Ladyboy Bo Jerks Off And Toyed

Ladyboy Bo Jerks Off And Toyed
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I am Amit and this incident happened between me and my colleague Anne. I work in an IT company in Mysore and Anne is working in our company on contract roles. I am a team leader and she is working on a part of the project I am working. She should be around 24, 5'2 height dark but luscious. She has good shapes and leaves her hair over her shoulders.

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The day I was introduced to her I couldn't stop looking at her big boobs that were trapped in a 34C bra. Over a period of time we became close but she always behave d as if she is afraid of me.

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The incident happened a month back when we have successfully completed the project and I threw party to some of my colleagues. She wasn't invited as it is going to be a booze party and she is the only female member in my team.

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The next day she asked me about the party and why she wasn't called. I told her that it's a drinks party and I thought she may not be comfortable. She told me that she would have loved to come. I replied her that I will take her out if that is the case.

She nodded in affirmative and asked me "When? " I told her "May be this weekend? " The weekend came and I didn't talk to her about the party I promised. I thought that she could be joking.

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As the week was getting wrapped up she came to me and asked "Amit…What about our party?" I told her" amok…lets go…but where?" She said" Let's go to Hotel Sandesh.

I heard that there is a good pub there" I said ok. Around 7Pm we left for the hotel in my car and we were invited by the waiters to a corner seat.

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We sat together and ordered for Chivas regal. I never thought that she is so good in drinking and while talking she completed her second peg. I was asking her about her personal life, boyfriends and she told me that she is split and single now.

She told me that the day she met me, she saw me staring at her boobs and she was looking into my eyes. She told me that she liked me. I excused myself and moved out and came back after 5 mins. She asked me where did I go. I told her that I went to the hotel to check out the room rent. She smiled and told me that I can sit beside her.

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I moved to sit beside her. She slowly rested herself on my shoulder and moved her head towards my lips and within no time we have locked our lips. While enjoying the kiss, I whispered into her ears "Shall I take a room here".

She nodded. In the next 10 minutes we found ourselves in the hotel lift kissing each other. As we entered the hotel room I slammed the door and held her from back and turned her to kiss her passionately. We were kissing as if we are lost lovers. I removed her top and unhooked bra. I looked at her boobs and said" Wow".She said "eh" and pulled me towards her. I took her into the showers and we both undressed ourselves.

As the hot water from the showers made us hotter we were kissing ourselves and I slowly kissed her down starting from her lips. The neck was so sensuous for my tongue to lick it and down to her chocolate colored nipples. As I moved my tongue around them she made an erotic noise and my right hand moved towards her left boob and started playing with her.


I sat on the edge of the bath tub and made her sit in my lap and started sucking her boobs alternatively. She became mad and pushed my head into her boobs and after 10 minutes I released her.

She slowly got on to her four legs and kissed the tip of my cock. My cock grew hard and I am 6 inch hard guy. She liked tip of my pink cock and took the mushroom head into her mouth. I moaned loudly. She looked at me and smiled and this time took the entire cock in.

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I was in the seventh heaven and was moaning like crazy. After about 15 minutes I pulled her up and took her on the bed.

As she fell on the bed I pounced on her and started kissing her body and licking her. As I was getting ready to enter her she told me" Darling…I like doggie" I nodded and got up and made her stand on her four legs and entered her from back.


As my cock entered her, she made loud moaning noise and I slowly started pounding her. She started moaning" Darling&hellip.ufff…so noise baby…Come on… etc" I increased my speed and started pounding her. As I increased my speed I held her hair by hand and started pounding ruthlessly. It was a great experience and this bitch is too hot.

After about 20 minutes I pushed her on the bed and enter her from the top. It was a crazy fuck session I ever experienced and both of us were challenging each other. It was like a roller coaster ride as she came on my top and rode me like a wild horse.

After almost 45 minutes I pulled myself out and squirted the cum all over her body and boobs as she didn't want me to ejaculate inside her. We had sex almost 3 times that night and many times after wards. She was my most favorite colleague after that and the weekends were spent in various resorts and hotels in and around Mysore.