Skate gay movies xxx When Hunter put both of their stiffys together

Skate gay movies xxx When Hunter put both of their stiffys together
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As Sasha walked down the aisle in her pure white strapless wedding dress she thought her dreams were coming true because after the wedding she and her husband were going on their honeymoon where she would lose her virginity to her husband, or so she thought. As the Limo pulled up at their hotel the janitor was entranced by the brides short dress, long sexy legs and slender body. The moment he saw her he knew he had to have her.

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As the newly wedded couple were partying in the lounge with friends and family Sasha decided to go to their suite and take a shower because she wanted to be nice and clean when her new husband Tom came up to their suite to pop her cherry. After she dried off she put on a skimpy bra, a thong, and a lacy dress that barely coverd her thighs.


After about an hour she heard a knock on the door. she opened it to find the janitor with her husband slumped against him, apparently he had drunk a few to many bottles of beer and passed out. The janitor, or Jake, layed Tom on the bed. Sasha then tried to pull the cover up over him.

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Jake just stood there staring at sasha. Sasha turned around to thank jake but caught him staring at her with lust filled eyes and realized what she was wearing. she stood up and tried to run to the bathroom but jake caught her arm and shoved her onto the other bed.


she then screamed and begged him not to rape her. he laughed and "the bride shouldn't be spendin the night alone and since loverboys over there is out of it I am takin his place" jake then ripped off every peice of clothing sasha had on and started sucking her nipples.

she moaned in shame and pleasure and then begged him not to rape her cause she was a virgin.

he laughed and said "this is my lucky day i haven't popped a good cherry in a long time." he then pulled his pants down and started ramming it in her virgin pussy not even stopping to ask if it hurt.

Sasha was ashamed of herself for enjoying it but she vowed then and there to tell tom when he woke up what happened. Suddenly and without warning jake came and squirted load after load after load of his black seed into her tight virgin pussy. Then sasha came and shook all over.

Jake pulled out after a few minutes and shoved his black cum covered dick into her mouth and said suck it clean. she sucked and licked and sucked and licked, he made absolutley sure she was cleaning it entirely.

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after a few minutes he had another raging hard on and said "Oooohhh babe im gonna cum, im gonna cum in your mouth and i want you swallow every last drop of my baby juice" and with that he shot his seed down her throat.

Hi I hope you enjoyed part one because this is my very first time writing a story. Please leave comments and rate this feel free to give any useful tips you know of and im also trying my hand at being a comedian so rate the jokes that follow also.

1. Q: why did the guy get fired from the MNM's factory A: because he threw away all the W's 2.Q: What did the little girl say when she opened the box of cheerio's A: look mommy, donut seeds 3.

A guy took his blonde girlfriend to a football game, a quarter was tossed and then the game began.

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when the game was over he asked if she enjoyed it and she said yes but i dont get it. then he ask why and she said through the whole game they were shouting " GET THE QUARTERBACK, GET THE QUARTERBACK!" I mean, helllloooo, it's only 25 cents.

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Please comment these and let me know how you like them to and critiscism is welcome to quote " our world would be in despair without any critiscism" and BTW no offense on the blonde joke to any blondes that read this but its just that they dont make jokes about redheads or brunetts besides im blonde also so please dont be mad or angry please dont.

now i had 1266 characters left to type before this could be posted so im gonna just type random stuff.

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