked him down her esophagus just like Annie.

She wanted to prove that she was just as good as she was. Emma sucked on Robert's head as she jerked him of inside of her mouth. Robert's head began to move around in circular motions, "Yes, baby that's it you know just how to do it!" Annie came back up to Robert's mouth allowing him to nuzzle on her nipples. Emma was squeezing Robert's shaft the way he liked it and she could hear Annie's moans of pleasure as he sucked on her breasts. Annie could see what Emma was doing to Robert's cock and she said, "Emma, come here for a second." Annie pushed Robert's mouth away and moved to the end of the bed.

Annie put her hands to Emma's face and kissed her full on the lips then she smacked Emma's ass. "Robert you are so lucky!!! Look how hard and tight that is— no wonder you don't want to share Emma with anyone that is until tonight!!" Annie moved on down to Emma's breasts and began to play with them as Robert was now out of the picture.

Annie was pleasuring Emma once again as her touches made her shiver and coo. Annie thought to herself, 'being with a woman ain't too bad.' Robert wasn't sure what was going on with Emma.

He wasn't sure if she knew about Annie and him or if she was just jealous of Annie. Robert moved over to the chair in the bedroom as he watched the two of them together caressing each other's bodies and private parts.

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Robert couldn't believe his luck as he stroked his cock watching both women he was fucking eating each other's pussies and fingering each other. After several minutes Robert became impatient again.

Plopping down on the bed on his back he begged the two girls, "Come on girls my buddy here is getting lonely." Robert stroked his cock and both girls removed their faces between each other's legs. Their mouths were wet and had big smiles of enjoyment on them. They both picked a side of Robert's cock then went down on him sharing his cock evenly.

Annie had stopped her assault on his cock for a moment and said to Emma, "Do you want to sit on Robert's cock baby?" Emma said, "You know what I fucked his brains out twice last night. Why don't you take his cock first take it out for a test drive to see if you like it or not." Annie didn't argue with Emma and climbed up on top of Robert's thick cock.

Robert's cock slipped inside of her like her pussy was made for him. Annie rode him slowly and sensual as possible enjoying the feeling of being filled to capacity.

She leaned forward and exposed her ass to Emma and Emma took advantage the situation and licking two fingers one joined Robert's cock in her pussy while the other found her asshole. Annie took it in stride as it took several minutes to get used to having both of her holes filled and being pounded. Robert's cock felt amazing as it was separating her vagina walls. The mixture of pleasure and slight pain brought Annie to orgasm rather quickly. Robert could feel both of Emma's fingers inside of Annie and the sensation was like magic he never felt so good being inside of a woman before.

Months ago when they had a second guy in the bedroom Robert wanted no part of the double penetration that Emma so wanted. He felt it would like being gay or something. Now he realized how foolish he was, the feeling a second cock on the other side of Emma's membrane that separates her asshole and pussy would have probably felt even better.

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As it stood now he could feel Emma's fingers alternating between his thrusts upwards into Annie's sopping wet pussy. When Annie could no longer take Emma's assault she came up off of Robert and Emma grabbed Robert's cock and sucked the pussy juices off of his cock and Annie said, "I was wrong to fuck him first I'm sorry he's your man.

He's nice and hard why don't you show me how you fuck him." Emma was very glib, "I never fuck my man. I make love to my man." Emma climbed on top of Robert as he realized that at this point he was just a pawn for the two women. Emma was quickly on top of her man and his wet cock still had trouble pushing inside of her.

Looking down deep into Robert's eyes and making that special connection between them she said, "I'm sorry honey I'm sorry I'm just too tight for your big cock honey. I'm sorry that you just can't slip in so easily like you did with Annie!!" Annie was taken aback by Emma's little quip and she then realized that she was truly in a battle for Robert. "Well, I have to admit when you don't have a boyfriend like yours you have to try a lot of dick until you find the one that makes your head spin." She knelt next to Emma and kissed her on lips, "I am sorry that I fucked him first after all he is your man.

I just got too excited about seeing if I could take him inside of me that's all I swear." Emma looked down at Robert, "I guess I'm just lucky then aren't I?" When Robert's cock was finally deep inside of Emma she was grinding on top of Robert it was the one thing that she knew that could get her off quickly.

Annie then returned the favor by slipping her pinky finger into Emma's asshole. "Oh God Robert her asshole is so tight can you actually get inside of her? I mean you do fuck her asshole?" Robert looked at Annie figuring he better compliment Emma, "It's the best ass in the world." Annie pulled out and smacked Emma's ass hard and fast, "You like my finger in your ass with his big cock in your pussy?" Annie pushed her finger back inside, "You're ass is so tight and I can feel Robert's cock in your pussy!!!

This is so hot, thank you for sharing Robert with me tonight." Robert looked deep into Emma's eyes and gave her the same look he gave Annie just a few minutes before, "I love you so much baby. Thank you for doing this." Robert was once again getting that bubbling feeling in the base of his cock as both girls were pleasuring him in ways that he never imagined before. I mean they were just basically making love to him but watching the two of them fight for his cock made him feel like he was an Adonis.

After a few minutes Annie was becoming jealous of Emma and just like two young girls who wanted to play with the same toy said, "Come on it's my turn now." Robert said, "I have an idea. The both of you get on all fours at the end of the bed and I can take turns fucking both of you at the same time." The girls did as they were told and Robert quickly compared their asses.

Emma's was round, hard and tight and although Annie was just a few years older she had just a little junk in the trunk thing going on. Robert impaled his cock inside of Annie's pussy first grabbing her hips as Annie began to meet is thrusts backwards to meet Robert's long hard thrusts. "You feel amazing Annie. I am so glad that decided to join the two of us tonight." Annie was quite for a few seconds but then the constant pounding and his cock going deep inside of Annie brought goose bumps all over her body and she began to convulse wildly next to Emma as could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building up inside of her, "Oh baby, your cock feels so fucking good inside my pussy!!!" Emma took the high road and wanted to help Annie as she got on her back and pushed herself between her legs and looking up watching her mans cock destroying her pussy began to lick her clit.

Then Annie screamed with pleasure as she felt the warm rush of her orgasm travel down her love canal over Robert's shaft and began to drip out onto Emma's tongue. Emma like a starving kitty cat licked at the base of her vagina as Robert's cock slowly slid out supplying Emma with Annie's sustenance. Emma let go of Annie's thighs and she and Robert moved to the front of the bed and sat down. Annie spread her legs exposing her clit she looked to Emma, "Come on Emma here's your chance come and eat my pussy baby." Emma moved down and could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy and how much Robert's cock stretched her vagina open nice and wide.

Emma's tongue went to work and it took two strokes of her tongue as Annie felt her pussy pushing her juices flow out onto Emma's tongue as cleaned up the mess inside of her.

Emma felt strange having her head being pulled between Annie's legs and Robert reached down and pushed Emma's mouth towards his cock, "Come on Emma don't you want to taste her pussy on my cock?" Emma's face was smacked with Robert's very wet cock and she actually smiled for the first time and grasping his shaft Emma began licking her boyfriends cock.

Annie was turned on by Emma's need to suck on Robert, "That's it baby lick and suck his cock. You like what your boyfriend did to me? You like the way my pussy tastes on his cock?" Emma couldn't speak with her mouth full of cock, "Hmmm-mmm." When Emma felt that she cleaned enough she put Robert's cock back inside once again. Robert grabbed Emma's knees and pulled them back to her shoulders and he was finally in control of her pussy.

Robert's cock looked like a blur as he pounded her pussy. Annie pulled Emma's hair bringing her up to her face, "Let me taste my pussy from your mouth!!!" Emma didn't know what was coming over her as she wasn't a lesbian and before any of this happened she had decided that she was just going to be a voyeur tonight but something deep inside was really enjoying being with both of them. As Emma and Annie were kissing one another passionately she finally broke away from Emma, "Do you want his cock in your ass?

I want to see him fuck you in the ass!!" Robert was denied finishing once again each time he was ready to explode one or both girls wouldn't let him finish. Robert only needed a few more pumps inside of Emma's wonderful hot pussy and he would have shot his load inside of her instead he was watching Emma climbing on top of him. He knows that she doesn't like anal sex with him because she is so tight but Emma surprised Robert as his head was easing inside of her.

"Easy honey take your time." Annie now on the side of the bed was watching Roberts head trying to pry open the outer walls of Emma's asshole, "Come on Emma work your asshole down his cock. You feel how wet his cock that's our orgasms on it? It looks so good, it actually glistening in the moonlight like that." Emma looking down at Robert said, "Please push your cock up I want you to bury it deep inside of me honey." Emma sat straight up and she felt Robert's balls on her tight ass cheeks and began bouncing up and down ever so gingerly.

Annie wanting to be a part came over and kissed Robert on the lips and then it was Emma's turn. Annie was kissing both of them passionately as she watched Emma's face grimace in pain, "Come on little girl you can take all of him. Just relax your sphincter muscle honey his cock will do the rest trust me." Emma could only bounce a little longer as the pain was too much and Annie said, "I guess it's my turn to fuck his cock you want to fuck my asshole too?" Emma released Robert's cock from its constraints and with his cock in the open air Annie said, "Before I put it in my ass can I please taste her asshole on your cock?" Robert smiled, "Yeah why don't you help her Emma and both of you suck my cock." Annie was sucking Robert's cock and Emma looked down at Robert all dejected and said, "I'm sorry I have such a fragile ass honey!!" Then she joined her counterpart as she pushed Annie off of his cock and said, "This is mine and I want to taste my ass too." Robert was treated to having two gorgeous asses propped up in front of his face.

He could smell their pussies and he noticed the small gape he created with Emma's asshole. The girls were sharing his cock going back and forth between their mouths. Robert opened Annie's asshole and as he ogled her pucker hole and a rush of blood re-entered his shaft while it was in Emma's mouth.

Robert didn't want this to end just yet and said, "Come on Annie it's your turn." Annie spun around so her ass was next to Robert's cock and she turned on her side. Robert loved fucking Annie in the ass only because it hurt Emma too much. With Annie though she was a pro having Roberts cock in her asshole.

They have been fucking for the past five months cheating on Emma and the one thing that Robert enjoyed the most was taking Annie's asshole. Then Annie slipped one more time or she did it on purpose, "I know you like in my ass so push it deep inside me honey!!!" Emma's pang hit her heart yet once again knowing that she was the jilted lover here but she didn't let on this time as she took her boyfriends cock and helped him guide it into the woman that he was cheating with.

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"Here let me help you honey. Let me see how to do this the right way." Opening her leg exposed Annie's pussy one again and said, "Emma come play with my clit and pussy you did such a good job the last time." As Robert's cock entered into his secret lovers asshole his cock became like a hot steel pipe pumping in and out of Annie's asshole like it was her pussy. This was the one hole that Robert loved the most then Robert inadvertently let more incriminating evidence slip from his mouth, "Honey I love fucking your asshole, it's the best that I've ever fucked!!!

I love being inside of you so much." Robert pulled out as he felt his orgasm begin to bubble in his shaft. He then pushed Annie on her back and he mounted her once again with his cock impaling her asshole. Annie's legs were spread in a straight line from east to west tightening her sphincter muscle around Robert's cock then she clenched her ass cheeks even more to make her hole as tight as she could make it and Annie looked at Emma, "Come sit on my face let me kiss your pussy and get you off." Robert's concentration went back to Annie's asshole as Emma sat on Annie's face and she began to grind on her mouth from her clit all the way back to her asshole.

Emma leaned forward and whispered into Robert's ear, "I hope you're enjoying yourself!! I have to admit you're doing so much better than I thought you would. Is it everything you imagined it would be to fuck me and a stranger at the same time honey?" Robert kissed Emma on the lips, "It is and more just knowing that you are sharing all of this with me has made me the happiest man in the whole world.

Thank you I love you so much." Emma closed her eyes as Robert was playing with her breasts. All three were doing their best to provide the best pleasure they could to get each one of them off.

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Then Emma was the first to let out a primal scream, "Damn it Annie you have a wonderful tongue!!!!" Emma slapped Robert gently on the side of the face and pulled him in closer, "I want you to finish by fucking my pussy." Robert said, "But Bbbbut I'm so close "He could feel that once again that he was ready to yet pop again and thus far he wasn't able to achieve the only thing he was really good at. Emma said, "That's okay I want your cock that has my ass stain and Annie's ass too now fuck my pussy!!!" Emma went down on the bed and spread her legs and Robert very reluctantly pulled out of Annie, "I want to finish with my girl is that okay?" Annie noticed how disappointed he was to have to fuck Emma one last time but said, "As long as you finish in my mouth!!" Emma looked at her, "Deal you can have it.

I get enough of it!! I don't mind my mother always told me to share my toys." Robert looking at Emma wanted to finally orgasm and he pushed hard and deep inside of Emma and said, "So, I'm your toy?" Emma smiled as she helped him slip inside of her pussy, "If you haven't noticed you've always just been my toy!!!" Emma watched as Robert's face had a sudden quirk on it and she knew that she cut him to the quick.

Emma wanted to make sure he felt the same pain she has been having during this whole time. Robert began to thrust hard and deep inside of Emma as Robert was trying to make an impression. Annie knew something was wrong with Robert as he never fucked her with such animal like passion. Robert was displaying this animalistic look on his face and the way he was pounding Emma it was something Annie had never seen from him before. Annie put her head on Emma's stomach, "Come on Robert finish in my mouth.

I want you to fill my mouth with your cum. I know her pussy feels spectacular and you don't want to leave her special love canal but I want your salty seed baby. Come on give to me pull out and finish inside my mouth." Robert felt his orgasm at the base of his shaft and pulled out, "Annie!!! I'm going to cum baby you wanted it so here it comes open your mouth?" Annie once again let something slip, "Just like every time with you Yeah, I want to taste it all.

Fill my mouth!!" Annie opened her mouth and jerked his shaft until he exploded in her mouth. Emma squirmed from underneath of Robert as she watched Annie take the full brunt of Robert's orgasm. After Robert felt there was nothing left he fell backwards on the bed, "Oh damn ladies that was incredible!!! I wish we could do this all the time." Annie moved to Emma and kissed her on the lips.


Emma opened her mouth, "Come on Annie snowball my mouth." Annie pushed some of Robert's cum into her mouth. Emma fell next to Robert and smiled at him then Annie fell on her back as all three were exhausted.

Emma looked over at Robert and smiled at him once again and kissed him on the lips and then deposited a small portion of his salty orgasm into his mouth. Robert spit it out of his mouth and used the sheet to clean his tongue, "What the FUCK EMMA!!!! Why did you do that?" Emma said, "I just wanted you to share everything. I'm sorry. I'm going to take a shower if you want to fuck Annie in the asshole and finish again you can be my guest." Emma got up and went to the bathroom. Emma was testing Robert to see who he would choose.

Emma waited for Robert to join her but he never came. That was the last straw he chose Annie over her and a few minutes later she heard Annie screaming in ecstasy. When Emma came out of the bathroom she noticed Annie and Robert spooning on the bed sleeping together. Emma very quietly began to collect her things from Robert's apartment.

She made several trips from his apartment down to her car then she heard Robert snoring and knew he wouldn't wake until the alarm went off at 4:50 a.m. when he had to get up to go to work. Emma sat at the kitchen table and wrote a note telling Robert to never contact her again and that she knows that Annie and Robert were having an affair.

The final line of the note said, 'Don't worry about me you were just a boy who had a nice toy that I'm tired of playing with. You are now free of me to share your toy with as many whores as you like. As for you Annie if you would like a chance at some alone time with me you can get my phone number from the 'A-hole.' With that Emma stood up with what was left of her dignity and walked out of Robert's life forever.

End Part 8 Hold tight folks now that our protagonist is free where oh where could she end up? Well you are going to have to stay tuned and find out. Don't forget that Carina and her father Mark are planning an alone trip to Rutgers while Maria and her son are going to be left home all to themselves. What to do what to do? Again I appreciate all of you taking the time to see what comes out of my sick perverted mind.

I hope that you enjoyed and if you have suggestions please don't hesitate as the ending is yet to be written